Import Games


Version 2.11
By Louis Kwong Jr.
Contributors: Max Malek
                    Suvi D


This is an updated and more complete version of the FAQ (thanks
to the prompting of Max Malek).  It includes

1)New moves for all characters not on the menu including all
   the moves of the Bosses

2)Hypermoves, like Son Gokou's METEO attack. (very spectacular
                       to watch.)

3)Move powerful moves for all the characters.

4)Correction of mistakes including correct names to some
   characters + Bulid Up Battle

5)New notes on Build Up Battle


I must firstly say that this game is abit  of an odd ball.  It's based
on the comic and animation series of the same name by Akira
Toriyama which is a big hit in Japan and Hong Kong.  Since it's
never been released in the States and Europe, and unlikely to be,
the game will probably not be translated and released here.  I think
for this same reason the majority Western gamers will not be at all
familiar with the characters thus finding the style of the gameplay
alien and hard to get akeen to.

What I aim to do here is to give abit of background information to
the story and the characters, hoping this will make the game easier
to understand and more enjoyable.  So that more people can enjoy
this game which I think is a fairly honest and accurate translation
of a cracking comic/animation with an original game play.

Having said that, what information I can offer here is only from my
memory, mainly from reading the comic which had been going on
for a few years. I am talking about the Chinese translated version
here which is close to the end. Incidentally, the original Japanese
version has already finished ages ago.



The story of Dragon Ball basically follows the adventures of  kid
Son Gokou .  It is a fighting hero story in which through numerous
adventures and training under different masters kid Son Gokou
became a better figher each time surpassing his previous abilities.
Infact towards the later parts of the story, these fighters had
become so exaggeratingly powerful that a simple fireball can
create a crater the size of a city!  Through all this kid Son Gokou
had encountered hosts of  enemies but had also made alot of
comrades. About half way through the story, the author made an
unexpected but welcoming twist.
He made the cute kid Son Gokou grow up into a not so cute Son
Gokou. However this change actually made the story more
entertaining and popular. The name of the TV series was also
changed to Dragon Ball Z then.

The main story line of Dragon Ball Z basically consisted of  a
number of major battles with a new enemy emerging everytime
and each one stronger and better than the previous one.  In
chronological order the big main enemies were Vegeta,  Freeza,
Cell and Majin-Boo.

You may have noticed that quite a few of the characters have
spiked golden hair.  This is not their natural hair colour.  The
original kid Son Gokou had black hair and a monkeys tail and
when he saw a full moon he would unconciously turn into a King
Kong like giant ape with massive destructive power. But when the
tail is pulled, he would be as weak as a baby. To prevent this
weakness, the tail was later chopped of.
It was later found out that he was not actually human but belong to
a war-like race of aliens,the Saiya-jin with superior fighting
abilities.  Even later he discovered that he could actually exceed
the maximum fighting ability of his race thus turning into Super
Son Gokou (Super Saiya-jin) when he needed more power. Hence
the spiky golden hair.This was again exceeded later on so that
from Super Son Gokou comes Super Son Gokou 3 with even more



The Basic controls for each characters are quite simple and

There are two energy bars for each fighter.  The top one is energy,
which goes down as you take a hit.  Note different colours means
different multiples of the bar.  e.g. it goes from blue to green  to

The bottom bar is the power bar which denotes your 'chi' which
decreases as you use a fireball. It charges up on its own very
slowly.  When it goes down to nothing, you are then tired and is
not able to move for a few seconds. ( During which time you are
completely vulnerable to attacks)

S = Square button        F/B = Forward / back on the directional
X = X button                U/D = Up / Down
O = Circle button         UF/ DB = Up forward / Down

qcf= quarter circle forward = D,DF,F
qcb = quarter circle backward = B,DB,B
hcf = half circle forward = B,DB,D,DF,F
hcb =hale circle backward = F,DF,D,DB,B

T = Triangle button
S - basic punch
X  - basic kick
O - basic fire ball ( causes the power bar to go down)
T - fly  This is actually a form of martial arts when you use your
             'chi' to move your body in the air!
L1/R1 - to speed along in the R/L direction on the ground or in
            the sky

Hold down either X, O, or S - to recharge your 'chi' quickly.  You
                                         will have to do this quite often. You
                                           will see your character has some
                                          sinuous energy around him.
                      ( Noteyou are vulnarable to attacks during this.)

F or B + S (when you are close to the opponent) -
                                                   for a close range attack.

