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Megaman X4

Zero black armour from MADspider
At selection of player screen, highlight Zero and Hold R and press Right 6
times. Release R and hold the "B" button, and then press start. Zero Should
be in a Black armour in the first stage.

Zero's Techniques from Estlor
The instruction book for Mega Man X4 is terribly lacking in Zero's
powers (they only list four and do not tell you who gives you what
power). Here is the complete list:

Shippuuga (Slash Beast): Press the Special Weapon button while dashing.
This is a single sword swipe that can hit several times.

Raijingeki (Web Spider): Press the Special Weapon button while on the
ground.  Zero's saber is longer and electrified.

Hyouretsuzan (Frost Walrus): Press down and the Special Weapon button
while in the air.  Zero's saber becomes an icicle used to impale robots
below him.

Kuuenbu (Split Mushroom): Zero can now double jump.  Also, his arial
attack becomes a super-strong rolling attack.

Tenkuuha (Storm Owl): Zero's standard attack can now cut through energy
projectiles (like Magma Dragoon's hadokens).

Hienkyaku (Jet Stingray): Zero can now preform an air dash like X if you
press the dash button or double tap a direction in the air.

Ryuenjin (Magma Dragoon): Press up and the Special Weapon button.  Zero
preforms something like a Dragon Punch with his saber (breaks ice

Rakuhouha (Cyber Peacock): Press the Giga Attack button.  This is a
spreading attack in all directions and is the only technique of Zero's
that needs weapon energy.

Special Armor from Tien-Dan Nguyen(,br
X's R-Teammate Armor:
1.At the player select screen, highlight X.
2.Press the "B" button 2 times.
3.Press Left on the D-Pad 6 times. 4.Hold L and R and press Start.

The special flying boots from David A. Arpin
In the 1st stage (Jungle) near the beginning, the second time you fall down
(maybe I'm wrong), anyway, stand at the right of the screen, there's a
waterfall but you can get through. You enter a cave and there's a cabin
with an hologram message from Dr Light (Mega Man 8).
Enter the cabin and you'll now have the special flying boots. They're quite

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