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Tokimeki Memorial forever with you
Mini-FAQ v1.2
December 13th/96

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) Resources and Credits
3) Menu Translations:
    a) Options
    b) Command Table
    c) Clubs
    d) Movie/Concert/Stadium Schedule
    e) Date Locations
4) Playing the Game
5) Cast
6) Miscellaneous and Special Notes
7) Survival Guide by The Crow
8) Ending Translations  *** SPOILERS!!! (Duh)  ***



	Tokimeki Memorial forever with you (TokiMemo) is a sim game published
by Konami of Japan for the PC Engine, Sony Playstation and most recently, the
Sega Saturn.  It was immensely popular for the PC Engine and Playstation and
probably also for the Saturn (though I don't have any sources saying so).
Basically, the game gives you 3 years in high school to try to win a love.
Sounds simple and easy?, it is, and also a whole lot of fun too!  However,
the game requires quite a bit of knowledge of Japanese and so I decided to
create this mini-faq to help non-Japnese players (like myself).  Enjoy the
game and hope that this faq will help you out.  Some knowledge of Kanji will
help of course (I should've listened to my dad when he told me to learn
Chinese!).  I figured out most of the things through my basic knowledge of
Japnese and Kanji, trial and error and just plain guessing.

	Please note that some of the information comes from people playing
the PSX version (I'm playing the Saturn version).  No doubt there are subtle
differences though it shouldn't be too hazardous for other system users. :)
However, if you spot a difference, please feel free to let me know!

						- Quang Lai


	This faq is probably 75% a compilation of info I've gathered on the
net; the rest being some of my own contributions.  I'd like to give BIG BIG
thanks to:

David Van Clef (                 - Cast, endings

The Crow (     - Survival guide

Kent Keltner (             - Team TokiMemo

Dave Z (                 - Images

- and to anyone who may have helped the people above!

	This faq will probably be quite incomplete and so, if you can help
out, please email your info to me (  If
you are passable with Japnese and want to take over as the faq writer, please
be my guest (and let me know) as my Japnese is pretty bad!

An html version of this mini-faq is available at:; and may be more up to date
than this text version.

Other TokiMemo pages:
# Get a list.........


a)  OPTIONS:  [1]

Prompts you after entering your name; also accessible during game (it should
be the system icon; ie. It's the Saturn/Playstation/PC Engine icon)

Word Display Speed      [slow | NORMAL | fast]
Icon Arrangement        [HORIZONTAL | vertical]
Limit Cursor Movement   [YES | no]
??????????????          [various speeds]
Voice                   [ON | off]

* Options in CAPS LOCK are the default
[1]  I'm playing the Saturn version and I'm assuming that the options are in
     the same order as the PC Engine's and Playstation's.


Your point chart is displayed in this manner:

Stamina         |         Humanities    |         Science
Art             |         Athletics     |         General Knowledge (Gen Kdge)
Appearance      |         Perseverance  |         Stress

This table is an index of what actions affect what statistics:  (from David Van Clef)

	   Stamina  Humanities  Science  Art  Athletics  Knowledge  Appearance  Perseverance  Stress
Humanities    -        ++          +       +      -         +           -            -          ++
Science       -         +         ++       +      -         +           -            +          ++
Art           -         +          +      ++      -         +           -            -           *
Athletics    --         -          -       -     ++         +           -           ++           +
Amusement     -         -          -       -      +        ++          ++            -           *
Fashion       -         -          -       -      -        ++          ++            -           *
Rest         ++       none       none    none     none      -           -            -          --

 Symbol                   Meaning
 ++             Stat goes up at least one
 +              Stat may go up one
 none           Stat is unaffected
 -              Stat may go down one
 --             Stat goes down at least one
 *              Unknown

c)  CLUBS:

Literature      |          Brass Band   |        Basketball
Drama           |          Baseball     |
Science         |          Soccer       |
Computer        |          Tennis       |
Arts            |          Swimming     |        Exit


		   MOVIE                         CONCERT
	    Genre         Title           Genre           Title

Spring '95      C  L  O  S  E  D          Classical    KNM Symphony Orchestra
Summer '95  Comedy        Oirayaateruyo   Idol         Chisa Morita/GIN GIN
Autumn '95  Love Romance  Forrest Gump    Rock         Chage-Asu
Winter '95  Action        Samasou         New Music    WIZARD
Spring '96  Horror        Hangaa          Idol         Riko Koudama
Summer '96  Anime         Kanpanman       Rock         XeXeX/Xippon
Autumn '96  Action        Suiken Tuu      Classical    KNM Symphony Orchestra
Winter '96  Love Romance  Ai no Melody    New Music    Bees
Spring '97  Action        Speed/King      Idol         SNACK
Summer '97  Horror        BANPO           Classical    KNM Symphony Orchestra
Autumn '97  Comedy        Omen            New Music    prf
Winter '97  Love Romance  Koi to seisyun  Rock         Rinsuu
			    no tabidachi

* Saturn/Playstation version varies in titles of movies and bandnames though
the genre is the same


MONTH              EVENT
 January        Pro Wrestling
 February       Closed
 March          Pro Wrestling
 April          Baseball
 May            Baseball
 June           Pro Wrestling
 July           Baseball
 August         Baseball
 September      Baseball
 October        Baseball
 November       Pro Wrestling
 December       Closed


1st Page:

Playground/Park         |       Greenhouse
Central Park            |       Planetarium
Shopping Strip/Mall     |       Art Museum
SeaWorld                |       Library
Zoo                     |       Arcade

2nd Page:

Bowling                 |       Concert
Karaoke                 |       WaterPark  ||   Skating
Amusement Park          |       Beach      ||   Skiing
Stadium                 |       Summer Festival (name?)
Movie Theater           |       ???

* The 2nd page can be accessed by the top left choice from the first page.
The Concert, Movie and Stadium options will only appear if you check the
news magazine for each season.

NOTE:  Not all locations are accessible - it depend on the year/season/gals
       you know; e.g. skating and skiing will replace WaterWorld and Beach
       during the winter season.



	Going by the Saturn version, you are prompted to enter your name
(using Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji or Special symbols),  and also your birthday
and bloodtype.  Next you are required to enter Shiori's birthdate and
bloodtype (see her character profile in section 5 to find out why).  When
this is all set, the options menu is displayed.  The last entry continues
with the game.  You get a short intro (which you can skip by pressing start).
Now the game begins as you are brought to the command screen where you decide
what you will do for the particular week.  The icons are pretty self
explanatory and so I won't bother explaining them.