FIREBALLS ( all the direction here assumes the opponent is on the
all the characters has basically three types of special-move  energy
projectile  attacks

1)continuous or spread-out fireballs (depending on the character) -
                                                         qcf + O
2)Medium strength energy attack - hcf + O
3)Super Energy projectile attack - qcb,F + O

note from 1 to 3 uses progressively more Chi energy and thus will
cause more damage.

4)Release of Chi ( few of the characters has an invisible fireball -
the strength of a normal fireball ) - B (hold), F + O

note also a basic fireball can collide with and dissipate another
basic fireball and an invisible fireball.  Whereas a medium fireball
will be needed to cancel a medium one and so on.

Of course, there are also the Unblockable Fireballs
(read on)


1)Basic block - B or DB ( you can block a kicks, punches and
                                    basic fireballs with this but will take
                       some damage from a medium to Super fireball)

2)Breaking a Medium/Super Fireball - S +X ( when done right you
                                                    will see your character's arm
                                                    lash out and no damage will
                                                    be taken. Have to time this
                                                    one, ie when the fireball is
                                                      near you.)

3)Energy Shield - qcb + O  ( this will also block the fire-
                                                     balls but will cost you your
                                                      Chi energy depending on
                                                               the length of time)

4)Quick Step - tap B twice (you can avoid fireballs this way, again
                                             need timing though.)

5)Run away! - R1 or L1 ro T ( I've found by far the best method is
                                                 to avoid the fireball by moving
                                              away quickly)


For most Hypermoves to work, one needs to stand close to the
opponent and the first punch or kick of the move must connect
 with your opponent.  Hypermoves do not use any chi energy.



1)Player vs computer - self-explanatory.  The computer will
                                      randomly chose your oppponent after you
                                      have chosen.
2)Player vs Player
3) Tournament - It's one player, you and the computer will each
                           choose a number of characters to enter the
                           World's Number One Martial Arts Tournament.
                           You can choose the same character more than
                           once.  Then the computer will draw up a match
                           table to see who will fight against who.  The rest
                           is pretty straight forward.  Note this is an import-
                           ant mode of game play because Son Gokou's
                           adventures in the  comics repeatedly brought him
                           back to this tournament which was held every
                           three years.

4)Build Up - this is where by you can pick a character and train
                   him to become a better fighter with an increasing
                   energy bar as a reward each time you beat an
                   opponent. You can then save this character on to the
                   memory card and bring him to your friend's house
                   and use him to beat your friends' characters.

                    When you first select the option, there will be a
                    question in Japanese which means do you want to
                    start a new character.  Choose yes and it take you to
                    the character selection screen.  After you've chosen
                    the character you want to train.  you will notice that
                    the rest of the 22 characters ( including yourself) will
                    have a level number 1 -22 when you highlight them.
                    At this moment you are at level 0.  Start with the
                    character who's level 1 and select him.  You will
                    then fight him.  After you've beaten him the
                    computer will ask if you want to save the character.
                    Select yes and now you are a level one character
                    with a slightly more energy to spare on damage
                    and slightly more powerful attacks and so on.
                    Needless to say from 1-22 the opponent is more
                    skilled and fights better than the previous one.

                     After you've beaten all 22 characters, that's when
                     the first boss character appears (level 23). After
                     you've beaten him you will find yourself back at
                     the start but all the other characters will be
                     numbered from 24 onwards and stronger than the
                     previous 22. This is the 2nd Block.  There are five
                     Blocks in all and within a block you dont't need to
                     fight the characters in order.  Ther Maximum Level
                     is 125.

                     The neat thing here is that the more you use a pati
                      -cular move the more powerful it'll become.  I believe
                     it's the move you finish your opponent with that's going
                     improved.  You can also keep on training a move even
                     after you've reached level 125.

5)Build Up Battle - You can use two 'built-up' characters from the
                        card/cards to fight each other.  During the battle,
                        pressing L2 will let the computer control your
                        character and pressing R2 will let you control
                        character again. You can therefore let the PSX
                        control both characters and just watch the match

Before you start a game I advice you first to go to the option
screen and turn the animation off. There is a short animation
sequence before and after each fight which shows both characters
and the victor after the fight talking in Japanese mainly just
taunting the opponent.  This is a nice touch but it also means
its takes PSX longer to load as it has load the sequence first.
Better to do without it.



Alot of the moves were given specific names which I'm sure will
get lost in the translation some how.  So most of the them I will be
describing the actual move unless its has a significant back ground

Also please note any techniques that uses  O button consumes Chi

Son Gokou the leading man of the comic/animation.  Here
appearing as Super Son Gokou. His first master of martial arts is a
wacky old man, Kame Senin, Grampa Turtle is probably the most
appropiate translation.  Turtle because he normally wears a heavy
turtleshell on his back ( for the purpose of training!)

