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Christmas NiGHTS
Bonus images from Andrew Hernandez
        That's right! just like in Nights, Christmas Nights comes with bonus
images. Put the CD in your PC and look in the "EXTRAS"

Important dates from Andrew Hernandez
Set the Saturn's internal clock to New Year (1/1/_), April fools (4/1/_),
Christmas (of course!), or Valentine's day.

Purple snow from Andrew Hernandez
Set clock to 12/31/2099.

How to use the enemy, Reala? from Johnny
        First set the date to April the 1st in the game, then go play
Nights.  Now you can use Reala.  If you finish one level with her, then
the Reala box will appear.

     New Clothes from Mathew Jones
Claris and Elloit have different clothes in sertain holidays. look
below for them.
Spring through Fall:            Normal clothes from NiGHTS
Winter:                              Yellow Inselated clothes
December 1-25:                 Red Santa like suits
Dec. 26-Jan 1:                   New Year cloths

Fight Dr. Robotnic from Mathew Jones
If you play Christmas NiGHTS with Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll fight
Dr. Robonic as your boss. He moves like Puffy.

Weird Dates from Mathew Jones
Set the date for December 25 at about 12:00A.M. Santa will fly
around the screen. At 12:00AM. on Ney Year Day there's no snow falling.

Weird Times from Mathew Jones
Set the clock forr anytime in winter at 3:00P.M. The falling snow
will be candy. At 9:00P.M. stars will be falling. At 9:00A.M. moons will be falling. At
12:00P.M. the snow is purple confetti. At 12:00A.M. the snow is Hearts. At 6:00P.M. the north
star will be falling.

Move the Level Model from Mathew Jones
When you look at your link data or best time, you can move the
model level by pressing L for left, R for right or both to stop it.

Dreams Dreams music w/Nightopians from Robert Hencke
After you get the Nightopian Collection option, go to any level and try
to get every Nightopian on the happiest setting (easier said than done).
If you can do this, then when you look at the Nightopian collection for
that level you'll get "Dreams Dreams" music with the Nightopians
singing/humming it.

Make NiGHTS or Reala Sleep from Rogelio R.dela Cruz
Just don't fly. In just few seconds you'll see that thier sleeping

Change Pitch from Alexis Gonzalez
While on Karaoke mode if you press L or R buttons, the song's pitch

Instrumental Only Song from Alexis Gonzalez
When you enter the Karaoke mode it tells you to press the A
button.  If you DON'T do this in a couple of seconds the Night's Karaoke
mode will start, but with an instrumental-only version of the song.

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