	Checking the calendar will help you plan out your strategy.  Days
marked in red are of course free days/holidays when you can take a girl out
for a date.  Look out for test weeks, field trips, birthdays etc.  At the
beginning, you won't know any girls except for Shiori and you can call her up
through the telephone icon (she's the 2nd one on the list - the girls are
listed in the same order as in section 5 - Yoshi is first in your phone book).
Once you meet a girl for the first time (bumping into them SHORTLY in the
hallway doesn't count!), call up Yoshi and pick the 2nd option (see section
6g ) to her her stats and number.


	Dates are marked as hearts on the calendar (though hearts also
represents days in which you met someone.  To make a date, call her up and
pick a location.  If you see in the text box the date of the date repeatedly
showing up, that mean it's set (or you can tell by her voice (thank goodness
for CD! :) ).  When the day arrives, the game will prompt you with the heart
icon.  After or during each date, you will be given a couple of ways to
respond.  For instance, if you took her out to the movies, you can respond by
saying the movie was boring, so so or interesting.  See the survival guide
for some more info about all this.  She will react correspondingly and then
tell you how she felt about the date (interesting, pleasant, boring etc.). *

	If you make 2 or more dates which are close together, you will be
asked where you want to go.   There will be no bogus choices (ie. a place
where you've never planned to go) though the choices will be mixed up!  Also,
the highlighted choice may NOT be the right choice.  Of course, you could
always jot down your dates on paper, but I find that that takes the fun away.
:)  If you happen to pick the wrong place, it's not big trouble yet - you get
the choice of calling the girl up, or going to the other possible places.  If
you are sure that you've picked the right place, chose the first choice and
she'll come and apologize.  HOWEVER, if you are wrong and call her up, she'll
be pissed!   If you've picked the wrong location, pick the right one this
time and it should be ok.  If  the girl isn't too hot about you though, she'll
probably complain about your tardiness.  If you've picked the wrong place
again, she'll end up being piss at you naturally.  Keep in mind that it's
possible for the girl to have forgotten, or that the girl has stood you up.

	My personal strategy is to make a date every other week.  Since you
can only make one phone call a turn, this method gives me some leeway for
emergency calls (say a girl is unhappy or about to set a bomb).  This also
gives me the freedom to call up Yoshi to check up on the gals and/or to get
the number of someone I've just met.  There are months where you get extra
holidays though and so look out for them.

* I was hoping to include a section detailing the comments available for each
date, however it's switched and somewhat different for each character.  Most
of them I was able to piece together by reading (parts of) the Kanji and
Japnese.  I also haven't played this game all that much (it's my friends and
work is keeping me busy).  And so, I'm not certain how I'll be able to set it
up so that you'll recognize each sentence for what it is.  I don't have a
Kanji/Japnese editor nor would these characters be displayable in text format.
Perhaps someone will be able to make/get some gifs and the html version of
this faq would have this extra section.


	For general info about bombs, please read the survival guide.
Here's some extra notes:

-  A girl doesn't need to be at the unhappiest state to bomb you!  If she
   likes you and you ignore her, respond negatively too often and so forth,
   she WILL bomb you!
-  If Yoshi calls you up at night and there's a dramatic sound effect, that
   means a girl has set a bomb on you (he'll say who).


	During the course of school years, there will be school activity days,
field trips etc.  There's also the Christmas party and the New Year outing.
School activity day is explained in section 6a.

BIRTHDAYS - you will be prompted at the beginning of that day  whether to get
her a present (1st choice) or not (2nd choice).  It's up to you of course.
You have 3 choices of what to get each girl and I believe the selection
changes each birthday.  It'd be nice to see a complete list of all choices for
every girl but hey, my Japnese is bad and I haven't played it enough to have
seen 'em all.  Also, if a girl likes you enough, she'll drop by yer house on
your birthday.

VALENTINES DAY - There's a truckload of chocolate outside the school.  In
Japan, it's customary for a girl to give chocolates to someone she
likes.  And so, throughout the day, girls who like you will give you
chocolate.  This helps you determine which girl has got good intentions
towards you.

FIELD TRIP - I don't know much about this event; the first menu asks you to
pick where you'd like to go.  Later in the week you can meet with the girl of
your choice and go out together.  There's some more info in the survival

XMAS PARTY - I don't know too much about this either.  Basically, the girls
who like you if any (and at most four I think) will give you a present.  You
get to pick which one you want and you later have a conversation with that

NEW YEARS -  You can either go alone or call a girl up to go with you.  OR,
the girl who's madly in love with you can ask you out!  Basically, you go out
to get your fortune told (see section 6e).

AFTER SCHOOL - now and then, a girl will ask you to walk her home or to
follow her because she has something to say to you.  If the girl ignores you,
that's an indication that you better make her happy soon or she'll set a bomb
on you.

DURING SCHOOL - a good place to bump into girls. ^_^  Sometimes a girl will
ask you to go out (see survival guide for some tips).  There are occasional
times when a girl and you make a date and you don't have a choice though.
I've found this to happen after I've had very successful dates with a girl,
and sometimes when I've just met them at school.

DATES - there are times when at the start of your date, you'll get 'bumped'
by a gang of thugs.  You'll have to fight them via Final Fantasy style.  It's
quite hilarious.  Obviously, if you win it's good, and if you lose, I'd guess
that the girl won't think too highly of you.  The girl on your date will even
help you!  Mio was very useless as all I saw her do was heal me a tiny bit.
Yukari was hilarious as she calls out to her father for help, and he comes
slashing at them!!!! :) :)  How strong you are depends on your athletic and
perseverance points.

LAST YEAR - please read the survival guide regarding the 1st day of the last
school year.

FINAL EXAM - at the end of February 1998 you have to write the Entrance Exams.
You get to choose which level of University you want to attend (pick the one
which reflects your girlfriend-soon-to-be's choice).  I'm not sure which
choice is which though. :(

LAST DAY - I'm very unclear about this so please correct me if I'm wrong.  If
all is successful, you receive a letter from the girl of your choice asking
you to meet her by the tree.  The first choice is to go ahead and you'll see
the ending (which unfortunately, I think is pretty boring cuz I don't
understand what they are saying! - that's why I need those ending
translations somebody!!!!).  I'm not clear what the other two options are
about (hey like I said, I haven't played the game that much and at that
point, I didn't want to try it out).

