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     PARASITE EVE is the new Squaresoft cinematic style RPG.  It is one
part BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL (for the exploration sequences and overall
mood) and one part CHRONO TRIGGER (for the RPG style battles).  It is
the story of a female cop who works the 17th precint of the NYPD.  Ever
since her mother died mysteriously when she was a child she has wanted
to become a cop.  The game begins at Christmas time 1997 where our
heroine is attending a late night opera at Carnegie Hall.  To
everyone's surprise the lead singer not only sings, but consumes the
entire audience in flames with her devilish powers!  She mentions her
name, Eve, and as it turns out she has the power to manipulate
mitochondria...a vital part of the cells of living organisms.  By
manipulating the mitochondria she can mutate all sorts of harmless
creatures (such as mice) and turn them into bloodthirsty beasts.  Aya
makes it through the ordeal of the opera fire and the rest of the game
is, to put it simply, a hunt for Eve.  Of course, it isn't that one
sided...the game has fully fleshed out characters and a deep plot as
well.  I highly recommend this's technically brilliant
(gorgeous SGI graphics, superb FMV, well rendered polygonal characters,
and a stellar soundtrack) and filled with some pretty original gameplay
to boot.  Anyway...on with the show.

     The game plays VERY much like BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL 1 and 2.
You play a single character, Aya Brea, and move her about on
fantastically rendered SGI backdrops.  You can run, open drawers and
cabinets etc., find and collect items, check your inventory (which has
a limited number of slots like BIOHAZARD), equip certain weapons, etc.
just like BIOHAZARD.  In fact, it plays almost EXACTLY like
BIOHAZARD...only better in my opinion.  There are some extras like the
ability to equip all sorts of different body armor and Aya's arsenal is
much bigger than the BIOHAZARD selection.  However, the BIGGEST
difference comes in the way of battles.  Instead of fighting in
COMPLETE  realtime BIOHAZARD style, the game switches to a more RPG
like battle.  More info next...

     PARASITE EVE's battle system is fairly unique as it combines the
traditional RPG elements as well as excellent realtime elements.  When
you run into an enemy (RPG random battle style) you aren't switched to
a brand new screen, but are instead given all fighting options right
where you stand.  You have an AT meter (Attack meter) that, when
filled, allows you to choose what to do.  Choices include: attack, run,
use item, or use PARASITE ENERGY.  PARASITE ENERGY (spells) is shown by
a meter as well.each spell uses a certain amount of PARASITE ENERGY and
if you have enough energy remaining in the meter then you can use the
spell of your choice.  PARASITE ENERGY gradually refills itself during
the course of the battle, as does the AT meter.
     Here's where it get interesting though.  While you are waiting for
your AT meter to fill, you don't just sit there like a moron as in most
RPG's.instead you can control Aya in realtime and dodge enemy attacks.
Once your AT meter fills then the screen freezes and allows you to
decide what you wish to do.  Very cool.

                            THE COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH

     CARNEGIE HALL: After viewing the insanely awesome intro FMV you
are ready to begin.  Start a new game and after a short and sweet
little FMV sequence you will see Aya getting helped out of a limo at
the opera house.  You get a chance to name go ahead leave her
name as is or make one up for her.  Once you get control of Aya just
walk her through the opera house doors and once inside talk to the man
standing there or don''s entirely up to you.  Then go straight up
and through the doors.  The opera is in session, sit back and enjoy the
VERY cool sequence that follows and once given control of Aya again
just walk up onto the stage and a battle with EVE will follow.

EVE FIRST BATTLE - 40 HP: Don't waste any bullets on this pathetically
easy boss (as you will need all you can save), just equip your police
stick and run up to her while she is storing power for her beam and
bash her.  When she's about to shoot her beam at you (it's obvious when
she is) simply run to the left or right to dodge it.  You should have
no problem AT ALL draining EVE's 40 HP and if you do I feel sorry for

     Once you defeat EVE, Aya has a sort of flashback and when she
comes out of it EVE floats away.  Pursue her to the next area where
there is a large hole in the floor, and open the chest in the corner to
get an 45HP replenishing vial (NOTE: Items in this game sometimes
differ game to game...what is a 45HP+ vial in one game, may be
something else when you play again).  EVE has obviously gone into the
depths of this hole and you must follow her.  Choose the top choice
which lets you jump on in.  After a strange encounter (you'll see) you
have control again and just go straight up where you see doors in the
distance.  You have reached a long hallway with numerous doors on both
sides.  All are locked on the first screen so move on down the hallway.
You will hear the shriek of a mouse and witness a very cool FMV which
shows how the mitochondria mutation works (gross!).  Now you must
battle the dog sized hard task.  Once again CONSERVE AMMO,
use your police stick.  The fighting pattern of the mutant mouse is
simple...he'll run at you, stop, and shoot three fireballs at you with
his tail.  The fireballs are almost EMBARASSINGLY easy to dodge
allowing you a chance you run up and knock the little critter
senseless.  Once you have defeated the rat (you did DEFEAT the rat
right?!) then you have access to the first two doors in this area.
Enter the right one and you will startle an opera performer who
proceeds to run from the room.  Go over to the lockers, open the one
that is second from the left, and receive 6 bullet clip.  Now enter the
door on the left, open the third locker from the left and recieve
another 45HP+ vial.  Ignore the bodies on the floor, leave the room,
and enter the third door down on the left side of the hallway.  In the
room open the chest in the corner for another 45HP+ vial and nudge the
body at the desk so that it falls over.  Search the body to recieve a
key.  Before you leave you can move some clothing in the back of the
room and release a parrot that flies around, but this is completely
pointless.  When you're back in the main hallway run back to the first
screen of the hallway and enter the door on the left.  While you are
running to this door you may encounter random mouse mutants, but they
are just like the first one you met...and just as easy with only about
13 HP each.  Once you have reached the room open the chest that is in
plain sight to recieve a gun power-up.  Now go over to the left corner
and you can break through the wall to access a secret room.  Enter the
room, open the chest inside, and recieve some body armor that is
definately better than what you are wearing now so EQUIP IT.  Now you
can leave the room OR open the wooden cabinet and battle the mouse
mutant that comes soaring out...the choice is yours.  Once you are back
to the hallway enter the first door on the right and move EVE south to
find a chest that holds a 45HP+ vial.  Now you can leave through the
door you came in or go north and exit through another door after
fighting a group of baddies.  Proceed north in the hallway to screen
two of the hallway and enter the second door on the right.  In this
room open the closet in the back and get a 6 bullet clip then leave or
mess with the parrot until it gets pissed and fights you.  Anyway, once
you are back to the hallway enter the door that is right across from
the one you are at.  Open the closet for another bullet clip and then
read the book on then read the book on the table which gets you another
key.  Now that you have this key you can open the main door at the end
of the so (save first...).  Inside you see EVE playing the
piano (is this what she does in her spare time?) so go up to her and
watch the FMV.  Afterward it's time for another battle with her.

