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Play as the sub bosses and boss in versus mode

Beat the game with difficulty setting on Hard (I'm not sure if this
works with Normal setting) and you can play as MA-08 Bygzam, AMX-002
Neue-Ziel, Psycho Gundam Mk III, and 0Z-15 AGX Hydra Gundam (the final
boss in story mode) but only in versus mode. Oh yes, don't forget to
save the game to your memory card (one slot) afterwards.

In short, here's the info on how to access the hidden bosses:

Bygzam: Finish story mode (Easy)
N-Ziel: Finish story mode (Normal)
Psycho Gundam: Finish story mode (Hard)
Hydra Gundam: Finish story mode, hard difficulty setting without continuing

New hidden boss(?) Ball : Finish the game with ALL 12 mobile suits


QCF - quarter circle forward (Street Fighter fireball motion)
QCB - quarter circle back (S.F hurricane kick motion)
DPM - Dragon punch motion (Down, Forward, Down Forward)
RDPM - reverse Dragon Punch Motion
HCF - Half Circle forward (back, back down, down, down forward, forward)
HCB - Half circle back
DQCF - double quarter circle forward (two QCF's, super fireball motion)
P - Punch
K - Kick

Ball: 120 mm Cannon - QCF + P
      Drill - QCB + P
      Cannon attack: QCB + K

N-Ziel: Arm laser - QCF + P
        Heavy Tackle - QCF + K
        Thruster Down - QCF + K (?)
        Homing Missile - QCB + P
        Arm Sabe(r) - HCB + P
        Mega Cannon - DHCF + P

Psycho Gundam Mk III

Shoulder Pulse Beam - QCF + P
Blast Upper - DPM + P
Beam Sword - HCB + P
Mega Beam Attack - DHCF + P

Hydra Gundam

Beam Cannon - HCF + P
Psycho Arm Laser - QCB + P
Beam Saber - HCB + P
Hydra Waltz - DQCF + P

I don't think these hidden characters are playable in story mode, but
they are very powerful and do a lot of damage.

Here's a tip to beat the game in story mode quickly in order to get the
4 hidden characters in versus mode. Use ZZ-Gundam (easily one of the
most powerful and damaging mobile suits), do a crouching jab punch,
short kick, and fierce kick chain combo (to knock your opponent down).
Repeat if necessary, and then unload your Double Beam Rifles and Hyper
Mega Cannons (you have 3 of them....done like a Super Fireball a la
Street Fighter style). You can easily defeat all opponents with this
cheap tactic and quickly as well! I completed story mode with these
conditions under 8 mins. Guaranteed to work!

-- Ken

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