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Dragon Force
Dragon Force Tip from Slim
If you are attacking or defending a castle and you win the battle but do
not capture all of the opposing generals, wait for the map screen to come
up but *immediately* pause the game. (You may have to press the button to
skip dialog boxes if you gained levels but must pause right after the last
dialog. A good way is to press the C, start, C, start, etc. to make sure
you do not miss it.) If you were defending, you can fill troops for your
generals. Then, send a group of your own generals (I usually send 1 more
than the amount of generals you did not capture from the opposing party.)
in the direction from which the opposing party came. (For that is the
direction in which they will be going.) The unpause the game and your
generals should immediately encounter the opposing party. You will have
full MP and often full HP. They will be left with what they had at the end
of the battle. (Which usually is few troops, no MP and low HP. ^_^) Then,
they are easy to defeat and capture.

CD track #2 from
Put the Dragon Force CD into a CD player and play
track 2.  When you play track 2 you'll get a little surprise.  Note: this trick also
works in the system manager on the Sega Saturn but the effect is much cooler
in the CD player.

Outtakes from Larry Crenshaw
To get the Outtakes,beat the game then at the end where it says
"Fin." Wait for a little bit and then get ready to have some fun!

Getting rid of Agonni and Paine from Matt
When Agonni attacks, kill all of his troops then let time run out WITHOUT
killing him (will force a draw).  Then when Paine attacks defeat him as usual.
Now Agonni just wanders off and stands on a town, saying "..." forever (or 'till you go kill
him, which brings both Paine and Agonni back).

Tip for fighting Archers and Mages from  Joe Beal
One tip I use when fighting archers and mages, is to set my army up in a
special formation and disperse them, then when your army is on the sides, I
send my forces forward. This is also a good way to avoid spells cast by your
enemy. Most of the time, few of your soldiers die from the opposing army.

More Tips from DVirus1
1.Early on in the game you should try to build up with Dragons and Samurai.
Because near the end a ton of annoying Dragon men start attacking.
2.Try to keep the main characters ( Dragon Force members ) in castle Bloodily.
3.Defeating the game with mages really helps. (Trust me I've done it)

Another Tip from Joseph Moored
Here is a simple tip that can help you save troops and strengthen
your generals who use archers or mages. If your opponent has no troops,
send a general to fight them who has 1 or more archers or mages. Set
your troops up in special, protect, or breach formation. Advance until
you are just out of the generals reach. Immediately make your troops
standby. They will fire away, in complete safety, while the enemy
general stands and takes his punishment. If the general has a few troops
left, be sure to have at least 2 times as many archers/mages. Stand in
defense until the enemies troops have been eliminated, then attack the
general as stated above.
By using this tip, you can be completely safe when you have very few
troops or low health. You can also make your generals who are often
overlooked much stronger.

Hidden Characters: from - Warmonger
There are 4 *hidden* generals in the game.  None of them are
essential to finishing the game, but all are powerful for generals.
Vlad - Go to Fiend Tower (A little bit NW from Wein's territory) with
only your main warlord.  You will talk and fight a vampire named Vlad.
After you beat him, he will become a captive, and during the next
domestic affairs, will join you.  However, he will request you let
him fight Ryskim when he appears (which happens later in the game.
Sierra - (continued from Vlad) When Ryskim comes, beat Ryskim and
Sierra.  You must have Vlad for Ryskim to come.  Vlad will then use
the Dark Orb to shake off Ryskim's domination over Sierra, and Sierra
will go to the Hospital, later joining you after she heals.
Hayate & Shirox - Go to the town (NOT city) 1 south from Mikeral in
Bozack/Izumo territory.  You will then be accosted by Shirox, the star
pupil of Hayate.  After you defeat him (he will flee automatically),
Hayate will appear, give you a Strategy Runes, and leave.  Exit the
town, and wait till the next 2 domestic affairs.  There will be a bit of
dialogue, then go back to the town where you met Shirox.  Hayate will be
there and will fight your main general in a dual.  Whether you win or
lose, he will join up with you with Shirox after learning you planning
to fight Madruk.  Hayate is an EXTREMELY powerful ninja, and puts even
Kyoem to shame.

