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                    Macross Digital Mission VF-X FAQ
                              Version 1.04

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             [HTML FAQ by Merill Ronquillo (]

0.0 Version Update
1.0 Introduction
    1.1 Bad Stuff
        1.11 Pop Up
        1.12 Fighter Mode Realism
        1.13 Music
        1.14 Static Animation
        1.15 Vulnerable Transformations
    1.2 Good Stuff
        1.21 Graphics
             1.211 Variable Fighter (VF)
             1.212 Lock on Missiles!
        1.22 Sound Effects
        1.23 FMV Animation
        1.24 Macross Feel
2.0 General Information and Manual Interpretation
    2.1 Profile
        2.11 Eye
        2.12 Rank
        2.13 Level
        2.14 Name
        2.15 Kill Score
        2.16 UN Spacy Logo and Control Type
        2.17 Your Fighters
    2.2 Cockpit
        2.21 Compass
        2.22 Hour-Glass and Arrow
        2.23 Speed Indicator
        2.24 Extra Bars in Battroid Mode
        2.25 Damage Indicators
        2.26 SP and AL Indicators
        2.27 Timer
    2.3 Objective View Point (Chase Camera)
    2.4 Radar
    2.5 Controls and Manual Translations and Corrections
    2.6 Analog Controller
    2.7 Skill Level
    2.8 Level Types
        2.81 Space
        2.82 Lower Atmosphere
        2.82 Upper Atmosphere
3.0 Variable Fighters
    3.1 VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie and SP Edition
    3.2 VF-4G Lightning III
    3.3 VF-11B Thunder Bolt
    3.4 VF-17D Nightmare
    3.5 VF-19A Excalibur
    3.6 VF-22 Sturmvogel II
4.0 Variable Modes
    4.1 Fighter
        4.11 Special Attack Descriptions
    4.2 GERWALK
        4.21 Special Attack Descriptions
    4.3 Battroid
        4.31 Special Attack Descriptions
5.0 Mission Descriptions
    5.1 Mission 1 : Training
    5.2 Mission 2 : First Contact
        5.21 Route to City
        5.22 City Conflict
    5.3 Mission 3 : Satellite Fall
    5.4 Mission 4 : Ghost Town
        5.41 Enemy Encampments
        5.42 Airborne Laser Turrets
    5.5 Mission 5 : High Zone
    5.6 Mission 6 : Break Through Blue
        5.61 Into the Atmosphere
        5.62 Battle on the Clouds
    5.7 Mission 7 : Twilight Attack
        5.71 Sunset Canyon
        5.72 Enemy Base
    5.8 Mission 8 : Legacy
        5.81 Coastline Outposts
        5.82 Giant Tank Mech
    5.9 Mission 9 : Eternal Songs
        5.91 Final Voyage
        5.92 Tunnel Flight
        5.93 Return of the Variable Mech
X.0 Codes, Tricks, and Trivial Knowledge
    X.1 Missile Recovery
    X.2 Special Attack Recovery
    X.3 Full In-Flight Camera Control
    X.4 Variable Fighter Viewing Mode
    X.5 Controller Reset
    X.6 Import Manual Fiasco
    X.7 Redbook Audio Track
    X.8 Favorite Moves
VF-X  FAQ's End Comments
  VF.1 Personal Requests
  VF.2 Links
  VF.3 Special Thanks
  VF.4 Future Versions, Legal Issues, and Contacting Me

0.0 Version Update
Major thanks go to Ken Brennan ( for his corrections
during the development of this FAQ and for his input during the revisions.
Also to Merill Ronquillo ( for figuring out what some of
the VF statistics actually mean (enemy detection, circular performance, and
firepower) and finding an error in the Asian English instruction manual, and
FAQ error spotting.
Updates (From Newest to Oldest)
1.04 Fixed information for VF-17 background data and VF-19 history.  Got
       rid of whole Macross II analogy, since it just throws everything off.
       -Thanks to Ken Brennan for Corrections
1.03 Added X.8 Favorite moves section, and Legal Issues to VF.4.  Fixed
       minor grammatical errors and removed comments from Beta versions.
       Minor changes to Mission Descriptions for Missions 3 and 9
1.02 Added sub-sections underneath VF-X FAQ's End Comments
1.01 Fixed numerous spelling mistakes

1.0 Introduction
Hello, this is my first attempt at writing a FAQ.  Until now, I have never
really felt the need to write one (since most games I liked had numerous
FAQs written on them).  But this is a game of epic proportions.  And it is
an import game.  So I took it upon myself to write one. :)  Oh, since this
game has been criticized left and right, the next two sections will list
the good and bad parts of this incredible game, in my opinion of course.

1.1 Bad Stuff

1.11 Pop Up
This means objects don't appear until they are relatively close to
you, and in some parts of the game, this can be terribly annoying.  Such as
shooting at an enemy, only to realize it was behind a building or a pillar.
This is the worst part of the game.

1.12 Fighter Mode Realism
The Fighter mode is terribly sensitive to movements.  This is pretty bad.
You push it a little here or there, and it will spin out of control.  That's
using the normal controller, with the analog it's worse.  That's sad.  Also,
the mechanics of flight aren't realistic in the game, you have no sense of
gravity, because flying at the slowest speed still doesn't cause you to
lose lift.  The turning mechanics also doesn't seem to have a difference in
Earth or space.  This is bizarre because gravity should effect the turning
arc, but it doesn't.  But I suppose that's acceptable.  In any event, this
game wasn't created to be a realistic simulator to make you feel like a pilot,
but rather to be a fun shooter and make you feel like you're flying a VF.

1.13 Music
The music in this series sounds like MIDI. Not general MIDI, but MIDI as in
the poor kind.  Some of the MIDI is okay, but most is just drowned out by
the loud sound effects.  The reason for the music being this way instead of
redbook audio is because there are lots of in-flight speeches made by the
"Operators" who inform you of mission objectives while you fly.

