About Japanese text on this Homepage

This homepage uses JIS-encoded 8-bit EUC text in places. All Japanese text appears in brackets []. For example, [㤨] should appear as three Japanese characters when processed correctly. If not, it will probably look like six odd graphic symbols.

If your computer does not support Japanese text, you may want to look into Using Japanese Language on Your Computer.

However, if you don't want to use Japanese text normally but want to be able to view it in this instance, you can use the Shoudouka Browser to have this text changed into bit-maps so you can view them on a graphical browser. Note that this means you'll be receiving bitmaps for all Japanese text so this can increase the amount of time it takes to load a page.

The Shoudoka browser is provided as a public service by University of Waterloo Computer Science Club and is copyright 1995 by Ka-Ping Yee.

Click here to return to the Futaba-kun Change Homepage by way of the Shoudoka browser.

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