Shrines from - Warmonger (
This is who goes to each shrine.  The characters stay constant, no
matter which warlord you play.
Forest Shrine - Gongos, Reinhart, Teiris
Cape Shrine - Leon, Junon, Mikhal
Snow Shrine - Goldark, Wein

General Tips: from - Warmonger (
1) Get Gigg and Uryll from Reinhart's army early.  They both can use
dragons, and can make most of the game a breeze.  If your general has no
samurai, capture and persuade one of the numerous ninja/samurai generals
in Legendra.  Unfortunately, they both get unhappy easily.  Load them up
each with 10 awards on dragons, plus any item, and try to have them
fight semi-frequently, or they will become hostile and leave.
2) Try dispersing your troops when fighting mages/archers, pulling off a
stone pedestal/quagmire, then meleeing...
3) Give a mage/cleric with the spell Holy Shield some close-range units
(i.e. NOT mage/archers), and have them disperse at the beginning of the
battle.  Let the enemy surround you with troops. Pull off a holy shield,
and immediately melee.
4) During domestic affairs, have all your generals search, not fortify.
 Fortifying occurs automatically in the overhead map, and having items
that boost your general's stats/MPs permanently as well as crests
(samurai & dragon) really helps later in the game.
5) Zanon (Lightan Castle) is worthless.  He is REALLY annoying to kill
(your troops take off 1 hp on him, and spells around 5-10 if you're
lucky).  If you capture him, you get nothing for it (he doesn't join),
and in other storylines, he gets killed. (PLEASE NOTE: While playing
Reinhart, Zanon will join you.  What happens is that Reinhart absorbs the
power Eclisis thus freeing Zanon from Eclisis. from:
6) The only way for holy blast/dark vortex to work (consistently) is to
have your troops special/protect advance, standby close to the middle of
the map (hit A to toggle), then pulling the spell off.  You have to have
your troops standby at the exact place, otherwise either spell will
totally miss, and you'll be 3 MPs the loser.

Another Dragon Force Tip from Daniel J. Perry
Troops fight more effectively when they are in standby, especially
cavalry and samurai.  Move them into the desired position and let the
enemy's troops come to you.  More often than not, your forces will do
considerably more damage than his/hers.

New character: Vangal from Jean-Michel Kissling
he is a dragonman who escaped the evil Madruk. You can find him to a
town at the east of Fiends Tower. When you stop on the town, the army
leader will tell you there is a hidden passage here... so you just have
to go with your lord and you will find Vangal (it works with Gongos)...
Later, you will have to fight other Dragonmen who comes to beat Vangal.

History of Legendra from Erik Dean
For a very lengthy, but enjoyable, story about the history of Legendra,
put the Dragon Force cd into your computer's cd drive and open the 2nd
notepad file (there are a bunch of others but I can't get any of them
except the notepads to work)

Mages Bad Against Dragons? from Thomas R. Volpe
I know that the manual says mages are poor against dragons, but don't
believe it! Just have them standby in a defense form. When the remaining
dragons attack, they'll be caught in a cross fire. Just be sure to never
let your mages scramble, because then they really are worthless.

Skip Intro Animation: from Warmonger (
When you reset the game (A+B+C+Start) during the main game, you will see
the symbol of Harsgalt.  Hold down the Start button, and continue
holding it down, even after the symbol leaves the screen.  The game
should skip going back to the introduction animation, and go directly
to the Main select screen.  This is useful for saving time if you're
looking for the "perfect" item under search (Muramasa Sword, Dragon
Crest), and you keep getting garbage.

Another Tip from Marlon Chen
A way to get experience and awards for everyone defending a castle
without lowering the level of the castles:

Dispatch one less general than the army attacking you (and make sure
that they can WIN).  Defeat all but one general, then retreat back into
the castle and deploy the same number of generals.  This way you can
register an a award, a win, and experience for all the generals in the
castle, without lowering the level, either.

