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Einhander F.A.Q. 0.5  By Eric Bickle     PSX0001@AOL.COM

Okay Square made yet another great game...this time a shooter. During the game
you can find 4 hidden weapons and earn 2 extra ships. There are at least 80 pictures to
earn and many secret bonuses to find as well.

  Each stage has 3 SP Bonuses to earn...they all require you to perforn a
certain task to earn and get you some easy points.Earning all 3 Bonuses on a stage allows you
to stage  select that stage in Free Play mode. We arent sure of any other significane
yet. Anyways if you're missing some of them here they are.

Stage 1
Sp Bonus 1-Shoot all the neon signs (helps to turn your speed up)

Sp Bonus 2-completly destroy all weapon carriers on the stage till after the
neon signs, the first weapon carrier to appear near the bottom right of the screen, after
the neon signs is the second Sp Bonus enemy

Sp Bonus 3-Destory only the bottom saucer section of the blue police robot

Stage 2
Sp Bonus 1-You need to quickly destroy the weapon carriers that appear on the
ground at the very beginning of the stage until a red Weapon carrier appears. Kill it for Sp
Bonus 1.

Sp Bonus 2+3-at two points in the stage, there are gun pods rising out of the
train and the screen will not advance until you destroy the command tower on the far right.
Do not destroy the tower and instead continue to kill the gun pods after killing about 6 of
the gun pods you will earn the Bonus.

Stage 3
Sp Bonus 1-Kill all the spinning top weapon carriers until a red one appears.

Sp Bonus 2-During second part of midboss destroy 4 or more of the red
reflector trucks.

Sp Bonus 3-Destroy the Saucer at the top f the screen after the midboss and
then destroy EVERY dead enemy that falls from it. Helps to use Juno or Vulcan (or both :P)

Stage 4
Sp Bonus 1-When the large boat pops out of the water destroy only the body
section. The control tower will fly of and fire a lot of bullets, kill it before it leaves
for the Bonus.

Sp Bonus 2-After fighting the midboss,you need to navigate through the
tunnels, taking the downward most path, at the elevator go staight. you will come to an incline
with a robot you usually dont see sliding down the hill. completely destroy him for the Bonus.

Sp Bonus 3-After exiting the tunnel/elevator section (background turns blue)
there will be some piping on the ground destroy it with a downward angled weapon for the
bonus. (note: if you got the first 2 bonuses there will be an enemey flying above the pipes.
Just wing him and he will fall into the pipes and destroy them for you!)

Stage 5
Sp Bonus 1-Destroy all the girders that move up and down before the midboss.

Sp Bonus 2-Destroy parts off the midboss without killing him until you earn
the Bonus.

Sp Bonus 3-Near the end of the stage you can see three enemies take off from a
building.One of the is red. If you have wasp, gun the button and waste 'em. If not you have
to kill all the enemies that come out after the red enemy flys by the forground to make
him appear on screen.

Stage 6
Sp Bonus 1+2-After destroying the first booster rocket 3 missle pods start to
pop out. they have 3 attacks, missles, mines, and enemy release. Sp Bonus 1 is earned by
killing a red enemy release RANDOMLY by the pods. Sp Bonus 2 is earned by desroying 3 of the
pods. Note that these two Bonuses can be earned in either order and sometimes twice for
more points.

Sp Bonus 3-On the stage boss you need to destroy the little cap that pops out
the top, the centermost piece visible when it does the yellow laser attack, and then the
main saucer section. The boss will crash and jetison a tiny Jellyfish looking guy with
really spiffy lighting effects. Kill 'em for the Bonus.

Stage 7
Sp Bonus 1,2,+3-kill all 3 red enemies...helps to use wasp a lot.

Secret Weapons.
The secret weapons require a little more work than usuall to earn and are
easily missed... here they are.

Juno-A really powerful version of the vulcan.

Stage 1-at the boss (if you of all 3 Sp Bonuses) destroy the y shaped part on
top. Then the boss will start to attack in sidescrolling view. sometimes a pod will pop out
of his back.  Sometimes its the Juno.
Stage 4-Earning Sp Bonus 1 will get you Juno as well.
Stage 7-We've seen Juno appear here once.

Flash-A really powerful fersion of the cannon, kills alsomst everything in one
or two shots

Stage 3-Sp Bonus 3 rewards you a Flash.
Stage 5-Sp Bonus 2 rewards you a Flash.

Mosquito-A guided missle that is very strong. Moving the controler around
steers the missles

Stage 4-On the path to Sp Bonus 2, aquire a rear firing weapon (spread works
great here).  Right after going down the first 2 levels there will be an enemy and a set of
barrels behind you. The barrels have the mosquito inside.

Python-Strong mines that are linked by lasers. A weird weapon to get used to.

Stage 5-destroy the Jawa Transport looking thingy in the background with Wasp
near the first part of the stage to earn the python.

Extra Ships....

To Earn the Sodom. Beat the Game on Easy without using continues....the Sodom
ship is the little police car enemy that you see in the beginning of the game. you can
power up the weapon 20 makes it a different game almost.

To Earn the Silene. Beat the Game on Hard....without continuing( I think
continuing once will work too)....The Silene Ship holds two weapons and holds 9999 rounds for
each weapon every time you grab a weapon. Put two Flash weapons on it and watch your score
go through the roof.

Other Stuff...

The Blade weapon can strecth further if you do fireballs.Try doing a fireball
then swiching the Blade from top to bottom. It will swipe the whole screen!

Gallery pictures are earned by difficulty and grade. you need to get lots of
A's on your stats to get all the pictures (we think) Work on Sp Bonuses, x16 Combos (easy
with Silene), top scores and not dying or continuing at all. So far weve got up to 79 with a
few missing.

Anyways It's a great shooter, and it'll keep us busy til the next slew of RPGs
come out.  Thanks to Jimmy for playing too much and to my roomates....."you're not
playing this AGAIN are you?!?!" use any part of this F.A.Q. any way you like, I'm outta

-- Eric Bickle

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