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Final Fantasy Tactics
Deep Dungeon Guide

By King Endymion (

Well, I've been hanging out in #FFT on Effnet (I go by Galaxia,
Endymion, or PenPen, usually Galaxia), and a lot of people have had
questions about the deep dungeon.  This answers some of these and is a
guide for it.

Q: How do you get there?
A: Heh don't quite remember, its a rumor you can hear in a bar of a
southern town.  I think you have to be at least near the end of the
game.  You might have to have gotten Cloud.

Q: What's the point of it?
A: A ton of good EQ and the Zodiac summon spell.

Q: Does it affect the game if you beat it?
A: Not that I know of.  I haven't beaten it again since I completed the
dungeon so maybe you DO get a different ending.  If anyone knows, mail
me (address at top and bottom of this document).

Q: How do I get Zodiac?
A: Skip to the Floor 10 section of this guide.

Q: Do you know any other cool guides?
A: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is great!  Except it left out a few
things (which I on the other hand DID include), and they completely
screwed up the item list for Floor 10.

Q: You mind if I mail you later with questions?
A: Not really.  But I'm incredibly lazy and may ignore your letter till
I feel like answering it, which might take a day or two (well, lazy or
not home, or a combination thereof).

Q: How do you pick up the items in the Deep Dungeon?
A: Equip the Move-Find Item skill, available from the Chemist class.
When you walk over the appropriate square, instead of setting off a
trap, you will find an item.  You will either find a Phoenix Down or the
real item.  Your chance is 100% minus 1% per bravery of the character, I
think.  So you want your searchers to have really low bravery, unless
you want to miss the best EQ in the game!

And so, on with the show!

The Wonderful World of Catching
There's an ability called Catch, a thief skill, which allows you, for
the low, low price of 200 JP, to catch enemy thrown items.  If you
haven't noticed, Ninjas throw stuff.  In fact, once they get strong,
they throw cool stuff.  REALLY cool stuff (by the way you'll run into
large groups of ninjas an samurais on Floor 9, and you can block off
their walking rout so all they can do is sit there and chuck stuff at
you).  As they get into the 90s they will begin to throw Defenders, Kogo
Knives, Excaliburs, Javelins, and, most importantly, CHAOS BLADES!
These are the best weapons in the entire game.  They have a whopping
attack power of 40, while casting regen on the wielder and randomly
petrifying (instant death) their target.  Learn to make these your best
friends.  Whatever people say about math mages being better, nothing
matches a knight with 700hps doing 1998 damage per round!

Deep Dungeon Floor-Item Breakdowns
Is it just me or does that sound wierd?  Anyhow...  Here's how this
works.  First of all, I'll describe items if they're never before seen.

As for locations, I'll list all the items and the (X,Y) coordinates of
them.  The only problem is I can't draw with text so, you have to figure
out which corner the origin (0,0) is in.  And there is a 0 column, so
the corner of the map would be (0,0), not (1,1).  Got it?  Hope I didn't
confuse you.  I'm one of those guys who doesn't make much sense and
confuses everyone... anyhow, I digress.  Here.

Floor 1 - Nogias
(0,6) Elixir (full hp/mp item)
(9,4) Kiyomori (don't worry about it they're buyable)
(2,2) Blaze Gun (casts random ice spells)
(0,9) Glacier Gun (casts random fire spells)

Floor 2 - Terminate
(0,4) Elixir
(10,6) Elixir
(7,2) Blood Sword (crap sword but drains hp when you hit)
(1,8) Save the Queen (same as the one you got earlier with a character)

Floor 3 - Delta
(0,2) Elixir
(12,5) Elixir
(6,7) Yoichi Bow (pretty decent bow, but you should know by now, archers
(9,1) Mace of Zeus (6 weapon power, 15 phys evade, +2at +1ma, my
favorite staff)

Floor 4 - Valkyries
(12,8) Elixir
(4,2) Faith Rod (gee, why would a rod that makes your faith 100 be

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