5)  CAST  (from David Van Clef)

- Shiori Fujisaki    (red hair usually with a yellow or red hairband)
- Mio Kisaragi       (green hair w/ glasses)
- Yuina Himoo        (blue hair, assertive look and has a eerie music theme)
- Ayako Katagiri     (spiky black or blue hair)
- Saki Nijino        (short blue hair )
- Yukari Koshiki     (pink hair, two braids)
- Nozomi Kiyokawa    (short light green hair)
- Mira Kagami        (purple hair)
- Yuko Asahina       (short red hair)
- Megumi Mikihara    (brown hair; very shy)
- Yumi Saotome       (yellow hair)
- Miharu Tateyabashi (light green hair braided into loops)
- Rei ??????
- Yoshi Saotome - yer pal

Shiori Fujisaki


 Birthdate      Determined by player
 Bloodtype      Determined by player
 Height         158 cm
     1st. Year  83,56,84
     2nd. Year  84,56,85
     3rd. Year  85,57,86
 Clubs          Determined by the birthdate chosen
 Hobby          Listening to classic music and orchestra

Occurrences on dates:

SPRING   Flashbacks while sitting on the grass at the park
SUMMER   Going on the waterslide at the Water World
FALL     Looks for the growth notches on the tree at a nearby park
WINTER   The power stops while on a Ferris wheel

Occurrences at school:

   * Going to school together in the morning
   * Sharing an umbrella in the rain

Points to remember:

Shiori awaits a long and romantic time, thus the ideal places for dates with
her are the park, amusement park, or the swimming pool. Try to stay away from
noisy places. She likes to listen to classical music, thus go to the concerts
when classical performances are being offered..  Also go to the theaters with
her when there's a love-theme type movie playing.

She also likes to collect small jewelry, and hair ribbons. However, if you
really want to be in her good note, you must constantly work on ALL your


Here's a sample of what Shiori-chan's minimum requirements are:

 Stamina     Above 50    Humanities    Above 130   Science   Above 130
 Art         Above 130   Athletics     Above 130   Gen Kdge  Above 120
 Appearance  Above 100   Perseverance  Above 100   Stress    Under 30


If you plan on going after Shiori, then set her birthday in March.

   * If you think that you can get Shiori to the happiest face by March '96,
     then set her birthday as 3, 10, 17, 20, 24, or 31 of March. Then you'll
     be treated to a party in her room with her alone. Of course you must
     also set your birthday to the same date too.
   * If you don't think you can do the above BEFORE '96, but you can do so
     BEFORE March '97, then set her birthday as 2, 9, 16, 21, 23 or 30 of
     March along with your own to get the same results.

Another hint that Shiori is in the blushing stages (the happiest face), is
when she starts calling you "Y-chan".

Shiori's club is determined by a hashing function based on her birthday. On
the PC-Engine the formula is ((3*m) + d) mod 11. On the Playstation the
formula is (m + (3*d)) mod 11. Then compare the results to the following

Result   Club      Result   Club       Result   Club    Result   Club
  0    Literature    3    Computer       6    Baseball    9    Swimming
  1    Drama         4    Art            7    Soccer     10    Basketball
  2    Science       5    Brass Band     8    Tennis

Mio Kisaragi


 Birthdate      February 3
 Bloodtype      A
 Height         156 cm
    1st. year   80,59,82
    2nd. year   80,59,83
    3rd. Year   81,59,83
 Clubs          Literature club, Drama club
 Hobby          Reading

Occurrences on dates:

SPRING  Is thrown unconscious on a ride
SUMMER  Talks to you while under an huge umbrella (forgot the name) at the
FALL    Pays no attention to you while reading at the library
WINTER  Cries while watching a love-themed movie at the theater

Occurrences at school:

   * Helps her in moving books

Points to remember:

Mio is a very quiet and reserved girl. She loves to read, thus the ideal
place to meet her and go on dates with her, is the library, the park, the Art
gallery, and other quiet places. Since she's not very athletic, it would be
best to avoid any place with some relation to sports.

Since Mio loves to read, try giving her some books or some material of that
nature for her birthday present. She also seems to like quiet and soft music.
If you want to meet her, the best way is to concentrate your efforts on your
Humanities points, then you'll meet her at the library. However, if you want
her to fall for you, then you must also work on your Appearance points too!


Mio-chan's minimum requirements are:

 Stamina     Above 20    Humanities    Above 120   Science   Above 100
 Art         Above 60    Athletics     Above 80    Gen Kdge  Above 100
 Appearance  Above 100   Perseverance  Above 50    Stress    Under 20

In addition, you must also be accepted into a first or second rank university.

Conditions to meet:

   * Raise your Humanities score to 55 or higher, then study your Humanities
     course and you should meet her. If you already have met or know more
     than three girls then your Humanities must be over 75.
   * Join the club that Mio is in. That's either the Literature Club or the
     Drama Club.

Likes and Hobbies

 Music: Classical
 Movie: Love/Romance
 Dates: Library, Central Park, Theater
 Gift:  Art Collection of some person(?)

Miscellaneous Notes

When you have reached the blushing stage with Mio, if you decide to
participate in the 3-legged race, then Mio will ask you to be her partner.
She'll say that her original partner is hurt, and cannot participate and
wants you to be her partner. At this time, you can either refuse her, but
then she'll be very sad, and then she'll set a bomb on you soon after, or you
can accept her invitation. If you accept, then you partner will no longer be
Shiori, and will now be Mio.

Yuina Himoo


 Birthdate      July 7
 Bloodtype      A
 Height         161 cm
     1st. year  84,58,84
     2nd. year  84,59,85
     3rd. Year  85,59,86
 Clubs          Science club, and Computer club
 Hobby          Experimenting

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  Attacked by a panda bear(?) at the park
 SUMMER  Modifies the computer scoring at the bowling alley
 FALL    Cheats on the gambling machines at the arcades
 WINTER  Goes nuts at the computer store due to a huge sale
 ALL     Disturbs the special effects crew

Occurrences at the school:

   * During the sunset, sighs on the rooftop

Points to remember:

Yuina is the weirdest girl in the game...she's frequently experimenting or
inventing some new gadget. Blessed with great intelligence, she's not very
athletic..basically, if you chose the Aquarium, arcades, or the museum as
your places for dates you'll do all right. She also likes old music and going
to the computer parts store.