Close range attack - 4 punches and a double jumping high kick
Dash elbow - qcf + S
Forward Turtle Flip - F,B,F + X
Four Dragon Kicks- hcf +X  ( a direct translation)
Jump Knee Lift - DB,UF + X
Solar Energy - D,U + O (this is a technique to project a bright
                                   light, thus Solar, to stun your opponent
                                        momentarily. Actually learnt from
Teleport - (when blocking an attack), F + S
3 Continuous Fireballs - qcf + O
Release of Chi - B (hold), F + O  ( a la invisible fireball.)

Turtle Power Ball - hcf + O ( medium strength Fireball
                                            learnt from Grampa Turtle)

Super Turtle Power Ball - qcb,F + O ( A Stronger version)

Hypermove (Meteor Smash) - hcb, F + S
                  Take enemy to the air, multiple teleports,
                  kicks and punches,  invisible fireball.

Teleport Fireball - qcb, hcf + O

He is the elder son of  Son Gokou. Mixed blood of Son Gokou's
Saiya-jin race and a human.  Some how this kind of mixing
produces stronger fighters the ability of  whom exhibits itself even
when they are only young. Thus he is able to turn into Super Son
Gohan already.  This is true also for Son Goten and Young Trunks.
Infact Young Son Gohan has got so much potential when he
actually utilises it, he was the only person who managed to defeat
Cell in the comic.  His first master is Piccolo.

Close Range Attack - Super fast multiple punches
Jet Uppercut - qcf + S
Descending Kick - (jump up), F,D + X
Dash Slider - B,DB,D + X
Back Roundhouse Kick - qcf+ X
3 Continuous Fireballs - D,DF,F + O
Invisible Fireball - B ( hold ), F + O
Devils Power Ball - hcf + O  (medium fireball learnt
                                                                 from Piccolo)

Turtle Power Ball - qcb,F +O ( of course being the son of
                              SonGokou, he would know this move.)
Hypermove - F,B,D,U + X  close kick, take enemy to the air,
                                       two kicks, jet uppercut.

Super Turtle Ball - qcf,B + O

He is the younger son of Son Gokou,only 3 years old! However his
Fighting Potential is probably even greater than his older brother.
He was born after the Battle with Cell when Son Gokou was killed,
yes killed, but not completely gone as his spirit lives on in the
After Life.

Close Range Attack -Superfast multiple kicks.
Goten Descending Head Charge - D (hold), U + S  ( he would
                                                         actually jump up out of
                                                   and missle at the opponent.)
Back Round House Kick - B + X
Kicking Uppercut - DB, UF + X
Dash Sweep - B,DB,D + X
3 Continuous Fireballs - D,DF,F + O
Invisible Fireball - B (hold), F + O
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + O ( like father like son, similar
Super Turtle Power Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove - hcb,hcf + S multiple hits and kicks on the
                                     ground, fireball

Super Goten Attack - D (hold), U +O
               (jump up out of the screen and fireball down)

4 years old, son of Vegeta and another human woman. Vegeta is
also of the Saya-jin race. Good friends with Son Goten although
these two can be quite competitive when it comes to fighting.

Close Range Attack - Superfast multiple punches followed by a
Dash Elbow - qcf + S
Back Roundhouse Kick - B + X
Middle Kick - qcf + X
Flash Kick Attack - B(hold), F + X
3 Continuous Fireballs - qcf + O
Air to Ground Energy ball - ( jump up ),F,D + O
Energy Ball - hcf + O ( medium strength)
Super Energy Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove - F,B,D,U + X multiple kicks on the ground,
Ultimate Energy Ball - qcf,hcf +O
Double Large Energy Ball - qcf,hcf + O, O

A very strange fighting technique towards the end of the series
where by two fighters of  similar size and ability can 'combine' to
form a stronger fighter for a limited period of time!  Very bizarre,
anyway if you have watched the animation intro of the game you
should know that Contenks is made up of  Son Goten and Young
Trunks.  They did in order to fight the Ultimate Evil - Majin-Boo.