EVE SECOND BATTLE - 80 HP: Another simple boss.  However, this time I
do recommend the gun.  Her pattern is simple so just watch her closely
and you can't lose.  She will float around and then fire beams at you,
2 beams this time instead of one.  When you see her hands lighting up
just move Aya BETWEEN her hands so that the beams go around
on each side.  Then EVE will move to the left with the beams still
going full blast so maneuver Aya up slowly so she stays between the
beams.  Once the beams disappear run up to EVE and open fire.  There is
a chance that she will simply slash you with her nails if you get TOO
close, but this is rare.  This fight is as easy as it can be.  If you
really suck and require healing at some point in the battle then just
use a 45HP+ vial or your 30HP+ PARASITE ENERGY spell.

     After you beat EVE Aya will experience another flashback and when
she's comes out of it EVE is gone.  There is a hole in the upper left-
hand corner of the room, and you must pursue EVE through it by
selecting the top choice.  You have now reached the sewer (being a cop
is such a great job...) just go north and fight any monsters that wish
to mess with you.  They are basically just mutant mice and mutant
frogs...all fairly easy.  Once you reach an area with a stairway on the
right and left, ignore them and open the chest to the left to receive a
new weapon.  Equip the gun as it is much better than what you have, and
move north until an event happens.  After the event there are two well
concealed chests in the right and left northern corners.  The one on
the right contains a gun power-up, the one on the left an 45HP+ vial.
Now pursue the little girl into the next area, but don't pass up the
hidden chest just to the left of the door which holds inside it a 6
bullet clip.  In the next area proceed left, kill two frogs and click
the button to the left of the gate.  This button serves two
functions...the top choice opens the gate and the other allows you to
save your game.  Open the gate and enter the next area where you will
meet EVE once again.  Run up to her and an FMV sequence will follow.
Now you will face a new foe.

SEWER BOSS - TAIL 80 HP - HEAD 120 HP - TOTAL 200 HP: This boss is
another in a long string of easy battles.  It has two portions, a head
and a tail.  The head has FAR too much defensive power for you to mount
a serious attack on it so go for the tail at first.  The boss will
slash his tail at you and unleash a bunch of green beams with it, but
they are simple to dodge by maneuvering between them.  Once you dodge
just run up to his side or back and fire on his tail.  Continue this
pattern until you defeat the tail.  Now you can attack the head of the
monster.  He has a new attack in which he fires 3 flaming lasers on you
per turn.  The lasers are easy to escape from by just running in the
opposite direction.  Then just fire on his head and continue the
pattern until he dies.

     Once you have sent the SEWER BOSS to an early grave you appear
outside the opera and get questioned by a reporter.  Daniel Bo Dollis,
a cop who Aya really looks up to as a father figure, comes along and
knocks the shit out of the nosy reporter.  Then he gives you a ride to
the station.

     N.Y. POLICE DEPT: The day starts here with an automatic sequence
in which Aya speaks to Daniel, a few other NYPD guys, and the Chief.
Once you get control of Aya there is a save point in the lower left of
the room, but if you already saved it at the beginning of the day then
there is no need to use it now...just remember it for later.  Now leave
the offices by the door next to the one that leads to the Chief's
office.  Outside in the hallway enter the first door on your left to
enter the locker room.  Open the second locker from the right at the
top of the screen to get some new body armor, and open the one second
from the left to get an 90HP+ vial.  There is nothing more of interest
here so it's back to the main hallway.  Take the next left which
happens to be a stairway going down, and once you reach the bottom go
southwest and enter the door on the left.  Inside open the chest to
your right for an Upgrade Tool, open the chest in the northeast corner
for a 45HP+ vial, and open the chest to the left of Wayne Garcia (the
man at the counter) to get a 6 bullet clip.  Talk to Wayne and Torres
Owens enters the room and takes over...he also gives Aya a nice new
gun!  Now you can leave this room once Wayne explains the weapon
upgrade process (whenever you find Trading Cards on your journey bring
them to Wayne to get special favors in return).  Go back up the stairs
outside and you will see Ben (Daniel's son), a child dressed in bright
red clothing...walk up to him to start a little sequence.  Once the
sequence is over go back to the Chief's office and speak to him...this
triggers the Press Conference over the opera incident to begin session.
This sequence is automatic and once it is over you are back in the
Chief's office getting yelled at.  When all is said and done leave the
offices and when you're in the main hallway enter the double doors on
the right.  Now exit the police station.  A map of New York comes up
and you have 3 location selections...just choose the Museum for now.

     MUSEUM:  Aya and Daniel have a nice little conversation on the
way, and once you arrive just follow Daniel up to the entrance.  Talk
to the old geezer who then lets you inside.  He opens up an iron gate
that locks a stairwell and allows Daniel to go on up.  It takes Daniel
about an hour to make it up the stairway (I've never witnessed such
slow walking...) so go take a piss or something while you wait.  Once
he FINALLY makes it don't even bother following him because you can't
at the moment.  Instead run over to the front of the square desk to the
left and search there...after finding what you were looking for you can
now go upstairs (feel free to save the game before you go up at the
phone on the left wall).  Upstairs you see Daniel so run over to him
and you will both enter a museum office.  A HUGE talking scene follows
and once it is over you will see the map again...choose the NYPD.

