Futaba-kun Change: ISBN Numbers

If you're having trouble ordering Futaba-kun Change, these ISBN numbers might help:

Vol 1: Futaba-kun Changes ISBN4-08-871691-4 C0279
Vol 2: Futaba-chan Becomes an Idol ISBN4-08-871692-2 C9979
Vol 3: Futaba-kun's Rapid Return ISBN4-08-871693-0 C0279
Vol 4: Misaki-chan Changes ISBN4-08-871694-9 C9979
Vol 5: Futaba-chan, A Star Is Born ISBN4-08-871698-1 C0279
Vol 6: Futaba-kun, The Secret Finally Leaks Out ISBN4-08-871699-X C9979
Vol 7: Futaba-kun, Your Betrothed Appears ISBN4-08-871700-7 C9979
Vol 8: Futaba-kun, Bridegroom or Bride? ISBN4-08-872348-1 C9979

As far as I can tell, the English trade paperbacks from Studio Ironcat do not have ISBN numbers.

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