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Parasite Eve Guide with Translations - Version 1.0
by Zhou Tai An (

Once again, any help, corrections etc will be much appreciated.

Note : This is for the Japanese release only! I'll see what happens when the
English version comes out, though chances are it'll be quite useful. ^_^

Standard Translations Disclaimer : If you've read my Xenogears translations
you'll know the drill - I'm only a one year student, please excuse errors

Standard Warning : This guide is to be used for non-profit purposes ONLY.
Please notify me if using it on your site, fanzine or whatever - commercial
use is prohibited unless permission is sought.


General Notes :

Most of the item, equip and PE ability is self-explanatory, so I won't be
going into much detail with that. However, remember some things :

1. Aya can only hold a set amount of items. Put the rest in boxes for later
use, or let Win at the station hold it.

2. BP (Bonus Points) are awarded for every level Aya gains, and this increase
is in direct proportion to the level attained. (That is, the higher the level
the more BP) I would recommend using all your BP to increase either Item
Capacity or (my personal choice) Active Time, as powering-up your weapons is
kinda useless when you'll get new ones. Each 100 BP equals one increase.

3. Save all your Attack Up, Defense Up, Hit Rate Up etc items in boxes or with
Win for use when you're up against a toughie. It's no point wasting them on
lousy weapons\armor.

4. Parasite Eve is really touchy with items'll have to stand exactly
in the proper position to do some things. So if it looks like you can open a
door, get a chest, push a switch or some other tricky affair and you can't,
push the button repeatedly while walking around the area. Chances are you'll
do whatever you want to.


Combat System :

I really must congratulate Square on such an innovative combat arrangement;
it combines action and strategy in a incredily fun mix. Here's how it works.

Firstly, Aya can only do anything (be it attack, change weapon etc) when her
attack gauge is filled. Other than that, she has to run around avoiding her
enemies attack. It might be wise to note that going too close to one of them
is not a wise option; unlike Aya, they can attack pretty frequently.

Once the gauge is filled, however, certain options become availabe. Aya may
attack with her equipped weapon or access the status screen for a wider
range of choices, among them changing her weapon and using PE and items. All
these actions will reduce her gauge to zero again.

Okay; first, we have attacking. Be sure to position yourself well (especially
if using a close-combat weapon) before doing so. Guns also tend to do more
damage close up, but be wary of firing two shots or more, in particular at
multiple targets - Aya will have to stay still in order to do so, which leaves
her open to attack from enemies.

Use the Pause button to assist you in battle. I cannot stress this enough, so
it gets a whole paragraph to itself. ^_^ Pausing really helps, especially
when dealing with a bunch of enemies or spread-fire attacks. Get a proper
bearing before cutting loose with your weapon of choice.

Also, watch carefully for your enemies patterns, as they usually follow set
ones. They will also vary their attacks, and change position quickly if you
get to their backs - strike fast. Knowing your enemy is vitally important.

Another point to take note of is your enemy's position. You'll have to strike
at exactly the correct location to do the most damage - usually from the back
or side. (The yellow numbers, critical hits, will have more chance of appearing
if you shoot near the enemy.) Be sure to get close enough to hit effectively;
this is especially true with guns, which will do pitiful damage if too far away.

Jockey about if your attacks don't seem to be doing much harm; chances are
you're not aiming right. And of course, when the green targeting circle is
present, you can look carefully to see whether your attack will hit. Do take
into account the enemies's movements, though.

A last note : different weapons charge your attack gauge and PE one at
different rates, so pick carefully.

Now for other options. Obviously, you're going to be wanting to use your PE
gauge next, which refills slowly during combat. Make use of the fact that your PE
gauge regenerates! Get into combat and stay there, healing all your wounds.

You can also change your weapon by going to the Gun icon and fiddling around.
It will take Aya some time to do this, so be careful. Items may also be used.

That's about it for starters.