Close range Attack - 4 punches to the head and 1 kick
Descending Head Charge - ( jump up ), F,D + S
Multiple Punches - B(hold), F + S
Leg Sweep - D,DB,B + X
Double Upper Roundhouse Kicks - DB, UF + X
3 Continuous Fireballs - qcf + O
Combined Goten and Trunks Energy Ball - hcf + O
Superfast Multiple Fireballs - qcb,F + O ( about 10 fireballs all
                                                              together! However it can
                                                             drain up to a whole bar of
                                                             chi energy)
Hypermove - hcb,hcf + S changes into Super Saiyan Contenks 3
                                     (with longer hair) and fly and quick
                                     descending multiple fireballs

Super Unblockable Ghost Attack - hcb,hcf + O a ghostly fireball
                                              which you can control

Older version of Trunks.  In the comic, he came back in time from
an alternative future to give Son Gokou some advance medication
to save him from a premature death from a heart attack so that Son
Gokou can help him destroy two androids,namely Android 17 and
18, before they were activated, whom in Trunks' time is close to
causing a total destruction of the world.  Trunks as a whole is a
good natured person quite unlike his father.

Close range attack - close range explosion.
Sliding Leg Sweep -B,DB,D + X
Forward Flip - hcb + X
Double Hand Hit - B (hold) , F + S
5 Multiple Kicks - F,B,F + X
Shower of Fireballs - qcf + O
Ground Energy Discharge - B,DB,D + O ( can be done when flying
                                                         as an air to ground attack )
Energy Ball (Burning Attack) - hcf + O
Super Energy Ball - qcb, F + O

Hypermove (Burning Hells Slasher) - F,B,D,U + S
                                         Take to air, multiple sword hits,fireball.
Super Fast Multiple Fireballs - hcf,hcf + O

Obviously not human, he is of another alien race whose home
planet, the Namek was nearly destroyed by Freeza. He has the
unusual ability of regeneration of any part of the body be they
completely severed as long as the head remains.  Master to Young
Son Gohan and really admires Son Gokou. One of the good guys.

Close range attack - Straight up kick
Arm Stretch - B (hold), F + S
Super Descending Kick - ( Jump up ), F,D + X
Sliding Kick - F,B,F + X
Upward Swoop - DB, UF + X
Energy Flame - F,B,F + O
3 Continuous Fireballs - qcf + O
Electric Header - DB, UF + O
Energy Missile - hcf + O
Super Energy Ball - qcb, F + O

Hypermove - F,B,D,U + S long hand grab, take to sky, multiple
                                 punches and kicks, close range explosion.
Homing Fireballs ( perform when flying) - hcb,hcb + O

Klilyn had known Son Gokou since they were kids.  Together they
trained under Grampa Turtle. Although they were quite
competitive when they were young, Son Gokou's ability soon far
exceeded Klilyn's.  However as far as humans go, he is probably
the strongest.  He had taken a fancy to Android 18 during the
Battle with Cell and actually ended up marrying her.

Close Range attack - 4 punches followed by a kick ( seems to work
                                                                        better with B + S)
Forward Charge - qcf + S
Descending Gail Kick - F,B,F + X
Flowing Double Kick - B,DB,D +X
Super Sweep - (jump up ), F, D + X
3 Continous Fireballs - qcf + O
Forward Bounce ( using a fireball) - qcb + O

Solar Energy Bomb - D,U + O ( Same as Son Gokou's used to
                                                  momentarily stun the opponent)

Turtle Power Ball - hcf + O (same Master as SonGokou)
Energy Saw - qcb,F +O ( as seen in the intro sequence)

Hypermove - hcb, F + S take to the sky, multiple hits to both sides

Four Energy Saw - hcf,hcf + O

Used to be a contester in one of the three yearly Tournaments and
got beaten by young Son Gokou.  Since then he has become one of
Son Gokou's comrades.  He hasn't appeared much in the latter half
of the comic as he is not really that good a fighter compared to
everybody else.

Close range attack - head butt
Multiple Hand Slap - tap S repeated
Horizontal Head Charge - F,B,F + S
Low Kick + Close punch - qcf + X (stand close)
Beam Attack - DB,UF + O
3 Continuous Fireballs - qcf + O
Upward Energy Beam -qcf + O
Solar Energy Bomb - D,U + O ( He is the original character who
                                                    uses this skill )
Energy Ball - hcf + O
Super Invisible Energy Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Combination Attack) - hcb, F + S duplicates, take to
                           sky, multiple punches to both sides

Ultimate Unblockable Energy Ball - hcb,hcf + O

Combination - hcf + S (when in the middle of Solar Energy Bomb)

This is actually the grown up Son Gohan.  The ridiculous costume
is a super hero out fit to disguise his real identity from normal
people and his class mates.  He was trying to play the part of a
super hero crime fighter at the time with hilarious consequence.  (
although Son Gokou and his comrades had time and again saved
the Earth from certain destruction, your average human is
completely ignorant of their deeds and abilities and just how much
the fate of the Earth was on the line.)