Also, after two or three rounds of this, all but one of the enemy
generals will have no troops and 1 HP, so here's a good chance to send
one person in to wipe out up to 4 generals at once and gain some XP.

Get Dragon Crests from PMC
To get a bunch of dragon crests you have to go to the castle on the eastern part
of the map, between Palemoon and Highland.  I think the castle starts with a C,
its something like crystal. Well anyway, you defeat whoever is in it and place
a person who can search.  You may not receive a dragon crest every week, but
they're there.

Starting off Tip from Phantasy
When starting out you should be Tieris. She is the easiest
of all the characters. But when you start out,Laine is a
hard nut to crack so you just have to keep on cracking.

Make Zanon Useful from
After you defeat Zanon (at least when playing Junon), he will keep coming
back to try to take Lightan castle.  As long as you don't send your main
character to engage him again, Zanon will not get captured.  This help in
increasing your weak generals' level to about level 10 quickly.  First,
make sure you have at least 6 generals in the Lightan castle.  Then
deploy 5 of them toward Zanon's army (which should be already weaken and
has no troop/you had already killed them), defeat them till they have no
MP left.  Then you end up with Zanon with all HP but no MP and his 3
generals with no MP and only 1 HP!.  After this just send any group of 5
generals and beat the 3 generals for easy level up and use one general in
the group to standby when fighting Zanon to end up in a draw.  After this
 you will automatically win since Zanon does not have any more general to
fight you and he will run away with his three 1HP/0MP generals to keep
going and going and going... for you to defeat and your weak generals to
rise in levels.

More Tips... from Warmonger (
1)  Leave Reinhart alone until only you, him, and Goldark are left.
Reinhart will keep Goldark from expanding, as long as you leave
Reinhart's generals alone.
2)  Remember, if you pull off hyper-storm/mega tornado off on an enemy
general, their troops come back at the end of the battle if you do not
defeat him/her.  This works the same for you ;).
3)  Build up Samurai generals instead of Soldier generals because of the
massive dragonmen attacks at the end of the game.
4)  Mages/Archers still attack while a spell/skill is being "cast".  Use
this to your advantage by pulling off spells that last for a long time
(i.e. dark vortex, meteor storm) when playing with them.
5)  XP is determined from a battle (this is what I found):
        Mostly:  How many troops you kill
        Middle:  The lv difference between you and the general
        Least:   The general himself/herself/itself

Keep your generals from deserting: from Warmonger (
Give any general enough awards so that they will have 100 in any troop.
 This will keep even the most disloyal general from leaving your
command.  Items don't hurt as well.

Requirements to have a General Fortify/Search: from Warmonger
Any general can search or fortify as long as they have an intelligence
of 70 minimum.  If the general has an intelligence lower than that,
simply giving him/her/it Strategy Runes, Virtuous Runes, or Ancient
Runes (one use, +6 intelligence) up to 70 will allow them to fortify or

Getting Hayate and Shirox w/Reinhart from
In one of the tips above, it says that you can't get Hayate or Shirox with
Reinhart.  I happened to get them by accident.  Early in
the game I met up with Shirox (without Reinhart) who ran
after I beat him.  What happened was I forgot all about him
and I didn't remember until very late in the game.  I went
back with Reinhart and lost a one on one battle with Hayate
and he joined me after.  I did this almost near the end of
the game.  I'm guessing you can do this earlier in the

More Tips from Wolfgang Landgraf
If you are tired to listen to all your generals in the domestic mode of
the game (especially when there are more than 100) to see if they may
desert in the next round, try this:

Leave yourself some awards, save the game, select DONE in the Domestic
Mode. Your chancellor will tell you who left your troops. Now simply
remember these names and restart the game by pressing A+B+C and Start
simultaneously. Start the saved game, promote the 'illoyal' characters
and they won't desert. If you have no awards left, you might donate a
Faith Coin to them. This will help also. So you can save your awards
(and soldiers) for the main fighting characters in the game instead of
spoiling them to these 'troublemakers'.

