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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:31:05 -0500
From: Peter Chang 

This is version 1 of my everything else FAQ.
Coming soon:  My walkthrough for Tecmo's Deception.
    TTTTTTTT	EEE      EE  CCCCCC	MM               MM  O    O
    TTTTTTTT	EEE      EE  CC         M   M         M   M  O    O
    TTTTTTTT	EEEEEEEEEE   CC         M       M   M     M  O    O
    TTTTTTTT	EEE          CC		M         M       M  O    O
    TTTTTTTT	EEE          CC		M                 M  O    O
    TTTTTTTT	EEEEEEEEEE    CCCCCC 	M                 M  O    O

Everything else FAQ  Version 1
1.  Introduction:  What is Tecmo's Deception?  (Don't you read those little
instruction manuals?
2.  Basic Tips
3.  TRAPS!!!
6.  INVADERS!!!  [from space]
8.  How to get different endings
9.  Legal stuff
The Walkthrough is in another file in order to save space.

1.  Introduction
     Hello!  And welcome to MY Tecmo's Deception FAQ.  I can't help but wonder
why no one wrote one before.  In case you are wondering what Tecmo's Deception
is, it is a Playstation game.  It is completely different from any other genre.
Basically, you are the master of the "Castle of the Damned!"  And you want
revenge on your brother for framing you for the murder of the King (who is also
your father).  So, you take over this castle (and coincidentally go to work for
Satan!) in hoping to gain enough power to get your revenge.
     Your job is to use traps and monsters to kill any adventurer, treasure
hunter, or passerby who just happens to decide to enter your castle.  These
people will be referred to as INVADERS, because they are invading your castle.
To set off a trap, first you have to place a trap somewhere in your castle by
going to the power room, then you have to go, personally, to the invader, get
him or her to chase you, wait for them to get under (or above...) the trap, and,
KABLAM!  Sometimes, you'd think they'd learn.  Seem easy?  Well, did I mention
that the invaders themselves have their own means of KILLING you?

* Do not ever spring a trap on yourself! (DUH)
* Place traps in doorways where it is easy to lead invaders using masks
* Long hallways work, too.
* Don't just mindlessly place traps, they cost MP.
* Confuse traps can be helpful, but confuse monsters are better.
* When confronted by more than one invader on the same floor, confuse one, and
kill the other.
* When someone is wondering around dizzily, use a mask to lure them under a
* Learn your opponents' weaknesses.  Magic users are strong against magical
traps and armored people are strong against physical traps.
* Monsters gain more experience during the chapters, less during body
* Use body collecting to get the bodies needed to make monsters.
* BUY LOTS AND LOTS of Block orbs after you make a monster.
* To shop from ANY merchant, including ones that are attacking you, walk up to
one and press X.
* Sell "junk" items for lots of money.
* Capture bonus at the end of a mission gives more than genocide bonus.
* Gold can be used to buy MP, but MP can not buy gold, so kill invaders for gold
when you capture them, not for MP, unless you really need MP.
* If you get enough bonus at the end of a mission, you will never have to worry
about MP
* Building rooms sometimes but rarely gives you items.
* You can build more types of rooms later in the game, including a develop room.
* Never sleep in a bedroom when an invader is nearby (DUH)

Here's an explanation of the bonus screen.

     If you capture all the invaders in a mission, you get this.  GET IT OFTEN!
     + 600 MP for each invader

     Capture all invaders when they have below 10 hp.  Don't bother trying to
get this.  It's hard!
     + 1000 MP for each invader

     Kill all invaders by knocking away all their HP.  If you can't get the all
capture bonus, get this.
     + 400 MP for each invader

     The faster you beat a mission, and the more invaders, the more bonus you

     The higher percent of traps that hit an invader, the more bonus you get.

     If you have 100% trap success rate, you get this.  It's hard to get, but
     + 3000 MP

     The less damage you take (The less you are hit), the more this bonus is.
Starts at + 1000 MP, -10MP for each HP lost

     Don't get hit.
     + 2500 MP

Do a good job, and you will never have to worry about running out of MP

Final tip
     Capture trap hit someone, but you never have the time to complete the
capture sequence?  Keep using a Capture trap on someone and they will gradually
lose energy, or, better yet, just whack them with a destroy trap or monster.
Remember, the red triangle is the trap that is set off when you press the circle
button.  You can change which trap is red by using the square button.

