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Dead or Alive: Goodies

Dead or Alive: Goodies - So far, I've been so busy with the costumes (^^;), that I got all the Goodies, with the 'easy' way. In the Saturn version of DOA, there were alternate ways of getting all the goodies. It's the similar on the PSX version.

[*NOTE* There are 'alternate ways' to get these secrets. This is just one way.]

Extra Config secrets:

[Note: Most of these can be gained by Time Lock.]

* After, 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours, 15 hours, you'll Automatically
  unlock the first five secrets in the "Extra Config" in the Options!

* For "Character Voice" you just unlock it by clearing the "Training Mode" (do all the Moves by turning Command List "on").

Alternate/Secret Costumes:   Beat the "Tournament" mode on Normal*.
* FIRST SET of Costumes: You adjust Life/Points (set your life bar higher) per match, etc. but you will only unlock the
  'First Set' of Secret Costumes (All the guys up to #5, Kasumi #10, Tina #7, Lei Fang #9).

* SECOND SET: Then, set the Options back to "Default" (Normal, everything). Beat the "Tournament" mode now to unlock
  all the 2nd Set Costumes (which are cool ^^). All females will have up to 14 costumes total, no new costumes for the guys.

How to Get RAIDOU, the Boss:
Then, beat the game on "Normal" Default with -Every- Character in their Final Costume (#14 for gals, #5 for guys).
You'll unlock Raidou.

How to Get AYANE:
You must have ALL the costumes and have Raidou playable.
Beat the game on "Normal" Default with Raidou. Have fun! Ayane is too cool;).

Thanks to GameWorld for help.

**Unconfirmed variations** (rumors)

* Alternate/Secret Costumes: Beat the game on "Normal" Default Options to get First Set, then play Burst Mode
  Normal Default Options to get 2nd Set of costumes (this is more work than my way above, BTW).

* How to get Raidou: Just beat the game on Normal Default with every character (regular costumes are fine).

(Thanks to Billy B. for this!)
-- Kenneth Lee

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