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Alundra GameShark Codes

Legend Sword Unknown 801DD5F0 0001
Infinite Health 801DE5A0 0032
801DE5A2 0032
801AC4AC 0032
801AC4B0 0032
Infinite Gilder 801DE5A8 270F 801DD5C4 270F
99 Keys Unknown 801DD6C4 0063
Steel Flail Unknown 801DD5F8 0001
Ice Wand Unknown 801DD608 0001
Fire Wand Unknown 801DD610 0001
Earth Book Unknown 801DD680 0001
Water Book Unknown 801DD688 0001
Fire Book Unknown 801DD690 0001
Wind Book Unknown 801DD698 0001
Infinite Falcons Unknown 801DD5CA 0063
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