Mercenaries and thieves normally get unhappy if they were used in combat
and get no awards afterwards. So the best way from preventing them from
desertion is: deploy them to castles far away from the frontier line for
potato planting, but don't let them fight. They will not make troubles
any more.

Capture Bastion from RpgRob
Here is a tip on how to capture Bastion. You can only doo this if you are
Gongos,though. If you are Gongos,and you run into Bastion,fight with him.
Usually,he will fight to the end. After the fight is done,most likely,you
will have captured him. This way,he can't betray you and run off.

Use Mages more Effectively from Shin Hong
  The best way to use mages (one of the best troop type in my opinion) is to
keep them away from the opponent's troops.  I am assuming that the
opponent's troops are NOT archers/mages (in that case you should use
hand-to-hand troops such as Cavalry/Dragons).  I am also assuming you are in
a pretty big battle, with you having around 20 or more mages and the
opponent with 20 or more troops.
  What I mean by "keeping them away" is fairly easy.  At the beginning of a
fight, form your mages into the "Special" formation.  Then IMMEDIATELY
select the troop movement for "Retreat" so your mages will run behind your
general.  Once the mages are safe (that is they are about three
character-lengths behind your general) then select the troop movement "Standby."
  Your mages should now behind your general, firing away at the incoming
enemy troops.  Once the enemy troops get to your general, then use some kind
of magic to delay time.  The enemy troops will not be able to attack your
general while the magic occurs, but your mages will be able to pick even
more enemy troops off.
  The point of this strategy is the enemy troops will always go after your
general FIRST.  So, if your mages are behind your general enough, the enemy
troops won't "see" them and just attack your general.
  One key point for success with this strategy is someone with magic that
lasts a very long time.  The best example I can give is Reinhart.  His
Meteor Storm has a long duration, and thus the mages can happily fire at the
hapless enemy troops for quite a while.  This strategy can also be applied
to generals who have the Holy Shield spell.  Usually those who have Holy
Shield have mages, and so this technique will kill a significant amount of
enemy troops.  Although you may have to retreat (since clerics/magicians are
usually physically weak), you should use the Holy Shield right when your
general is surrounded by enemy troops.  Hopefully you'll have decimated the
enemy general's army and so another of your generals can pick him off easily.
  Someone might ask why I said you should retreat the mages right at the
beginning of the fight.  I found that if you keep the mages in Special
formation and try to retreat when the enemy troops close in, the enemy
general will use his/her magic.  It really sucks since while the magic is
going on, your mages are running AWAY from the battle.  By the time the
spell has finished, your mages will probably be really far back!
  Ok, I have told you the defensive capabilities of mages, but what about
their offensive capabilities?  Granted, they aren't very good against other
troops, but against the enemy general, they are priceless.  First off, you
have to have killed all opposing enemy troops.  In other words, the only
people remaining are: your general, the enemy general, and your mages (yeah!).
  Tell your mages to "Advance."  NEVER tell them to "Melee"!!  Let your
mages reach the enemy general.  I am assuming that you still have around 10
or more mages.  Allow the mages to overrun the enemy general (they almost go
BEHIND him).  Right when they are about to run PAST him, tell the mages to
"Regroup."  When you see that one mage is one character-length away in front
of him and another is the same distance away BEHIND him, then tell your
mages to "Standby."
  The enemy general will kill one or two mages, but the point is to have one
mage just out of his reach in front, and another behind him.  These two
mages will fire at the enemy general relentlessly.  And so, you hit him from
both sides!  You should use magic to wear the general down too.
  Thus your mages can be very offensive.  You will only lose two troops, but
you will hurt the enemy general a lot.  Plus, your cleric/magician will NOT
have to fight in a duel (where he/she would die for sure).  This is another
example of the importance of Special formation.  Only with Special can you
do all of the things I talked about earlier:  Retreat, Standby, Advance,
Regroup, Standby.

