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Albert Odyssey

Solve the Crazy Doors from Estlor
When you are trying to defeat the four towers to gain entrance to
Fargasa, most are straight forward.  However, the Western Tower (the one
with Krishna in it) is full of looping doors.  If you want to get to the
second floor, go into the lower right door.  This puts you in a dead-end
room.  Leave the room, and you'll find yourself in a small room with a
north and south door.  Though it appears you just left the northern
door, turn around and go back in.  This puts you in a new room with the
stairs.  The rest of the tower is fairly straight forward.

Sound effects on your PC from anonymous
You can listen to the sound effects in .aif format on your CD-ROM

Obscurities from Estlor
Two events happen in Albert Odyssey late in the game.  The problem with
them is many will never see them because they are not necessary to
finish the game.

After you beat the north tower, Kris will make a mention about taking
Guy to Solace for Leos to heal.  Why not follow her?  When you get to
Solace, enter the Sanctuary.  I won't spoil what happens, but remember
to talk with Leos after the whole story part is done for a gift.

Also before going into Fargasa there is one other series.  Remember the
cave that was empty near Gadel during the first chapter?  If you don't
know what I'm talking about, it is south of the Dragonmen Cave.  Fly
there and go in.  Now there is a girl in there.  She has a pendant.
Where have you seen someone with one before?  Fly back to Gigarl and
find the old man whose wife ran off to find eternal youth.  Now Eka
notices the similar pendants.  Do what each asks until the story is
resolved.  You don't get anything from this one, unless you never got
what is in the pots in the cave.

Get the Quest Pass from Menk
In the town of Mycent, you'll notice a girl gets in an argument with her dad,
Duke. She runs away and if you talk to him, he will eventually complain about
her absence and wish she would come back. If you ask around town, a women will
tell you she may be at the Cemetery of Ages. Ignore her.

Go to the land north of the Cemetery of Ages, then head east. You should be
grabbed into what looks like the ruins of a city. You will then have to fight
a big metal guy. The first battle is a walk in the park, but the second battle
is running through a dark alley with cash hanging out of your pockets if you
are not prepared. The guy can take 600 HP off sometimes. After defeating him,
you will be taken back to Mycent.

Duke will give you a Quest Pass. It's like a discount card at stores

Listen to the Music from
RPG Music can run for about 30 dollars nowadays, but their is one game where
you can listen to the music for free.  The game is Albert Odyssey, which
contains some of the best music around.  To listen to the music, simply pop
the game in a CD player and skip the first track because there is nothing on
it.  The second track contains a hilarious warning which you may want to take
heed to.  Then are 20 more songs on the track, some repeated, but all really
great.  This feature virtually doubles the value of the game, and you'll
realize just how improved it is over the sound quality on the television.
Enjoy some of the greatest game music of all time for free!

Tips for Weapons
After you get the Flying ship, you are supposed to go to the Towers and get
into Fargasta. Instead explore all the towns again. Some of them sell
different items or Weapons. In certain towns, the villagers say different
things such as," the Shopkeeper is acting very strange recently." This
means that the weapons or items there have changed and best of all, these
items prove to be very powerful in circumstances.

Great place to get Experience points
Among all of the places in Albert Odysssey, Balan's tower at the endgame
has enemies that give you plenty of experience points. Some range from 700
to 1403 points !! Take your time to train up and you could reach the
highest level of 99 !!

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