1.14 Static Animation
The cut scenes in the game and the in-flight briefings are pretty crappy
because most of them are static pictures with moving mouths, much like
the Gundam cell animation cut scenes.  Big disappointment to me.

1.15 Vulnerable Transformations
At first, flashing outwards to the VF so you could watch it transform was fun,
but in heated battles, transforming can be hazardous since you can't fight
back or move, but can still take damage.  It would be preferable if you could
simply transform without the theatrics, but you simply can't.  You'll be okay
if you transform before you engage in battle.

1.2 The Good Stuff

1.21 The Graphics

1.211 Variable Fighter (VF)
Your main VF is highly detailed, in terms of lighting, gouraud shading, and
texture mapping.  It's very true to the series, although on occasion the
polygons shift in strange places making the VF look weird.

1.212 Lock on Missiles!
The "Lock-On" symbol is very true to the series, so that was cool.  The
trails the missiles leave are very fun to watch!  Although they don't look
smoky like originally intended to be true to the series, they look cool

1.22 Sound Effects
All sound effects are loud, crisp, and clear, and true to the series.
Sometimes it's just fun to shoot your gun-pod to hear it fire off rounds.

1.23 FMV Animation
The intro and a music video near the end contain FMV, and the intro contains
some CG stuff.  Although the intro contains a minimal amount of footage from
Macross Plus, it's still mostly new stuff.  Both are top notch and are
very entertaining to watch.

1.24 Macross Feel
The main objective of this game was to give that "Macross feel" to it,
of being immersed in the world of Macross and give the feel of flying a
VF.  That is what this game does, and that is why it is so fun.

2.0 General Information and Manual Translations

2.1 Profile

2.11 Eye
The eye thing comes from "Macross Plus." In "Macross Plus" it was the retina
scanner that admitted Isamu Dyson to New Edwards Test Flight Center.  It goes
on your profile, and is how they identify who you are.  I guess they would
use this form of identification since finger prints can be doctored, same with
voices.  Faking a retina is kind of hard, I think.

2.12 Rank
Under that, is your rank. Your rank is determined (I think) on the number of kills
you accumulate.   You start off as a Second Lieutenant and work your way to

Number of Kills - Rank                        - Symbol
0-99..............2nd LT (Second Lieutenant)  - Single Star
100-199...........1st LT (First Lieutenant)   - Dual Stars
200-299...........CPT. (Captain)              - Triple Stars
300-399...........LT COL (Lieutenant Colonel) - Dual UN Spacy Insignia
400+..............COL (Colonel)               - Eagle Wings

2.13 Level
Underneath that the level you have this profile saved on.  If it's on 00, obviously
you haven't started the first mission yet.

2.14 Name
Under Level is the name you entered at the beginning of the game, if you didn't
enter one, this will be blank.

2.15 Kill Score
Under that is your kill score, which tells you how many kills you've clocked in
previous missions.  In order for kills to count, you must pass the mission you
acquired them on.

2.16 UN Spacy Logo and Control Type
On the upper right is a circular red thing with a white diamond shaped thing in it.
Well it's not Robotech, and so that's not the RDF's symbol.  Its Macross'
UN Spacy symbol. Why UN Spacy?  I have read that it was because the US had
an Army and a Navy, land and sea military forces.  So, for a space force,
why not Spacy?  It's also the Save Icon on your memory card.  The actual
position of the UN Spacy logo will change, depending on whether you selected
type A, B, or C, and the logo will position itself next to the saved type.

2.17 Your Fighters
Under that lists the Fighters you have gained access to during the game.

2.2 Cockpit

2.21 Compass
It's your compass, it displays the direction in which your aircraft is moving. It's
shaped like a cross and are spinning rules.

2.22 Hour-Glass and Arrow
In the manual, it's called the "Lock-on indicator."  But it has multiple
functions.  To head to your missions objective points you follow it by placing
it in the middle of your screen or in the center of your compass.  During a
battle, it'll tell you where your closest or most important enemy is located
relative to you, and during this time, it'll be an arrow at the edge of the screen.

2.23 Speed Indicator
The speed indicator in the cockpit changes with each variable Fighter.  It's
usually some kind of light bar that goes up and down with your speed.  Also,
the speed indicator doesn't tell you what direction you're heading in which
is sometimes a pain if you're not yet used to the forward and backward thrust
of GERWALK mode.

2.24 Extra Bars in Battroid Mode
When you transform into that mode, the cockpit isn't orientated in the
cockpit like it normally is.  Usually, the cockpit will turn inside the
Fighter, allowing the pilot to sit up straight when in Battroid mode.
But when in such a position, this leaves the pilot at the midsection, while
the plane of viewing would be more advantageous at the head.  However, the
head is the most vulnerable part of the plane and it moves the most compared
to the rest of the main body which would be disorientating for the pilot.
Hence, the pilot is in an enclosed space, with the cockpit window shielded.
So, the bars actually separate monitors inside the Battroid, just like in the
Macross series.

2.25 Damage Indicators
diagram of my plane.  Does this mean those parts are effected in any way?
I have not noticed any effected performance when parts of my VF take damage,
so as to the best of my knowledge, your VF performs perfectly until your
VF gets destroyed.  However, there are four boxes that light up depending on
how much damage you've taken.  Each box represents 25% damage taken, the blue
ones are how much you have left.  The fourth box is the 90% indicator, that
tells you that 90% of your VF is damaged.  This is when the insistent beeping
goes on in the ship.  Also, the VF diagram represents a percent
of how much damage you've taken in 25% increments as well.  The first part
to go is the head.  The second parts to go red are the legs and thrusters.
The third are the arms.  The fourth is the upper torso.  Each time you take
25% damage, a "Controller" or one of those chicks that monitor
from the home base will chime into your cockpit telling you to stop getting
shot.  At 90%, the diagram will show the upper torso to be entirely red too.