If you want to meet her, it all depends on your Science points. If you chose
her as your target, then your Science and your Arts points must be pretty
high. The problem with her is that normal conversations with her might not
work - you might have to sometimes say things to get her angry.

Ayako Katagiri


 Birthdate      September 30
 Bloodtype      B
 Height         159 cm
     1st. year  86,60,86
     2nd. year  86,59,86
     3rd. year  86,60,87
 Clubs          Art Club, Brass Band Club
 Hobby          Drawing

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  At the karaoke store, she doesn't want to put the mike down
 SUMMER  At the beaches, she's afraid to go into the water
 FALL    Loses herself (mentally) at the horror art show
 WINTER  Falls asleep on your shoulders at the planetarium

Occurrences at school:

   * Skips swimming classes at school (This event reportedly never happens
							due to a bug)

Points to remember:

Ayako is a girl who loves art. She's very open-minded, but absolute not made
for sports.  Quiet places don't seem to suit her, but she likes to go the
park and the museum.

Horror drawings and new music are things that she likes, but no so to the
libraries, love-themed things, or classical music. These tend to make her
feel uneasy, keep this in mind when choosing where to go with her. If you
want to meet her, work on your art!

Saki Nijino


 Birthdate      Jan. 13
 Bloodtype      A
 Height         156 cm
     1st. year  81,59,82
     2nd. year  82,59,83
     3rd. year  82,60,84
 Clubs          Baseball club, Soccer club
 Hobbies        Science

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  Both of you have a picnic on the grass at the park
 SUMMER  Nearly drowns at the swimming pool, needing CPR
 FALL    Watching a baseball game, she loses herself in the game (mentally)
 WINTER  At the jewelry store, she takes care of a lost child

Occurrences at school:

   * Eats her lunch at school

Points to remember:

The idol of the sports club at school, is in reality not very athletic. But
she loves people who are good at sports (hint hint)...basically, she likes
the perseverance of guys when they concentrate during the games.

When going on dates with her, you could almost chose anywhere you want. But
even though she likes action movies and rock music, try to chose places which
she likes. If she's your final target, then you'll better work on those
Perseverance points!


Saki-chan's minimum requirements are:

 Stamina     Above 40    Humanities    Above 100   Science   Above 100
 Art         Above 100   Athletics     Above 120   Gen Kdge  Above 90
 Appearance  Above 100   Perseverance  Above 110   Stress    Under 30

Your college plans are irrelevant

Conditions to meet:

   * When your Perseverance points have reached 30, then she will
     automatically come and ask you to join the clubs that she is currently
     in (Soccer and Baseball). If you have already meet 3 girls before
     reaching 30 for Perseverance, then you will need over 80 points for
     Perseverance before she will appear.
   * Join the Soccer club or the Baseball club.

Likes and Hobbies

 Music: Rock
 Movie: Action
 Dates: The stadium to watch Baseball
 Gift:  Anything related to sports or cooking

Miscellaneous Notes

If you can get Saki to blush before September of 96, then when you go on the
field trip with Saki, she'll get sick on the fourth day of the trip.

Yukari Koshiki


 Birthdate      June 13
 Bloodtype      B
 Height         157 cm
     1st. year  80,59,84
     2nd. year  81,60,84
     3rd. year  82,60,86
 Club           Tennis club
 Hobby          Knitting

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  At the plant zoo, she thinks that the Venus fly trap is cute
 SUMMER  Gets soaked when watching the seals perform at the sea world
 FALL    Knits a sweater at the park
 WINTER  Falls on the lift at the ski resort

Occurrences at school:

   * Goes to the nurse's room after injuring herself
   * Gives you the knitted sweater as a present

Points to remember:

The eldest daughter in the family, she's fairly self-centered. Although she's
a member of the tennis club, she's not very good at it. However, looking at
her appearance, one can't be able to guess that she loves adventure and
action, but not loud places. Thus the park, zoo, and the amusement park are
places which seem to suit her fine.

The only difference between her and Saki, is that Yukari loves winners.  Thus
if you want to meet her, start working on your Athletic points. She also
likes her guy to be handsome....thus your Appearance is also important in
advancing your relationship with her.

Nozomi Kiyokawa


 Birthdate      Dec. 3
 Bloodtype      A
 Height         163 cm
     1st. year  82,58,83
     2nd. year  83,58,83
     3rd. year  83,59,84
 Club           Swimming club
 Hobby          Long distance running(?)

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  Breaks the state in the Arts club
 SUMMER  Storm breaks out on the island
 FALL    Shows her knowledge of plants at the plant zoo
 WINTER  Hits someone [1] with the bowling ball at the alley

 [1] I think it's you! - Quang

Occurrence at school:

   * Helps to move books

Points to remember:

Nozomi is amazing at swimming. Her level has reached the point where she
could participate in the boys swimming contests. Although she's like a
tomboy, she's also has a quiet and soft side. On dates, you could choose any
place you like. If you choose to challenge her to a race, she'll be very
happy and excited, but you'll just disgrace yourself ('re gonna lose
bigtime!). You'd much rather listen to rock music and love-romantic movies
with her.

The quickest way to meet her, is to join the swimming club. But if you
exercise a lot and jog a lot [1], you'll meet her sometimes during morning
jogs. Nozomi likes guys who are reliable. To her, looks aren't everything.

[1] Playing the Saturn version, I had to get Perserverance at least 40 and
Athletics at least 80 to meet her during my jog - she being one of the first
few girls I met too.            - Quang

Mira Kagami


 Birthdate      Nov. 15
 Bloodtype      O
 Height         167 cm
     1st. year  90,60,88
     2nd. year  92,61,89
     3rd. year  93,61,89
 Clubs          None
 Hobby          Shopping

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  Tries on clothes at the store
 SUMMER  Puts on suntan oil at the beaches
 FALL    Screams out of horror at the Haunted house
 WINTER  Falls while skiing
 ALL     Cancels date

Occurrences at school:

   * Asks someone to help her carry her stuff

Points to remember:

It's tough to even meet her, never mind trying to impress her or to get her
to like you...against this super-chested girl, your first move must be to
improve your Appearance points to impress so that she makes the first move on
you and wants to get to know you.

