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Eretzvaju Basic Moves

The Eretzvaju fighting system is extremely simple. You only use the directional pad plus one attack button and one guard button. All characters have the same number of special attacks and moves and they are all achieved with the same basic techniques.
Approach opponent
Hold Run toward opponent
OR Sidestep
Circle opponent (can only be done when close to opponent)
When close to opponent, attack will launch a normal punching or kicking attack. You can chain together three such attacks.
When distant from opponent, attack will launch a simple projectile attack. You can chain together three such projectile attacks.
Launch an uppercut attack to knock your opponent into the air. Useless at a distance.
Dash toward your opponent and attack. If launched when opponent has been knocked into the air, it will become the juggle attack in which you chase your opponent across the field, raining down a hail of blows. If launched too late, you will chase your opponent but they will block or dodge all the blows.
Jump into the air and attack from above. If executed very close to opponent, you will jump over your opponent to attack from behind.
Step Attack
Hold A simple sidestep attack which will knock your opponent down.
Hold Run toward your opponent and attack, knocking them back across the field.
Hold Fire a quick projectile attack while retreating.
Advanced Attack
Advanced Attack 1
Advanced Attack 2
Advanced Attack 3
Each character has different styles for each of these attacks, varying from projectiles to sweeps to human cannonballs. In all cases, alternate versions of each attack can be performed by pressing the attack button twice. Some alternate forms are stronger while others are more widespread.

Some (but not all) advanced attacks can be enhanced by holding down the Attack button slightly longer to expend a Power Crystal.

Captured Attack
When directly in front of opponent, initiate a simple grab and throw attack.
When directly behind opponent, initiate a special back grab and throw attack.
At a medium distance from opponent, initiate distance capture attack 1.
At a longer distance from opponent, initiate distance capture attack 2.
Each character has different styles for each of these attacks. None can be blocked with the Guard button but they can be evaded.

For the distance capture attacks, a red field will form around the opponent. If the opponent, moves out of the red field quickly, the attack will be evaded.

By pressing Attack twice, you can change the red field from narrow to wide. In a wide field, the opponent will only be caught if they do move because the very center of the field is not active.

You can cancel a grab attack by pressing the Guard button.

Hyper Attack
If you have a red Power Crystal, you can launch a devestating Hyper Attack which will reduce your opponent's life meter by nearly a third. Launching this attack will cast the crystal as a projectile toward the opponent. If the crystal hits and is not blocked, you will perform a Hyper Attack.
Holding the Guard button will protect you from normal attacks, advanced attacks, dash attacks, and projectile attacks, including the Power Crystal for hyper attacks. It will reduce the damage from powered up Advanced Attacks but you will still receive a degree of damage.
OR When you are knocked down, press Up or Down to roll aside while getting up. Other actions will bring you to your feet where you are.
Some attacks will cause a character to become dizzy. The character will be momentarily unable to move, attack, or defend.

If you initiate a Dash Attack from a distance when your opponent is dizzy, you will perform a cinematic dodging charge while your opponent tries to shoot you down. It is possible for your opponent to block this attack at the last moment.

Store Up
Hold Holding down the attack button continuously will store up attack energy. When the yellow meter in your life bar fills the green meter, you will earn a red Power Crystal. You can carry up to three Power Crystals at a time. If your green life meter is low, you can store up energy more quickly.
Special Condition
When you've been knocked into the air, press the guard button to land safely.
Pressure Dash
If both characters initiate a Dash Attack at the same moment, they will begin the Pressure Dash in which they both run in the same direction. While running, press the attack button repeatedly to build up your attack at the end of the dash.

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