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Gundam 0079     -       The War For Earth

Buttons  -      /\  (triangle button) Interact
[] (square button)   Defend
X  (X button)      Attack
O  (Circle button)   Select Weapon

Directional Pad -       Forward/Up

Goto options and select walkthrough mode.  Gives you more time to select action button.

Code    Gets you to Scene:
/\ /\ /\ /\ [] X /\ X   1.
[] [] /\ /\ [] X /\ X   2.
O O /\ /\ /\ [] [] /\   3.
X X /\ /\ /\ [] [] /\   4.
O [] /\ /\ /\ [] [] /\  5.

After guy finishes talking on screen press /\ to interact with controls
When cockpit opens up press (UP) to enter cockpit
When computer asks for battle computer enable press /\ to activate
When asked to make responses for calibration press (UP) when asked to move,
press x when asked to attack, press [] when asked to defend, and press /\ when asked
to interact.
When calibration is completed and the Zaku starts walking toward you, select the
vulcan cannons using (O).  Press X to attack Zaku when prompted to make a selection.
Press X to attack Zaku again.  After power up is completed walk out of  bracing and
turn 45 degrees left and walk toward shield.  This gets shield.  Select plasma saber
as weapon using (O).  Upon exiting hanger press [] to block attack from Zaku on right.
Press X to attack Zaku with plasma saber.  Press [] to block explosion.  Once outside
press (UP) to avoid getting hit from Zaku gunfire.

1  After all the dialog, the captian? will be giving you wings to be a Gundam pilot,
press /\ to accept if you want to continue on with the story.  Press /\ to then interact
with the other Gundam pilots.

2  Select fists for hand to hand combat with (O).  Press X to break off Zaku's hold on you.
Press [] to block Zaku's gun fire.  Use vulcan cannon or rifle and press X to shoot back
at Zaku.  Press X to fire at Zaku again.  Press [] to block body attack from Zaku.
Press [] to block gun fire from Zaku.

3  Intereact with people inside carrier by pressing /\.   Follow map out of town.

4  Select vulcan cannon befor running to gun base.  Press X when locked onto turret.
Press X when locked onto turret.  Press X when locked onto turret.  Select bazooka cannon
and press X to shoot at space gun.  Press [] to block attack from Zaku.  Select plasma saber.
Press X to clash sabers.  Press X to attach with your other saber.  Select fists and press
X to spin the Zaku around when he charges you.  Press (UP) to get outta there through the
gun port in the building.

5  Press (UP) to avoid bolts and jump on carrier.  Select vulcan cannon and press X to
knock Zaku off the ship.  Press (LEFT) to dodge missile attack.  Press (UP) to move forward
and dodge missile attach.  Select plasma saber and press X to stab bridge with plasma saber.
Press (UP) to get off ship.

Press (UP) to get onto launcher before Zaku shoots you with bazooka. Select fist and press X
to knock bazooka outta his hand.  Press (LEFT) to pick up bazooka.  Select bazooka as your
weapon and press X to shoot Zaku.

Select the Saber while he talks to you and press (UP) when it's time for an input. Then press
X to attack with the saber when input is required and you will block/attack his axe attack.

While he talks again select vulcan cannon and press [] to defend against his next axe attack.
You will fall to the 'leg' of the Pegasus class carrier and when he jumps down after you press
X to attack with your guns.  Quickly switch to saber and press X when asked.  You will destroy
his axe.  Then press X again and he will end up catching your hand and will force the saber
down to you.  Then press (RIGHT) and you will back away and let go of the saber.  Then press X
and you will attack him with your other saber and then enjoy the rest of the show (if you
understand Japanese).

There's another code at then end which I suppose is to run through the whole sequence of events
without you having to do anything, but it didn't work for me.  Others have had success.
I didn't put the last code on the top of the page b/c I don't have it with me right now.


-- Sherwin Chen
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This code allows you to view the entire game without playing it. If you videotape the whole thing, it makes for a neat mini-movie just over 30 minutes long. X,O,/\,/\,/\,O,[],/\ After inputting the code, be sure to select "Playback" in options ... -- Ty Hen

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