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Tenchu FAQ  v 1.0
by Scott Dilley

Version history

v 1.0   first version


        OK, this is the first version of my Tenchu FAQ.  I've gotten a
lot of questions about this game, so I decided it was time for a FAQ. If
anyone has any comments, suggestions, or additions please E-mail me at (all contributors will be given full credit.) This
FAQ, or any of it's parts are not to be used for monetary gain, or
submittal to any  form of magazine or publication, without proper credit
given to it's author, and any  contributors.  You may print or
electronically duplicate this FAQ only in its entirety.


        I'm very rusty on my Japanese, therefore I will only be giving a
synopsis of the story, and not a full translation.  If any one out there
would like to translate the story, I would be happy to make a space in
this FAQ specifically for that purpose.

        Your first mission is to kill a wealthy, and evil shogun.  Upon
completion, you return to find your home town crawling with ninja.  When
you reach your Dojo, your mentor tells you some one has taken his
daughter and your ninja counter part.  You then set off on the trail,
and after rescuing your counter part, you set out to rescue your mentors


        This is where I've been getting the most questions, mainly on
how to save the game.

Main Menu

There are three choices here,

        Start Game      Begin a game
        Training        Start a Training game
        Options         Enter the Options Menu

Options Menu

        Difficulty              Easy or Hard
        Sound                   Stereo or Mono
                Music Volume
                SFX Volume
        Sound Test
                Test Music      (D-pad left or right to cycle through
                                tracks, circle to choose)
                Test SFX        (D-pad left or right to cycle through
                                tracks, circle to choose)

        Memory Card
                Autosave        On or Off
                Load Game
                Save Game
        Dual Shock              On or Off


        These are the weapons you can use during the game, you can have
four different kinds of weapons at a time, and no more than fifteen

Normal Weapons

Most of these are available at the beginning, the rest you get when you
complete your first mission.  How many items you have on stock depends
on how many points you get when you complete each mission.

Ninja Stars             Throw these at enemies using the same targeting
                        system as the grappling hook.
Caltrops                You throw these behind you, when an enemy runs
                        over them, they take damage, they will also
                        cause damage to you.
Medical potion          Use this to regain lost health.
Bomb                    Throw the bomb at enemies to cause some damage,
                        if you throw it while they are too close, you'll
                        get hit too.
Smoke Bomb              Throw the Smoke bomb to cause enemies to choke,
                        then take care of them while they can't do
Mine                    When you use this, you place it in front of you,
                        make sure that you jump back a few times after
                        placing it.  This causes a lot of damage.
Sake                    Throw this to attract an enemies attention, then
                        run up and kill them.  This is also poisoned, so
                        if they drink it they can't fight.  This is the
                        most useful item in the game, and can last you
                        an entire level with just a couple if your
Sleeping potion         When you use it, you throw a sleeping powder at
                        your enemy, then attack them while they snooze.
Five colored rice       The most useless item in the game, use it as a
                        marker of where you've been.

Secret Weapons

To get the Secret weapons, you need to complete each mission with a
score of 400 or more.  There are nine secret weapons, one for each
mission and one for the training mission.

        Ninja knives    You throw four knives ahead of you, best if used
                        from farther away, since they start out in a
                        wide spread pattern, then track enemies.
        Yellow Scroll   Teleport a short distance forward, use to get
                        away from enemies quickly.
        Red Scroll      Causes a flame to ignite in front of you, doing
                        damage to any enemies who are standing there,
                        very hard to aim.
        Luck Charm      While you are glowing, you cause extra damage.
        Purple Scroll   Use this to create a clone of yourself and
                        confuse enemies.
        Leaf            When you have one of these, if your health goes
                        to zero or below you'll regain half of your
                        health instead of dying.
        Uniform         Put this on and you'll be able to walk past the
                        guards for a limited time.
        Bone            Use this to call up the ninja dog, who will
                        attack any enemies in the area.  Has a limited
                        duration, and if he takes too much damage he'll
        Clay Flute      This flute has unlimited uses.  Use it when some
                        an enemy notices you (yellow globe) and it will
                        make a noise of an animal appropriate for the


        Listed below are the various missions, there objectives, and
short tips on completing it. Remember, there are several ways to get
from the start of the level to the end, and one of the best parts about
the game is the variety of ways you can play it.

Training-  This is a pretty simple level, kill all the enemies and run
out the door at the end.  To get a perfect score you can't be noticed by
anyone.  Remember, you can use throwing stars to kill without being

Mission 1- Get to the main house and kill the evil and lecherous shogun.
Beware, since he'll sick a hired swordsman against you, then shoot at
you from across the room.  If you maneuver the swordsman between you and
the shogun, he'll get hit by the bullets.