Using generals who have Resurrect/Ensnare from Shin Hong
  The only two generals that I can remember right now who have both the
spells Resurrect and Ensnare are Uryll (under Reinhart's command) and Sierra
(refer to the tip about 4 secret generals).
  These two are incredible generals, since their troops will always remain
high, even after many battles.  The trick is to use their spells correctly.
Uryll, for example, has 100 dragons (you do NOT have to have 100 - I'm just
using it to make my point).
  Let's say she enters a battle.  Put the dragons into Special formation (I
will explain why later).  The moment you can cast a spell, tell Uryll to use
Ensnare on the enemy general.  This will prevent him/her from retreating as
well as limiting them to one spell for the fight!  Okay, once you have
ensnared the enemy general, just fight as usual.
  Once Uryll's dragons have wiped out the enemy general's troops, tell them
to ADVANCE.  The key here is NOT to tell them to Melee!  Let's say Uryll now
has 59 dragons left.  It is definitely time for Resurrect.  I think Uryll
and Sierra both resurrect about 30 troops each time.
  Let Uryll's dragons tear the enemy general apart while you resurrect.
When the general's lifebar gets red, then tell the dragons to "Disperse" and
then tell them to "Standby" (so they won't attack the enemy general
anymore).  Now wait until your POWER meter refills, and then do another
  Now just tell your dragons to "Advance" again and kill off the enemy
general.  Hopefully the net loss of dragons will be around 1-5 dragons.  So
Uryll comes out of the fight with 95 or more dragons!  If you were taking
over a castle and your other generals win (which I hope!) then Uryll's magic
points will replenish immediately and she is completely ready to fight again.
  I found that Special formation isn't as bad as it seems, since you have a
lot of control over your troops (unlike Defense or Raid, for example).
Actually, you have control over ALL of your troops.

Additional note to New character: Vangal from Wolfgang Landgraf
Jean-Michel detects a new character named Vangal when playing Gongos.
This dragon man hides in different locations in Legendra depending on
the man playing character you have chosen. So he will not appear at this
place when playing certain different characters

Here are the locations of Vangal for

Wein:     Second village to the WEST from GALFIEL
Teiris:   Second village to the WEST from GALFIEL
Leon:     Village east to Fiend Tower
Gongos:   Village east to Fiend Tower (as detected by Jean-Michel)
Reinhart: Village north to Estonia

Not having played Junon, Mikhal and Goldark I do not know where Vangal
is hidden, but I will try hard to reveal it soon.

Want more Zombies? from Wolfgang Landgraf
If you like to let Zombies fight for you, you should sent some
of your intelligent fighter (INT = 70) to the towns Magicka or
Stalwart. Here you will find more than enough Spirit Crests.

Another Tip from Shin
To manually move an army into a friendly castle faster than normal, just
click on the castle when the approaching army is close by.  If there is no
option for "Enter" then just press B (to cancel) and wait a little bit.
Then press C again to click on the castle and see if you can make the army
  I found that this saves some time, since normally the army would have to
walk all the way to the castle to get inside.  This technique has saved me
many times when an enemy army was approaching my castle and I needed
reinforcements badly.  I was able to sneak a whole army into my castle right
before the enemy stormed the castle.

Watch the neighboring kingdoms for action to make conquering castles
easy ! from Wolfgang Landgraf
Deploy some of your armies on your territory to villages which are
located near an enemy castle. If two enemy troops battle to
conquer/defend this castle, just wait until the struggle has ended. Now
deploy your army to the castle immediately. Normally the armies inside
the castle had no time left to reinforce their men which makes it easy
for you to conquer the castle.

