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This is the wartime when many battles were found here and there. The powers competing with each other to conquer the world have been fighting day and night. All the people were possessed by their own lust of power and repeated black deeds. The only good lord adored by the people was Matsunoshin Gohda. However nobody knows that behind him there were two shadows supporting him. Two shadows destined to live and die in the darkness...

Ayame is a female ninja... belonging to Azumashinobi school of the art of ninja, along with Rikimaru. She abandons the body and the fame and dirties her arms with blood, defeating the evil at the back. This is the story of the two shadows who lived next to the death for Matsunoshin and the people to stop the devilish conduct in the world.

Mission 1: Punish the evil merchant

Echigoya with the enormous power has the endless lust and kept tormenting the people's lives.

The people were made to owe the debt at high interest without knowing it and grieved over it.

Those who couldn't return the money to Echigoya were suffered by the waifs and the masterless samurais the Echigoya uses.

The chief retainers at the Gohda found out the fact and searched for the evidence instantly to punish the Echigoya. But the cunning Echigoya cannot have gotten his hands dirty by themselves.

Matsunoshin Gohda faced the reality that he couldn't punish him in public and determined to send the assasins.

Mission 2: Carry the confidential letters

They hurried to their lord, Matsunoshin Gohda with the secret letters in which the neighbor countries' conditions were written.

It was when they almost finished the errand and they were just under the castle that they noticed the numerous shadows running with their own shadows.

There is a party who is watching for the letters and slipped into the castle town.

They have to reach the lord in the castle who is waiting for them.

Mission 3: Save the prisoners

We lost the contact with Shinobu hiding in the neighbor country.

Afterwards a person who came to the castle said that Shinobu was taken prisoner in the mountain over the "Toratsugumi Forest" in the frontier and being tortured.

If it takes time the the rest of the party will be in danger......



A male ninja with a prodigious patience. He does his duty using his body as a weapon that he has built up since his childhood. The power and the celerity he has were by sheer dint of training. At the age of 16 he was given the fine sword "jurokuya" by his teacher Shiunsai Azuma and entered the Gohdas family of his lord for generations.

He has done many exploits till today and finally became the head of Azumashinobu school of ninja art when Shiunsai was retired. He accomplishes all the given orders accurately. His character is totally different from that of Ayame. He is serious and a hard worker as the head should be. He keeps the laws of ninjas strictly. But sometimes he shows the emotion that he suppresses as a ninja when he faces his company's death for example. However he is not so emotional as Ayame as a whole.


She looks like an ordinary girl in the city. But just like her name "Ayame (colorful girl in Japanese)" she dresses colorfully and boldly. You can't imagine that she is a ninja from her outlook. She doesn't know her parents as well as Rikimaru and has been trained as a ninja since she was very little. Of course she doesn't know what a family is like. That may be the reason why she takes good care of Gohda's daughter Princess Kiku. However she has the cruelty without hesitation and the coldness without sentiment. In this point she is beyond Rikimaru and Shiunsai Azuma also admits she is superior.


He is a genuine samurai who succeeded to the patrimony of the Gohdas family in youth. However he has no lust to expand his territory and exercises his leadership to open the markets around his castle and to activate the castle town. Azumashinobu school serves the Gohdas family for generations. He is an ideal lord in a sense. He makes the feudatories feel like guarding him at the risk of their lives. His wife passed away when his daughter Kiku was little and he raised her by himself. He is both strict and sweet to Princess Kiku. He is an ideal father too.


He has served the Gohdas family from the ancient times and the Sekiyas family have engaged in rousyoku for generations. Naotada went to the war with Matsunoshin's father in youth and was granted the territory. Matsunoshin's father who passed away in an accident entrusted the assistant to Matsunoshin. Naturally he took charge of the education of Matsunoshin since he was a child.

He is a serious and delicate man but has a little careless aspect to overlook the important parts sometimes. Nevertheless Matsunoshin and he are good partners.


She is the only daughter of Matsunoshin Gohda. She will enter the adolescence soon after the childhood but because she has no brothers nor sisters she is a little spoiled. Her mother's death in her early childhood may have caused it. She shares the feelings of sisters with Ayaka who has no family. She is short for her age of 12.


He is a stereotyped evil merchant. He made a fortune out of textile and began the usurer based on it. He tormented the townspeople demanding an unreasonable interest, used the lordless samurais and settled everything by force and arms. Of course these are impermissible but he doesn't leave the evidence at all so had never been blamed. He has huge premises and a big warehouse. He is interested in foreign goods as merchants tend to and he has a dagger.


He is a bodyguard employed by Echigoya. He has a talent. His swordplay is acute and he is very confident. He was so confident that he acted rashly and crushed many ashrams. Finally he cut his teacher who brought him up and began to wander around many places.

When he lost interest in such life he was introduced Echigoya to become his bodyguard. However he is taking to drinking and women now and neglects even everyday's training.


He is a rival with the main characters. He is always a leader under the King Mei and has designs on Gohda's country. He appears with the bold smile till the final stage after the each stages where he tormented the characters and left. He wears leg guards with a knife in it and attacks magnificently. He doesn't look a ninja, which is one of his charms.

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