The Walkthrough

The game will start on Christmas Eve, with Aya going to see an opera with her
boyfriend. Once inside, the opera will start, with the prince (the guy with
blond hair) declaring that he will marry his love even if his father thinks
she's a witch. His father refuses orders the girl seized; he begs to die
instead of his lover - at which point he literally gets his wish, bursting
into flame. The confusion continues as the star of the program begins to destory
everything in the opera hall, leading to Aya going up to confront her.

There wil be a brief battle. For this one, using your nightstick is a better
option - close in and whack her a few times. There will be a dialogue in which
the singer's name, Eve, is revealed, and she then disappears mysteriously after
telling Aya that she (Aya) has awakened. Head down to the pit in the middle
of the floor, but not before grabbing the bullets in the chest next to it.
Aya will see a mysterious ghostly manifestation...

A rat-monster will attack you; dispatch it with the nightstick and continue on.
(Note that Aya starts with the "Heal" Parasite Ability.) From there, search
all the rooms, including the cupboards etc, for items. The one to the left of
the main door has a save point (in the form of a phone) as well as a place
to store your items. Grab a key from the dead man in the room; you'll need it
too unlock the other doors. One of the lower ones will have a face mirror.
Stand in front of it and check the diary, which turns out to be the singer's.

It's not exactly a pleasant account. The singer, one Melissa Suzanne, has
apparently accidentally torched her fellow singer, leaving her the only one
to prepare for the concert. Her medical condition has also been worsening
desite the regular consumption of some medicine she has been given. Aya will
find a key in the last page of the diary. Before you progress further, you
might want to go back to the front of the opera hall and get bullets from the
policeman standing outside. (the one to the right) He'll give you about 60
before running out.

Now, go out through one of the doors on the left to exit into the street.
Get the chest there and fight more enemies to increase your level (it should
be three after defeating the other rats). Use your nightstick on the parrot
if you can't seem to hit it. Alright, now head to one of the previous locked
rooms on the left. Get the chest there as well, then break open the crumbling
wall to receive some armor. Save and heal.

Now you can walk through the double doors in front. Do so and fight Eve for the
second time. I'd suggest using the gun, and positioning yourself about half a
screen length away from her, firing carefully. (a good time to shoot is also
when's she moving along the air) To avoid her blast, stand right in the middle
and walk with it, either up or down. If you get hit, there's always Heal -
and if you find the gun not to your liking, simply use the nightstick.

There will be a short conversation about how Aya is like Eve, and that the
mitochondria are awakening. (Bio note : Mitochondria are the producers of
energy in animal cells.) Eve will then disappear; follow her down into the
sewers using the small hole next to the piano.

You'll have to get close to the frogs in order to hurt them; use the gun, not
the nightstick, and wait until they tongue you before closing in and firing.
Be sure to get the other gun here - you'll need it for the next boss. Aya will
then see the same child again, and follow him\her to Eve. (You can save your
game at the switch which opens the gate)

Eve will tell her that she, like Eve, will soon awaken, and that the
mitochondria's liberation is at hand (Note : she uses the same word as in the
opening for "liberation".)  Aya will ask her why only she...when Eve summons
a large beast to confront her and runs off. (Second note : I don't know
whether this will be apparent in the English version, but Eve's voice changes
to a masculine tone when she's speaking.)

Be very careful with this guy. He will attack in two ways : by rushing at you
(after gnashing his claws and teeth) or by firing a spread of wave-shaped
projectiles. Of the two, the projectiles are easier to handle; stay far back
and avoid them, or run to a clear patch. If he rushes, try to escape - you'll
probably take a hit, though. If you do, run away quickly before his follow-up
strike hits for much more damage. Don't let this guy corner you, as his
attacks will become more effective that way.

You'll want to shoot his tail away first. Aiming close and accurate will do
about 9 damage per shot, but be sure to have the better gun equipped and enough
bullets, because you don't want to use the nightstick against this bugger.
Then take care of the head. It's easy if you look and shoot sharp.

Aya will then see another flashback sequence, in which she thinks the child
on the bed is her...