Mira likes to go shopping, especially expensive items, but she thinks she's
the most beautiful thing in this world. Thus when you go on dates with her,
you'll better comment on her looks and how pretty she is. Also, she likes her
boyfriend to have some artistic talents, thus if you want her to fall for you,
you'd also better work on your Art points.


Minimum requirements are:

 Stamina     Above 30    Humanities    Above 100   Science   Above 100
 Art         Above 100   Athletics     Above 110   Gen Kdge  Above 110
 Appearance  Above 300   Perseverance  Above ANY   Stress    Under 30

Your college plans are irrelevant

Conditions to meet:

   * Select the make up command after you have reached 100 points in your
     Appearance category.  If you have already met 3 or more girls prior to
     this, then your Appearance must be over 126 points in order for Mira
     to appear.

Likes and Hobbies

 Music: Classical music and male idol singers
 Movie: Romance
 Dates: Skiiing resorts and the clothing store
 Gift:  Gold hair ornaments, gold cross

Yuko Asahina


 Birthdate      Oct. 17
 Bloodtype      B
 Height         159 cm
     1st. year  83,59,85
     2nd. year  83,60,86
     3rd. year  85,60,86
 Clubs          None
 Hobby          Playing

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  Wins lots of UFO catcher toys at the arcades
 SUMMER  Pass a romantic summer afternoon with her
 FALL    She gets excited while watching a music concert
 WINTER  Falls while skating

Occurrences at school:

   * Gets punished by the teacher when constantly arriving late

Points to remember:

Yuko can considered one of the easiest girl to meet in the game. Just walking
around town, you'll usually get to meet her. Basically, Yuko loves to stroll
around looking for things to do. She's very sensitive to the latest fad. On
choosing places to go with her, just go to the hottest places in
also need to keep up to date with the news magazine to find out about these
places before you can ask her out to those hottest places in town. Basically,
with these points, and a high Appearance rank, she'll be your lover in no

Megumi Mikihara


 Birthdate      Sept. 5
 Bloodtype      A
 Height         150 cm
     1st. year  78,57,79
     2nd. year  78,58,79
     3rd. year  79,58,80
 Club           None
 Hobby          Playing with her pets

Occurrences on dates:

 SPRING  A guest at the special effects theater
 SUMMER  Comes to the park with her pet
 FALL    Goes to the zoo to see the monkeys
 WINTER  Hugs you while skating

Occurrences at school:

   * Shares an umbrella with you during the rain

Points to remember:

Megumi is a very quiet person. If you want to meet her, then you'll have to
either get good results in exams, or excel in inter-school competitions.

While on dates with her, choose quiet locations...since she also likes
animals, the zoo is a great choice, along with the park and the water
world/aquarium...she likes places where there are living things (even the
haunted house in the amusement park would work too!).  Like you read above,
go skating with her during winter for some good things to happen.

Megumi likes her boyfriend to excel in everything. Thus, all your categories
must be near or at the highest in order to chase her....Heheh...just like
Shiori, picky as hell. No wonder they're friends.

Yumi Saotome


 Birthdate      May 16
 Bloodtype      O
 Height         155 cm
     1st. year  Not appeared in game yet
     2nd. year  79,59,82
     3rd. year  81,60,84
 Clubs          Basketball club
 Hobby          Video games, and animes

Occurrences on dates:

Occurrences at school:

   * Gets jealous of Saki Nijino and makes lunch for you
     (This will only happen after Saki has made lunch for you)
   * Gives you a gift from her school trip

Points to remember:

Hey, would've think that Mr. Info man, Yoshio, would have such a cute sister?
You'll automatically meet her when you are in 2nd. Year.  Her hobbies are
watching animes, wrestling, and video games - not exactly the type of things
normal girls like.  Thus, as long as you don't chose places like the library,
you'll be okay (don't chose places where education is the theme).  Although
Yumi is Yoshio's cute sister, she hates people calling her a little girl.
Therefore, avoid any mention of this while you're on dates with her, as well
as saying that she's kawaii (cute)... Basically, she likes guys who're
athletic and likes to go play, keeping these points in mind, and it'll be
relatively easy to win her heart.


Yumi-chan's minimum requirements are:

 Stamina     Above 40    Humanities    Above 100   Science   Above 100
 Art         Above 100   Athletics     Above 100   Gen Kdge  Above 100
 Appearance  Above 100   Perseverance  Above 100   Stress    Under 30

Future plans - University or even just graduating

Conditions to meet:

   * None - you automatically meet her at the start of the 2nd year

Likes and Hobbies

 Music: Idol singers
 Movie: Anime
 Dates: Zoo, Stadium, Amusement Park, Skiiing, Beach, Pool
 Gift:  Anything related to TV or anime

Miharu Tatebayashi


 Birthdate      March 3rd
 Bloodtype      A
 Height         153 cm
     1st. year  81,58,82
     2nd. year  82,58,82
     3rd. year  82,58,83
 Clubs          Literature club
 Hobby          Listening to music



a)  School Activities:

Balance ball on tennis racket    Race, pick up a picture of a girl, pick girl from stands
(Use L/R buttons)                  and both of you finish the race
				   A, B, C button smashing (I think!) )

3 Legged Race                    Normal race
(A for tied leg (first step)       (A, B, C button smashing)
  B for free leg (2nd step) )

b)  Shopping Strip - 1)  shoe store
		   - 2)  department store ?
		   - 3)  electronic parts store

c)  Arcade  - 1) catcher toys?
	    - 2) ???

d)  Amusement Park:

During summer season (?) - 1) go see a play
			 - 2) normal options

Normal options - 1) haunted house (starts with left square bracket w/ double quotes: Romanji "go"  )  *
	       - 2) Ferris wheel (lots of kanji)
	       - 3) roller coaster

* I'm not sure, but these three tends to switch around now and then.

e)  New Years - 1) school fortune
	      - 2) health fortune (?)
	      - 3) love fortune

f)  Festival - 1) a fun hoola hoop game (easy to figure out)
	     - 2) ???

g)  Yoshi - 1) what the girls you know thinks of you
	  - 2) check the 'stats' of a particular girl (you've met)
	  - 3) leave

h)  BUTTONS:  (for the Saturn)

L/R:  not much use except for the ball balancing activity
x:  ...forgot
y:  change cursor
z:  ...forgot
a:  lets you know which screen/what place you are in
b:  "fast forward" text
c:  action

i)  You can only make one phone call per turn
j)  The last day of the game is March 1st, 1998

7)  SURVIVAL  GUIDE  (The Crow)

	  How to Win Friends, Influence People and Find Your Love

Since the ultimate goal of Tokimeki Memorial forever with you (hereafter
referred to as "TokiMemo") is to fall in love with a girl by the end of the
three year high school timeline, care must be taken to keep only your desired
girl enraptured while keeping the other girls at arm's length--though they
are still friends.

