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Bio Hazard

Art Gallery Tip from Eastman
In the Art Gallery, the correct sequence to look at the
pictures is:

4 2 3 6 7
1 5

Where 7 is the picture at the end of the room and 1 is the
picture of a baby. If it works, the crows won't attack and
the painting will move to reveal a crest.

Art Gallery Tip from Nico
3-5-6-4-2-7-8 These are in order where the first painting is the one at
the door where you walk in and painting no. 8 is the painting right at
the end of the hallway. (editors note:  I don't know which one is

Activate Battle Mode from Bel Capul
To activate the battle mode, you must first
finish the game and watch the credits. Now go
to the second title screen and scroll the menus.
Now, you will find "Battle Mode" under "Load Game".
Your mission? Kill all the enemies and enter the
secret zone.

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