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PSX Heaven's Gate FAQ v0.76
                   by: MonkeyMan

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Version History
Legend and common moves
Individual Character Info and moves:
        Shindo Jin
        Minabe Kyosuke
        Saikawa Nanase
        A. Hau
Info Needed/Lacking

Version History:

0.5  (01/28/97) - Got started. Put in the moves.
0.5a (02/24/97) - Added boss codes.
0.75 (02/25/97) - Added moves for Geezer and "UNKNOWN", and added more codes.
0.76 (09/07/97) - Added the missing moves sent in by Margo.


       For making the game.
       For a excellent game system and that very comfortable controller :)
Darren Shady :
       For the boss codes.
Tham Siew Wah 
       For the Kurara and Kyohya codes.
       For finding some of the missing moves.


To get the boss Angel boss UNKNOWN, win the game on "normal" or higher
difficulty with one of the characters with a Devil alignment.  To get the
Devil boss GEEZER, win the game on the "normal" or higher difficulty
setting with a character with an Angel alignment.

To get Kurara:
Go to ARCADE mode and highlight Nanase. Press Select, Up, Down, Down, L1 + L2,
Start.  If done correctly the screen will flash momentary. Now you can select
Kurara by highlighting Nanase.  Used the Start button to scroll through the 2
different Nanasee (different costumes) and the 2 different Kurara.

To get Kyohya:
Get Kurara first. Go to Vs MODE. Highlight Verny. Press Select, Left, Right,
Up, Down, R1 + R2, Start. If done correctly you will see Kyohya appearing next
to Verny.

Legends and common moves:

G - Guard
P - Punch
K - Kick

f - forward
df- down and forward
d - down
db- down and back
b - back
ub- up and back
u - up
uf- up and forward
 Capitalized  means HOLD

* - Speciality Attacks, only done when the speciality gauge is actived.

common moves (same for all characters):

f, f - forward dash
b, b - quick escape
f, F - run
u+P  - pounce
G+P  - throw
at top of jump, f or b +K - Jumping Roll Kick
P, P, G+P+K - *One-Two-Super Attack
while on the ground...
   u - roll to background
   d - roll to foreground
while getting up...
   P - high kick
   K - low kick

Individual Character Info and moves

NAME: Shindo Jin
AGE:  21
SEX:  Male
Nationality: Japan
Speciality: unknown
Lineage:    unknown

Regular Attack Techniques:
Kengekiha              P, df+P
Renken-Ura-Hijitetsu   P, P, f+P, P
Ryuga                  ???
Hizitetsu              f+P
ura-Hizitetsu          f+P, P
Seniyu                 df+P
Ryousou                b+P
Souken                 N, F+P
Kenken                 b, f+P+K
Gekiha                 WS, DF+P
Morote-Shoutei         WS, f+P
Syaseniyu              b, f, f+P+K
Ryu-No-Agito           f-d-df+P+K
Uraken                 b, b+P
Niren-Hakyakn          WS, K, db+K
Niren-Gekiha           WS, df+P
Kubikari               f, f+K
Hayaku                 d, d+K
Senkudan               d-db-b+K
Rensenkuudan           d-db-b+K, K

Down Attack(s):
Kontetugeri            df+K

*Transcend Attcks:
Ryuenkyaku             d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Ensengoku              d, db, b, db, d, df, f+P+K     (cancel: ???)

Kumihiza               b, f+G+P
Kumihiza & Kumikobushi ???
Yangi-Nagahi           when opponent high punch, d-df-f+G

NAME: Minabe Kyosuke
AGE: 27
SEX: Male
Nationality: Japan
Speciality: Lunar
Lineage: Demon

Regular Attack Techniques:
Jab Low Kick           P, d+K
Combo Up Slicer        P, P, P, d+P, P
Elbow                  f, f+P
Tongfer Swing Straight df+P, d+P
Blow Cutter            f+P, P, P
Blow High Spin Kick    f+P, K
Cyclone Cutter         f, d, df+P
Side Spin Kick         b+P, K
Tongfer Combo          b, f+P, P, P
Down Strike            (WS), DF+P
Up Slicer              d-df-f+P, P
Triple Spin Kick       K, K, d+K
Low Kick               f+K
High Spin Kick         G+K
High & Low Spin Kick   G+K, d+G+K

Down Attack(s):
Step On                df+K

*Lunar Attacks:
Counter Edge           d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Power Solid            d, db, b, db, d, df, f+P+K    (cancel: ???)