The first trap to avoid is trying too hard to please all of the girls all the
time.  By the middle of the second year you may have several girls blushing
over the thought of you, but this has a high probability of getting you into
trouble as the endgame nears.  The more amicably you date/talk with/walk home
with a girl, the more often she will expect you to pay attention to her.  If
you have a lot of girls (such as 6 or more) like this, then keeping them all
happy is going to be hard.  It gets hard for one reason (and the only real
complaint I have with the game): you may only make one phone call per turn.
In real life, if a casanova had several girls on his chain, then several
phone calls in succession on the same day can get them all set up.  In
TokiMemo, you can't do this. Since you can only make one call per turn, then
you must design a social strategy that works with this limitation.  One such
strategy; the one I used to win Shiori (the most difficult of the girls to
win) I will list below.

What makes a six-pack of giddy girls sighing at you so dangerous is that
while you are concentrating on your desired girl, the necessary dating and
interacting with the other girls, which becomes *very* high maintenance once
they're blushing, breaks down.  You cannot arrange dates and act out the
other aspects of the game quickly enough to catch up to the girls'
expectations.  They'll set bombs on you, which you will try valiantly to
defuse, but it becomes a losing battle: while defusing one bomb, another will
go off, making the girls like you less and less, making their bombs go off
sooner, making them angrier, setting more bombs...and pretty soon you have
chart of furious red faces glaring at you--including your target girl--where
just a few months before they all thought so highly of you. (I call this the
"cascade failure"; once it starts, it won't stop until it is all over.)

The second trap to avoid is what I call the "exclusion principle", where you
pay little or no attention to anyone but your desired girl.  While the
culminating effect as in the "cascade failure" is similar, it happens much
slower.  Even so, it will lead to a lot of problems during the last third of
the game.  All of the girls have a measure of interaction with each other in
the game's profile, each to a greater or lesser degree.  This is why bombs
can be aggravating; the girls will "hen together" and talk about your good
and bad points. If they have good things to say about you among themselves,
then at least one girl will have increased expectations just from the gossip.
If they have bad things to say, then it affects their feelings (and their
bomb timers) accordingly.  Of course, not all the girls affect each other to
the same degree; Shiori and Megumi have a high interaction factor (they are,
after all, best friends), while Nozomi and Mio may rarely influence one

Don't let the attitude or circumstances of any particular girl prompt you to
take anything for granted. For instance, Yumi Saotome may be Yoshio's kid
sister and thus an underclassman, but don't count on social protocols like
the older girls not paying much attention to her sway you.  The first bomb
from Yumi may do little damage, but more than one, and the other girls will
take notice.


The distribution of turns taken when improving your stats will greatly affect
when and how many girls you will meet during the game.  There are two ways to
build stats; evenly or unevenly.  Use the even method if your goal is Shiori
or Megumi.  Use the uneven method for the other girls.

Even method

"Even method" means that you are going to nudge your stats up/down in an even
distribution of turns. For instance, you don't repeatedly boost one stat or
choose a few stats more than others.  The even method will reduce your
chances of meeting the other girls as quickly versus the uneven method.  The
later in the game you meet a girl, the easier it is to manage her as endgame
nears.  Here is an example of the "even method," where each activity is
selected on successive turns:

     Humanities, Science, Art, Athletics, Amusement, Fashion.

Try to keep the sequence in order, even when other game actions merit your
attention; things such as school events, meeting a girl, making a date, etc.
The very nature of TokiMemo gameplay precludes smoothly repeating the stats
cycle, but by remembering which one you did most recently, you can choose the
next.  Eventually, the girls who meet you because of a stat will appear, but
much farther into the game than the uneven method.

Uneven method

This method is used to meet a particular girl quickly whom you desire to make
your target.  In this case, choose the activity that affects the stat your
girl is interested in 3 to 4 times more frequently than the others.  After
you meet her, however, start evening out the stat building cycle.  The girls
and their stats of interest are:

     Mio        -- Humanities
     Yuina      -- Science
     Ayako      -- Art
     Nozomi     -- Athletics
     Mira       -- Fashion
     Yukari     -- Athletics & Fashion

Note that the Amusement stat does not have a particular girl associated with
it; this stat will affect those girls who are the most social, such as Shiori,
Yuko and Saki.  Other will be affected to a lesser degree.

Don't forget the stress and perseverance stats are maintained chiefly by the
"Rest" activity.  Use this whenever your stress goes above 30.


There are four ways you will come to meet a girl in the game.  By knowing of
them already (such as Shiori), an outstanding stat (Mio, Yuina, Ayako, Nozomi,
Mira, Yukari), by way of introduction (Yuko, Saki, Megumi, Yumi) and by
random encounter (Miharu).  There is some overlap; you might meet Saki by
being in a sports club, for example.  You will meet Yumi on the first day of
the 2nd school term (4/4/96).  Shiori will most probably introduce you to
Megumi.  Miharu is somewhat of a mystery. You don't really interact with her
in the course of the game, though you can go on one date with her just before
endgame under certain circumstances.  Miharu is who I call the "consolation
girl"; she is the one you end up with if you don't win any of the interactive
girls. (It is possible to completely lose and win no girl, either!)


This is the most crucial part of the whole game.  In fact, it practically
*is* the whole game.  How you plan your dates and conduct yourself while on
the dates is what will win or lose the game.

