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Vash the Stampede
Quake 3

Trigun character for Quake 3

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Vash the Stampede

by Team Dallas
In the distant future...
On a distant planet...
There is a legendary gunman.
His name is Vash the Stampede.

This model of Trigun's Vash has an excellent skin with two team color skins and some really wonderful custom sounds. The animation is very good for Team Dallas' first effort, especially given the added complexity of animating a trenchcoat!

To install, unzip this file into your baseq3 folder.

To use this add-on, you must have installed Quake 3.

You can contact this model's creators by e-mail, Monster at monsterblues@icqmail.com and Skanker at skankerzero@icqmail.com or visit their website, Team Dallas.


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