Here's an explanation of your stats screen.
     Defense:  This is how much defense you have against physical attacks.
     Magic Resistance:  Defense against magic attacks.
     Health:  Higher health means less chance of being poisoned or confused,
     Skill:  Affects trap success rates.  More skill equals more success rate.

3.  TRAPS!!!
Master the use of these traps to destroy the invaders!

Spikes (Spike, poison spike, fire spike)
     Spikes are a physical damaging trap.  They have a very high success rate.
Use them against magic users and less armored fighters like soldiers.  They also
have a duration of at least 2, meaning that if they miss, which is rare, you can
use that same spike again.  Unfortunately, spikes can only be placed on walls.
Place them in front of doorways and in hallways.  Use them to weaken invaders
before you capture them.  They also cost little MP.  They have low power.

Pits (Pit, floor lift, poison pits)
     Pits are the preferred trap of choice.  They are a magic damaging trap with
more power than spikes.  They have a high success rate, but less than spikes.
Since they are magical, they are very effective against armored people, but
don't bother using them on magic users or ninjas.  Use them often!

Weights (Ton weight, metal ball, fire bomb)
     These are some of the most hilarious traps.  They are a physical damaging
trap with very high power, but low success rate.  Drop them on magic users for
laughs.  Don't use them if you are going for a 100% success rate.

FEET! (Stomp, poison toe, fire foot)
     Feet are also funny.  They have VERY high damaging power, but low success
rates.  They are magical, which means they are deadly to any fighter or
swordsman.  Use them on the characters who are all armor and no magic defense.
Fatemakers come to mind...

Cages (Copper cage, jail cell, volt cage)
     Cages are physical capturing traps that hold invaders for such a long time
that they make the use of damaging traps unnecessary.  They have very low
success rate, so do not bother using them against anything but ninjas and magic
users, as most fighters will dodge them every time.  Use them for quick

Cranes (Crane, fast crane, ice crane)
     Cranes are magical capturing traps that almost always work against non-
magic invaders.  Use them constantly to capture anything that does not use
magic, from archers to soldiers to merchants to cavaliers.  They hold invaders
long enough, but you will have to weaken most invaders with pits first.  They
are helpful until you develop the hand trap.

Bear Traps (Bear trap, vacuum, ice trap)
     Bear traps do not hold their victims for a very long time, so weaken that
invader first.  Do not be fooled by their seemingly low success rate, they work
VERY often.  They are physical traps, but can catch merchants and soldiers, too.
Of course, cranes are better for that job.  Use the bear traps on those later
magic users who always seem to dodge the cages, like sorcerers.  They have a
high duration, too, so if they miss, use it again!

Magnets (Magnet, hand, volt hand)
     Magnets are VERY useful.  They are magical, have a high success rate for a
capturing trap, and hold their victims for a long time.  However, you will find,
at first, that cranes are more successful than magnets for some strange reason.
Once you develop the hand, however, you can capture invaders and hold them for
VERY long periods of time, and that 100% success rate will never seem far away.

Buckets (Bucket, gold tub, floor spin)
     These are silly.  They are confuse traps with a high success rate and good
confuse time.  They are physical.  Use them to knock out those magic users out
of the picture for a while, then kill the other invader.  Gotta love that floor

Gases (Dazing fog, insane gas, mind kill)
     These confuse traps are exactly the same as buckets, except they are
magical.  Use them against fighters with low magic defense.  Once you make
confuse monsters, you don't need these.

     Get this powerful magic capturing trap when you complete chapter 26.  It
only works on magic users, but is undoubtfully the best trap in the game.