2.26 SP and AL Indicators
The SP is your speedometer, I think it's in kilometers per hour. And the
AL is your altitude.   Don't you love this game?  In levels in the lower
atmosphere (where you can touch the ground) the atmospheric ceiling is 3,000
and you can't climb past that.  Also on upper atmospheric levels, you can't
drop below the clouds.

2.27 Timer
In the cockpit, there's a timer that tells you how long you've been playing
this mission.

2.3 Objective View Point (Chase Camera)
Same as the cockpit, really.  Except at high altitudes in GERWALK Mode,
the game goes into an overhead view.

2.4 Radar
The arrow on your radar either points to your objective navigation point or
to an enemy target.  Sometimes, the objective point is an enemy target, but
if you want to avoid sorties to conserve missiles or energy, you'll probably
want to give up the chance for kills and opt to finish your mission.  Also,
the targets on your radar are color coded.  The gray triangle in the center
is obviously you.  If a target is red, it's at your altitude, if it's yellow
you're below the enemy, and if it's blue you're above the enemy.  Circles
are either cities you're supposed to fly to or enemy bases.  Oddly shaped
symbols are different types of enemies or asteroids.

2.5 Special Attacks
When you hold R1 (in Control Type A) a menu pops up.  The number over the
picture of the buttons from the Sony controller tells you how many Special
Attack points you have left.  Lines corresponding to each button leads to
a description of what that attack is and how many Special Attack points it will
use when you execute it.  The Variable Mode section has detailed descriptions
of all the Special Attacks.

2.5 Controls and Manual Translations and Corrections

You can find the controls and a bit of manual translation at  Vegeta's
Macross Digital Mission VF-X FAQ

You can find the controls and complete manual translation (including the
Macross history) at phosphors magazine:

For Special Attacks on the VF-17D Nightmare, there is Simultaneous Firing
in Fighter mode but no Body Attack in Battroid mode.

2.6 Analog Controller
This is fun to play with, for that extra "Macross feel," and it takes awhile to
get used to.  The left stick acts as throttle when you move it forward and
backwards, and depending on the degree of how far you push or pull it, the
throttle will increase or lessen.  There are also buttons on the left stick
to allow you to use throttle that way, and a button to enable Special Attacks.
The right stick allows the trigger finger to fire the gun-pod, and the thumb
button is the missile button.  Next to the missile button and on the small
finger is the transformations buttons.  The little hat on the right stick allows
you to pan slightly in external view while you're playing.

2.7 Skill Level
This determines how hard the game is (obviously).  This affects how strong your
attacks are, how clever the computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) is, and how
many enemies will attack you at once.  This has a BIG affect on challenge, and
believe you me, Hard is no walk in the park.  Also, Skill Level is saved in
your profile and cannot be changed.  When you load your game your saved Skill
Level loads up as well.

2.8 Level Types
This is just a general description of the three types of levels you will be
playing on.

2.81 Space
Missions that are in space have an altitude floor of 33,000 and have a
ceiling of 36,000.  These missions may seem like there are no such
restrictions, but there are.

2.82 Lower Atmosphere
These include city battles and any other mission where you can touch the
ground or run into it in Fighter mode.  The floor is obviously 0 and the
atmospheric ceiling is 3,000.

2.83 Upper Atmosphere
These are the cloud type levels.  They have a floor of 2,800 and a ceiling
of 5,200.  In these levels you don't need to keep adding lift to maintain
altitude in GERWALK mode.

3.0 Variable Fighters
This includes a brief history of each of the VFs and concentrates on strengths
and weaknesses.  Performance means all aspects of that mode.  They include
that modes maximum speed, acceleration, and circular performance.  The three
degrees of measurement are weakest, moderate, very strong, and strongest.
Some VFs may be tied on certain things.  Circular performance is how fast
the VF can turn in that mode, the higher the rating, the faster it can turn.
Enemy detection tells how many missile locks the VF can have at one time,
so now it will be referred to as number of missile locks. Lastly, firepower
determines how many missiles the VF can carry. Each mode also has their top
speeds listed (without afterburners which increase speed  by 10,000) and
special attacks in each mode listed.  Each VF also has its number of Special
Attack points listed and which Special Attacks it can execute in each mode.
Refer to the Variable Modes section for a basic description of the Attacks
(since most attacks are shared by the VFs, they are only altered slightly),
including which button press is used and how many Special Attack points it
takes to execute it.

3.1 VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie and SP Edition
Appears in the original Macross series and in the Macross movie,
"Macross: Love, Do You Remember?"  Created in 2007 and put into service in

Weakest maximum speed and acceleration in all modes.  Very strong circular
performance.  Weakest armor and firepower.  2 missile locks possible.

Special Attacks - 12 Points

Fighter Mode - Top Speed - 14,000
Random Attack, Simultaneous Firing, Roll Scissors

GERWALK Mode - Forward Thrust - 4,000 / Backward Thrust - 1,000
Simultaneous Firing, Quick Avoidance, Random Gun-pod Firing

Battroid Mode - Top Speed of 2,500
Repeated Punches, Gun-pod Strikes, Gun-pod Firing While Rolling, Random Gun-pod

VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie SP
Moderate maximum speed and acceleration in all modes.  Strongest circular
performance.  Weakest armor and firepower.  2 missile locks possible.

