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This is a walkthrough/faq for the Nintendo64 game "DORAEMON" by EPOCH games.
Please feel free to copy any of this information but list this page as a
reference.  Please email me with any additions/corrections/clarifications.
The most current version can be found at:
rev. July 10, 1997

This game is based around the japanese manga icon "DORAEMON".  I suggest
doing a web search to learn more about this character as it has a long and
interesting history.  Specifically read Yanson Ching's review of this game

You control the 5 main characters from the DORAEMON series: DORAEMON, NOBITA,
SIZUKA, SUNEO & GYIAN.  You can only control one character at a time but you
can switch between them whenever you choose.  The object is to recover and
reassemble all 3 "spiritual stones" which represent earth, air, and water and
defeat the evil dragon (can anyone tell me his name?).

This game is basically a clone of Super Mario 64 based on DORAEMON.  As you
play you will notice many elements taken directly from SM64 and gameplay
functions much the same.

Press START to interrupt the demo / intro story.  You will then be presented
with the GAME STATUS screen where you can store up to 4 different games.
Each display shows the character the game was last saved under, the number of
pieces of each stone recovered (3 pieces to each stone), and the number of
items to be recovered (out of 32 total).  Just like Super Mario 64 you can
delete a game (press the L button), copy a game (press the R button), or
bring up the options screen (press the Z trigger).  Move the highlight with
the analog stick and press the A button to start a game.  All actions will
ask to be verified "OK" by pressing the A button again (or cancelled by
pressing the B button).

On the options screen you can move up or down through the four selections and
left or right to toggle them.
Option #1 - ???
Option #2 - ???
Option #3 - ???
Option #4 - Brightness
EXIT Options.

At any time during the game you can press START to go to the STATUS screen.
At the top of this screen move left or right to switch between the character
you want to control.  The next item down will return you to the starting area
of the game next to the SAVE TREE (use this to exit a level).  The next item
down will show you the book of items you have recovered.  The next item down
will take you to the options screen, and pressing start will return you to
the game.

All characters have the same basic actions while playing:
Analog joystick - move the character in any direction
"B" button      - use the character's weapon
"A" button      - jump
"C" buttons     - control the view of the game
"Z" trigger     - crouch
"R" button      - "A" <-> "B" ???

All character weapons count as part of the 32 items and must be obtained
before they can be used.

When playing the game your health is represented by a row of shells in the
upper left hand corner.  Lose all your health and lose a life.  The # of
lives is next to the heart in the lower right hand corner.  You can obtain a
jingle bell by defeating enemies (use your weapon or jump on them).  Collect
100 jingle bells and you can obtain an extra life (sound familiar?).

!!! Warning !!!  This section gives away all secrets of the game.

You will start the game beside the SAVE TREE.  Climb the save tree to obtain
ITEM #1 - the anywhere door.  Once you have this item you can return to the
tree and jump on it's nose branch or stand directly below it to save your
progress.  This item also gives you access to AREA #1 - The Field.

AREA #1 - The Field
This area is up the path to the right of the tree (all directions assume you
are facing the tree in the starting area).  Head across the bridge and open
the treasure chest to obtain ITEM #2 - air gun (Doraemon's weapon).  At the
end of the dirt path is a cave with ITEM #3 - stopwatch.  This stopwatch will
temporarily freeze all enemies but can't be used anywhere else.  There is
another cave in the wall underneath the floating islands which contains a
treasure chest with ITEM #4 - a pink flower sack ???.  Head across the
floating islands to the large floating island to face BOSS #1 - Tanuki.  He
is a large racoon who will attempt to jump on you and smack you with his
arms.  Simply shoot him in the stomach to defeat him and obtain PIECE #1 of
the GREEN STONE.   Return to this stage and you will find a elf sitting on
one of the islands.  Talk to him and he will give you a treasure chest which
contains ITEM #5 - boxing gloves (Suneo's weapon).  Continue on to fight
Tanuki again.  This time he will give you ITEM #6 - mini-Doraemon (an extra
life).  You can fight any boss a second time and they will give you an extra

Area #2 - Field mice
Go to the path on the far left and talk to the red wyvern.  You will ride in
her pouch in this stage and can attack enemies by whipping them with her tail
while spinning (hit the B button to do this).  Go straight to the river with
poisonous purple water.  Go to the left to obtain ITEM #7 - temporary invin-
cibility icon.  While the music is playing you can not be harmed.  Follow the
small islands down the stream and to a high wall.  Jump on the rock to make
small platforms emerge in the wall.  Jump all the way up to the mountain pass
and proceed back to the boss mouse's nest where you will find a treasure
chest which contains ITEM #8 - water to air converter.  Proceed back to the
start and head to the path that stops at a dead end.  Get close to the wall
and the boss mouse will speak to you from behind the wall.  Jump or walk into
the wall again and it will open.  Go in and talk to the boss mouse and he
will challenge you to race him to his nest.  Even if you lose the race, he
will still give you PIECE #2 of the GREEN STONE.  Return to this stage and
proceed back to the nest.  The boss mouse will now be sitting in it.  Talk to
him 6 times and he will eventually give you a treasure chest which contains
ITEM #9 - pistol (Nobita's weapon).

