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Azure Dreams

This is the start of an in-progress strategy guide/infopage for Azure Dreams. It's still in development so if you have some useful information to add to what we have here, please share it with me.

Warning! This guide contains lots of spoilers. It's nothing but spoilers. If you don't want to have surprises in the story spoiled for you, don't read this guide.

Second Warning! This guide contains mistakes! As I said, this an in-progress guide and I'm not perfect so there may be some mistakes in here.

  1. On Finding Love
  2. Monster List
  3. Monster Fusion
  4. Buildings
  5. Rare Items

On Finding Love


Nico, the tomboyish childhood friend of the Hero, has dreams of living in a more metropolitan town. To win her love, donate money for the fountain and develop the cultural level of the town by raising buildings.


On one Tower quest, you'll rescue Selfi, the spoiled rich girl, from a Pulunpa. Back in the town, she'll give you a Pulunpa egg as a reward. On a later quest, she'll rescue you from a U-Boat attack. Talk to her a few times at her home afterward and she'll decide she must love you if saved you.


Fur, the pretty girl in the Specialty Shop, will start to like you more as you spend more and more money in the shop, especially if you buy the clothing there which matches her own style. She'll fall in love with you once you've paid her enough attention. You can boost her love even further when you bring her takoyaki (octopus balls) from the vendor stand built after you find Guru's oil pot to fix the windmill.


Patty is the daughter of the Restaurant owner. To win her love, first, eat one of each item on the whole menu. After your next Tower quest, drop by the restaurant again. It will be closed but Patty will make you a special meal herself. Next time the restaurant is open, she'll make you yet another meal herself, making Ghosh very jealous. You'll have three choices for the meal she makes. It doesn't actually matter which one you choose. When you go to the restaurant once more, Ghosh will be begging her to make him a meal but she'll refuse and fall in love with you.


Vivian, the dancer, will appear only after you find the Blue Cape and bring it to the woman who owns the bar. When the theater is built, Vivian will join a dancing company there but will become unsure of her skill as a dancer. Keep watching her dance and encourage her. When she becomes the lead dancer at the theater, she'll love you. You can impress her further by taking her to the pool or completing the comedy routine with Fon at the theater.


When you build the Library, Mia, the bookworm, will appear. If you keep dropping by to talk to her and act as if you're very interested in what she has to say, she'll become obsessed with you and start following you around town. You can catch her following you as you leave the Library. Tell her to stop following you and she'll fall in love with you. She'll also enjoy going to the pool with you where you can embarass Ghosh together.


To win the innocent Cherrl's love, you must first help her to become cured of her wasting illness by finding the Healing Herb in the Tower. When you bring the Herb to the doctor, you can choose to let him know you brought the herb or not to tell her it was you. This choice matters. If you choose not to tell her, Cherrl becomes healthy and decides to become a nurse. Talk to her a few more times at the hospital and she'll fall for you. If you had chosen to tell her that you brought the herb, she will get healthy but she'll feel very guilty and lack self-confidence. Instead of becoming a nurse, she'll start making little dolls in your image. It's still possible to get her to love you by simply visiting and talking a lot but she will remain a stay-at-home with no self-esteem for the rest of her life. The dolls are cute but, if you want my advice, DON'T let the doctor tell her you brought the Healing Herb! As the fortune teller said: A good deed is one which you perform without asking for credit.


Fans of Ghosh, you have my sympathy. As near as we can tell, you can't win Ghosh's love. The eighth icon on the savegame fills up with a picture of the 40th floor boss, Beldo, after your first battle with him. I've heard rumors that this was different in the original Japanese release but nothing I've read on Japanese sites has led me to think so.