Armlock Rise Throw     b, f+G+P

NAME: Saikawa Nanase
AGE: 17
SEX: Female
Nationality: Japan
Speciality: SOL
Lineage: Angel

Regular Attack Techniques:
Nanase-Combo           P, P, P, d+K
Nanase-Rash            P, b+P, P
1-2-Elbow Crescent     P, P, f+P, K
Body Blow              b+P
Upper                  df+P
Tornado Upper          f-d-df+P
Elbow Crescent         f+P, K
Elbow Upper            d-df-f+P
Upper & Tornato Upper  df+P, db, df+P
Low Spin Kick          d+G+K
Crescent Heel          d-db-b+K
Continual Kick         db+k, K, K
Dash Double Kick       f, f+K

Down Attack(s):
Toe Kick               df+K

*SOL Attacks:
Shinning Upper         d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Solid Gun              (f, df, d, db, b) x3 + P+K    (cancel: ???)

Nanase-Steiner         f, d+K

NAME: Verny
AGE: 21
SEX: Female
Nationality: France
Speciality: Lunar
Lineage: Demon

Regular Attack Techniques:
Combo Somersault Kick  P, P, P, ub+K
Low Back Round Knuckle db+P
Knuckle Combo          b+P, P, d+K
Hook Combo             ???
Down Elbow Upper       d, d+P, u+P
Smash Upper            df+P
Down Upper             DF+P
Sliding Kick           d, d+K
Face Crash             f-d-df+K
Back Somersault Kick   while your back facing opponent, d-db-b+K
Middle Spin Kick       f, f+G+K
Double Spin Kick       f, f+K, df+K
Heel & Toe Kick        G+K, d+K
Slash Kick             db, f+K
Toe Kick               d+K
Somersault Kick        ub+K

Down Attack(s):
Kawara-Crash           df+P

*Lunar Attacks:
Energy Ray             d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Evil Ray               f, b, f + P+K    (cancel: ???)

Arm Lock Throw         f, d+G+P

AGE: 108
SEX: Male
Nationality: China
Speciality: SOL
Lineage: Angel

Regular Attack Techniques:
Monkey Lariat          f, f+P
Monkey Stadge Hammer   d-df-f+P
Monkey Hammer          WS, f+P
Monkey Scoop           f-d-df+P
Monkey Punch           d-db-b+P
Monkey cyclone         d-db-b+P, P
Monkey Upper           WS, df+P
Monkey Press           b, f+P
Monkey Power Hammer    ???
Sliding Kick           d, d+K
Drop Kick              f+K
Middle Kick            b+K

Down Attack(s):
Big Foot Press         df+K

*SOL Attacks:
Monkey Magic           d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Mad Monkey             ???
Mad Monkey Driver      (Close) f, df, d, db, b, ub+P+K

Rock Head              b, f+G+P
Iron Head              During Rock Head, P, G+P+K
Monkey Head            During Iron Head, K, G+P+K
Monkey Dynamite        after been hit by a high punch, f+P, if hits, G+P
Monkey Rock Crash      (Close) f, df, d, db, b, ub+G+P
Monkey Lift Press      facing opponent's back, G+P
Monkey Typhoon         while opponent crouching, df+G+P

NAME: Sasa
AGE: 5
SEX: Unknown (looks like a female to me! :)
Nationality: U.S.A.
Speciality: Unknown
Lineage: Plant

Regular Attack Techniques:
Combo Knee             P, P, P, f+K
Tackle                 b, f, f+P
Cyclone                b+P
Shake Down             f+P, P
Needle                 df+P
Fist Strike            b, f+P
Rising Palm            WS, f+P
Brush                  db+P
Scropion Round Kick    b+P+K, f+P+K
Heel                   d+K
Knee                   f+K
Slide Kick             f, f+K
Back Turn Kick         ub+K

Down Attack(s):
Knee Down              df+K

*Plant Attacks:
Pine Needle            d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Energy Drain           f, df, d, db, b+P+K

Neck Throw             ???
Leg Wrench             when opponent high kick, d-df-f+G

NAME: A. Hau
AGE: 31
SEX: Male
Nationality: Congo
Speciality: SOL
Lineage: Angel

Regular Attack Techniques:
1-2-Upper              P, P, P
Hau-Combo              P, P, df+P
Hau-Combo Low          P, P, b+K
Hau-Upper              df+P
Hau-Body               f+P
Hau-Tackle             b, f, f+P
Hau-Rolling            b, d, f+P, b, d, f+P
Hau-Head               f+P+K
Hau-Press              f, f+P
Hau-Flying Kneel       f, f+K
Hau-Astride            d+P+K
Hau-Low                b+K
Hau-Mistake            u+P+K
Hau-Butt               f+K
Hau-Hip Down           f, d+K

Down Attack(s):
Drop Iron Head         df+P

*SOL Attacks:
Hau-Dance              d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Hau-Warp               f, d, df+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Hau-Drop               ???
Marvelous Holly Anmer  ???