Area #3 - Shallow water
Since you have obtained the water to air converter, you can now enter the
water stages.  Go down to the beach and swim to the right into the tunnel
flanked by pieces of coral.  Start this area by swimming to your right and
open the treasure chest which contains ITEM #10 - flashlight.  Enter the
tunnel and follow it to the other end.  As soon as you emerge from the tunnel
you will see another treasure chest which contains ITEM #11 - time blanket.
Keep exploring the bottom surface and you will find another treasure chest
which contains ITEM #12 - microphone (Gyian's weapon).  Find both water elves
and talk to them.  One of them will raise the level of the water enabling you
to walk up on a beach at the surface and obtain PIECE #1 of the BLUE STONE.

Area #4 - Rock tunnel
Go to the left of the tree to the rock obstruction stuck in the wall and
enter.  This level starts out with a puzzle of moving walls.  Jump on and
depress both buttons on the lower level.  Now go up to the upper level and
depress all buttons except the one with the star on it.  Return to the lower
level and jump on the circle button again to get it to go up.  You can now
enter the rest of the level.  Fall into the water and find a treasure chest
that contains ITEM #13 - ring.  Now climb the tree to find another treasure
chest on a branch which contains ITEM #14 - grenade (Sizuka's weapon).  Go
on to the back of the level and either defeat the large bird or simply run
around it to find PIECE #3 of the GREEN CRYSTAL.

Area #5 - Buggy race
The time blanket enables you to repair the buggy and race it under water.
Simply walk up to the buggy (it counts as ITEM #15) to begin the level.  A
torpedo will approach and challenge you to a race.  Press A to accelerate and
B to brake.  If you beat him to the goal you will be awarded ITEM #16 -
submarine creme.  Return to this stage to race the torpedo a second time.
The torpedo is faster but you can pick up ITEM #17 - speed boosters which are
scattered about on the course.  Beat him to the goal and you will be awarded
PIECE #2 of the BLUE CRYSTAL.  Return to the stage again to face an even
faster torpedo.  More speed boosters are present and necessary to win.  If
you finish in 42'50" or less you will obtain ITEM #18 - phone booth.

Area #6 - Earth castle
Follow the path behind the tree up to the red door.  Kill the two guards to
open the door.  Note how the king in the box does not have any color, it will
be restored once you have gathered all 3 pieces of a stone and defeated that
area's boss.  Proceed down to the left and talk to the two elfs and they will
cause the lava to recede.  Shoot the volcano creature about 30 times to open
the next door.  Kill the two guards to open the next door and procede back to
the treasure chests.  One of the chests contains ITEM #19 - earth radio?  One
of them contains a GREEN KEY.  Take this back and open the GREEN DOOR.  Keep
going until you reach a large room to face the minotaur.  To defeat him jump
on top of his head to inflict damage.  When defeated color will be returned
to the GREEN KING and the GREEN STONE will be completed.

Area #7 - Deep water
Since you have the submarine cream which enables you to survive at great
depths you can now proceed to the deep water straight out from the beach.  Go
up the sand slope, jump on the deck of the ship and then proceed down into
the hull.  Defeat the three crabs and a door will open.  One of the treasure
chests contains ITEM #20 - beanstalk seed.  Press the button by jumping on it
to extend a catwalk on the opposite side of the level from the ship.  Go back
on deck, jump in the water, back up the sand slope and across the catwalk.
Proceed up the slope to find a treasure chest which contains ITEM #21 -
moccasins?  Switch to Doraemon or Nobita and shoot down all three stalagtites
that are hanging from the cieling.  This will plug the holes in the floor and
cause the water level to rise.  You can now go in the cave behind the
waterfall to press the button which will extend a ramp to the front deck of
the ship.  Go back in the water and alongside the bottom of the ship.  A hole
in the side of the hull has now been exposed and you can enter it.  One of
the chests located here contains ITEM #22 - laser?  Now proceed up and across
both catwalks to the front deck of the ship.  Approach the pillar of flame
to face the skeleton pirate.  Follow him down onto the main deck to confront
him.  Shoot him in the stomach and avoid the flames when he flies and
teleports.  If you wait too long between shots he will fire his hook and
smoke blasts at you.  Once defeated he will give you PIECE #2 of the BLUE

