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Choose the Player 2's color when you're in one play!!
Just press all L and R buttons OR just L1 + R1 when you choose the
character in VS mode.

-- Kanthony


To play the last boss, Rogue:

On vs. Mode, start at Ranma, go right 3 times, down to Ryoga, pause,
go to the left three times, then up to Ranma, and select Ranma.
Now you can play as Rogue!!

-- Sean Hughes


To get the sound test, (first set the cpu lvl to 1;time limit 30; and rounds
won to 1) enter story mode and try to uncover all the stones till you have
uncovered almost all but one stone. The best way to do this is to conastanly
save and load the game when you make a mistake. Now when you have uncovered
the one of the last two stones and still have the chance to uncover the last
stone, another red one will appear to the right of the starting point. Go
into to it and it will be a sound test.


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