Mission 2- You must make your way through the town, then over the bridge
and up the path to your dojo, where you talk to your mentor.  Some
enemies will jump on the rooftops, so be careful while running around on
the roofs, or you'll be spotted.

Mission 3- This time you start off in a forest, with several cave
entrances in the valley floor.  This level is a bit tricky, you need to
find the main cave (it's the biggest one, with jail cells all over the
place.)  Once in the main cave, make your way to the slender bridge
across a large pit.  There will be a doorway on ether side of the pit,
you want to take the right one.  Jump to it from the middle of the
bridge, then follow the tunnel the rest of the way around.  The boss is
a great big guy with a club, who has a bear, and sometimes a wolf as
pets.  Be very careful of the bear, some of his hits can take off half
of your health bar.

Mission 4-  Your objective here is to reach the shrine, then climb to
the top right hand side.  Once there you'll drop back down to the ground
and fight another great big guy with a club.  After finishing him off,
the guy who taunted you at the end of mission 3 appears, and you have to
fight him.  He doesn't use a weapon, but his feet are powerful, so be
careful.  Once you knock off about half of his life, he runs and you
follow after.

Mission 5-  You must make your way through this pirate infested town to
the largest ship (the one that's pictured in the level select.)  Once
there, you will fight with a large pirate, just hack away to defeat him.

Mission 6-  Here your at a mountain pass, and must make your way up all
the way up.  There are lots of places to fall, so you'll need to use
your grappling hook a lot.  When you get the long, skinny precipice,
just go to the very end where you see a flower to finish the level.

Mission 7-  Here you must face the martial arts guy in black.  Make your
way to the top of his temple, then defeat him.  Beware, he has a health
potion, and will use it when his bar is half gone, so keep a close eye,
and hit him when he try's to take a drink.  This level is very large, so
to get the most points, you'll need to take the time to explore.

Mission 8-  This is the final level, and the longest.  You need to make
your way up the steps and through the several gates.  This first part is
very open, so you'll need to be careful going up so your not seen.
Climbing up the side and using the trees for cover is your best bet.
Once you get to the main temple, you'll fight the martial artist in
black for the final time, then jump down to the inner temple.  Follow
the passages to the end, and you'll finally see a big rock slab, jump
into the hole after it moves.  The final boss is very tough, and the
lightning that shoots out of his sword is unblockable, so you'll need to
move around a lot.  The easiest way I've found to beat him is using the
bone to summon the dog, this will distract him so you can run in and


The Scoring system for each mission goes something like this.

1. Sneaky kills you have
2. Regular kills you made
3. Times you've been spotted ( your orb turned orange ) max point is
    400, each time you are spotted you lose some, after being seen for 6
    times, it's pretty much pointless to hide yourself, because this
    rating will be near zero by then.
4. Innocent's you've killed, this score is deducted from the sum of 1,2,
    and 3.

If you score above 400 total, you'll get a secret weapon.


        Each character is essentially the same, and uses the same set of
controls.  The differences between the two is:  Rikimaru has a shorter
attack combo with his sword, but causes more damage with each hit, Ayame
has a longer attack combo with her knives, but they cause less damage
per hit.  Other than that, there isn't much of a difference (although I
personally think Ayame looks better.)

Attack Maneuvers

        square                          Attack, press repeatedly for
                                        multiple attacks
        up, up, square                  Lunging attack
        up, down, square                Attack behind you while turning
        left, square                    Left attack
        right, square                   Right Attack
        hold left, square, square       Double Left attack (Ayame only)
        hold right, square, square      Double Right attack (Ayame only)
        left, square, right, square     Double Left attack (Rikimaru only)
        right, square, left, square     Double Right attack (Rikimaru only)
        X, square                       Jump attack

Other Maneuvers

        R1                              Crouch
        R1, double tap right            Roll to the right
        R1, double tap left             Roll to the left
        R1, double tap up               Roll forward
        R1, double tap down             Roll backwards
        R1 against a wall               Sneak along a wall
        X                               Jump
        X, left                         Jump to the left
        X, right                        Jump to the right
        X, down                         Jump backwards
        X, up                           Jump forwards
        X, up, up                       Dive forward
        X, down, up                     Jump forward, twisting in air, to face opposite direction
        triangle                        Activate item
        L1                              Look
        R2, L2                          Cycle through inventory


        I'll add more as soon as I have more info.  If you would like to
contribute, please E-mail me at, Thank you.


This FAQ was created by Scott Dilley

thank you to

Michael M. Wang, for sending me the correct scoring system.

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