     N.Y. POLICE DEPT: Back at the station, follow Daniel out into the
main hall.  Go north to the far end and enter the door on the right
(next to Daniel).  You are back in the press conference room where you
speak to the Chief.  Once you have finished leave the station again and
witness Daniel's amazing driving skills in a cool FMV!  The rest of the
trip is automatic and you end up in Central Park.

     CENTRAL PARK: Once you arrive Daniel will run into a problem at
the gate...a certain reason he cannot enter the park.  So it's all up
to problem right?  Okay, go through the main gate and then go
south until you get to a save point...DEFINATELY save as this is a
random battle area!  Now follow the U-shaped path and in the curve of
the U search in the trees for a hard to see chest that contains a 6
bullet clip.  You may have to fight snakes and such on the way, but
they are simple and pose absolutely no threat.  Anyway...once you reach
the next screen go right and there are three gates leading into the
Central Park Zoo.  The middle one is the entrance, but search in the
darkness of the other two gates for chests that contain a 45HP+ vial
and a 6 bullet clip.      Now enter the middle gate and open the chest
to the left that has a new gun inside.  Now proceed to the northwest up
some steps to a save point next to a door (save if you wish).  Inside
the room that the door leads to you can open a drawer in the upper
right to receive a key, a cabinet at the top of the room to get some
new armor, and you can move the stretcher out of the way so that you
can open a dresser and get ANOTHER new gun!  Phew...what a room.  Now
leave the room and go right until you reach a new door, enter it now
that you have the key.  Inside go through the shattered glass to your
left and follow the little path around the glass hallway until you
reach an area with three chests.  The chests contents are a 90HP+ vial,
a poison protection potion (lessens the chances that an enemy can
poison you), and a body armor power-up.  Now you have gotten everything
of interest from this room so leave the area and go right again once
you are outside.  You will see an entrance to another area above you,
but ignore it for now and get the chest hidden behind the column as it
contains a 15 bullet clip.  Now you have a can either go
through the entrance now and get to another part of the game or take
the longer route and pick up a bunch of's up to you.  If you
wish to enter now, just do so and follow the left path to end up at the
next part of the game.  Now for the longer path...ignore the entrance
and continue going will see some steps going down so take
them.  You will be in an open area with benches and a the
chest for another 15 bullet clip.  Now go southeast to end up in
another place with nothing of interest so just follow the path right
and then go up to reach the next area.  In this area there are two
chests...the one in the lower left contains a 90HP+ vial and the one in
the lower right contains a 15 bullet clip.  Once you have raided the
chest go up over the bridge and into the area where you would've ended
up had you taken the entrance earlier.  You are in the upper right hand
corner of this V shaped path so get yourself over to the upper left
side where there is a gate that leads to the next area.  Here just go
straight up, ignoring the left path, and at the next area go straight
up again and into the doorway.  Inside you will see EVE on the stage so
run to the left for a nice, disgusting FMV sequence to begin.  Once it
is over have Aya exit the area to the left.  You will be back outside
so run to the right and you will see the little girl that has been
haunting your visions...follow her backstage.  Run up to EVE when you
see her and she will float off...pursue her and end up back outside.
Now go back the way you came and take the left path that you ignored
earlier.  You will be in an area where you can go up or left...if you
go up through the pavilion you can save your game at a phone booth
there AND pick up a chest in the corner that holds a 15 bullet clip,
otherwise go left.  Before you go though AT LEAST search the pavilion,
you can get two hidden chests within it.  The one on the left has a 15
bullet clip, the one on the right has an Instant Revive potion (revives
you in battle when you die)...these chests are hard to find at first
(because you simply CAN'T see them), but keep trying THEY ARE THERE.
Once you have gone left you will see the little girl running downward
and you should run after her.  When I say SHOULD I mean that this area
is pretty much a maze and you can reach the same point a variety of
different ways, but I'm going to guide you through the route that gets
you ALL of the chests and items.  To do this you must follow the girl
DOWNWARD, pass up the left path, and take the first right that you come
to.  You will see the girl running left this time so follow her that
direction and follow the path around taking a right at the bottom and
then go south on the next path to get to a chest with a 15 bullet clip.
After getting the chest go back down the path and just go left until
the next area where there is a chest next to a bench that holds some
body armor.  Continue left across the bridge into the next area where
there is another bridge going down...go down this bridge to get a chest
containing a body armor power-up.  Now go back up the bridge and follow
the path straight left into the next area where you will see the girl
again...running left.  Instead of following her take the first path up,
take the left at the top, and then go down the first time you can to
get a chest containing an Upgrade Tool.  Now just go up, left, and
follow the path to the left and into the next area.  In this area just
follow the path down-left until you reach the next section, where you
do the same thing...follow the bridge down-left into a new area.  Now
you are in an area with staircases and a path in between them...take
the path (the stairways lead to the same place with NO treasures) and
get the two treasure chests on the way that both contain a body armor
power-up.  In the next area area just go up-right to exit the screen
and then on the next screen there is a phone booth where you can
save...and you DO want to save here.  Then go right and you will meet a

SNAKE BOSS - 200 HP EACH - TOTAL 800 HP: This boss is really not too
difficult...just make sure you have your best weapon equipped before
you take it on.  The snakes pop out of the ground then shoot little
spiked balls at you that explode and send needles in all directions.
What can I say you know?  Just dodge quickly THEN shoot...that's the
best way.  You may be a bit overwhelmed at first, but once you kill one
snake there is less pressure on you...then you kill another and
another.  The only problem is...the snakes that remain get much bigger
as you kill off one of their own.  Once there is only one snake left he
is HUGE and he always pops up in the same place and has two
attacks...the spiked ball (only MUCH bigger and with more range) and a
sweep where he lies down and swings his body across the screen.  You
can just beat this form by just standing at the snakes base and firing
away with your gun...sure you'll take some hits but when wounded just
heal with your 60HP+ PARASITE ENERGY spell or a 90HP+ vial.  He goes
down in no time.

