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Hidden Characters from Martin King
Finish A to I Course in normal mode , You can get the
all hidden charactors , the last one is Daytona Car
No.41. And you can get the BookKeep and Portrait in Option Plus.

JPG's on the CD from Chan Chin Shan
Put the CD in PC and open the omake___.lzh. You'll able to view 13 .jpg
which from the game.

Hyper Mode from Martin King
Choose Survival Mode , and finish the three difference
time limit mode , 3mins (at least 2 wins),7mins (at least 6 wins)
and 15mins (at least 11 wins). Then you can get the useful
and interesting function called Hyper Mode , in Option Plus.

Moves for some of the Hidden Characters from Chong Lee

press Back, Forward and Punch & Kick (B & C) together.  Janet will draw
her gun and FIRE!  Which does massive damage to any opponent you face.
(but you can dodge it)

Rent A Hero:
just do the Hadoken fireball motion (Down, Down-Forward, Forward &
Punch), and he'll fire something looks like Terry Bogard's Power Wave.
(this also does big damage)

tap Forward twice and press Punch, Bean'll lob 2 bombs. (great for
tap Forward and press kick, Bean will kick a bomb to the opponent
knocking them down. (not that powerful though)

More Goodies on the CD from Brad Douglas
Along with the omake___.lzh file on the CD, there's also a file
called READ__ME.DOC, that contains comments from the makers of the game,
including Suzuki Yu himself.  (Of course, all these are in Japanese.)  It
also has a move list for all the characters, except the secret/hidden

Sanman`s new throw combo from Crimson Avenger
1) f,f/d,d,d/b,b+P+G - f,b+P+G - f,b+P+G
2) f,b+P+G - b,f+P+G - b,d/b,d,d/f,f+P+G

Choose school girl Honey: from Chan Chin Shan
First, you must beat down the school girl Honey. Then at the characters
select screen move to Honey and press X or Z.
X is red and Z is blue.

Virtua Fighter 1 Shiba from Chan Chin Shan
Press X or Z to choose Shiba can use VF1 like Shiba.

Hornet's Moves from Chan Chin Shan
Run:foward, foward+p
Bahn and Akira like Move:
After you take off the armor(back, back+p+k)
back, forward, forward+p+k
Near Opp, back+P+G
down+p(down attack)
forward+P (Bahn's super punch)
forward, forward+p

Open up More Options from Chan Chin Shan
Play more than 500 times you'll have 3 more options in option plus.
First is you can choose the stage(have cage) of  survival mode.
Other is you can switch on 1p and 2p infinity energy.

Another way to get Hyper Mode from Kristopher Huynh
Play the team battle against the computer with the default settings, and,
after winning the team battle, the hyper mode will become available.

Rapid fire for Janet from Ing Yong Chien
Press back,forward + bc continuously and Janet will keep firing
and reloading the gun herself after every three shots.

Training Characters from Tan Boon Kwee
To get training characters in fighters megamix, increase the number of
ok counts for all characters in training mode. It is not necessary to
complete all training for one character but all the total no. of ok
counts should exceed 600.

Power on the game 30 times, choose Kumachan with the "X" button to use Niku.

AM2 Palm Tree
Clear all courses with at least 5 characters, play at least 1000 games, choose
Niku and select course "I" and you'll play against the AM2 Palm Tree.

Continuous Rapid Fire w/Janet from Nick Lazar
After you do Janet's Rapid Fire, and she says Re-load, do not stop!
Keep pushing B, F+P+K and she will reload almost instantly and keep

Mini Games from Matthew Jones
First deleat all your FMM save data. Now beat courses A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H.
Do not beat I. Now place O.K marks on 1200 moves in traning. Now goto
dourse I and press L. You'll goto a screen full of ? marks. The object
is to find to pics that match. Beat it and you'll get a picture of Janet
in her orriginal VC2 outfit. Beat it again and you'll get a pic of her
without armour. Beat it again and you'll get a pic of her in less clothing.

Vipers in there orriginal second outfit from Matthew Jones
If you press X on one of the vipers exspet Honey or Kumachan you'll be
in the orriginal second outfit.

F-14 Fly by from Chan Chin Shan
At BM stage, when the match start and the round number appear,
press 1P and 2P's X button at same time. You will see a F-14

Out side of Ring from Chan Chin Shan
At Deku stage, use Akira and your opponent's back must touch
the rope. Both 1P and 2P must at low energy. Then use the move
b,f,f,P+K, you and your opponent will stand outside the ring.

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