     Later in the game, you will get a mask that lets you make monsters. Capture
the required number and types of invaders, keep their bodies and deposit them
into your prison, then make a monster. Save your game before you make a monster,
because the game sometimes glitches, here.  To use a monster, go to an invader,
go to your inventory screen (start button), pick the monster you want, and watch
it attack the invaders.  Sometimes, you can't summon a monster because you do
not have enough block orbs, you are too far away from an invader, or there is
not enough space in the room (a pillar or invader might be in the way) for the
monster to fit.  Try to use monsters to just weaken invaders, then kill the
invaders yourself, because, although monsters gain more experience if they kill
someone instead of just hurting someone, you don't get any experience!

Explanation of monster chart
     Required Bodies (What you need to make that monster)
     Type (Battle or Area. Battle hits one invader, Area hits all invaders
within a certain radius)
     Effect (Damage or confuse.  Damage damages, confuse confuses.  DUH.)
     Attack (Magic or Physical)
     Power/Confuse time (Power =  Damage, Confuse time = Confuse time)
     Speed (Success rate, if you will...)
     Block orbs (Number of Block orbs needed for each summoning)
     Summary (Other notes)

Don't ask for specific stats.  Besides, you'll find those out soon enough. For
your surprise, I have NOT written what each monster develops into. For every
chart from most to least:  Very high, high, medium, low, and very low.

     Required Bodies: 1 princess  You may or may not get her at the end of
chapter 8.
     Type:  Battle
     Effect:  Damage
     Attack:  Magic
     Power:  High
     Speed:  Very High
     Block Orbs:  Very High
     Summary:  Beat chapter 8 in over two minutes then answer yes to the
question that you get to get her.  She is very very fast, and powerful.
Unfortunately, early on, she will destroy most invaders in one hit, leaving you
with no experience for yourself.  Good for tough fighters, or anyone.  She
gradually gets more demonic, which may or may not make you feel sorry for her.

     Required Bodies: 1 cleric, 1 soldier, 1 pirate
     Type:  Battle
     Effect:  Damage
     Attack:  Physical
     Power:  Very low
     Speed:  Low
     Block Orbs:  Low
     Summary:  The zombie is the worst and the weakest monster, but it is very
easy to make.  If you know how to summon "secret invaders," this should be the
first monster you make.  He's usable. Use him early, and to just weaken someone
instead of killing someone.  Good for magic users.

     Required Bodies:  1 Trap Pro, 1 Hunter, and 2 ninjas
     Type:  Battle
     Effect:  Damage
     Attack:  Physical
     Power:  Medium
     Speed:  High
     Block Orbs:  Medium
     Summary:  The werewolf is very fast, but might accidentally kill some
invaders.  He is useful for beating up light armored and magical invaders.  He
does not need much space, either.

     Required Bodies:  2 witches, 2 psychics, 1 messenger
     Type:  Battle
     Effect:  Damage
     Attack:  Magic
     Power:  low
     Speed:  Medium
     Block Orbs:  Medium
     Summary:  You got to love that scream you hear when you summon her.  The
lamia is pretty helpful.  Use her to weaken those heavily armored invaders.
Remember to be close.

     Required Bodies:  1 General, 2 Cavaliers, 1 Fate Maker, 2 Merchants
     Type:  Battle
     Effect:  Damage
     Attack:  Physical
     Power:  High
     Speed:  Very Low
     Block Orbs:  Medium
     Summary:  The Golem has IMMENSE power.  He slaughters magic users, maybe
too much. However, even slow fatemakers and generals can dodge him.  Good for
beating up light armored fighters, like soldiers.  Be careful, he might kill
them.  He also needs a lot of space.

     Required Bodies:  1 Wizard, 1 Cleric, 1 Archer
     Type:  Battle
     Effect:  Confuse
     Attack:  Magic
     Confuse time:  Medium
     Speed:  Low
     Block Orbs:  Very Low
     Summary:  The phantom is also easy to make.  Use him to stun one invader
while you kill the other invader.  He is not very effective against magic users,
but does not need much space or block orbs.  Of course, Foul is so much more

     Required Bodies:  1 Magic Doll, 1 Pirate, 1 Ninja, 1 Carpenter
     Type:  Area
     Effect:  Confuse
     Attack:  Magic
     Confuse time:  High
     Speed:  Medium
     Block Orbs:  Medium
     Summary:  Foul is that cool genie guy.  He is VERY helpful.  When a mission
starts, run over to that room on the second floor where the two invaders start
out, use Foul to confuse them both, then use the proper mask to kill the invader
of your choice.  He makes them helpless.