     Once you beat the snake exit to the right of the screen, and in
the next area run up to EVE who is floating on the carriage.  After
talking to her, board the carriage and enjoy the "flaming horse" FMV.
Once it's's time to take on EVE yet again.

EVE THIRD BATTLE - 300 HP: Of course she is also, yet again, EASY!  You
have a VERY small space to move around in, but that actually makes this
particular battle easier.  EVE has two lousy is her slash
were she swings at you with her long arms, the other is her power beam
where she flies into the air and fires a huge beam at you.  Just shoot
her and then run away from her to avoid her slash attack, and when she
flies into the air stand in the MIDDLE of the carriage and wait.  As
soon as you see her beam forming in the carriage notice what corner it
is forming in and run to the opposite corner quickly and you will
escape undamaged.  Then continue this pattern...she's simple.

     After the battle watch the next cool FMV and then there are a
bunch of automatic scenes so pop open a cold one and relax.  There is
ANOTHER FMV, then MORE automatic scenes...and finally DAY TWO comes to
an end.

     SOHO: At the beginning of Day 3 you find yourself in a room.  In
the upper right there is a chest containing a 30 bullet clip.  Leave
the room and once outside you will talk to Kunihiko Maeda, a man who
works in the department of pharmacology at a Japanese University.
After running through the dialog, Daniel pulls up in his cop car, and
now search the trash area to the left to receive a trading card.  Now
exit the screen to the left and enter the gun shop in the next area
with a little help from Daniel.  Search inside for a total of 8 items
including two gun power-ups, an upgrade tool, a 15 bullet clip, two
different new guns, a new police stick, and some nice new body armor.
Exit the gun shop and go back to the screen where Daniel's car is
parked and exit that screen to the right.  Now enter the pharmacy and
collect all items within, which are as follows: a green potion, an
Instant Revive potion, an upgrade tool, an armor upgrade, a 180HP+
vial, a weapon upgrade, and about 3 other items which can be found by
simply searching all cabinets, etc.  Now leave the pharmacy (save your
game first if you wish at the phone on the counter) and go back to
Daniel's car, talk to Daniel and Kunihiko, then walk up to the car and
select "OK" to bring up the city map. Select the Museum as your next
destination and prepare yourself for one enormous automatic scene in
which a lot of the mitochondria elements are explained in dialog and
FMV.  When it is over your map comes back up, it's night, and you must
choose the N.Y.P.D. as your next destination.

     N.Y. POLICE DEPT: After talking to Kunihiko and Daniel you can
leave the main entrance and enter the hallway (be advised this is a
random battle area). Speak to the man on the floor twice to receive a 6
bullet clip.  Go south and enter the door on your left, search the
second to right locker to receive a 180HP+ vial, and talk to the man on
the floor twice to receive a 6 bullet clip (there is another locker
that can be opened, but is locked for now).  Exit the room, enter the
door below you and speak to the man on the floor twice for a 30 bullet
clip (save your game if you wish).  Enter the Chief's office and talk
to the man on the floor twice who may or may not give you an item.  Now
go back to the main hallway and exit down the stairwell, then enter the
weapon's room.  An automatic sequence will follow and afterward Wayne
will be back in business (give him all trading cards you have and
upgrade if you wish).  Now go into the other door in the hallway that
is busted open and talk to the man on the floor twice to receive a 6
bullet clip.  Now go back up the stairwell, go north, and talk to the
man on the floor twice to receive a 15 bullet clip.  Continue north and
enter the conference room, and get the chest in the corner that
contains some very good body armor.  Exit the conference room, take the
stairway that leads up and search the guard on the floor to get a 6
bullet clip.  Proceed left down the hallway, enter the first door you
see, get the chest in the corner that contains a 180HP+ vial, and be
prepared to take on two monsters that break through the window to
attack you.  Exit the room, proceed left passing the new hallway and
enter the door on the far left.  Inside search the chest on the floor
to get an armor power-up, then search the chest on the desk for a
180HP+ vial (save your game before leaving).  Exit the room and go
north in the hallway that you passed up beforehand.  Once you reach the
top you see a new FMV sequence (sick!).  In the next area enter the
first door on your right and meet a woman who replenishes your HP.
Exit the room, search the man on the floor to receive a special key
that opens up the locked locker which when opened gets you a trading
card.  Proceed up from the man on the floor and enter the room where
you will fight a really easy monster and receive a kick ass new gun for
your efforts.  Open the chest to your left to get an armor power-up,
then speak to the man in the corner to get a 6 bullet clip.  Exit the
room and proceed to the right down the hall and take a left at your
first opportunity, passing up the far door forever as it contains
absolutely jack.  Now you will be in a hallway with a blood to
the door at the far end and enter it.  You have reached the room where
the Chief and Ben are cornered by a mutated German Sheppard.time to
prove what you've got.

HEAD 200 HP - TOTAL 950 HP: This boss is the most difficult yet, but
that's not really saying much.  He is, once again, a fairly easy boss.
He has about 4 attacks total, and none of them are absolutely deadly.
His strongest attack is his leap attack, in which he leaps at you and
bites you causing some pretty big damage but less than 100 HP.  Then he
has a beam of light attack where he fires out a thick yellow laser and
rotates it quickly left and right (not TOO hard to dodge if you get
moving as soon as you see him start the attack).  Then he has a ground
pulse attack which is basically a pretty strong purple pulse that
travels by a huge circle all around him.  His final move
isn't even an attack, but rather a healing power that gives one of his
heads 100+ HP.  Just have your best gun equipped and fire away at one
head at a time.  It is probably best to go for the right head first, as
it has the least HP.  Anyway, whenever you get weak just use a 90HP+ or
180HP+ vial.or just use your 60HP+ PARASITE ENERGY spell to conserve
items.  This guy isn't too difficult as I previously said, but it
wouldn't hurt to have one of your Instant Revives just in case he gets
in a lucky shot.  Good luck.

     N.Y. POLICE DEPT: At the beginning of Day 4 you are in the Chief's
office talking to Daniel and some other folks.once the conversation is
over leave the office.  Save your game here if you want and then go up
to the room where the woman filled your HP earlier.  Here you will see
Kunihiko again and Daniel will also enter and give you a 30 bullet
clip.  After this, it is night, and on the map choose the Hospital as
your next destination.

