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Ok, after playing many times through here is how to unlock the EXTRAS:

To Open "Extra" menu, beat Arcade mode on Easy difficulty.

The rest of these are in the "Extra" menu except costumes of course:

* "Fighting Order": Beat "Time Attack" in under 5 minutes.
* "Ring Size": Beat "Arcade Mode" on at least Easy difficulty (* This
also Opens up "Extra" menu *)
* "Danger Zone": Beat "BURST Arcade Mode" on at least Easy difficulty.
* "Danger Damage": I forgot ^_^. I think it was sometime after I played
through all the different modes?...
* "Danger Bounce": Enter initials "DOA" at the name entry screen (when
you place in the Top 10 - I think it can be in any mode).
* "Announcer Voice": Use Kasumi over 100 times.

* Get the Boss, Raidou: Beat "Arcade Mode" with every single character
(min. difficulty setting is Normal).

* Alternate Costumes: Beat "Arcade Mode" (or Burst Arcade) on (at least)
Normal difficulty for the character you want an extra costume for. The
more times you clear it, the more costumes you'll get. [*Note: These
include 'palette swap' 'new' costumes as well]

** NOTE: The rumor about beating over 10 people in "Survival Mode" is
FALSE. I got up to 20 WINS in Survival mode, and... Nothing :(. Oh well.

** NOTE: I think the Maximum Life setting you can use is "Largest" if
you use higher settings (No Limit), then you won't get anything ~I

Extra Goodies from Tim Walker
Put the CD in your PC drive, and open up the folder marked "Omake".  Lots
of cool bitmap images to use on your desktop!

See Replays Over & Over Again from Shizhe
After game set, hold buttons A + C until replay screen.
Press B to rewind replay and release to forward.

Clean Pause Screen from EY
Press X+Y+Z on the pause screen to get rid of the "pause" icon.

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