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Tuxedo Mask
The Sims

Sailor Moon character for The Sims

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Tuxedo Mask

by Dov Sherman
Romantic and debonair, Tuxedo Mask is ready to lend a hand.

Tuxedo Mask is an adult, male, light-skinned Sim.

Includes Mamoru's head (with optional mask and top hat) and tuxedo with cape.

The self-installing archive should place all the necessary files into the appropriate folders if you installed The Sims into the default location. If not, place the files in your The Sims/GameData/Skins folder.

To use this add-on, you must have installed The Sims.

Mac users: Here is the Mac-compatible version of this Sim. Unzip this file into your The Sims/GameData/Skins folder.
Tuxedo Mask for the Mac
  • 4-14-2001: Original release

223 kb