     HOSPITAL: After the driving sequence with Kunihiko you find
yourself in front of the hospital.  Talk to Kunihiko to receive a key,
then enter the building.  This is a random monster encounter area so be
prepared.  Once inside, save your game at the phone on the counter and
get the chest in the lower left hand corner which contains a 15 bullet
clip.  Exit this room to the left as the door above you is locked for
now.  In the next area you will see the little girl and after the
sequence press the button to the right of the elevator to open the
elevator enter the elevator.  Push the keypad on the side and
after a strange elevator ride you must push the keypad again to open
the door and exit.  In the next area the power fails, and all of the
lights go out.  Go down and once you reach the next hall enter the
first door on your right after going north a tad.  Inside you will see
a glimmering object on top of the shelf to your right.get it, it's a
key.  Now get the other two chests in the room which contain a 30
bullet clip and a great new gun.  Exit this room by the upper left door
and you'll find yourself in a new hallway.  Here you will see the
little girl again, and afterward enter the door to your left.  In this
room open the desk drawer to get a key and get the chest that contains
a 180HP+ vial.  Save your game and exit this room to the left.  Here
there is but one thing to do and that is to get the armor power-up in
the lower left hand exit through the lower right hand door.
Proceed south in this hallway and enter the door that was previously
locked.  Inside you will find two chests containing an upgrade tool and
a weapon power-up, and after you've gotten them exit the room to the
north.  Here just go straight up and search the medicine cabinet for a
key, then search the dead body for yet another key.  Now head all the
way back to the hallway where you last saw the girl and enter the door
she disappeared into.  You will see the girl again and get the chest
right in front of you that contains a new gun.   Now go south and get
the weapon power-up glimmering on the floor in the corner.  Go back
into the hall and enter the first door on the right.  Inside get the
two chests that contain an upgrade tool and a 90HP+ file, and don't
miss the key in the lower right hand corner.  Leave this room and run
up to the power box where the little girl was standing until you see it
in close-up.  Here click on the right side of the box three times to
light up all the white lights.  Next, click on the left side, choose
the second selection, and afterward click again and choose the first
selection.  You have just turned back on the power.  Now exit to the
right and enter the elevator, click on the panel to go back to the
first floor where you will see the girl AGAIN.  Now go right, save your
game, and enter the door above that was locked before.  In this room
talk to the two people in the lower left hand corner, then exit to the
right (first get the hidden trading card that is completely not visible
behind a cabinet).  Aya will have another flashback in this room, then
talk to the nurse in the left hand corner who will give you key.  Now
get the armor in the chest to the right, then exit this room.  When you
are back in the hospital waiting room go left and through the door on
the far left by pressing the green button.  Here go north all the way
and get the chest that contains the weapon power-up, and enter the door
to the left.  Here you will fight a weak creature and get a 30 bullet
clip in the lower right hand corner.  Before you leave turn the far
left wheel above the chest, then exit.  Now go back to the elevator,
push the pad inside and choose the third option.  Now enter the door on
your left and get the chest that contains a new weapon.  To open the
northern door click on the red arrow on the left wall, then turn Aya
facing up and click to push the machine out of the way.  Now push the
red button behind the machine and the northern door will open.  In the
next area (beyond the northern door) get the armor power-up in the
chest in the upper left then exit the room at upper right.  Enter the
door on your right here and get four things:  search the blue pile for
an item, search the notebooks for a key, open the chest on the stool
for a green potion, and open the chest on the counter for a 30 bullet
clip.  Now SAVE YOUR GAME at the desk, then leave and enter the
elevator to the north.  You will see a super FMV with jets deployed
over New York then, after pushing the button in the elevator, you'll
get to the roof where you get to fight the easiest boss in history.

SPIDER BOSS - 750 HP: This boss is the ultimate pushover.  He has three
little wimpy moves.  His slash is how he responds to your getting too
close, he doesn't like's a pathetic attack as far as damage
goes too.  Then there's his fireballs, which are EASY to dodge if you
just run solid in one direction...he'll miss.  Then there is his ONLY
scary move, which doesn't even have to be scary, and that's his triple
web attack...scary because IF it hits you then you are frozen and are
wide open for his fireball attacks.  Of course, if you know his
strategy he's a walk in the park.  Just stay pretty far away from him
and continue running around him counter-clockwise.  He'll fire his
three webs at you and miss if you are far away enough.  Then run up to
him and fire with your best weapon.  Now he will shoot a fireball at
you or slash at you, both of which you can easily cope with I hope (the
fireball by dodging it, and the slash by being a man and taking
crying babies allowed here).  Then fire on him again.  Now, chances are
he'll do another fireball before his web attack, but if you don't want
to take a chance, then don't.  Anyway...follow this simple pattern, and
you'll realize how much of a true wimp this boss is.  After you do
about 450 damage, the camera zooms in and you fight the rest of the
battle in close-up.  Kick his ass.

     Once you have won the spider blows up a big hole and falls in.
You'll see EVE and talk to her.  After a SUPER cool FMV it is time to
RUN down to the lower left corner as those jets are coming FAST!!!
Now, you'll see another righteous FMV...then you'll fight a wimpy baby
spider who just a normal enemy.  Once you reach the bottom (in
automatic sequence) you are greeted by Daniel and Kunihiko who drive
with you back to the station.  Just go to the Chief's office and talk
to the people there...end of the day!