     Required Bodies:  2 Diggers, 1 Alien
     Type:  Area
     Effect:  Damage
     Attack:  Magic
     Power:  Medium
     Speed:  Medium
     Block Orbs:  High
     Summary:  Graviton is that... interesting creature from another dimension.
His attack is hilarious! His range is a lot.  Use him to weaken rooms of
invaders.  Although he is better for armored people, he can be used on magic

Red Dragon
     Required Bodies:  2 Generals, 3 Fate Makers, 2 Bomb Pros, 1 Sorcerer
     Type:  Area
     Effect:  Damage
     Attack:  Magic
     Power:  Very High
     Speed:  Very Low
     Block Orbs:  Very High
     Summary:  The Red Dragon is THE most powerful monster.  He can wipe out
groups of invaders.  Despite his low speed, he seems to have a 100% success
rate.  The only bad thing about him is that he needs so much space that there
seems to have to be an entire room between you and the invaders in order to
summon him.  You also get him late in the game.

5.  ITEMS!
     There are tons of items that you get from invaders when you kill them. Many
are used for money. Unless noted otherwise, items can not be bought from

     Herb:  You can buy this from merchants.  It recovers twenty HP.
     MP Gain:  Use this to gain 500 MP.  It can be bought from merchants.
     Nectar:  Use this to recover 50 HP.  It can be bought from merchants.
     Sanity (Heh, heh):  Use this to recover from confusion.  Can be bought from
     Antidote:  Cures poison.  Can be bought from merchants.
     Restore:  Recovers all HP.
     Amulet:  Gain 5000 MP, or sell it for cash.
     Skull Key:  Needed to open a door (DUH).
     Block Orb:  Use this to summon monsters.  Can be bought from merchants.
     Old Book:  Sell for cash?  I bought some to a den, but it did not do
     Mirror:  Sell for a lot of money.  It looks pretty.
     Chalice:  Sell this for money, too.  It also looks pretty.
     Armor Gem:  Use this to permanently gain 5 defense.
     Mantle:  Gain 5 magic resistance.
     Skill Gem:  Gain 5 skill.
     Speed Gem:  Permanently move faster, I think.
     Boots:  Same as Speed Gem?
     Dark Gem:  Use it once per mission to regain HP.  Use it twice, and it
breaks, so don't!
     Mask:  Lets you make monsters.
     Evil Ring:  One of the evil treasures.  Visit the altar behind the strategy
room after each one.
     Evil Crown:  One of the evil treasures.
     Demon Sword:  Lets you develop traps using money.  One of the evil
     Devil Cane:  One of the evil treasures.
     Necklace:  One of the evil treasures.
     Horn:  One of the evil treasure.
     Save Point:  Lets you go body collecting?
     Covenant:  Makes you castle master.
     Tiara:  Sell for cash.
     Earring:  Sell for cash?
     Talisman:  Sell for cash?
     Letter:  Read it, then sell it for a lot of money.
     Cure:  Cures any status ailment.
     Hour Glass:  After a while, this lets you travel through time.

     Here is an explanation of each invader.  Miscellaneous ones like princesses
and royal maids are not included. (Stats may vary, too.)  I have also included
what items they give (some are randomly recieved)

     Items:  Herb
     Summary:  Soldiers are those balanced guys.  The typical ground unit of
military sims, if you will. Generally weak against magic.  They are not much of
a threat.  Ones that run at you (that never appear in body collecting) can be
very annoying.  You can lure them with a nice mask.

     Items:  Herb, Antidote
     Summary:  Archers are annoying but are not very strong.  They have VERY low
defensive skills, so don't accidentally kill them when you can capture them.
They fire off their arrows quickly. They can be lured with a nice mask.