Special Attacks - 20 Points

Fighter Mode - Top Speed - 15,000

GERWALK Mode - Forward Thrust - 5,000 / Backward Thrust - 2,000

Battroid Mode - Top Speed- 3,000

3.2 VF-4G Lightning III
Appears as first generation VF-4 in "Macross: Flashback 2012."  A music video
depicting Lynn Minmay's "Sayonara Concert" to Earth before leaving and
disappearing.  Hikaru Ichijyo flies this VF next to the new SDF Megaroad 01.
It does not transform in the video so this is its variable debut.  Also only
VF without a detachable gun-pod.  Different design in terms of Battroid and
GERWALK.  Put into service in 2012.  Rumor mill has it that this Fighter was
not transformable, because it never shifted modes in "Macross:Flashback 2012."
Obviously, that isn't true.  Part of being a "Variable Fighter" or a VF is
being able to change modes, which is what the "Variable" means in VF.

Very strong acceleration in all modes.  Very strong maximum speed, but
moderate in Battroid mode.  Weakest circular performance and armor.  Moderate
firepower.  3 missile locks possible.

Special Attacks - 15 Points

Fighter Mode - Top Speed - 18,000
Random Attack, Simultaneous Firing, Low-Fly Pass

GERWALK Mode - Forward Thrust - 6,000 / Backward Thrust - 3,000
Simultaneous Firing, Quick Avoidance, Random Gun-pod Firing

Battroid Mode - Top Speed - 4,000
Repeated Punches, Body Attack, High-Speed Dash, Long-Distance Sniping

3.3 VF-11B Thunder Bolt
Appears in "Macross Plus" as aging Fighter.  Isamu Dyson flies this plane
(or is it a first generation VF-11?) when we first see him and when he has the
boosters strapped to his plane. Created and put into service in 2030.

Moderate maximum speed and acceleration in all modes.  Moderate circular
performance but weakest in GERWALK.  Moderate firepower and armor.  3 missile
locks possible.

Special Attacks - 17 Points

Fighter Mode - Top Speed - 16,000
Random Attack, Simultaneous Firing, Roll Scissors

GERWALK Mode - Forward Thrust - 5,000 / Backwards Thrust - 2,000
Simultaneous Firing, Random Gun-pod Firing

Battroid Mode - Top Speed - 3,000
Repeated Punches, Body Attack, Bayonet Attack, Random Gun-pod Firing

3.4 VF-17D Nightmare
This ship only had about 4 in services, all reserved for Diamond Force, part of
the "Macross 7," which aired and was released only in Japan.  It's also the only
VF to have gun-pod mounted on the top of the VF in Fighter mode.  Different
designs in terms of GERWALK.  Only ship that doesn't have a "Random Attack"
Special Attack in Fighter Mode.

Weakest circular performance in all modes.  Moderate Fighter performance.
Very strong GERWALK performance.  Weakest maximum speed and moderate
acceleration in Battroid mode.  Very strong firepower and strongest armor.
3 missile locks possible.

Special Attacks - 12

Fighter Mode - Top Speed - 16,000
QM69, Low-Fly Pass, Pinpoint Bombing, Simultaneous Firing

GERWALK Mode - Forward Thrust - 6,000 / Backward Thrust - 3,000
Simultaneous Firing, Gun-pod Firing

Battroid Mode - Top Speed - 2,600
Repeated Punches, Gun-pod Strikes

3.5 VF-19A Excalibur
Appears as prototype as YF-19, made by Shinrei Industries to replace the
aging VF-11B Thunder Bolt as the service plane in production.  Competes
with YF-21 (which used mind control) and wins the project.  Isamu Dyson
is the final test pilot for the plane and wins the project.  Developed
in 2040 and put into service in 2041.  Also, my favorite variable Fighter. :)
Only VF to have the wings swept forward in Fighter or GERWALK mode, and
have wings hanging from the hips instead of tucked in during Battroid mode.
First VF to be outfitted with "anti-laser coating" and "pin-point" barrier
system, although the "anti-laser coating" never saw any real action.

Strongest performance in ALL areas for ALL modes.  Moderate armor.  Strongest
firepower.  4 missile locks.

Special Attacks - 20 Points

Fighter Mode - Top Speed - 20,000
Random Attack, Flying Deadblow, Quick Avoidance, High-Speed Dash

GERWALK Mode - Forward Thrust - 7,000 / Backward Thrust - 4,000
Simultaneous Firing, Quick Avoidance, Random Gun-pod Firing

Battroid Mode - Top Speed - 4,000
Pinpoint Barrier Kicks, Pinpoint Barrier Punches, Body Attack, Random Gun-pod

3.6 VF-22 Sturmvogel II
Put into service in 2042, and is utilized in "Macross 7" television series.
Based on YF-21 design from "Macross Plus," developed by General Galaxy.
Brain wave mind control was taken out of this model and the head was changed
to accommodate the changed sensory pack.  This model was used exclusively by
everyone's favorite ace pilot couple, Max and Millia Jenius.

Very Strong armor and gun-pod attack.  Very strong Fighter and GERWALK
performance.  Strongest Battroid performance.  5 missile locks.

Special Attacks - 20 Points

Fighter Mode - Top Speed - 18,000
Random Attack, Simultaneous Firing, Active Stealth, Limiter-Off

GERWALK Mode - Forward Thrust - 6,000  / Backward Thrust - 3,000
Long Distance Sniping, Random Gun-pod Firing

Battroid Mode - Top Speed - 4,000
Repeated Punches, Pinpoint Barrier Punches, Long Distance Sniping, Full

4.0 Variable Modes
Obviously the fame of Macross in part comes from the infamous mechanical
(mecha) designs by Shoji Kawamori.  First concepted by him in Studio Nue,
for the original Macross series was the VF, the Variable Fighter.  Not only
were there giant robots like in Gundam, but they could turn into planes, and
an usual hybrid between the two, called GERWALK, Ground Effective
Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint.  This part of
the FAQ describes the advantages and disadvantages of each mode, from in
and outside the cockpit.  Each mode also lists all the Special Attacks that
are available in that mode for all VFs, including the button press to execute
it as well as how many Special Attack points are used up.  Special Attacks are
listed in alphabetical order, and also tell which VFs can execute that
particular Attack.

