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This is a mini Guide to the first 7 Episodes to the Playstation Game:
'Shin Super Robot Taisen'. For information about this game check out:

'Shin Super Robot Taisen'

But briefly its a Strategy Simulation Game in which you control the
Robots from various Japanese Animation shows which include:

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Mobike Suit V Gundam
Mobile Martial Arts Tournament Legend G Gundam
New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam W
Super Electical Voltis V
Giant Sky Demonic Dragon Gaiking
Super Beast God Machine Dancougar
Brave hero Raiden
Invincible Torider G-7
Blue Comet SPT Layzner
Mazinger Z

I will post the rest of the episodes if I get enough positive

Note: none of this information maybe reproduced anywhere else without
the written permission of the auther whom can be reached at

(all the item locations are given in a X,Y value)


New Super Robot War Map Overview

Episode 1: The Mysterious Intruder

Enemies: Beast Soldier Baizanga
 	     Cylinder x 4
	     Skull Ku
Reinforcements: Cylinder x 2
Items: $2000 (27,13)

After watching the introduction (and Hiro Yui stealing an ambulance)
The game starts off with the Voltis V (five) team. This scene is taken
directly from the anime , in which due to the inexperience of the team
to combine into Voltis V, the hero"s mother buys them time by
sacrificing her life so that they can combine into Voltis V.
Once Voltis V is formed , the Giant sky demonic Dragon ship from
Gaiking will led you a hand.

Episode 2: Enter, Torider G-7

Enemies: Beast Solider Dokugaga
                Cylinder x 6
Reinforcements: Cylinder x 4
Items: 2000 (12,3)
           2000 (16,7)
           2000 (6,7)

On this map you will meet up with Torider G-7.

Episode 3: Phonics Research Lab

Enemies: Garada K7
                Baduras M2
Reinforcements: 1) Beast Solider Baizanga
                               Cylinder x 2
                           2) Beast Solider Dokugaga
                               Cylinder x 4
Items: 2000 (23,9)
           Booster (13,18)
           2000 (5,38)

Mazinger-Z appears as you defend the Phonics Research Lab from attack.
Eventually the Aphrodai A will aide you as well as the Gaiking and
Voltis V team.

Episode 4: League Militare

Enemies: Dorome x 4
                Red Barom x 4
Reinforcements: 1) Dorome x 2
                               Red Barom x 2
                           2) Dorome x 2
Items: 2000 (10,6)
           2000 (1,14)

After Successfully defending the Phonics Research Lab, our heroes
receive a distress call from a military force. Thinking Earth military
forces are in trouble, our heroes set off to the rescue , only to show
up to see the transport ship destroyed. Luckily they were in their
mobile suits in time. Thus 3 Gun-EZs join your forces.

Episode 5: Ryuusei Dati

Enemies: Cylinder x 4
Reinforcements: 1) Red Barom x 2
                           2) Ankoku Kaibutsu Black Monster
                               Red Barom x 2
Items: 2000 (4,5)
           2000 (38,13)

Back at the Big Falcon Island, enemy forces appear and prepare to
attack. Luckily Ryuusei Dati and his Personal Trooper R-1 is ready for
action. Later on Akira Hibiki in the Raiden will loan you a hand.

Episode 6: Point Kasareria

Enemies: Shokew
Reinforcements: Overhead Hawk x 6
Items: 2000 (14,13)
           2000 (31,11)

Taken directly from Episode 1 of "Mobile Suit Victory Gundam" , Usso
fends off Lt. Chonicle Asher of the BESPA (Ballistic Equipment & SPace
Armory) Yellow Jackets Squadron in front of his home.

Episode 7: Chronicle"s Revenge

Enemies: Overhead Hawk x 3
                Bottom Top Part x 3
                Zolo x 3
Reinforcements: Zolo x 3
                           Bottom Top Part x 4
Items: Chobam Armor (5,5)
           Magnetic Coating (19,7)
           2000 (19,17)
           2000 (31,19)

Chronicle Returns with a vengeance to eliminate the League Militare.
However the Gaiking team is ordered to return to Japan. Kyouji and the
Voltis V team decide to stick around to help the League Militare.
Watta almost joins in as well , but is stopped by his vice-president.
This is where the Game falls into your hands. You have 2 choices:
Follow the Gaiking team (Earth Route) or Stay in Europe (Space Route).
If you choose to stay in Europe , the Gaiking team takes off with
Sayaka and Watta. If you Stick around , you get to fight it out with
Chronicle"s BESPA forces with Usso (V Gundam) , Peggy, Helen , Junko
(Gun EZs), Kyouji (Mazinger Z) and the Voltis V team.

Phillip L Yee

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