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Unreal Tournament

Original character for Unreal Tournament

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by Dov Sherman
Miss Jarhead brings her special talents to the stage of Unreal Tournament. With a background in proscribed bio-engineering techniques, this young lady will be sure to turn heads as she racks up the headshots.

Jarhead has fully unique animation and includes four different faces and a complete complement of team color skins. She has appeared on Polycount.com as Model of the Week.

To install, unzip this file into your Unreal Tournament/System folder.

To use this add-on, you must have installed Unreal Tournament.

Is this really anime style? Maybe, maybe not. But, being the editor, I get special allowances. Besides, the bone structure is definitely in the anime proportions. This could easily be some cute anime girl. Er... well... part of some cute anime girl, anyway.


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