Monster List

Element # Name Habitat Hatched
Commands Notes
Fire 1 Kewne Monsbaiya N/A N/A Direct Brid
Support Brid
This is your starting monster. You can't feed it Oleem fruit and it will never change form when fusing with another monster. The Kewne is resistant to Brainwash.
Fire 2 Dragon ? ? ? ? The Dragon has high HP and Attack Strength.
Fire 3 ? ? ? ? ? ?
Fire 4 Ifrit Volcanic
600g N/A Direct Sled
Support Sled
The mature form of the Flame. It is resistant to Howl.
Fire 5 Flame Volcanic
50g 600g Direct Sled
Support Sled
A Flame will become an Ifrit when it reaches level 20. It is resistant to Howl.
Fire 6 Grineut Rocky
3,890g N/A Direct Rise
Support Rise
The mature form of the Griffon. Strong Magical Attack.
Fire 7 Griffon Rocky
325g 2,000g Direct Rise
Support Rise
A Griffon will become a Grineut when it reaches level 20. Strong Magical Attack.
Fire 8 Troll Mountains 200g 800g none The Troll is the only monster which can use Troll weapons. Its Attack Strength varies with the weapon it uses.
Fire 9 Balloon In The Air 135g 1,000g Transport The Balloon can be directed to transport you to the next floor up. An enemy Balloon will sometimes uses this to escape your attack.
Fire 10 Volcano Volcano 200g 1,600g Make Stone The Volcano can make a stone which will act as a barrier and attract your familiars' attack. It has difficulty against Ice barriers.
Fire 11 Barong Prairie 2,600g 8,000g none If you throw an item at a Barong, it will swallow the item and vomit up a different item. The Barong gains XP at double the normal rate.
Fire 12 Weadog Monster
625g 3,000g Throw Meat The Weadog can throw out a piece of meat which will attract monsters with low MP.
Fire 13 Naplass ? ? ? ? It can awake from sleep and immediately counter-attack in the same turn.
Fire 14 Killer Tropics ? ? ? Normal HP but extreme Attack Strength. Attack from a distance!
Fire 15 Tyrant Desert ? ? ? The Tyrant is a territorial creature. When two Tyrants meet in a room, they will start circling each other. This will often lead to rooms containing two or more Tyrants who will band together against you.
Fire 16 Granmons? ? 35,000g ? ? It can counter-attack with Paralysis.
Water 17 Saber Snowy
? N/A ? The mature form of the Snowman. It can destroy Ice barriers instantly.
Water 18 Snowman Snowy
6,000g 1,500g ? The Snowman will become a Saber when it reaches level 20. It can destroy Ice barriers instantly.
Water 19 Ashra Water's
? N/A ? The mature form of the Arachne. It has double Attack Strength.
Water 20 Arachne Water's
? 2,400g ? The Arachne will become an Ashra when it reaches level 20. It has double Attack Strength.
Water 21 Batonier? Plain ? N/A Heal The mature form of the Nyuel. It is resistant to Poison.
Water 22 Nyuel Plain ? 1,800g Heal A Nyuel will become a Batonier when it reaches level 20. It is resistant to Poison.
Water 23 Pulunpa Streets 25g 400g ? The Pulunpa of any level has a wimpy Attack Strength but a high level Pulunpa can use its Collar Capture to cause your familiar to return to the bag. You won't be able to use the same collar again until you've killed the Pulunpa so be careful about being cornered by a Pulunpa and a stronger monster at the same time.
Water 24 U-Boat In The Sea 300g 1,200g Scout
The U-Boat can submerge, leaving only its periscope eye above ground. A submerged U-Boat is completely invulnerable. The U-Boat can use this ability to sneak up to an enemy, rising and attacking within the same turn. The U-Boat can also be commanded to Scout the entire map within a single turn, having the same effect as using Star Glasses. Enemy U-Boats can be picked up when not submerged. Throw them at other monsters.
Water 25 Blume Plateau 180g 800g ? An enemy Blume can use a pollen attack to Brainwash your familiar, causing it to turn its attack against you. Brainwashed familiars can still be returned to the bag or town but cannot be commanded until they are cured or the Brainwash wears off.
Water 26 Manoeva Marshland 125g 800g Metamorphosis When attacked the Manoeva will sometimes form a second Manoeva of level 1 nearby. It can also shape-change into an object directly in front of it. It will often use this technique to ambush you. Manoevas disguised as items will even appear as items on the overhead map so look out for duplicate items next to one another. Manoevas can also disguise themselves as different monsters.