Area #8 - Floating islands
Plant the beanstalk seed in the dirt mound located back by the red wyvern.
You can now climb the beanstalk to access the sky levels.  Proceed to the
small floating islands and jump on the nearest one to begin.  Jump from
platform to platform until you reach the collapsing bridge.  Stay on the
first section until it stops descending.  Turn around and enter the hidden
cave to find a treasure chest which contains ITEM #23 - sponge???  Now jump
back on the platform, go back up, and repeat with the last section to find a
small hidden floating island which also has a treasure chest.  This one
contains ITEM #24 - yoke.  Proceed back up and jump from platform to platform
until you reach the first tree.  There is a treasure chest on one of it's
branches which contains ITEM #25 - bottle.  Continue on until you reach the
last floating island to battle the harpy.  Jump onto one of the platforms and
use the C buttons to follow the harpy's flight.  Shoot when it attempts to
dive or shoot wind gusts at you.  If you wait too long the harpy will try and
rake you with it's talons.  When the harpy crashes and burns you will be
rewarded with PIECE #1 of the RED STONE.

Area #9 - Wyvern tree
Go to the top of the beanstalk and talk to the yellow wyvern.  Now that you
have the yoke you can fly it.  Fly to the top of the tree by avoiding the
bees, birds, and moths.  The wyvern will shoot fire if you press the B button.
Shoot down the large birds and avoid their fire.  In the nest at the top of
the tree you will find PIECE #2 of the RED STONE.  Fly to the top the second
time and you will find ITEM #26 - propeller.

Area #10 - Rain clouds
Climb the beanstalk again and proceed to the clouds to your right.  You can
now use the propeller to fly from one to the next by pushing the A button.
Talk to the winged elf and he will give you a treasure chest that contains
ITEM #27 - spray can.  Continue flying from island to island, up through the
dark rain cloud, and on to the crescent moon.  There you will find PIECE #3
of the RED STONE.  Return to the moon again and go to the top where you will
find a treasure chest containing ITEM #28 - golf ball???  Now look back on
the island you just came from.  There should be another treasure chest there
that contains ITEM #29 - colored cylinders.

Area #11 - Air Castle
Shoot the two guards to open the gates of the castle.  Proceed up the
elevator and into the back room.  Here you will find a treasure chest with
ITEM #30 - camera.  Go outside using the door and jump onto the top platform
to find the RED KEY.  Proceed back into the castle and across the floating
platforms and oustide onto the castle wall.  Jump off into the clouds on the
far side and you will find another winged elf who will present a treasure
chest to you containing ITEM #31 - computer.  Go back into the castle and
out onto the castle wall where you will find the RED DOOR.  Enter, jump
from platform to platform and into the big room at the top of the hallway.
A centuar with a lance will come rushing in to attack.  You can not harm the
centuar so you must use his agressiveness to your advantage.  Run alongside
the walls and he will rush and attempt to hit you with his lance.  When he
misses and strikes the wall he will damage himself.  Keep avoiding him until
he becomes red and angered, and then use your weapon against him.  When he
is defeated color will be restored to the RED KING and the RED STONE will be

Area #12 - Water Castle
You can enter the ice area under water if you have obtained the laser.
Talk to the water elf and proceed up to the drawbridge.  Shoot both guards
and the drawbridge will be lowered.  Enter the castle and go in the first
door to the library (if you think this wasn't taken straight from Super Mario
64 wait until the books attack you).  Jump on top of the book stacks and over
the back wall to find the BLUE KEY.  Now go into the other door across the
shifting floor and moving platforms until you arrive at the BLUE DOOR.  Enter
and face an evil Santa Claus (be sure and check out the evil Rudolph on his
sack!).  Shoot him in the stomach and avoid the snow blasts and evil snowmen.
When destroyed he will give you a present that contains ITEM #32 - blue
crystal panel that also counts as PIECE #3 of the BLUE STONE.  Color will now
be restored to the BLUE KING and the BLUE STONE will be completed.

Area #13 - Dragon
Once all three stones are complete, a shaft of red light will flicker next
to the save tree.  Simply walk into it to battle the final boss, a dragon
who looks much like Bowser, in a large columned building.  The dragon will
attack by breathing and then throwing fire at you.  He will then advance and
if attacked will block your fire and teleport.  He will then shoot ice 3
times and repeat his attack pattern.  To damage the boss you must strike the
amulet that hangs around his neck or directly below it at the gap in his
cloak.  You can jump on top of the bosses head when he charges without taking
damage.  After several hits, the boss will talk to you and change up his
attack and begin throwing several more potent spells at you.  Keep dodging
and attacking and eventually you will defeat him.  I recommend using Suneo
and his boxing gloves since they inflict about 20x more damage than the other

During the ending story the fairy will be transformed into normal size and
becomes a playable character!  She already has a projectile weapon that has
a homing capability.  I can't find any differences in the game or the ending
when you play the game and defeat the boss with the fairy.  Please write me
if you do.

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