4.1 Fighter
The fastest mode of the three.  When flying at high speeds, you can avoid
most missiles by flying right by them since they won't have time to adjust
their course.  However, it's very hard to fight adequately like this.  It does let
you do an "air raid" type attack, by flying real fast, and hold down the missile
button until you get a missile lock, letting go and flying by.  But this isn't
isn't the best way to go when you're attacking a large group of enemies.  So
basically the Fighter mode is recommended mainly to reach your nav points
or to escape your enemy.  On the inside, it's easier to see what targets are
in your plain of view, letting you know who you can lock missiles on.  On the
outside it's basically the same, but since they show areas below and above
your point of view, it's a little harder.  The most dangerous aspect of this mode
is obviously hitting the ground or a building.  In some cramped areas, if you
run into such a thing, you'll spin out of control, and it's very hard to regain
control unless you switch to another mode.

4.12 Special Attack Descriptions

Active Stealth (X) 3 Points - VF-22
The plane begins to flicker in Object View Point, and the enemy has a less
chance of hitting you with most attacks and doesn't attack as much.  Just like
in "Macross Plus!"  But if you transform into other modes, the stealth
disengages.  It only lasts for like half a minute anyway.

Flying Deadblow (X) 2 Points - VF-19A
The plane goes up, stalls and drops down on the ground to crush whatever's
beneath it.  Dangerous, dangerous move.

High-Speed Dash (Circle) 2 Points - VF-19A
The wings sweep back and the engine exhaust narrows, and the plane shoots
forward to break through enemy crowds.

Limiter-Off (Square) 3 Points - VF-22
Everything goes into slow motion, but what happens in actuality is that the
computer maps out a flight plan projecting where the enemy will shoot.  So
you can play very slowly, dodging every shot, planning every attack, just
like in Macross Plus!  But when it wears off, you go back to normal speed.
Transforming into other modes disengages the Limiter-Off effect.

Low Fly Pass (X) 2 Points - VF-4G, VF-17D
The VF speeds up and skims across the ground.

Pinpoint Bombing (Square) 4 Points - VF-17D
The Fighter shoots rounds up, then down, than horizontally.

QM69 (Triangle) 4 Points - VF-17D
The Fighter does a barrel roll while shooting rounds.

Random Attack (Triangle) 6 Points - VF-1X-Plus, VF-4G, VF-11B, VF-19A, VF-22
You start changing into all the three modes, firing orgies of missiles and
shells.  VERY powerful but somewhat hard to aim, and can leave you hitting
buildings or the ground in tight spaces.

Roll Scissors (Square) 2 Points - VF-1X-Plus, VF-11B
The plane does a series of rolls or other trademark Macross maneuvers to avoid
incoming fire and missiles.

Simultaneous Firing (Circle) 5 - VF-1X-Plus, VF-4G, VF-11B, VF-17D, VF-22
Fires a VERY large orgy of missiles at all targets on screen.

Second fastest mode.  This is basically the mode to use when there are a lot
of fast moving objects.  You can strafe left and right to avoid missiles and to
actually turn you need to thrust forward or backward.  Since you can thrust
backwards it's a lot easier to get enemies that fly right by you.  Also, the
gun-pod isn't so hot in this mode, since it still stays in the middle.  But this is
by far the most versatile mode, it has maneuverability and speed combined.
The cockpit view allows you to lock missiles on enemies you can see, while
external mode allows basically the same, but at high altitudes, it switches to
an overhead view, allowing you to survey the area, but otherwise it's kind of a
nuisance.  However, it does allow you to do missile locks on enemies of lower
altitude than you, allowing you to do "bombing." Overall, this mode is good
for all types of combat engagement, but mastery of this mode takes awhile.
Also, to maintain lift or altitude in the lower atmospheric stages, you must keep
pushing down or tapping it, otherwise you'll fall.  One of the most helpful
maneuvers in this mode asides from flying backwards is to not use thrust at all,
and simply to  strafe left and right with the control pad to avoid incoming fire.

4.21 Special Attack Descriptions

Quick Avoidance (X) 2 Points - VF-1X-Plus, VF-19A
A trademark Macross maneuver to do some maneuver to dodge hordes of missiles.

Random Gun-pod Firing (Square) 2 Points - ALL
Fires gun-pod shells in a horizontal pattern.

Simultaneous Firing (Circle) 5 Points - VF-1X-Plus, VF-4G, VF-11B, VF-17D, VF-19A
Fires a VERY large orgy of missiles at all targets on screen.

4.3 Battroid
Slowest mode.  You use this when there are a lot of stationery objects, or
slow-moving objects.  This mode is also the easiest to control, and easiest
to use to dodge objects.  This mode allows accurate gun-pod firing and strafing
left and right, allowing you to dodge incoming fire if you're fast enough to
respond.  This mode allows you to conserve missiles and is best for city

4.31 Special Attack Descriptions

Bayonet Attack (X) 2 Points - VF-11B
Just like in Macross Plus, your Battroid extends a bayonet from his gun-pod
(which you can't see) and stabs your targeted enemy in a downward motion.

Body Attack (Circle) 4 Points - VF-4G, VF-11B, VF-19A
He tackles the enemy.

Full Barrier (X) 2 Points - VF-22
Has the same effect as Active Stealth.

Gun-pod Firing While Rolling (X) 4 Points - VF-1X-Plus
Your Battroid rolls on the ground, just like in the Macross opening sequence,
and kneels on the ground firing a lot of rounds at your target.