Water 27 Kraken Deep Sea 700g 2,200g ? The Kraken has an electrically charged body. Attacking with any metal weapon will give you a powerful shock, acting as an effective counter-attack. Any direct physical attacks by your familiars will earn them the same shock. Attack from a distance!
Water 28 Viper Jungle ? ? ? The Viper's toxins can cause a weakened Attack Strength in its victims simply by attacking them physically. This toxin can only by cured with a Hazak Herb or Seed. It is resistant to Poison. Vipers love eggs and they will pick up any egg that they can find. You usually won't be able to find any monster eggs on floors where there are Vipers. Kill the Vipers to retrieve the eggs.
Water 29 Mandara Ruins ? 1,375g Spin His Spinning can cause confusion.
Water 30 Glacier Iceberg ? ? ? The Glacier can generate an Ice barrier to block you. It has a wimpy Attack Strength so attack it up close, before it can raise a barrier.
Water 31 Takopoo Tidal Pool N/A N/A none This monster does not appear in the tower. It's only seen in the shooting game at the Entertainment Center.
Water 32 Mushrom Woodlands N/A N/A none This monster does not appear in the tower. It's only seen in the Bowling Alley (as the pins).
Air 33 Death Ravine 2,235g N/A Direct Down
Support Down
The mature form of the Clown.
Air 34 Clown Ravine 187g 1,000g Direct Down
Support Down
The Clown will become a Death when it reaches level 20.
Air 35 Unibone Tree Top ? N/A Direct Blind
Support Blind
The mature form of the Unicorn. It is resistant to Blindness.
Air 36 Unicorn Tree Top ? 3,200g Direct Blind
Support Blind
The Unicorn will become a Unibone when it reaches level 20. It is resistant to Blindness.
Air 37 Metal Mine ? N/A Direct Bind
Support Bind
The mature form of the Block. Its maximum defense grows at an alarming and even though its current defense tends to diminish, it's always much higher than other monsters of the same level. Its Binding magic causes Paralysis.
Air 38 Block Mine 2,800g 4,000g Direct Bind
Support Bind
The Block will become a Metal when it reaches level 20. Its maximum defense grows at an alarming and even though its current defense tends to diminish, it's always much higher than other monsters of the same level. Its Binding magic causes Paralysis.
Air 39 Noise Forest 50g 600g Play Flute The flute of the Noise can temporarily Seal Magic. It's basically a very wimpy monster only found on the ground floor.
Air 40 Dreamin Monster
187g 1,300g Hypnosis The Dreamin has a weak Attack Strength but its Hypnosis can put its enemies to Sleep, giving it time to finish its attack safely. Be careful about attacking it alone.
Air 41 Cyclone Wasteland 87g 800g Anorexia The Cyclone can cause anorexia in its enemies which will make them incapable of eating Herbs or Fruit. It has a reduced MP Usage Rate.
Air 42 Picket Bush 560g 2,400g Steal
Enemy Pickets can Steal an item from you and then run away. If you can find and kill the Picket, you can retrieve your item. Picket Familiars can be instructed to Steal an item and then to Vomit it back up when they return to you. The Picket has a double speed of movement and gets two attacks per turn. Picket familiars tend to run out of MP very quickly.
Air 43 Stealth Subterranean 875g ? ? When attacked, the Stealth can become completely invisible. You can still attack it if you know where it is and it can still attack. It is resistant to Rust.
Air 44 Zu Marshy
? ? ? The Zu's War Cry can change the current AI of your familiars to a lower setting. It has a high Attack Strength.
Air 45 Garuda Monster
350g 2,400g Kidnap The Garuda has the ability to Kidnap an enemy and transport them to another area of the map. Enemy Garudas will use this technique to split up your group so that it only has to fight one of you at a time.
Air 46 Golem ? ? ? ? The Golem can hurl stones from a distance. However, stone throwing requires two turns: one turn to lift the stone and another to throw it, giving you a turn to dodge the stone or kill the golem. It has high Defense and a better than average Attack Strength.
Air 47 Maliling Monsbaiya N/A N/A none This monster does not appear in the tower.
Air 48 Soil Claw Subterranean N/A N/A none This monster does not appear in the tower. It's only seen in the "Hit-A-Mole" game at the Entertainment Center.
ALL 49 High Kewne ? 50,000g 12,500g Direct Dark Wave
Support Dark Wave
The High Kewne is hatched from the Ultimate Egg found on top of Monster Tower. The Direct Dark Wave makes the target invincible while the Support form gives you an attack that vanishes multiple opponents all at once.