First off, you will want to be at your best when dating your desired girl.
Try to make every reply the one you think she will like best.  In the case of
Shiori, she likes references to romantic moods and matters of the heart.  She
prefers "cute" to "sexy." (see her character bio for more info).  For
instance, if you go on a date to the swimming pool, she will ask you how your
like her swimsuit ("Kono mizugi wa doo ka na?") The responses are (not in
order) "I think it is cute", "I think it is sexy", "It'll do."  Well,
obviously, you don't say "It'll do".  She prefers cute to sexy as she doesn't
want to be thought of as a sex object.  On the other hand, there is Mira, who
*does* like being ogled as a sex object, so your reply of "sexy" is a winner
with her.  Of course, it gets even less simple; Yumi is certainly cute and
not sexy, but *hates* being called cute; calling her sexy makes her giggle
and is the better answer.  (And this is just *one* date interaction out of a
hundred, times twelve girls! ...not to mention Rei, who is beyond the scope of
this guide. :)

The important thing here to note is that when dating your desired girl, give
her the best answer.  Of course, even if you do what you think is best it may
not turn out to be the best, but that is what makes TokiMemo just a little
more like life than a game.

OK, now for the date responses to the other girls you want as friends, but
not lovers.  This is even harder than the responses for your desired
girls. :)  The trick here is to go on dates with the girlfriends, but usually
give the "so-so" answer to the date interaction.  Occasionally, however you
can use the "best" and "worst" answers.  If a girl is slowly growing to
dislike you, improve your responses to her.  If you think she likes you too
much for your own good, downgrade your responses.  Don't stop asking them out of
dates, however.

On those occasions when a girl asks if you want to walk home together
("Issho ni kaerimashoo ka?" or some other variant of this), always say yes to
your desired girl.  Occasionally turn down the other girls, unless they say
they say "I want to talk to you about something; can we walk home together?"
Go ahead and accept those invitations.

Similarly, if a girl stops you in the school hallway and asks you out on a
date, unless she is your desired girl, occasionally turn her down. HOWEVER,
turn her down by answering "I'm busy that day" to the first question.  It is
more damaging to say "No, I'm not busy that day" (usually Sunday,
"Nichiyoobi") and then answer her date proposal with a "no".  This is a
Japanese game after all, and choosing the more polite negative/refusal is the
rule of the day.


This is the basic strategy I used to win Shiori without suffering any bombs
while maintaining friendship with seven other girls (Rei and Miharu not
withstanding.)  This is not a move-by-move exposition, rather, it illustrates
the basic model used to successfully play the game.

To start off, I did not even call Shiori for the first three months of the
game's timeline.  Instead, I boosted my stats *evenly* until at least one of
them was above 100.  I asked Shiori out to the amusement park on the first
date.  Rode the Ferris Wheel and gave her the romantic answer.  Off and

Continued to build stats evenly; joined the same club as Shiori.  Met Saki.
Went on a date with Shiori at least once a month.  As Christmas approached,
called Rei several times; got into the Christmas party. Infrequently
dated/walked home with other girls.

Went to First Temple (New Year's tradition) with Shiori.  She asked if her
kimono was too awkward; told her it was fine, of course.

By summer '96, I had 5 girls in the book.  Dated them in the following
manner: (*important*)

     Always dated Shiori at least once a month
     Dated other girls in an "even circle" (see below)
     Walked home with Shiori every time as it occurred
     Walked home with other girls 60%-70% of the time they asked
     Always accepted Shiori's date proposals
     Accepted 60-70% of the other girls' proposals
     Dated Shiori 3-5 times every 2 months during final year

The "even circle":  Say you have Yuina, Ayako, Saki, Yuko, Megumi and Yumi in
your book, but you are after Shiori. (This from my game.)  Date them each in
order; Yuina, Ayako, Saki, etc. and repeat this over and over.  Several
things will change the order, however.  If a girl asks you out or her
birthday occurs (and you buy her a present) skip her in the list until next
time.  Use the "so-so" date answer about half the time (and the best answer
the rest of the time), except when you need to improve/downgrade your replies
to her for a short time.  Try to buy her either the best gift or the good
gift choice, in the case of birthdays.

Every 2 to 2 1/2 months check the girls' attitudes toward you by calling
Yoshio.  If a girl confronts you at the school gate, but just glares at you
then runs away, call her as soon as possible! (Check to see if her birthday
is around the corner though--you might get "saved by the bell.")  This is the
"early warning bomb timer" occurrence. :)  Using the even circle, potential
bombs should not appear very often, and if they do, they can be dealt with
without disturbing the balance of the other girls.

Don't ignore your desired girl throughout all of this.  Once she is one stage
away from blushing, increase your dates with her to about 3 or 4 every 2
months.  Get into Rei's Christmas parties, go with your girl to special
functions (New Years, school trips, the summer festival, etc.), *keep your
stats up* and by the end of February '98 you'll win her. ^^ (Shiori demands
very high stats, by the way.)


On the school trip: when you meet or choose a girl to accompany from the
hotel lobby, pay attention to the 4th trip day.  You and your girl will come
to a, uh, pregnant pause, (accentuated by music, even) where you can either
choose to return to the hotel or investigate something nearby. *Don't go back
to the hotel!*

At Rei's Christmas '97 party: if your girl is blushing, you and she will have
a romantic interlude (with Shiori, it is a walk home in the softly falling

Always buy her the best-suited birthday gifts. Sometimes this is tricky.

Make sure you know which college your girl plans to attend, if indeed she
plans to attend one at all.  You can find out on the first day of the 3rd
school term (4/4/97), when, while in the classroom you are given a choice of
applying for a transfer (which is rejected) or seeing what colleges the girls
plan to attend. This is the third choice (bottom of window).  Select your
girl, then see what-rated school she will attend.  If there is a note about
going into some vocation and not college, it will say so.  When college
entrance exams roll around at endgame, choose the school your girl plans to
attend, or pick one if she isn't going to college. (Shiori, of course, plans
to enter the best college, so you pick the top choice in the window in her

If at endgame you have more than one girl in love with you, the college
choice can be used to select the girl.  If they are attending the same school,
however, the girl you end up with is chosen by how much time you've spent
with her. (I think ;)

Final Notes

There are many aspects of the game not covered here of course; such as
special date reactions.  Special occurrences aren't under your control too
much, so they do not figure into strategy very much. Check out the other
links on the web site for these other details.