Gun-pod Strikes (Circle) 2 Points - VF-1X-Plus, VF-17D
The Battroid hits the targeted enemy with the gun-pod

High Speed Dash (X) 3 Points - VF-4G
The Battroid moves forward very fast.

Long-Distance Sniping (Square) 2 Points - VF-4G, VF-22
The Battroid aims with one hand and fires a shot.

Pinpoint Barrier Kicks (Triangle) 2 Points - VF-19A
Just like in Macross Plus, the Battroid  steps back, and does a jump-kick at
your target.

Pinpoint Barrier Punches (Circle) 2 Points - VF-19A, VF-22
The Battroid lunges and pushes both fists into your targeted enemy.

Random Gun-pod Firing (Square) 2 Points - VF-1X-Plus, VF-11B, VF-19A
Fires the gun-pod in a horizontal pattern.

Repeated Punches (Triangle) 2 Points - VF-1X-Plus, VF-4G, VF-11B, VF-17D, VF-22
Your Battroid does a punch combination on your targeted enemy

5.0 Mission Descriptions
Missions that have more than one part I made up sub-names for. :)
Also, mission hints on my behalf don't include Special Attacks, because for
the most part, I only use them for fun.  Fighter mode's random attack is
very powerful but is hard to target on an enemy, and simultaneous fire is
helpful but isn't particularly that strong.

5.1 Mission 1 : Training
This is the training mission before you embark on Operation Orpheus, to
rescue the famed Milky Dolls, an idol group that has been captured by the
Zentrady. You start off in the VF-1X-Plus SP Valkyrie and you learn how to
play in this training mission.  This mission takes place in space.  Your
opponent is a VF-4G Lightning III.  All you have to do is shoot him down,
using either guns or missiles.  The easiest way to kill him is to either
switch to GERWALK mode and fly backwards shooting missiles or to use Battroid
mode, strafing left and right, turning to adjust aiming.  After that you will
be able to choose the VF-4G Lightning III as your ship in future missions.

5.2 Mission 2 : First Contact
Fly to a city to stop a city attack, your first encounter with the enemy.

5.21 Route to City
You fly towards your main objective, to destroy enemy targets that have moved
to attack a city.  You will fly towards the city, over small grassy hills
under the atmospheric ceiling that limits your altitude.  This is the typical
atmospheric level.  The enemies you encounter will be Remodeled Reguards,
or rather purple battlepods.  They always attack in groups of three.  The
quickest way to pass this part is to simply fly at top speed in Fighter mode
and to not deviate from the course to attack enemies.  The navigation system
will be going all over the place, locking on to enemies, but to reach the
city you only have to fly straight.  However, you will not rack up kills this
way and isn't very fun.  But it does jump straight right into the fun of this
mission, the City Conflict.

5.22 City Conflict
This is the stuff legends are made of.  You enter the area and there will
be Reguards and Grages, or officer type battle pods, flying around.  The
main objective is to destroy three radar towers, surrounded by gun turrets.
This is a good level to rack up kills on, and will give you practice with
Battroid and GERWALK mode.  Battroid is good for weaving between buildings for
cover while GERWALK is the best way to cover terrain quickly.  When you
finish this mission, Reatrice is rescued, with a short cut scene of her
talking, my favorite Milky Doll. ^_^

5.3 Mission 3 : Satellite Fall
This is the mission that really tests how well you've come along in using the
VF controls.  This is because if you rely too heavily on missiles, you will
run out of them before you reach the boss or while you fight the boss. So
if you haven't learned how to use the gun-pod efficiently, particularly in
Battroid mode, you won't pass this level.  This battle also takes place in
space, with the main objective to destroy an enemy satellite.  The level is
scattered with Fighters that fly pretty fast and shoot a lot of missiles, but
if you've gained a moderate amount of skill, it should be easy.  There are
also asteroids in this level, and you can destroy them but it's a waste of
time.  However, the missiles lock onto them so be careful.  The boss is a
wide, purple mech that shoots A LOT of lasers and missiles and occasionally
deploys the Air Battle Pods, which are the small orange Fighters.  When you
destroy that, the satellite at the beginning of the mission appears, equally as
strong as the purple mech.  Again you can pass this level easily by just
flying straight towards the boss mech and kicking him to the curb.  After this
level, you gain access to two new VFs, the VF-11B Thunder Bolt and the VF-17D

5.4 Mission 4 : Ghost Town

5.41 Enemy Encampments
Flying to an enemy group that attacks another city.  On the way are enemy
encampments, consisting of a large green statue that deploys Air Battle Pods
and stationery, defenseless wherehouses.  A total of five encampments en
route to the city.

5.42 Airborne Laser Turrets
This stage introduces the rotating laser turrets that stay in the air.  They
shoot rapidly and are easiest to avoid in GERWALK mode for me, but also
pretty easy in Battroid mode.  There are about four sections to clear out
before you pass the level.  When you do, you will receive a cut scene
with Molly.

5.5 Mission 5 : High Zone
One of the best looking stages in my opinion, you fly against the backdrop
of the sky, and there's no ground, just clouds, but you can't fly through
them.  However, you take no damage for flying into them.  This stage is
relatively easy.  The enemies are all Air Battle Pods and Kerkalia, the three
pronged enemy Fighters that are blue based with silver prongs. The key to
beating the boss is to switch to Fighter mode to maintain the same speed he
is, and to shoot him with missiles and rounds to destroy him.  If you go too
fast or too slow, he'll disappear from view.  About 10,000 is a good speed.

5.6 Mission 6 : Break Through Blue
This mission has two parts, it begins in space and ends up in the upper
atmosphere, or the sky type stages.