Close range attack- 5 punches
Winning Upper - qcf + S
Super Hero Punch - F,B,F + S
Descending Kick - ( Jump up), F,D, + X
Double Roundhouse Kick of Justice - qcf + X
Slow Energy Ball - qcf + O
Invisible fireball (Great Saiya Cannon) - B (hold), F + O
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + O
Super Turtle Power Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Great Dance of Justice) - hcb, F + X
                                     take to the sky with multiple punches
                                    and kicks (posing in between)
Ultimate Turtle Power Ball - hcb, F + O

In the Dragon Ball Z world there is an Afterlife ruled by four gods.
There is also a god of  gods above them who until the later parts of
the comic only existed as a rumour.  Kaiohshin is that god. He
came to the latest Annual Fighting Tournament to elicit help from
Son Gokou and his comrades.  (Son Gokou Although already dead
has managed to get 'leave' back to Earth to fight in the
tournament!)  Kaiohshin told of an ultimate evil who is about to
emerge again onto the Earth with the help of a powerful wiizard.

Close range attack - Throw
Multiple Slaps - F,B,F + S ( stand close)
Side Slap - B(hold),F+ S
4 Multiple Kicks - hcf + X
3 Continuous FireBalls - qcf + O
Invisible Fireball - B ( hold), F + O
Ground Energy Discharge - B,DB,D + O
Energy Ball - hcf+ O
Super Energy Ball - qcb,F +  O

Hypermove - F,B,D,U + O Telekinesis - throwing the opponent
                                      up and down the screen

Multiple Spread Fireballs - hcb, hcf + O

Not only is he of the Saiya-jin race, he is actually the prince of his
people, thus he is a very proud character.  When he first came to
Earth he had wanted to conquer it but luckily he had been defeated
by Son Gokou.  Ever since then his only goal was to become a
better fighter than Son Gokou and to beat him. As far as I know
he's never managed to exceed Son Gokou's abilities.  He was not
all bad, in a few unlikely circumstances he had actually helped Son
Gokou to defeat a couple of enemies.  He had also fathered Trunks
and although there was little external show of fatherly love, he
does love him. But his pride however would not let him accept that
this 'commoner', Son Gokou, is a more superior fighter than one with
Royal blood.  Which resulted in his joining the wizard's gang who
was responsible for releasing the Ultimate Evil.  The wizard had the
power to increase a fighter's ability so he would far exceed his
own potential.  Not willing to miss an opportunity to best Son
Gokou, Vegeta willingly beacame one of the wizard's subjects,
thus the M on his forhead in the intro sequence.

Close range attack - Close Explosion
Dash Elbow - qcf + S
Upward Charge - F,B,F + S
Sway Attack - B,DB,D + S (close)
Descending Kick - (Jump) , F,D + X
Upward Sliding Kick - DB,UF + X
Side Bomb - D,U + O
Upward Multiple Fireballs (Astro Fire Cannon) - qcf,B + O
Energy Ball (Big Bun Attack)- hcf + O
Super Energy Ball (Final Flash) - qcb, F + O

Vegeta Final Blast Bomb - (jump), F,UF,U,UB,B,F + O
                                     a huge radiating energy attack
                                     (useup alot of chi energy!)
Ultimare Fire Ball - qcb,hcf + O

Hypermove - hcb, F +  X kick, take to the sky, mutiple hits,
                                    knock opponent down to the ground,
                                    super fast mutiple fireballs.

An enemy character before the Battle with Cell.  He was a
Conqueror and had travel the Galaxy to destroy other civilisations.
One such planet was Son Gokou's home land and he also killed
Son Gokou's father.  He originally appeared to be a very weedy
character but after each fight he transformed into a more superior
fighting form.  What we see here is his final form.  He was at the
end defeated by Son Gokou.

Close Range attacks - knee-butt
Fast Forward Charge - F,B,F + S ( covers long distance)
Descending Head Charge - (jump up ) ,F,D + S
Forward Flip - qcb + X
3 Continuous Fireballs - qcf + O
Invisible Fireball - B (hold ), F + O
Descending Lunar chop - B,DB,D + O
Energy Ball (Death Ball) - hcf + O
Super Energy Ball (Mega Buster) - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Psycho-Kinesis) - F,B,D,U + O hold on to body of
                      opponent and fly up, mutiple internal explosions

Invisible Energy Ball - hcb, F + O

One of the destructive androids (17 and 18) who wrecked harvok
on Earth in the alternate future where Grown Up Trunks came
from. She was not so much of an android as a man-made human-
like life form.  Infact apart from her superior fighting ability,
strength and long life-span, she was not that much different from a
human.  She was created by the same mad professor, Dr. Gear,
who made Android 16 and Cell.  When the future Trunks came
back, he quickly found that all was not like what he had
experienced from his time.  These androids turned out not to be the
monstrous killing machines from his past, sure, they haven't got
much compassion as far as human lives are concerned but they
were basically care free and laid back and did not care much about
destroying Earth. Their only target was to defeat Son Gokou which
to them only seemed like an exciting idea.