Outside the opera house, (Carnegie Hall, actually!) Aya will be accosted by
two reporters, who deliver the usual barrage of newspapermanspeak (this will
need no explanation if you live, or have lived, in America. ^_^). Her partner,
Daniel, will show up and punch the man one after he doesn't stop pestering
her. The fallen reporter will indignantly ask for the police, only to have
Daniel reply that he *is* the police. After clearing up the situation, Aya
returns with Daniel to the station, thinking about Eve, her and the child.

Once there, there will be a short discussion about whether to trust Aya's
account of the situation, her being a rookie and all. Daniel will end it with
his declaration of trust in her, while Aya visits the chieft, Baker. He will
trust Aya, though guardedly, and give her a pass to the weapons room below.
Go down and see a scene with the older man, Tress, chewing out the younger,
Win, about weapon handling. Hand him the pass and he'll begin fixing one of
your weapons after commenting that you'll be needing better firepower if
you're going up against non-human foes. (For some strange reason, you can't
seem to get your weapon back, so hand him the one you don't need.)

Head up again to see Ben, Daniel's son. Daniel is very busy and can't bring his
son to the concert in Central Park - and Ben runs off saying that his dad can't
keep his promise. Daniel sadly remarks on how it's not good for a child to
grow up in a divorced family without a dad, and Aya consoles him by saying
that that's what happened to her as well.

Go back to the chief, who wants Aya to attend the press conference along with
him. Baker manages to deflect most of the comments until the attention centers
on Aya, who promptly gives a summary of the whole situation, along with the
mysterious woman, Eve - she is asked whether Eve is an alien. Baker, distraught
and angry at the proceedings, breaks up the meeting and scolds Aya in the
office, to which she responds that it was simply the truth. Daniel and Aya
are then assigned to ask a doctor Clamp (Clamp?) about the mitochondria.

After going through some comments about how the doctor is busy, Aya and
Daniel will finally get to ask their questions; however, the doctor only
shows interest when they mention mitochondria. He then proceeds to give a
mini-biology lesson :

1. Mitochondria exist within all animal cells and are energy producers - a
single centimetre of nerves, for example, can store up to 200 volts of energy

2. This energy is often released in the form of heat, which explains the
spontaneous combustion of the audience at Carnegie Hall.

3. A mutation or evolution of mitochondria could have explained the occurence,
but is unlikely.

He concludes his explanation with a laughing account of a similar case in
Africa, in which something like this happened but on a smaller scale. Just then,
Aya interrupts with an exclamation about the woman's name in both sitautions
- Eve! The doctor suddenly rushes you out in a great hurry, and on the way
back, Daniel complains rather loudly about his behaviour.

At the police station, another meeting is held to discuss what to do about
Eve. It is interrupted abruptly by Daniel remembering that his son is at
Central Park, where Eve was supposed to give another concert. Aya will rush
to back him up; leave another non-used item with the chief and off you go.

You'll want to find the room with another burnt victim - it has a save point
inside. Now, get the key and new items from the drawers and cupboards, and
then look around the park for more stuff; you'll also need to gain a few
levels here. Remember that if you can't hold any more items, the game won't
let you. (and will display a message to that effect)

You will now fight another boss. Use the Pause button again to verify the
movements of it's projectiles, then move accordingly. The first part is easy;
you might want to consider using Barrier if you're having trouble, though.

Now for the second part. The best time to fire is when the boss is readying
it's attack. This will ensure you hit and do decent damage - the drawback is
that it will be able to hit you as well. Either take the tradeoff (running
around later to increase PE and heal) or devise some other method of tackling
it, such as manuevering past the strikes. Watch out for the sweep attack
as it's by far the deadlier and harder to avoid one. As before, using the
Pause button will help immensely.

Go up the paths and through the gate to witness Eve's next act of terror.
Aya will question her once again, with no response besides Eve's mocking
dropping of hints about the eventual liberation that will arrive. Follow her
to the factory-like structure ahead to fight another boss.

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