5.61 Into the Atmosphere
This stage introduces tougher enemies, and VERY large groups of the old ones.
The best way to survive is to use Battroid mode since in GERWALK you will
eventually run out of missiles.  However, there is no boss to this stage, so
you simply have to kill the weaker enemies.  I believe the big blue Grages
are simply space versions of the atmospheric Grages. Same thing with the
purple Air Battle Pods. There are also these green old style Zentrady ships
that shoot massive amounts of lasers and missiles.  During battles it would
be a good idea to take them out first.

5.62 Battle on the Clouds
Again, this part of the stage has no boss.  You fight the same kinds of
mechs you fought on Mission 5, and the big blue Grage from the previous part
of this stage.  After this mission you get the long awaited VF-19A Excalibur!
By far, my favorite VF.  The other ship you get is the VF-22 Sturmvogel II.

5.7 Mission 7 : Twilight Attack
The purpose of this stage is to tail a retreating enemy mech to its home base
to destroy it.

5.71 Sunset Canyon
After a few sorties with wimpy enemies, you come across this land roving
orange mech.  It makes these weird sounds whenever you see it on your view
screen, and it shoots lasers at you.  However, just keep a good distance from
it and follow it in GERWALK or Battroid.  This may take several minutes, but
eventually it will lead you to its base.  DO NOT SHOOT AT IT!  If you do
you'll have to restart the whole ordeal.  This stage's backdrop is a sunset
lit sky, kind of pretty, with intermittent rivers on the canyon floors.  Be
careful in Fighter mode because you can easily ram into the side of a
mountain or canyon.

5.72 Enemy Base
This level is a military base and construction site.  There are some cool parts
to the scenery, like a search light that comes out of the ground.  Also, the
objective is to destroy these purplish containers scattered around the base.
Some are in hard to reach places, so you can either stand on top of them
as a Battroid and shoot or use the GERWALK to shoot missiles down at them.
You'll also see Reguards and Air Battle Pods on the ground, but you won't be
able to destroy them.  There are also a lot of rotating laser turrets at high
altitudes, so be careful.  When you've caused a lot of damage, a Zentrady
variable mech will arrive to the base in a dramatic way.  Be careful because
it is highly maneuverable and has considerable firepower.  When you clear
this mission, you rescue Freia, my tie with Aoi for my second favorite Milky
Doll. ^_^

5.8 Mission 8 : Legacy
5.81 Coastline Deployment
This level starts off nice enough, flying over a coastline, with a few cliffs
and an ocean below.  The goal is to destroy three separate hangers that deploy
the purple Air Battle Pods.  On each site are a few Grages sifting in the
water, and several defenseless containers.  Destroy all the hangers than you
will enter an invaded city.

5.82 Giant Tank Mech
This level is a very cramped city, with A LOT of rotating Laser Turrets
throughout the level.  Not only that but each are protected on two sides by
columns, underneath each are protected by Grages.  After you destroy several,
a huge tank-like mech engages battle with you.  It takes a lot of work to kill
it, but if you get a good pattern of dodging and shooting down, such as
flying in a different patterns in GERWALK mode.  Then after that, you have to
destroy what appears to be a defenseless energy conduit.  Then a large
concentration of enemy Laser Turrets and Grages are the final objective.  Laser
Turrets have a tendency to rice to the atmospheric ceiling, so you won't have
the room to fly up to get out of the way of shots.  The cut scene following
this level has your character standing face to face with Violetta, and as they
talk, the screen shakes, and you see the head of the invading Zentrady forces
onboard his flagship.  Then there's a static communication coming from
the Valhalla III, then the next mission briefing begins.

5.9 Mission 9 : Eternal Songs
It begins with the Milky Dolls talking about something, then the Captain of
the ship begins to say something, everyone gets excited, something about
Minmay is mentioned, mostly likely, the Milky Dolls are trying to persuade
the commanding officer to allow them to stage a concert to disorientate
the enemy, similar to what Minmay did in "Macross: Love, Do You
Remember?"  He agrees, they go frantic, the bridge begins to issue
alot of battle orders considering you're the only ship being scrambled.

5.91 Final Voyage
This mission has several enemies trying to stop you from arriving at the
Zentrady flagship.  You don't actually have to fight them, you can simply
fly or afterburn all the way to the ship, just ignore the nav readings.  But
if you do fight them, be careful because there are a lot of asteroids in this
level that will draw your missile and gun-pod fire.  When you reach the
ship, the best cut scene in the game plays.

5.92 Tunnel Flight
Not a true level, but you do get to play a little.  Before they show you,
they show the Milky Dolls singing "Only You," a song composed and written for
this game by Mari Iijimi, the original seiyuu (voice actress) for Lynn Minmay.
While they sing, it switches between the video footage and footage of you
flying through a long tunnel.  This part is only external view and all
missile locks and launches are automatic.  You blaze through the tunnel
destroying everything with ease.  You can actually fire the gun-pod yourself
and maneuver in the limited space they give you.  You can't die, and this
part of the mission is over when you reach the Zentrady leader, and destroy
him, which is automatic.  This section of the level is very similar to
"Macross: Love, Do You Remember?" movie's climatic ending sequence.  Whatever
VF you chose for this mission will be the one flying through the tunnel,
blazing a trail of glory.  One for the history books even.

5.93 Return of the Variable Zentrady Mech
The ship explodes and the nuisance from level 7 returns.  He transforms, does
that weird punch thing with his hand and begins saying stuff in Japanese.
This is the final dogfight.  Missiles will become scarce since there are so
many asteroids in this level.  And unless you keep track on the indicator
(the hour-glass), the enemy can easily blend in with the back ground.  When
you run out of missiles, you have to switch to guns.  By far the easiest way
to kill him is simply to use the VF-19A, since it is still quite fast in
Battroid mode, you can just fly backwards shooting at him, dodging occasionally.
When he dies, the game ends.  The Milky Dolls perform in New Macross City,
in front of the old Super Dimensional Fortress.  But you only get to hear
them sing as the game credits scroll to an end.