If you fuse a High Kewne with another monster, all of its special abilities are lost. Do NOT fuse it!

Water 50 Lazy Frog Pond N/A N/A none Creatures who eat Tumna Fruit or step on Frog Traps will temporarily become a Lazy Frog. They retain the same HP but lose their defense and are unable to attack. However, a Kraken turned into a Lazy Frog will retain its electrical counter-attack.

Monster Fusion

The effects of fusing monsters is a little difficult to explain but here's how it works...

When you fuse two monsters, your new monster will be the same breed and element and have the same HP and MP maximums as whichever monster has a higher level. The current level of the HP and MP will the average of the two monsters.

Monster 1 FlameLevel 5 HP 20/30MP 44/60
Monster 2 ViperLevel 10HP 40/40MP 66/80
Fused MonsterViperLevel 10HP 30/40MP 55/80

Each monster may have one or two natural traits. These traits aren't listed on their status. They can only be told through observation. For example, the Flame is resistant to Howl and the Cyclone is has reduced MP Usage. If you were to fuse a Flame and a Cyclone, the new monster would have both of these traits. But any monster can only have two such traits. So, if you fuse this monster with a new monster, such as the Viper which is resistant to Poison, you might get a Flame which is resistant to Howl and Poison but does not have reduced MP Usage. A monster will always have the traits and abilities natural to its breed so, if a trait is lost, it will always be the one associated with its recessive breed. Some monsters don't have any special traits at all. Fusing with one of these monsters can actually cause your fused monster to lose a secondary trait.

Monster 1 Flame Level 15Resistant to Howl No second trait
Monster 2 CycloneLevel 10Reduced MP Usage No second trait
First Fusion Flame Level 15Resistant to Howl Reduced MP Usage
Monster 3 Viper Level 8 Resistant to PoisonNo second trait
Second FusionFlame Level 15Resistant to Howl Resistant to Poison
Monster 4 Killer Level 7 No first trait No second trait
Third Fusion Flame Level 15Resistant to Howl No second trait

Each monster can have one or two magic abilities (such as Kewne's LoBrid or the Flame's Sled). Inheritance happens very much the same as with special traits except that, if you fuse with a monster with no magic abilities, you will not lose a secondary magic ability.

Each magic ability has a natural element. For example, LoBrid ability is a Fire element ability so it will only advance when your monster goes up a level AND is a fire elemental.

Now, here's the tricky part: some monsters have recessive magical powers. In other words, when you fuse certain monsters, the resulting monster may have a new magical power not previously available at all. This may occur when fusing monsters of different types as well as fusing monsters of the same type. I'll try to get more detail on good combinations.


As you journey through Monster Tower and interact with the townsfolk, you will have the opportunity to have additional buildings put up or rennovate existing buildings. Some are just for fun while others are needed to solve various puzzles in Azure Dreams.

Building Cost Prerequisite Purpose
Home Improvement 1 6,000g None You can store 30 items in your safe at home. Plus, you can take a bath inside so that girls won't giggle at you bathing in the barrel outside your hut.
Home Improvement 2 60,000g Home Improvement 1 You can store 60 items in your safe at home. There are also some specialty items from Fur's shop that you can't use until you have this huge house with larger rooms.
Monster Hut Enlargements 4,000g
None Each enlargement allows you to store exponentially higher numbers of familiars.
Water Fountain 3,600g Donate money to Nico by the pond. Any money you donate will be matched by Ghosh. When you've donated 3,600g in total, Nico will have the Water Fountain built. This is the first step in helping Nico realize her dreams and start to fall in love with you.
Wookie Wookie Pool N/A The Wookie Wookie Pool is already built. You just need to retrieve the stolen Water Medal in Monster Tower and bring it to the pool owner to get the pool reopened. When the pool is opened, you can see the various girls in bathing suits. Some of the girls (like Mia and Vivian) you'll have to invite to the pool personally. Others will be there when you go to the pool alone. You can also see Ghosh in his little pink speedos.
Windmill Takoyaki Stand N/A When the windmill breaks down, you can fix it by retrieving Guru's Oil Pot from Monster Tower. When the windmill is working again, a takoyaki stand will be built nearby. Takoyaki is necessary to win Fur's love.
Hospital Rennovation 4,000g Talk to the hospital a few times and he'll tell you that the hospital needs to be rennovated. Once the hospital is improved, Cherrl will move into the house just north of it. When you find the Healing Herb to cure Cherrl's wasting illness, bring it to the doctor at the hospital.
Theater 8,000g After reaching the 10th floor of Monster Tower, you can talk to Fon in front of the Carpenter's Shop and he'll ask you to build a theater. Vivian dreams of dancing on a large stage. To win her heart, you must build the theater and help her dream to come true. You can also improve her love for you by impressing her with your performing talents by doing the comedy routine with Fon after Vivian has started dancing at the theater.

