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Debug Code from Richard Roth
1.On the Sonic Team screen press A,B,Right,A,C,A,Down,A,B,Right,A
2.If done correctly, you should hear "Aptiva!" as if you ran out
of time.
3.Then at the Title Screen press Up,Down,Left,Right,A+Start.
should hear a chime (a la Sonic 1) indicating the completion of the code.
5.Now highlight one of Elliot's dreams and press X,Y,Z,Y,X.
6.Now press Start.
7.As Elliot, Pause and press Right,A,Left,Left,Y. (RALLY)
8.Press Start.
9.Collect 50 orbs and jump. 10.In midair, Pause. 11.A debug menu
appears,allowing you to change the time limit,take away the alarm eggs,and
access all levels in the normal mode AND in the 2P VS! (including boss arenas
plus WIZEMAN!!!!)

(Please Note:  I can't get this code to work, personally.  I have been told that
it does work, but is extremely hard to do, so good luck.)

NiGHTS feet first trick  from Roushi
When you are walking towards the NiGHTS shrine and the little critters rape you
of your Ideya, you can keep walking towards the shrine.  If you get to the shrine before it cuts
away from the Ideya capture you start off flying feet first.

Special Trick from Robert Hencke
Pause the game, and press L + R + Y. A row of odd looking numbers will
appear (I didn't discover this part of the code...).  The numbers are
rather cryptic, but I think I have figured out what they mean.  If you play
NiGHTS for a while, you notice the music changes (or if you have used the
Melody Box on X-mas NiGHTS and fiddled with the songs.)  The list of
numbers is the current song, and each number represents a part of the song.

Here's what it looks like (this varies):

  ^     ^
  |     '- End of song.
  Beginning of song.

The numbers 0 through 3 can fill the number slots:
0 - Nightopians are very happy (upbeat melody)
1 - Nightopians are happy      (less upbeat melody)
2 - Nightopians are OK         (average melody)
3 - Nightopians are angry      (not at all upbeat melody).
* - Nothing                    (melody doesn't have that many parts)

It's a little confusing to get at first, but it's a neat way to see what
melody you currently have (and even better, how you rate with the

Special Move from Robert Hencke
Grab onto an enemy in NiGHTS and hold down A, B, or C (even after you've
killed the enemy).  After NiGHTS completes his loop around the enemy, he'll
go into a standard drill attack (will go really fast), but it will look
like regular flight.

Bonus on 3rd and 4th Laps from Robert Hencke
On the third and fourth lap of any level in NiGHTS, a little Nightopian
carrying a sign appears above the Ideya Palace.  The sign keeps track of
how many stars you have collected.  On the fourth lap, hit the Nightopian
and he will drop his sign, giving you 10 points for every star you
collected (a good way to up your score a little.) You can have up to 255
stars.  Once you hit the Nightopian, you don't get to hit him again for
more points, though, so wait towards the end.  If you look closely when you
hit the Nightopian, NiGHTS will turn his head around and look back at him
while flying by :)

No star trail from Victoria Fitzgerald
Play through Stick Canyon to the 3rd act. When you get to the magnet, go
through it. Then reset on the joypad (A+B+C+START) and choose any level.
Nights will then have no star trail, disabling paraloops. To turn this
secret off, just reset again while playing.
(Note: Don't use the secret when fighting Reala, he'll have no stars

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