Being an android, her chi bar recharges  more quickly on its own
than the other fighters but it also meant that you cannot quickly
charge up by pressing a button.

Close range attack - heavy punch
Horizontal Head Charge -F,B,F + S
Back Leg Sweep - B,DB,D + X (stand close)
Double Low Roundhouse Kick - F,B,F + X
Back Flip Kick (Bloody Kick) - qcf, B + X
3 Continuous Fireball - qcf + O
Ground Energy Discharge - B,DB,D + O
Energy Ball - hcf + O
Super Energy Missile - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Bloody Drive Attack) - hcb, F + X
                                                    multiple hits in the sky
Close Explosion ( Flash Beam Bless) - hcb + O

He was activated at the same time as Android 17 and 18. An
enigmatic character as he, like Cell did not appear in the alternate
future that Trunks came from.  It was later revealed that unike the
other two androids, he was totally mechanical in construction and
possesses even greater fighting power.  But in contrast he had more
compassion and human qualities than the other two and had joined
Son Gokou in fighting Cell.

Like Android 18, he cannot use the quick charge method to
replenish his Chi Bar but it does charge more quickly than the
other characters.

Close range attack - head-butt
Charging Punch - qcb,F + S
Body Charge - B,DB,D +  S
Flying Fist ( Rocket Punch) - qcf + S  ( literally!)
3 Continous Fireballs - qcf + O
Invisible Fireball - B(hold), F + O
Upward Eye Laser - DB,UF + O
Energy Ball (Mega Energy Bomb) - DB,D,DF,F + O
                                                            close range fireball
Arm Cannon - qcb,F + O
Hypermove (Hells Flash Combination Attack) - qcb,hcf + S
                                throw + multiple arm cannon attacks.
Super Arm Cannon - qcf,hcf  + O

( execute these after the Rocket Punch has hit )
Reverse Rocket Punch - qcf + S
Dash Attack - qcb, F + S
Dash Tackle - B,DB,D + S

Unlike the alternate future Trunks came from, in this 'Present' it
was Cell instead of Android 17 and 18 who became the Destroyer
of Earth.  Created by the same mad professor he had taken a Time
Machine to come to this 'Present' in order to complete his
programme by absorbing Android 17 and 18 to become the
ultimate fighter.  His main goal of course was to kill Son Gokou.
He was made from highly adaptable cells thus giving him the
unique ability to take samples from strong opponents via his tail. (
hidden in his back) He could then master what ever skills the
opponent had. ( That is why he can use Turtle Power Ball ).  We
see him here in his final form, after he had absorbed the whole of
Android 17 and 18.  It was in this form that he had managed to kill
Son Gokou but was eventually defeated by Young Son Gohan
whose hidden potential now fully expressed triggered by the shock
of his father's death.  After a severe bout of beating Cell even
regurgitated the absorbed Android 18.

Close range attack - close explosion
Forward Charge - F,B,F + S
Low Sweep + Mid Level Kick - F,B,F + X
Ascending Charge - DB,UF + X
3 Continuous Fireballs - qcf + O
Invisible Fire Ball - B (hold) , F + O
Finger Beam - B,F + O
Energy Ball - hcf + O
Turtle Power Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Perfect Cell Smash) - F,B,D,U + S
                           multiple punches in the sky, close explosion

Super Turtle Power Ball - hcb, F +  O

One of the henchmen of the Wizard ( who managed to release
Majin- Boo ). Thus the M on his forhead.  He was actually one of
the four gods ruling the Afterlife. He was personally incharge of
the Underworld.