Hau-Fist               b, f+G+P, (P), (P)
Holly Anmer            f, d, b+G+P
Hau-Strangle           f, b+G+P
Hau-Lobster            During Hau-Strangle, P, K, G+P+K
Hau-Mattei             During Hau-Lobster, K, P, G+P+K
Hau-Fall               while opponent crouching, df+G+P
Hau-Back               while facing opponent's back, G+P

NAME: Dulffer
AGE: 38
SEX: Male
Nationality: U.K.
Speciality: Lunar
Lineage: Demon

Regular Attack Techniques:
Three Edge             P, P, b+P
1-2-Kick               P, P, f+K
Combo Spin Kick        P, P, P, ub+K
Low Edge               b, f+P
Rising Edge            d-df-f+P
Slide Edge             b+P
Edge Shot              df+P
Screwdriver            f, f+P
Double Side Cut        f+P, P
MAD Shredder           f+P, d+P, P
Low Toe Kick           f+K
Rise Toe               d+K
Three Slash            f+P, d+P, P
Kakato-Otoshi          d, d+K
Spinning Kick          G+K
Back Spin Kick         ub+K

Down Attack(s):
Stab                   df+P

*Lunar Attacks:
Shinning Edge          d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Scissors               f, d, df+P+K (The closer, the better)    (cancel: ???)
Fall Edge              u+P+K

Back Stab              while facing opponent's back, G+P

AGE: unknown
SEX: unknown
Nationality: unknown
Speciality: SOL
Lineage: God

Regular Attack Techniques:
High Combo             P, P, P, K
Low Combo              P, P, P, d+K
Somersault Combo       P, P, P, ub+K
Gale Hand Straight     b, f+P, d+P
Knuckle Somersault     b+P, P, ub+K
Sky Edge               d, f, df+P
Super Tackle           b, f, f+P+K
Low Straight           DF+P
Low Back Knuckle       db+P
Middle whirl Wind      f, f+G+K
Double whirl Wind      f, f+K, df+K
Continual Kick         db+K, K, K
Back Eye               when opponent high punch, d-db-b+K
Aerial Kick            ub+K

Down Attack(s):
Toe Kick               df+K

*SOL Attacks:
Shining Force          d, d+G+P+K
Impulse                (f, df, d, db, b) x3 + P+K
Shining Upper          d, df, f+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Soul Sparkle           (Close) f, b, f+P+K    (cancel: ???)

Stream                 f, d+K
God's Fist             b, f+G+P, (P, P)

NAME: Geezer
AGE: unknown
SEX: unknown
Nationality: unknown
Speciality: Lunar
Lineage: Devil

Regular Attack Techniques:
Combo Larriat          P, P, P, f, f+P
Combo Middle           P, P, P, f, f+K
Combo Low Kick         P, P, P, d+K
Mega Tackle            b, f, f+P
Power Lariat           f, f+P
Vicious Strike         N, F+P
Flame Chopper          df+P
Elbow Tackle           d, d+P, f, d, df+P
Hammer Dip             d-df-f+P
Jack Knife             f-d-df+P
Middle Kick            f, f+K
Drop Kick              b, f+K
Tornato Kick           G+K
Hell Heel              d+K
Poison Kick            bd, f+K
Hell Saw               f,f+G+K
Knee                   f+K

Down Attack(s):
Hell Stamp             df+K

*Lunar Attacks:
Hell Flame             d, d+G+P+K    (cancel: ???)
Bloody Cutter          f, d, df+P+K    (cancel: ???)

Iron Head              b, f+G+P
Titan Head             during Iron Head, P, G+P+K
Bomb Head              during Titan Head, K, G+P+K

Info Lacking/Needed

--The missing moves.
--Anything you think is lacking
--Please send me anything (ascii pix, moves, combos, etc.)

End of PSX Heaven's Gate FAQ                        (C) MonkeyMan

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