The solution to the comedy routine is:

Racetrack 30,000g After you've made at least two trips into Monster Tower, talk to the man with the Nyuels in the northwest corner of Monsbaiya and he'll ask you to build a racetrack. This is the first place to make a quick buck. You can go in and out of the building until you get the best pay-off odds. Bet on combinations that don't include yourself when the pay-off is better than 10x and then purposely lose the race. You'll have a 1-in-3 chance of winning your bet. Even better if you can try to block off the runner you didn't bet on during the start of the race.
Temple Rennovation 4,000g After you've made one rennovation to your home, your mother will suggest that you talk to the wise man about using your money to help the community. His first suggestion will be to rennovate the temple. After rennovating the temple, the wise man will suggest building a bowling alley and, later, a casino.
Bowling Alley 40,000g After you've rennovated the Temple, the wise man will suggest you build a Bowling Alley for the community. This place is just for fun. You get to play a weird variation of bowling for free. There's no prize but it is the only place in Azure Dreams where you will see the Mushrom monster (no. 32 in Weedy's picture book).
Casino 100,000g After you've built the Bowling Alley, the wise man will suggest you build a Casino for the community. This is a pretty strange wise man! You can play Slots or Roulette.

If you're very skilled and have excellent timing, you can make good money on the slot machine.

The Roulette wheel pays more than the slot machine, as much as 60,000g on one spin. With skill and timing, you can win almost every time. If your timeing is as bas as mine, you can make good use of your savegame to get very rich, very fast.

Entertainment Center 30,000g After you've made at least two rennovations each to both your home and your monster hut, talk to Pen, the Carpenter's assistant, and he'll tell you about his dream to build an amusement center. You can play the "Hit-A-Mole" game and the Takopoo Shooting Game. It's just for fun.
Gym 30,000g After you've built the Entertainment Center, talk to Barry, the Weapons Dealer, and he'll tell you about the Gym he saw in another city. Then ask the Carpenter to build one. At the Gym, you can play the Catch-the-Barbells game with the Kim Brothers.

Rare Items

There are certain special items that you can find only one of in the game. These are generally needed to solve special mini-quests.

Item Location Purpose
Second Collar Lying on the floor on the 12th Floor of Monster Tower. Allows you to use two familiars at the same time. A prerequisite for monster fusion.
Guru's Oil Pot Lying on the floor on the 15th Floor of Monster Tower. Needed to fix the windmills in town. When the windmills are fixed, someone will open an octopus ball vending stand. The octopus balls are needed to win Fur's love.
Blue Cape Lying on the floor on the 20th Floor of Monster Tower. Giving the cape to the owner of the bar will start the sequence of events which will bring Vivian to town.
Water Medal This one is tricky. It's held by a white Picket monster on the 25th floor of Monster Tower. There aren't normally any Picket monsters on that floor so, if you see one, that's the one who stole the Water Medal. He won't show up every time you go to that floor so it may take a couple of attempts. I recommend using a Monster Loop and watching the overhead map to see if any of the monsters seem to be moving at double speed (a singular trait of the Picket monster). Give this to the owner of the Wookie Wookie Pool in Monsbaiya and the pool will be reopened.
Healing Herb Lying on the floor on the 28th Floor of Monster Tower. It looks exactly like any other herb so it can be easy to overlook. You'll know it's the right one because it will be called Healing Herb and be described as "Can cure Cherll's disease." Needed to cure Cherrl of her wasting illness.
The Ultimate Egg On the top floor of Monster Tower. I don't know the floor number. Unknown. It can be hatched or sold. But getting the egg is not the final objective of this game.
Music Box Sold for a limited time at Fur's Specialty Shop. Unknown. It doesn't seem a necessary item for winning the love of any of the girls. Maybe it would help with Ghosh?

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