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Team Rocket
Quake 3

Pokemon characters for Quake 3

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Team Rocket

by Neal "Guplik" Corbett
To protect the world from devastation... Pokemon's Team Rocket duo: Jessie and James, known in Japan as Musashi and Kojiro, everyone's favorite underdog villains.

This a matched pair of playable Quake 3 models. Both have full weapon support and feature the basic uniform skin, red and blue team skins, and an extra skin set featuring Butch and Cassidy. The models should be used with LOD set to High. The animation is quite good and includes taunts well suited to their characters. This is a must-have for fans of Quake 3 and Pokemon. But I'm serious about the LOD level; keep it high for these models.

To install, unzip this file into your baseq3 folder.

To use this add-on, you must have installed Quake 3.

You can contact this model's creator, Neal "Guplik" Corbett, at guplik@pmail.net or visit his website, Guplicity.


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