Close range attack - lightening strike
Sword Slash - qcf+ S
Double Sword Slash - qcf + X
Jumping Sword Attack - hcb + S

Medusa's Spit - B (hold), F + O  ( in the comic this skill turns
                                                       people into stone but here it
                                  merely stuns the opponent momentarily.)
Javelin - B,F + O
Forward Slide + Contact Fireball - D,DB,B + O
Spitting Fire Ball - hcf+ O
Super Energy Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Death Frit Lancer) - B,F,D,U + S
                  enclose the opponent in his cape,
                  teleport to the sky, throw opponent to the ground,
                  mutiple javelin throws
Death Flame - hcb,hcf + O (close by)  Uses alot of energy

This was what was awaken by the Wizard -  The Ultimate Evil?!
Not exactly a face that inspired fear, more likely, laughter. He IS
the Ultimate Evil but a very innocent, naive and child- like one.
One of the evil things he did was to turn people into chocolates
and eat them!  Nevertheless he is an extremely dangerous

Close Range attack - Clapping in your face.
Body Bomber - DB,UF + S
Horizontal Head Charge - F,B,F + S
Descending Kick - (Jump up), F,D + X
Jumping Lower Kick - B,DB,D + X
Fireball Shower - qcf + O
Invisible Fireball - B (hold), F + O
Antenna Missile - hcf + O (turns people into candy in the comic)
Super Spitting Fireball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove - B,F,D,U + S hit opponet up the sky over his head,
                               hit him down, multiple stamping. (hilarious)

Boo Bomb - hcb, F + O (like Vegeta's Blast Bomb on the ground)

Some silly human crooks managed to kill Majin-Boo's pet, a very
cute puppy, thus triggered a personality split in him - an innocent
side and an evil side.  The Evil side managed to eat the other
half after he's turned him into a piece of chocolate.  The result was
Super Boo - the true, pure, Ultimate Evil.  In the comic, he has the
power to combine with people to increase his fighting ability.

Close range attack - Close explosion
Head Whip - B,F + S
Forward Charge - qcf+ S
3 Continuous fireballs - qcf+ O
Antenna Missile - hcf + O
Super Spitting Fireball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Liquid Bomb) - hcb,hcf + S turns ito liquid mass
                                          and enters the opponent's body,
                                              multiple hits from the inside.
                                             (does not need to be close)
Fireball Shower - hcf,hcf + O

The following are three characters that I don't remember very
much about.  I think that they were all henchmen of Freeza.


Close range attack - 5 punches to the head
Simple Flip - D, U + X
Sliding Sweep - B,DB,D + X
Shooting Star Combination - ( jump up ),F,D + X
3 Fireballs - qcf + O ( of slightly different heights)
Eye Beam - B,DB,D + O
Energy Ball ( Star Dust Bridge)  - hcf  + O
Throwing Energy Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove - hcb,hcf + S sprouts muscles, charge, multiple hits.
Spreadballs - qcf, hcf + O


Close Range Attack - Upward Toss
Death Driver - hcb + S ( when close) Jump up throw
Crush Down - hcf + S (when close) Throw, head hit
Ascending Charge - DB,UF + X
Forward Charge - qcf+ X
Descending Charge - (Jump up ), F,D + X
Energy Ball - hcf + O
Spitting Energy Ball - qcb,F + O
Ultra Fighting Bomber - hcb,hcf + O (like Blast Bomb)

Hypermove (Recoom Fire Gilotint Rope) -hcf,hcb + S
                     throw opponent up the air, head-butt to the sky,
                     sit on opponent

Power Bomb - (jump up) (close by),S+X


Close Range Attack - 5 slaps
Dynamite Punch - qcb,F + S
Forward Charge - hcf + S
Ginew Throw Tackle - F,DF,D + S (close by)
Bicycle Kick - F,B,F+ X
3  Fireballs - qcf + O
Kneeling Fireball - B,DB,D + O
Throwing Energy Ball - hcf + O
Super Energy Ball(Ginew Dynamite Attack) - qcb,F + O

Hypermove - qcb,F,DF,D + X take to the sky, multiple slaps,
                                           throw to the ground.

Damage Body Change - B,hcb + O (change body with the
                                                opponent and explosion)

Body Change - F,B,DB,D,DF,B + O just change body
                  (can be confusing but useful if you are near death)



There are 5 bosses, to access them, at the Ultimate Battle 22
Screen, press U,T,D,X,B,L1,F,R1  ( you don't need to do
                                                                      this very quickly)

You will hear a chime when you have done this right.

This will be followed by an animation sequence to introduce
the 5 bosses and afterwards the screen will say
Utimate Battle 27 !

Son Gokou as he originally appeared.  He hasn't actually
mastered the skill of flying yet but he has a cloud which he
sits on for travelling on air.

Close range attack - Throw
Stone, Paper, Scissors punches!
    Stone- B,F + S
    Paper - B,F + O
    Scissors - B,F + X
Eight Handed Strike - hcf + S
Rod Strike - B(hold), F + S (the rod lengthens)
Descending Charge using a Fireball - (jump up ) , F,D + S
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + O

Hypermove (Were-Ape Transformation) - hcf,hcb + S
                                transform into a giant ape, like the comic,
                                multiple hits.