     CHINATOWN: This day actually starts at the main map, so CHOOSE
Chinatown.  Once there go north and in the second area get a chest to
your right containing an armor power-up and a chest to your left which
holds a 180HP+ vial.  Go north and get the two chests to your left here
that contain a weapon power-up and a new gun...then save at the phone
if you wish.  Go north again and you will see Kunihiko looking into a
sewer, speak to him and he'll give you a key.  Now get the chest in the
upper left that has a 30 bullet clip, and enter the sewer.  NOTE: This
section is a maze type area and I have given one of the fastest ways
through it here that still gets you the good armor (with only ONE out
of the way item noted, other than the ones you get ON THE WAY).  There
are about three other chests that I didn't mention here, and they don't
contain much interesting anyway.  Still, if you wish to find
them...more power to ya.  Anyway, in the sewer after you FIRST go in
take a left and get the chest for a 15 bullet clip, go left, left
again, then north for an upgrade tool.  Go south, left (get green
potion here), left, south (get great armor in a chest here), south,
south, and south.  You have now reached an open type area, climb the
ladder to your right and go all the way right to get a chest containing
a new police stick.  Now backtrack and take the way down that you just
passed to reach a new area.  Here you will see an FMV sequence, then go
dowm/right and down the ladder...get the chest here that has an upgrade
tool.  Now go back up, take the stairway leading up, and enter the
door.  Here just enter the door on your left and get the chest in the
next area with a 30 bullet clip inside (save your game here too).  Now
click on the console in front of you and choose the top option and the
next top option.  Do it again but this option, then bottom
option (watch FMV).  Now click it and just push the first bottom
option.  Go through the door to your north and you'll see the results
of what you did.  Go straight to the right and exit through the door
there, then go straight up the steps and through the door.  Now you are
in the subway, so go left and climb the wall.  Here get the two chests
containing a 180HP+ vial and a weapon power-up.  Take the left path up
and get the chest containing a 30 bullet clip on the way.  You are now
on a new boss.

1,400 HP: This boss can be tough if you don't know his strategy, simply
because IF his moves hit you...they HURT!  His moves include his simple
smash in which he brings his head down on you, his poison balls which
he fires into the air and lets them land on you for damage AND
poisoning, and his lightning bolt in which he swirls around about 45
degrees and lets loose a MAJOR killer bolt at you.  The strategy
actually makes him pretty easy though!  Just stay right at his side
towards his tail on his left (his REAL left) side.  Just keep moving
with his tail, firing, moving with his tail, firing, etc.  With this
method, the only move he has that is ANY threat is his poison ball
attack...and that alone is no big deal.  As long as you are towards his
hind area and right at his side, he can use the lighting bolt attack
where he turns 45 degrees VERY fast, and he'll still miss you barely.
This strategy is tried and can't lose if you do it right.
After you do about 800 HP damage he explodes into four segments that
dance around you and fly into you for big damage.  This part is
difficult at first because there are NO safety zones!  Just concentrate
on killing ONE of them very quick so you'll open up a safe zone.  Now
there is an empty space so try to stay in it and blow the other little
bastards away.  I can practically PROMISE you that you will need to use
your 280HP+ PARASITE ENERGY spell at least once in this part of the
battle so don't be afraid to do so.  Anyway, annihilate those pesky
things and stand victorious in the end.

     Now, continue north and go to the end of the the
dead cop and get his key.  Now you are instructed to insert DISC so.  Go back down the bridge and back to where you where...go
FAR to the right to find a hidden path and follow it down to enter a
subway car.  Inside the car, get the three chests that have body armor
and two upgrade tools.  Now leave the car and take the middle or left
path down.  Go down again to end up at the save point go down
a screen and get the chest containing an armor power-up.  Exit the area
through the iron gate now that you have the cop's key.  At the map it
will be dark now so choose the Warehouse or Museum.

WAREHOUSE (optional): This is an optional location, but it also gets
you the strongest weapon in the game...your choice.  Anyway if you
decide to go here there is a cop at the gate who eventually runs off
and you can enter...get the chest directly to your right which has a
new weapon (this one is not the one that is the best...obviously).  Now
go north and enter the warehouse.  In the first room, get the chest to
your left that contains some body armor and exit the area to the north.
Here, go down/right and get the key glimmering on the floor.  Exit the
area through the door in the upper right and in the next area go
directly down and enter the door on the left.  Here get two has some body armor, the other has a clip.  Go up the
steps to the left and go past the save point, up a ladder, and to
another chest which has a weapon power-up (now save).  Exit the room
through the door on the left, go across the straight bridge, and ebter
the next door.  Here get the three chests which have ywo armor power-
ups and an upgrade tool.  Now climb down the elevator shaft to the
north.  Here you will face a boss.

1,600 HP: This boss has KILLER attacks, so strategy is a must.  He has
about four attacks including his regular stab attack where he stabs at
you with one of his claws for some damage.  Then there is his bubble
attack, which hits you once or twice for about 90 HP damage each time.
He also has an eyeball laser attack where is eyes pop out of their
sockets and let loose two deadly beams.  His final attack is also his
most dangerous...his claw grab, in which he grabs you with one claw and
NAILS you with the other reducing your HP to 1.  The tactic on this
boss is to stay at his side (much like the CENTIPEDE BOSS).  If you are
at his side you are completely safe from his bubble attack, and as long
as you are at least a little DISTANCED from his side you are free from
his stab and claw grab.  So the only attack that there is to fear is
the deadly eyeball lasers.  These are complicated to soon as
you see the eyes come from the sockets just tear ass in a certain
direction and DON'T let up until the lasers disappear.  If you succeed
good, if not...oh well good luck next time and just heal the damage.
While fighting this creature go for his claws first because his body
has ultra high defense while the claws exist...kill the claws then go
for the body.  If you get weak, you'll want to use your 280HP+ PARASITE
ENERGY spell.  Once you defeat him you get the best weapon in the game
(a rocket laucher launcher type weapon...SAVE it for later).  Then get
the upgrade tool in the upper left hand corner and leave the warehouse
the way you came.