     Items:  Old Book
     Summary:  Pirates are not much of a threat.  They move fast but they don't
run.  They have the ability to poison, but have low attack power.  Use the nice
mask if you are impatient.

     Items:  Speed Gem
     Summary:  Ninjas are FAST!  It's hard to set a trap on them.  They are not
very powerful, but they can sneak up on you since they make no noise.  Use
physical traps. They are worth more MP than gold, but you might want to summon
some of them during body collecting simpy for the chance to obtain speed gems.
USE PHYSICAL TRAPS.  The copper cage is especially effective. Strangely enough,
you can lure them with a howl.

     Items:  Nectar
     Summary:  Merchants are fat.  Use magic attacks.  Cranes and pits are very
effective.  Try confusing them, then bringing them to your trap with a nice
mask.  Go shopping!  (Walk up to one and press X).  If you do not use a nice
mask, they can pummel you endlessly with their pots and pans.  They are worth a
lot of gold.

     Items:  Block Orb
     Summary:  Hunters are dangerous.  Drop them down a pit and use a crane to
kill them as quickly as possible.  They look very cool.  I think they are lured
by a mean laugh, but you should not have to use a mask since they run torwards
you.  They can double-hit when they attack.  Once again, magic works here.

Fate Maker
     Items:  ???
     Summary:  Scary.  I think these guys are really big muscular blacksmiths.
They are very er... big. Two hits from one and YOU WILL DIE!  It takes decades
for one to finally walk into a trap. Unfortunately, I don't know if any masks
works.  Use hefty magic attacks like the stomp.

Gem Guard
     Items:  Amulet
     Summary:  If you don't use the mean laugh, luring them into a trap can take
decades. Interestingly enough, nice masks and help cries scare them away.  Use
heavy-duty physical attacks.  The weights and cages work well.

     Items:  MP Gain
     Summary:  They're old.  And difficult.  They are similar to Gem Gaurds but
are slower and can not be lured by a mask.

     Items:  Restore
     Summary:  Scary.  You can hear them a mile away because of their clinking
noise.  Use that to help you determine if you have time to capture someone else
without being killed.  They have very high physical defense, so use magic
attacks instead.

     Items:  Block Orb, herb
     Summary:  The typical heroes of RPGs.  They are like updated and stronger
versions of soldiers. Use magic traps.  You can lure them with a help cry.

     Items:  Skill Gem
     Summary:  They are generally weak, but they break out of capture traps
easily.  Due to this, it is hard to catch one to make the Foul monster.  They
randomly leave skill gems.  I think a nice mask works on them.

     Items:  MP gain
     Summary:  Not very threatening.  Use help cries to lure them into physical
traps.  Their attack can make you insane.

     Items:  Sanity
     Summary:  Psychics are adorable!  These cute little girls are not very
powerful.  Trap them in cages.  Use the mean laug to get them under a trap.
They are in the game more for the sadistic humor, if you can call it that, of
killing little girls.

Magic Dolls (and ants)
     Items:  Block orb
     Summary:  Use nice masks and bear traps to quickly get rid of these
nuisances.  Ditto for the white ants.  The queen ant must be weakened with
spikes first, and can not be lured.

Trap Pro
     Items: ???
     Summary:  They are annoying because they dodge all your traps and have a
hard to see attack that travels along the floor.  Use a nice mask, some pits,
and a magnet to get rid of them quickly.

     Items:  ???
     Summary:  Not much of a threat.  They swing their claws quickly.  They have
a nasty habit of digging into the floor and popping up in front of you when you
are capturing someone.  They are not held for very long by capture traps.  For
laughs, wait for a digger to dig for a while, then use a nice mask before he
disappears.  Now you temporarily get to fight a digger hunchback!  They're not

     Items: ???
     Summary:  ALIENS!  Use a nice mask to lure one into your traps.  Since they
float, bear traps and pits are ineffective against them.  They have an annoying
double laser beam and break out of capture traps quickly.  They're also skinny.

Bomb Pros
     Items:  Herb
     Summary:  I can imagine meeting one of these freaks with their long arms
and insane look in their eyes.  Think of them as tougher archers with slower
projectiles that don't poison.  Use the nice mask.