Castle Special Items from Will Chow
Some castles always give you one particular item if you successfully
search. You won't find Coins or any other items in these castles; just
that one item. Here is a list of those castles that I know of:

Crystal: Dragon Crest
Danyan: True Ring
Lightan: Dark Claw
Magicka: Spirit Crest
Ogrekeep: Death Claw
Royal: Kamui Blade
Sardia: Igneous Axe
Sophnik: Gaia Sword
Stalwart: Spirit Crest

Another Tip from James Tsai and Shin Hong
It seems that having your troops on Standby gives them an advantage in battle.
In a hand-to-hand battle (no mages/archers at
all in the fight), put your troops into Special formation.  Immediately tell
the troops to advance.  Wait until your troops advance about three or four
character lengths, then tell them to "Standby."  Your troops should be now
kind of jumbled (i.e. NOT in that perfect rectangle formation anymore) and
they "block off" more width-wise.  This way when the enemy troops arrive
they can't go around your troops, and your troops should have a slight
advantage!  One note of caution though, do not use magic when the troops are
fighting, otherwise you mess up your advantage.

Location of Vangal for Mikhal from Jason Paul
Vangal's location in Mikhal's scenario is in the first town south of the
castle Danyan.

Location of Vangal for Junon from Johnny Truong
He is located in between Crystal and Travan.

Summon Reaper from Shin Hong
 Here's something I recently found.. it's about character-specific spells.
The coolest spell I found so far belongs to Katt of the Bozack Kingdom.
Katt's third spell, which she should get at level 10, is called "Summon
Reaper."  It takes 1 MP and uses up 20 POWER.
  Summon Reaper is one of the best spells in the whole game!  Katt will
summon a grim reaper, who will fly across the screen and then slice its
scythe (no pun intended) at the opponent.  Then BOTH the opponent and Katt's
lifebars will decrease all the way.  So when the spell is over, both Katt
and her opponent will have 1 HP left!  I don't think it matters how many HP
Katt starts with - her lifebar will always stop at 1 HP (in other words she
doesn't die).
  It's pretty dangerous, of course, but I guess a good way to use it is to
use Summon Reaper as soon as possible and then run away.  Then choose your
next general, preferably with a good magic attack, and pick off the opponent
who only has 1 HP left.  I think it's a VERY easy way to get rid of Zanon

Avoid Main Characters Escape after Fight from Wolfgang Landgraf
If you fight one of the main character generals (LEON,JUNON, REINHART,
TEIRIS, WEIN, GONGOS, MIKHAL) make sure that these characters have no
castles left. Even when being captured during struggle they normally
escape to a castle which belongs to their kingdom. With no hideout left
they are forced to stay.

Map with the location of the hidden characters from  Wolfgang Landgraf

Awards Placements from Markus Adhiwiyogo
The forty generals listed in the manual don't need awards or items to
keep them from deserting. It doesn't matter which monarch controls them.
As long as you conquered their leaders, they'll remain loyal to your
selected monarch. This is a good way to save awards to build other
generals. I recommend giving the saved awards to the warriors of the
Dragon Force after giving Dragon Crests to them.

Notes for playing Goldark or Gongos in Dragon Force
Due to the fact that in both scenarios all main characters join your
forces very, very late you should keep as much Asteas Statues, Dragon
Statues, Honor and Bravery coins as possible for these characters. These
guys have no chance gaining experience point, HP, extra MP during
battle. So use the items mentioned for stocking them up.
Also save about 70 - 80 awards for them to equip the main characters
with dragon soldiers for the shrine battles.

General notes beating Katmandu(first and last battle) from Wolfgang Landgraf
It is very easy to beat Katmandu after receiving the dragon power for
the main character. Simply use beasts to attack the robot. They are much
more effective than any other soldier type, even dragons do not compare
to them. Equip your hero with a Savage crest (while not playing Gongos)
and stock him up to 100 beasts.

Note beating Scythe in the last battle. from Wolfgang Landgraf
The first character facing Scythe in Ruinledge Mountains should use
harpies and defend. If you play Junon, you should give a Flying crest to
Leon and award him up to 100 harpies. The sirens which Scythe is using
seem to be some kind of allergic against harpies. Their number melts
like ice in the sun.

Note beating Madruk from Wolfgang Landgraf
You should use Samurai for attacking Madruk. They are much more
effective than dragons for example.