MUSEUM: Enter the museum and you'll see a person dressed in white
disappear into a door on the your game and pursue him/her.
In this room exit down/left and reach a room where you can get a 180HP+
vial in the lower left corner from a chest.  Now exit this room by
another door and witness the man in white again.  Now get the two
chests; the one on the left contains a 180HP+ vial, the one on the left
has a new gun.  The man in white has locked the door he exited through
so backtrack to the museum lobby now.  Here go north and in the next
area click on the machine to your right and choose the bottom choice to
get an Instant Revive potion.  Now go north again, and in this area go
north and left.  You will see a huge scorpion (not a boss, don't worry)
and a the machine and select the middle button to get a
15 bullet clip.  Now take on the scorpion to clear the way...he looks
intimidating, but he's really quite simple.  In the next area go north
to another area and get the chest here that has a new gun.  Go north
(don't take the stairs) and once you reach the next area look around
and then just you leave a sequence happens.  Now go back
from where you can, take the stairs this time, click the machine at the
top and choose the second option to get a 30 bullet clip.  Now go north
and in this area you will see the result of the sequence that just
happened.  A door has been cleared in the corner so enter it and find
yourself at a ladder going up or down.  Up is where you want to go,
however if you want to go down really quickly there is a chest with an
armor power-up waiting for you there.  Once you have gone up enter the
door and inside click the machine and select the top choice for a 30
bullet clip.  Now go south to the next area and south AGAIN (after
clicking the bottom choice for a 30 bullet clip at the machine here) to
get to the next area.  Here take a right and go right again here after
getting the chest containing a 400HP+ vial and then follow the hallway
to another area.  Here just go south to the next section and go through
the double doors on the left here, which get locked behind you by
someone.  In here get the chest with new body armor and then go up to
the broken window and choose the top choice which makes Aya climb
outside onto the ledge.  Walk to the right and you'll be given a choice
again, choose the top one to have Aya drop down a floor...then enter
the room to your left.  Exit this room to the right and then in this
area go north.  Here there is a Museum shop and inside is a chest
holding an armor power-up (you can't see it, but it's there under the
canopy).  Now go north, and follow this hallway to a large red carpeted
area where you must go through the northern door.  Go north in this
hallway to reach the museum security office where you can SAVE finally!
Also in here push the button to the right to turn on the elevators,
watch a security camera video of EVE, and get the chest to the left
that has a new weapon.  Leave the room, go down the hall again, and
watch the cool FMV of the T-REX coming to life.  Now go left and in
this area get the chest containing an Instant Revive potion, then go
north.  Here get the two chests containing an armor and weapon power-
up.  Now you are at the area where the destroyed room is (the one above
all of the stone heads).  Go down the stairs, then down and follow the
way back to the museum lobby.  In the lobby go up the stairwell and
then into the door that is now slightly cracked.  Here you see Kunihiko
and he gives you a new weapon.  A scene takes place (with Daniel
kicking some ass) and then Aya gets a key.  Now make your way back to
the security office to save your game because the boss is close by to
there.  Once you save it, exit the office, go down the halway, take a
left at the red carpet area, go up the stairs, and exit this area by
the southern door.  Here you will face a boss.

2,050 HP: This boss isn't too hard despite his relatively high HP.  He
has moves that absolutely hurt like hell so the key is, of course,
dodging them.  He hasn't many moves, just a lightning bolt ground
attack and his charge which HURTS especially if he does three in a row.
The way to beat this guy is simple...just fire at him with your best
weapon (other than the rocket, save that) for about two turns then get
ready to dodge his charge.  At first he will only be doing one charge
at a time, but as you weaken him...he'll move up to three.  The dodging
isn't as easy as it looks, but it can be done.  However, when he does
three at a time you'll most likely get hit by at least one.  Anyway,
when you see him about to do it just be right in his line of sight and
DART quickly to the side so he goes past you...that's the basic "dodge"
on this guy.  As for his lightning bolt attack...just get lucky and be
in the middle of its circular path, that's all I can say.  He shouldn't
be too tough for you, and once you've drained 1,000 of his HP his head
armor comes off and you can deal even bigger damage per hit AND he
doesn't do his charge anymore.  He's purely a lighting bolt kinda
monster after you destroy his head shell.  He runs about on the screen
like a little fairy and stops to shoot his lightning...this form is
easy beyond belief.  So KILL HIM!  Afterward you may want to go back
and save your game because when you continue downward after the
TRICERATOPS boss it's time for ANOTHER boss (but first get the chests
containing a 30 bullet clip and a 180HP+ vial).

T-REX BOSS - 2,900 HP:  Uhhh...this guy is kind of tough.  However, at
this point in the game you may have a certain PARASITE ENERGY spell
that makes the battle MUCH easier.  The spell I'm talking about is the
best one in the game (the KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND of PARASITE EVE so to
speak...NOT LITERALLY!).  Anyway, it causes Aya to transform into an
angel like being and she does about 250 HP damage 7 times in a row!  I
guess you can understand why this would help out a lot...  Anyway, if
you use that the T-Rex will still be alive so it's time to tell the
strategy.  This guy has quite a few moves in his arsenal.  His basic
move is his slash attack, where he just hits you if you're too close.
Then there is his main attack in which he is basically a flamethrower
and a huge tower of fire from his mouth BATHES the area back and forth.
He also has his electric ball attack where he charges up and fires two
balls of energy at you (these are EASILY dodged).  He has more, but
these are his most deadly and most used.  Now, the strategy isn't too
hard to learn and it is once again a side based strategy.  When he is
about to blow his fire you must run up to him and choose the correct
side of him to stand can tell by his body shift...go to the
side farthest from where his body is pointing.  You should be able to
dodge the fire easily this for the electric balls, just run
around and those pathetic things will miss you.  He's not so hard after
all eh?  Just to let you know, I have beaten him WITHOUT using that
special PE spell, so don't go and learn it just for this boss if you
don't have it.  Good luck!

     After he's dead, exit the area by the hard to find door in the
corner and you'll be in the museum lobby again.  Take the elevator to
the fourth floor and get the chest with an Instant Revive by the gross
looking door.  Ignore the door and follow the path down the stairs.
Here go north, then north again, then follow this path north, then go
left, the south and you will be back in the triceratops room.  Exit to
the south to trigger an FMV sequence.  In the next room go THROUGH the
broken glass case into a secret room with two chest holding a new
weapon and an upgrade tool.  Now exit this room by the southern muck
covered stairway and in the next area enter the cracked door.  Here you
will see EVE and a HUGE non-interactive section begins.  You can't play
it, but you can watch it...and the FMV in these sequences will have you
screaming out in glee.  We're talking truly AWESOME stuff here.  Once
it is all find yourself on an island of slime...go north
to face EVE one last time.