X.0 Codes, Tricks, and Trivial Knowledge
Maxmillian's Blue Valkyrie, the Missile and Special Attack Recovery tricks
were taken from a Japanese newsgroup.  The Variable Fighter Viewing Mode trick
was taken from a post off of Freddy Chan's Anime PSX Page (located at, but was submitted by James Wong,
email address  The Controller Reset trick is the one
I'm most proud of, because it was discovered by me. :)  The In-Flight Timer
is just something I noticed, but didn't think everybody would.  Oh, a note
of warning, the game is much more fun without using the Missile or the
Special Attack Recovery codes, but if you're really having a hard time,
go ahead. :)

YES! Maxmillian Jenius, genius/ace Fighter pilot from Macross and captain
of the Macross 7 Colony Fleet has had his VF-1X Plus Valkyrie put into the
game as a secret ship!  All you have to do is get over 500 kills by the
last mission and select the VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie as your ship and instead
of the usual catapult that launches the Fighter, the VF drops out of the
docking bay, transforms to Battroid mode and flies off.  The only sorry thing
is that you can only use this ship in the last mission.

X.1 Missile Recovery
Pause the game with controller one, with controller two hold select, press
O 7 times, triangle, square, X, then release select.  The missile meter
should go to full now.

X.2 Special Attack Recovery
Pause the game with controller one, with controller two hold select, press
square 7 times, triangle, O, X, then release select.  You should recover
all your Special Attack points.

X.3 Full In-Flight Camera Control
Unlike the analog stick's hat which only lets you slight pan left, right,
down, and up, this will allow you to rotate, zoom, and everything, really.
All you do is use controller two during flight to manipulate the camera
during Objective View Point (Chase Camera).

X.4 Variable Fighter Viewing Mode
When you have all the planes and have passed the game, simply go back into
the game to the screen where you choose your VF and can load and save your
game.  Then go to the blank box under load and press O.  It will list all
the VFs in the game and allow you to view all the ships, modes, and special
attacks and manipulate camera angle.  You can also put it into slow motion
to see how they transform.  However, you cannot go back into the game and
you'll have to reset the game from the console.

X.5 Controller Reset
Almost at any time in the game, simply hold select, start, L1 and R1, and the
game will reset to the Big West/Bandai Visual copyright screen.  I actually
found this one myself.

X.6 Import Manual Fiasco
Not known to all, Macross Digital Mission VF-X comes with one of two
different manuals.  The original one is the Japanese manual, in full Japanese
with color pages and a sticker sheet.  Very cool.  The Asian release
(intended for Asian audiences) is in English, with black and white interior
and no stickers.  I got the English one. :(  If someone would like to trade
with me, PLEASE email me at  If not, someone please scan
me the color pictures inside the manual and email them to me.  It will be
very appreciated.

X.7 Redbook Audio Track
The second track on the CD is a message in Japanese that says, ""This is an
urgent message from the bridge of Valhalla III. This CD is PlayStation
Software. Please remove it from your CD player!"

X.8 Favorite Moves
My favorite VF move is the VF-1X-Plus's Fighter Random Attack, not the SP edition
though.  Because during the Random Attack, the VF shifts into Battroid mode and
shoots the gun-pod underneath his left armpit.  Isn't that cool?

My favorite cel animation move was during the Milky Doll concert where Freia
twirls the microphone really fast in her hand, which I will call the infamous "Freia
Microphone Trick" or the "Freai Mic Trick."  It's simply amazing.

VF-X FAQ's End Comments

VF.1 Personal Requests
Can anyone tell where the gunpod for the VF-22 is stored during Fighter mode?
I'm just curious, it won't be included in the FAQ.
I'd like to know if there is any actual meaning for the "Y" in "YF" during a VF's
testing stage.
How do I calibrate the analog joystick?  The instructions are in Japanese both
in the game and in the Asian English instruction booklet.
Someone translate the cut-scenes for me! Please!
Anyone willing to trade the English manual that I have for their Japanese one?
If so, please email me!

VF.2 Links
Links that aided in the creation of this FAQ include

Freddy Chan's Anime PSX Page - Previews, Reviews, FAQs, and Cheats

phosphors - Translators of Japanese Gaming Manuals

UNiT Inc. - Production Team of this Epic Game

Lance Webster's Macross Forever Homepage - Okay okay, so this page
actually didn't help, but my friend made it and it's really good. =)

Macross Compendium - THE most extensive Macross information site on
the Internet.

VF.3 Special Thanks
Here I thank the people that have helped me create and develop this FAQ. =)

Ken Brennan ( - For nit-picking my errors in the early
versions of this FAQ, suggestions, and input.  Thanks a bunch Valkyrie!

Merill Ronquillo ( - For proof-reading the FAQ and
finding errors in the Asian English manual.  This guy's really observant.

Minh-ha Hoang - My sister for buying me this game. =)

Studio Nue, and Macross All Staff - For creating Macross, what else? =)

VF.4 Future Versions, Legal Issues, and Contacting Me
A future HTML version of this FAQ (calm down fanboys!) will be available
in the future when I have excess time on my hands or when I'm not playing
this game.

Macross was created by Studio Nue and produced by Big West and Bandai
Visual.  Macross Digital Mission VF-X was produced by UNiT Inc.  All names
and concepts are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Please do not reproduce anything in this FAQ without my permission and
consent.  Do not modify this FAQ in anyway, but please distribute it.  Thank

My email address is  Please feel free to email me
with comments, suggestions, questions, additions, and corrections.
Response is guarenteed within a day or two, and if you're on America
Online (God forbid), then by all means please talk to me on there.  Please
visit the FAQ homepage often to check on updates!  Thanks!

Until next mission, good hunting!
And "good ruck!" 

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