Equip all main characters with defensive devices (if possible) for the
battle against the three dark apostles and Madruk
Due to the fact, that you normally do not need to duel one of the
baddies in the last fight (let your soldiers work for you) it is better
to equip your character with defensive gear than swords, lances etc.
to have a better chance against the spell attacks of the enemies.

Use these items for:
Tempest for Reinhart
Any shield or armor (Battle armor is best) for Wein, Goldark
Even when facing Madruk you do not need to be equipped with a Dragon
Force weapon. Victory will be much easier now.

Keep Bastion for the whole game from Andrew S
To keep Bastion for the whole game put him in a castle that is able to get
you some kind of crest or other item that is far away from the battle zone
(This worked very well when he is placed at Crystal castle) and during your
domestic affairs, he will be able to search and get crests at that spot,
have a safe place to have reserve troops, and just give you another castle.
If he ever acts up, give him an award.

The Ultimate Time Saver from Ace Decade
When your castles are attacked and the enemy general runs,
or as they run from a castle you've taken, quickly pause
the game. Take any general in that castle & attack the
retreating army. Un-pause the game & the battle begins.
Remember, it's quicker if concentrate attacks on the enemy
general. If they retreat again, they run back towards you.
If they win, they'll usually cheer, then re-attack the
castle. Either way they never return home for
troops or healing. It's a little tricky, but it'll save
tons of time.

Debug Mode from Aaron Clark & Eric Pogue
Turn on game hold L+R+X+Z+Start then at title screen while press start
is flashing (while holding previous buttons) push down down up down down
left left left up down right right right. Then let go of start then
press it again. Should say Debug mode at bottom.

Dragon Force Oddity from Estlor
**NOTE: This "trick" requires two memory cards to perform.**

Have two Dragon Force games saved, one on the system and one on the
memory card, and have them be different rulers.  Move the one on the
system to the memory card without the Dragon Force save game.  Then move
the one on the memory card to the system.  Make sure you move the save
games with the same number designation (in this case, they would be 00).

Play a game, and restore the save game on the system.  If you used the
memory manager and not the menus from the Dragon Force game, several
interesting things will have happened.  First, while it displays the
correct image for your ruler, it will call them by the ruler that was
originally saved on the system memory (for example, I switched Wein and
Reinhart, and it said Reinhart was the leader of the "Wein Division").
Second, when you leave the domestic screen and go to the battle screen,
you will notice every single castle is ruined.  While this has no
practical purpose, it is just interesting.

To restore things to normal, go back to the memory manager and move the
save files to their original place.

More on the Debug Mode from
          Right before the title screen flashes "PRESS THE START BUTTON",
press and hold L,R,X,Z and START.  This will causes the "PRESS THE START
BUTTON" message to appear and when it does that, press down, down,up, down,
down, left, left, left, up, down, right, right, right, and press START again.
It will indicate DEBUG MODE below OPTIONS.  If you did it wrong, don't worry!
 While still holding the buttons, press the B button and it bring you back to
the beginning of the title screen.  There are several tricks that can be
utilized in DEBUG MODE:

          In OPTIONS, the ENDING cinema is now accessible!
          In NEW GAME, Goldark and Reinhart are now accessible!
          During Domestics, you can access Events and Data in the Main Menu.
 In                            Events, you can activate the key events that
are relevant to the Main Characters scenario.  In Data, you have access to
the data of every single character that exists in the game!
          In the MENU BAR on the MAIN MAP, there is the new DEBUG choice.
 There are 6 choices: Field Speed. Force Domestics, Force Battle, Debug Army,
Debug Commander, and Remaining Action Display.
          Field Speed- Allows access to visual properties of the MAIN MAP.
 Nothing useful here except changing the castle size.
         Force Domestics- Causes an instant domesticeven when time is not
up.  BEWARE: this also affects real time and can jumpstart some events.
Sometimes it can cause more harm than good.
          Force Battle- The best option in Debug Mode!  Here you pit general
against general           SOUND NUMBER: 18-32, can tell what each one is by going
into                                   OPTIONS and check on the soundtracks.
                     YOUR GENERAL: Select from 167 usable characters!  To
figure out which is which, go to DEBUG COMMANDER and find the number of the
character (the number is to the right of the character's name).  BEWARE: Stay
within the SBNBN ending, do not go to the listings with the SBN endings, this
will screw up your game if you do not pay attention to this!  Also, do not
select Lokithus(125), Madruk(126), or Katmando(141).  All the other
characters are accessible.
                      ENEMY GENERAL:  Follow the same rules and restrictions
as selecting your general.
                      SCENE NUMBER: Choose a background, and to find out what
each number is, go to OPTIONS and look at the name given for each soundtrack.
 BEWARE:do not go into the negative field numbers, this will screw the game
up if you do not obey this!
***COOL***- Each general has 100 troops even if they don't have it in the
real world!
***COOL***- Force Battle also effects reality! If a general uses up magic in
the Force Battle, they are also depleted in the real world.  The general's
magic will stay depleted until he/she goes back into a castle. Use this to
your advantage, especially on high MP generals!
          Debug Army- Keeps track of all units on the map.
          Debug Commander- Shows the status of all generals.  Use this as a
list of generals for Force Battle.
          Remaining Action Display- Shows the time.  Quite useless!

Secret Characters from
           Vlad- Fight at Fiend Tower, must defeat him in order to get him.
           Sierra- You meet her after you get Vlad.  She comes with Ryskim
and you have to defeat her and Ryskim in order for her to join you.
           Vangal- You encounter this Dragonman at different area in the game
dependent upon your scenario.  It doesn't matter if you win or lose, he'll
join you.  Sooner or later, Zado will attack and you must win this battle.
           Hayate and Shirox- If you want to get Hayate and Shirox, do not
stop on the town south of the Mikeral.  Wait until you get Mikhal and then
land there to fight Shirox.  It does matter if you capture him or not.  After
the battle, Hayate retrieves Shirox.  Later in Domestics, Mikhal will tell
you about Hayate.  Than go to the town again, and there you will have a duel
with Hayate.  It doesn't matter if you win or lose.  After the battle, Hayate
and Shirox will join you. IMPORTANT: If you are playing as Mikhal, you can
just go to the town, fight Shirox and then duel Hayate.

Easily Defeat Zanon from
To defeat easily Zanon, you must find the dragonman
Vangal and raise level to 7 or 10 ( it is your choice) but your must
have at least 80 troops( I suggest the max.). When you face Zanon with him
for the first time, choose offense strategy to kill the enemy's troops(
beware to the Zanon magic). Use Fire Cannon to Zanon and when the enemy
has less troops( about 20) send the front dragonmen to kill the last one
and melee after they reach Zanon. Not only the
dragonmen troops made a good damage than other troops, the Vangal Fire
Cannon is the most effective against Zanon himself.

Magicka Castle from
While adventuring through the continent of Legendra, you encounter the ruined
castle of Magicka.  It can be restored by stopping at the ruins.  After
restoring the castle, have some smart generals and your lord stay there.
 During Domestics, have your smart generals fortify.  If Magicka is fortified
enough, you will receive a message when you reach the main map.  If you do
not receive a message after the first time you fortified, keep fortifying
until you get the message.  Once you receive the message, do what they tell
you and an interesting story unfolds...

Reinhart vs Zanon from Bram Davis
Reinhart can be super powerful and have more than 20 magic points depending
on your patience (I did this with Junon as my primary general) After
capturing Lighton castle, and forcing Zannon to walk around, use Reinhart
with magicians to kill Zannon. He usually runs away, but because of how
long his 3rd level spell takes, you can inflict massive damage just from
the magicians while it is going off. If you actually succeed in killing
Zannon (and leveling), Reinhart's maximum magic points will increase.
During the final set of battles, I had over 25 MP's and was able to kill
the boss singlehandedly.

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