8,400 HP: This is, in my opinion, the hardest battle in the game.  EVE
is one tough bitch.  By the way, after fighting the T-Rex you should've
gained enough levels to have that super PE spell, and you practically
MUST have it here unless you are packing a BUNCH of rockets!  Yes
folks, it's time...time to use the Rocket Launcher.  EVE has three
parts to her body so the best way to beat her is to use a weapon that
hits ALL parts...the R. Launcher is definately that weapon.  Anyway,
EVE has quite an impressive arsenal of moves on her side.  She has two
hands in front that shoot fireballs at you.  She has two hands in back
that go apeshit and fire energy boomerangs at you in QUICK succession!
Also, she has a move where her top portion shoots a fast string of
energy needles at you.  She has a move where she just flies right up to
you and bashes you bigtime!  She also has several VERY annoying moves
where she flies up to you, picks you up, and totally kicks your ass.
She has three of these, in one she picks you up and just hits you about
four times in a row...ouch!  In another she picks you up and hits you
less times, but confuses you as well.  Then is her worst of all, when
she picks you up and drains your HP to 1.  Your basic tactic on this
chick is to STAY AWAY and pummel her from a distance.  Her fireballs
are EASY to dodge by running in one solid direction and her energy
boomerangs usually won't hit you if you're far away.  As for her pick
up/kick Aya ass moves...what can I say...just RUN!!!  Anyway, once you
start the battle IMMEDIATELY use the super PE spell.  Then just fire
your R. Launcher at her and keep yourself alive until your PE is fully
charged again...and use the super spell AGAIN.  After this, a few more
R. Launcher blasts should do it.  Uh oh...the battles not over
though...time for EVE's second form. least her hard form is
history and since this is counted as a new battle your PE meter should
be filling pretty quickly.  All you have to do is survive her three
wimpy attacks.  She has a wing slash for close encounters, an
earthquake type attack that appears right under you and is fairly
unavoidable, and her super attack in which she flies high into the air
and fires a HUGE purple beam down on you.  All of these attacks (except
the earthquake) are easy to avoid, so just stay alive until your PE
meter fills and let her have a taste of your super spell.  A few more
rocket or gun blasts should do it after that.  Congratulations, you did
it!  After a cool FMV it's the end of the day!

     This day begins with a short FMV sequence then a realtime non-
interactive scene occurs.  When you have control of Aya run into the
door on the left and inside speak to Kunihiko and another man.  Make
sure to talk to the guy on the far left if you want a bunch of free
items for the battle 400HP+ vials, etc.  Now leave the
area the way you came and see a bunch of realtime and FMV
cutscenes...then it's time for battle with the FINAL BOSS!!!

FORM 8,000 HP - GRAND TOTAL 16,800 HP: This boss isn't anything tough
if you know his patterns.  The first form (who looks so much like
Cupid, it's scary) is practically the easiest boss in the entire game!
He floats around, then stops, and then lets loose with this circular
beam which is SIMPLE to run away from.  Just run and hit, run and hit.
Of course, the baby also has a move that he does VERY rarely in which
he fires a HUGE force along the ground and reduces your HP to 1.  Oh
well, other that that he's a wuss.  Take him out and face the next
form.  This form is also very easy.  Just alternate shots between the
top portion and bottom portion because you want to weaken them both
pretty good before they split in two.  This form has a few moves, none
of which are very scary.  He fires double bolts at you which you can
move between and then fire on him.  Also he has an attack where he
fires three homing energy balls at you (no problem to dodge though
either).  However, once this form splits things get rough.  You've got
the bottom half jumping around either nailing you or beaming you, and
the upper portion either shooting you or charging you strengthened by
lightning.  Well...screw these buggers.  Use you know what (the PE
spell!) and annihilate them.  If you don't win against this form yet
after that, at least ONE of the parts will be dead and you'll have an
easy time getting rid of the remaining one on its own.  Now for the
third form, a moves master!  This guy has a two hit combo attack that
hurts you pretty good, he also has a grab and smack HP to 1 attack.  I
mustn't forget his earthquake type spell...of which he has TWO
different kinds.  Then comes his purple energy ball attack, etc.  Big
hint...don't get too close to this guy unless he has just fired those
purple balls and you want to shoot him.  The tactic is simple...use the
super PE spell, then stay alive WHILE fighting until it recharges...and
once it does use it again.  Now a few more shots should kill this form,
onto the final one.  You'll notice that this guy has a body of freakin'
STEEL!  Even the PE attack only takes off 1 HP damage per hit!  Don't
worry though...concentrate on doing about 10 - 15 points of
damage...then a sequence will begin.  In the FMV Daniel throws you a
clip of SPECIAL bullets...REALLY special bullets...the kind that do 999
HP damage per hit!  So nail this guy hard with those 999 HP hits and
don't let up till he's dead.  By the way...his moves are so pathetic
they need not be mentioned here to maintain a serious mood.  After you
kill him it over?

     NO IT'S NOT!!!  He's still moving, and towards you!  Quick, run
into the door on the left!  In here QUICKLY run to the door on the left
ENEMY!).  Now, take the LEFT path and follow it all the way to a door
on your right...go through it!  Run down the steps here and enter the
door on your left!  Now run right and take the FIRST left you
to the ladder and go down!  Here go down but click on the console to
the left to start the self destruct run down again, go
left, and climb the ladder.  Run down and straight through the bottom
door here.  In this next area, run down also but exit through the
bottom door on the left.  Now run up these stairs QUICKLY and exit to
the right.  Here just run all the way left as fast as you can,
and...YOU ESCAPE!!!  Enjoy the ending, and congratulations!

     Now I'm going to do that queer little thing, PARASITE EVE is
copyright of SQUARESOFT.  This FAQ is MINE there is NO unauthorized use
of this game FAQ ANYWHERE unless it is shown in its MAY
put this FAQ on your site but ONLY in its COMPLETE FORM.  Mess with
EXDEATH, and you'll be sorry.

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