     Items:  ???
     Summary:  These fat KKK imposters are rare.  They are like generals, except
they sometimes annoyingly swing their scythes when you are far away from them.
This can lead to you clumsily running into their attack, so be careful.

     Items:  Herb
     Summary:  The knight in shining armour.  Generally, they are tougher
versions of soldiers.  They are not as strong as swordsmen, and are lured by a
nice mask.  Suckers for pit traps.

     Items:  MP Gain
     Summary:  Here we go again with the cute little girl motif.  Before I saw
what a witch was, I thought I would be fighting some old hag (like a female
wizard).  They aren't overly difficult. Just remember that pits and bear traps
don't work on them since they float.

     Probably the hardest normal invader.  They have a VERY annoying tendency to
jump back before you even spring a trap.  They usually shoot two shots (that can
confuse) at you, then jump away. Stay FAR away from them and they will come to
you without shooting at you.  Hope you are good at springing traps on someone
when they are across the hallway. Use physical monsters to weaken them first,
but you have to hit them with the monster when they are NOT shooting at you.
Capture them with an ice trap.

King and Magician
     Use physical traps.  Learn to DODGE.

     By the time you meet one, you'll be prepared.

     Use the volt cage.


     Wondering where that darn alien could be?  Impatient to get that stupid
cleric?  By summoning the right combination of two invaders, and summoning no
more than THREE invaders at a time, you can have that carpenter before you know
it.  (Note:  The above must be done during body collecting.  (Special thanks to
Bob Peterson for all of the information here EXCEPT the alien, which I found on
a playstation forum, and the witch, which I discovered MYSELF!  HA HA!)

* denotes can only be found in body collecting
     Trap Pro = Pirate + Ninja (Makes sense.  Those two invaders are both fast.)
     Digger = Archer + Merchant (I have no idea how those two could lure a
     Carpenter = Merchant + Pirate (The two entrepeneurs.)*
     Cleric = Wizard + Soldier (Kind of makes sense.)
     Cavalier = Soldier + Archer (Typical combo.  A soldier and an archer...)
     Messenger = Wizard + General (The two lackeys.)*
     Witch = Swordsman + Gem Gaurd (Save your game first.  I figured this one by
noticing that the only professions in body collecting that were NOT used to make
monsters were those two.)*
     Alien = Digger + Magic Doll (They both seem alien to me.)*

8.  How to get different endings
	The instruction book says there are six, but I suspect there are more.
I'm not sure if little things like showing mercy to Bon Bon will change the
ending.  The different endings depend on what happens in chapters 8, 26, and 27.
(Hint:  Save the game before chapter 26, but don't save it after 26 to easily
replay the game from there and see more endings.)

     Beat chapter 8 in under two minutes to head on a path to the three Fiana
endings. Beat chapter 8 in over two minutes to get the other endings.
     1.  To get the bad ending, simply pick ressurect in chapters 26 and 27.
     2.  To get the sad Fiana ending, pick ressurect in chapter 26 and lock up
in 27.
     3.  To get what is probably the good Fiana ending, pick lock up in both
     4.  Scary ending.  Beat 8 in under two minutes, pick lock up in 26,
ressurect in 27.  (Be prepared to see something hilarious happen to Astarte.)
     5.  Good ending without Fiana.  Say no to resurrect on chapter 8.  Pick
ressurect in 26, lock up in 27... I'm not sure about picking ressurect in 26.
     6.  Strange time ending without Fiana.  Pick lock up in both chapters.
Ressurect in 8?
     7.  Is there one I missed?

9.  Legal Stuff
	This faq is copyright 1997 Threa inc.  You can use it on NON-Profit sites,
but give me (JAMES CHANG) credit.  It is my first FAQ after all.  Special thanks
to Bob Peterson for his helpful information on body collecting (secret
invaders).  Special thanks to Tecmo for such a great and original game.  The
sequel should let you customize your lifestyle more (Show mercy?) and go out of
the castle once in a while.  A faster interface would also be nice.

		James Chang

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