Super Turtle Power Ball - hcb, F + O

The First Master of Son Gokou and taught him skills like Turtle
Power Ball (Kame Hame Har.  Very funny and is generally
portrayed as the dirty old man in the series.

Grampa Turtle cannot fly nor move quickly across the screen.

Close range attack - Throw
Teleport - F,B,F + S
Drunken Turtle Punch - qcf + S
Drunken Turtle Low Punch - F,DF,D + S
Double Kick - F,B,F + X
Drunken Turtle High Kick - qcf + X
Drunken Turtle Low Kick - F,DF,D + X
Flying Kick - qcb, F + X
Drunken Tiger Punch- D,DF, F + O
Drunken Tiger Low Punch - F,DF,D + O
Turtle Power Ball - hcf+ O
Maximum Turtle Power Ball - qcb,F + O ( VERY impressive)
Multiple Beam Attack - hcb + O

Hypermove - hcb,hcf + O (Telekinesis,spins opponent in the air)

This chap needs a bit of introduction.  He is just an ordinary person
with some abyssmal martial arts skills and he had witnessed the
battle between the Son Gokou team and Cell
from afar. As I said before, Son Gokou and comrades remained
quite annonymous.  So after Cell was defeated everybody just left.
When the media arrived at the scene, only Satan remained and he
claimed to have defeated Cell himself and became a world hero.
That is why if you beat the game on the tournament level, you will
then get to fight Satan.

As mentioned this guy has no super skills therefore he cannot fly
nor move quickly sideways. He also does not have a chi energy
bar.  But  be beware, he fights dirty but also very funny.

Close range attack - Close punch
Baseball Bat - X
Rolling Attack - B,DB,D + S
Forward Charge - qcf +S
Diving Jabs - qcb+ S
Hero Dance - hcb, F + S (first hit must connect)
Dynamite Kick - qcf + X
Grenade - O
Cannon- hcf+ O
Massive Missle - qcb,F + O
Failed Massive Missile - qcb,hcf + O (for abit of comic relief)

Hypermove (Champion Dance) - hcb,hcf + S
                           Mutiple hits to the opponent which didn't seem
                           to do any damage, question mark from the
                           opponent, suddenly massive damage strikes.

Son Goukou after some severe training has managed to surpass
even the state of Super Son Goukou.  This was when he was
fighting Super Boo.  Looks generally harder and even longer hair.

Close range attack - 4 punches and a slam
Dash Punch - qcf + S
Descending Kick - (Jump up), F,D + X
Gale Shoot - qcb, F + X (Jump forward + double ascending kick)
Gale Shoot Reverse - qcf, B + X (Jump backward + the kicks)

Saiya 3 Attack - hcb + S (Stand Close)
                                 (multiple punches, flip, ascending kick)
Thousand Combination - hcf+ X (double flip + ascending kick)
Invisible Fireball - B(hold), F + O
Turtle Power Ball - hcf+ O
Super Turtle Power Ball 3 - qcb,F + O

Hypermove (Teleport Meteo Smash) - B,F,D,U + S
                        (can be done afar ) teleport to opponent, multiple
                         hits and teleportation, invisible fireball.

Ultimate Turtle Power Ball - hcb, F + O

This character appeared only briefly in the comic.  Out of desperat
-ion Son Gokou and Vegeta had to combine to fight Super Boo
whose powers were ever growing since he had absorbed Gotenks,
Piccolo and Son Gohan. They used an ancient relic provided by
one of the ancient gods like Kaiohshin to combine together.  The
result was an incredibly powerful character. The relic was later

Close Range attack - Throw
CannonBall Attack - hcf + S
Spinning Drop Kick - F,B,F + X
Fast Descending Kick - (Jump Up), F,D + X
Forward Kick - qcb + X ( close by )
Teleport Slider - (when Dashing R1/L1), S
Teleport Slash Down - ( when Dashing R1/L1),O
Teleport Spinning Drop Kick - (when Dashing R1/L1), X
Invisible Breath - B(hold), F + O
Slow Energy Ball - D(hold), U + O
Combined Energy Ball (Ultra Super Doughnut)- hcf + O
Final Super Turtle Energy Ball - qcb,F + O

Hypermove(Gogeta Meteor Attack)- hcf,hcb + S
                  Multiple hits with Cannon Ball Attack, up to
                  the sky, multiple punches, blast bomb + fireball

Quick Ultra Ball - qcb,hcb + O ( 3x large energy balls)


That was a much more complete FAQ. Any comments are welcome.
Enjoy the game.

Louis Kwong Jr. Compuserve 100044,2051


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