In closing, I might mention that all this is just a template to base your own
experiences on.  Just as in real life, dating the girls of TokiMemo is not a
science, but an art. :)  How *you* *feel* a girl would react to something is
far more important than any technical data that can be gleaned from the game
itself.  The basic strategies serve only as a starting point; you will soon
find out from your own intuition how to best handle the particular game and
particular girl you hope to win.

==============   * * *  S  P  O  I  L  E  R  S  ! ! !  * * *   ============


- Mio Kisaragi
- Saki Nijino
- Mira Kagami
- Yumi Saotome


YOU: Mi..Mio....

MIO: Sorry for the inconvenience....but the reason I called you here is
     because there's something I must tell you today.

YOU: That's okay. What did you want to tell me?

MIO: I'm not sure if it's because of my weak athleticism and my liking of
     reading books that resulted in a lack of friends. I've always been
     jealous of all the female characters in the romance novels...I feel
     completely useless in comparison with them...I always get mad at myself
     for not having enough courage to express my true feelings......but,
     today, I wish to change this.

YOU: Wh...why?

MIO: Up till now, I've read a lot of books...I've always remembered each and
     every one of the stories, but, I didn't want to have our time in Senior
     High to just remain as a memory....I didn't want it to end up like a
     memory like those books...Thus, I summoned all the courage in me to tell
     you that-I like you, rather as a love or as a friend, as long as I can
     still see you after graduation...

YOU: To tell the truth...I feel the same to Mio too.

MIO: Re...Really? Even to a girl like me....?

YOU: Of course. I like you, Mio.

MIO: I'm so happy....

All of a sudden, Mio's knees buckles, and she starts to fall. You immediately
grab her arm and hold on to her.

YOU: Be careful, Mio.

MIO: Heheh......maybe being weak has its advantages....see like how you're
     holding me now......

When you're dating Mio during the game, what you say after watching the movie
"Melody of Love" showing from Dec. 96 till Feb. 97 can also affect what you
see when you finish the game. If you answer that Mio looks cuter without
glasses, then at the end of the game, you'll see Mio with contacts on instead
of wearing glasses when she tells you of her love.


YOU:  Sa...Saki...

SAKI: I'm sorry for calling you out here during such a hectic time...

YOU:'s okay. I wasn't busy or anything.

SAKI: I wrote that letter to you because there's something I must tell You..
      Actually, I was going to explain this to you in the letter, but I
      decided to tell you in person...

YOU:  Re..Really?

SAKI: You might not have noticed, but I've always been watching you closely.
      I was slowly attracted by how you deal with everything....any time I
      felt discourage by something, all I would need if your encouragement
      and I would be able to overcome any obstacles. Thus, today, I would
      also need to summon my courage...

YOU:  ...

SAKI: Without the exception of cooking, I don't have any other skills...this
      might be a little shocking to you, but I can't lie to myself any
      longer, thus I decided to clear things up today... I like you. I want
      to be able to cheer you on forever...

YOU:  Actually, I feel the same to Saki too...

SAKI: Oh, I'm so happy that I've been able to summon up my courage....just as
      everyone says, anything is possible if you give it your best.  About
      tomorrow....I want to open a party just for the two of us to celebrate
      our graduation....will you come?

YOU:  Of course.

SAKI: Then tell me what you would like to eat. I'll make everything for you
      for tomorrow's party.


You:  Mir...Mira?

MIRA: I'm sorry to call you out here at this time.

YOU:  Wh...why is Mira apologizing to me...

MIRA: Hey, don't be so shocked... forget it. Just listen to me.

YOU:  ...

MIRA: I've only been living here since Junior High, in my old hometown...
      I... was dumped numerous times by other boys. Thus, when I first
      arrived here, I decided to start over. I wanted to be famous in school,
      and I wanted all the boys to bow in front of me. Slowly but surely, the
      boys were starting to bow at my feet, then I gave them the cold
      shoulder as revenge against all the boys who treated me so bad before.

YOU:  So that's why...

MIRA: At first, I was having fun... I felt happy to be loved by so many boys..
      but soon that feeling began to slowly disappear. That's to be expected,
      I mean, how could you continue to lie to yourself and expect to be
      happy? I wouldn't have thought of this point if I did not meet you...
      after I met you, I began to think "Maybe he will change the old me".
      However, I was too scared and I didn't have the courage to say this to
      you. I didn't want to be dumped again....but I didn't want you to think
      that I was that kind of girl even after graduation. Out of my numerous
      boyfriends, you're the only one that I want to have at my side, because
      you helped heal the deep wound in my heart... I love you, please stay
      with me... I beg you...

YOU:  In that case...

MIRA: I knew you wouldn't accept me...

YOU:  If I can have the honour of...

MIRA: You really mean it? Oh, I'm so happy... I'm finally able to revert to
      the old me!

YOU:  But all the other guys will hate me.

MIRA: That's okay. I was the one that choose you, no one will dare say
      anything about this.

YOU:  Yeah, but I'm still a little worried...


YOU:  Yum...Yumi...

YUMI: So..Sorry for calling you out here.

YOU:  That's okay.

YUMI: Uhm...Yumi would really like to be in the same year as sempai, because
      then I would be able to graduate with you together, plus I can go on
      the school trip with you too, but....I've cried numerous times in the
      past everytime I think about how I'm not in sempai's year. Yumi thinks,
      the girls in sempai's year are so much more mature in comparison to
      Yumi.  But, if you don't like my childish behaviour, I will try my best
      to act more like an adult. Thus, I don't want you to think of me as
      your sister, I hope that you can treat me just like any other girl when
      you go out with me, because sempai, you're the one that I love the most
      in this world....

YOU:  To tell the truth, I feel the same about Yumi...

YUMI: Really? Even though I'm a year younger than you?

YOU:  Of course, I like you, Yumi.

YUMI: Then, can you give me the second button on your uniform?

(This is a Japanese tradition among High School students for lovers when
they graduate)

YOU:  Okay. Here.

YUMI: Wai-----I'm going to use this as a good luck charm in the coming year!
      You have to come and visit me after graduation, but not to visit my
      brother, but to visit Yumi. If you don't come, Yumi will feel lonely
      and start crying.

YOU:  I will definitely come and visit you.

YUMI: I'm so happy, I love you, sempai.

===============================  E  N  D  ==================================

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