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Night Warriors - Dark Stalkers Revenge - Vampire Hunter 2 FAQ /pub/ds2/NightWarriors.faq.yves /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/nightwar.txt

ver 3.1 - 27 november 1995 19.45 GMT

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"Don't look at me, Sir, er, in that tone of voice!" Punch

Name:     De Bruyne Yves
Address:  Ch. des Triaudes 5242, 1024 Ecublens, Switzerland
Phone:    +41 21/693.74.55

  ||        ||   Fan of TMBG, The Beatles,   ||
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  ||        Miami.  Reviled, I, Nona, live on, I do, O God!"        ||
  ||                 Also a big fan of palindromes.                 ||

This is a compilation of the old FAQ 1.0, the moves in Gamest, my own
experience and the moves e-mailed to me.

I actually finished the game with all characters, witch doesn't mean
that I get all the aspects of the game... Still hanging on guard
reversals. Somebody found out combos to add?

I am waiting for any addition, correction or suggestion. E-mail me or
post to this newsgroup.

Want to do list:

- color schemes: additions welcome, cause 8*14 characters aren't cheap
  (yes, the game is 1 CHF to play (.75$))
- Japanese names of the moves and their translations
- endings (quotes + descriptions) Sasquatch and more exact versions of
  the ones given there. Look at Victors for a good example.
- any proposals for better descriptions or move names, cause I'm real
  lame finding them
- victory quotes: Bishamon, Pyron, Sasquatch
- combos
- tips for guard reversals


# Changes from the previous version
# General playing
# The fighters
# Color schemes
# Speed change
# Auto-block mode
# Quarter and half circles
# Move names
# Special meter
# Pursuit
# Throw softening
# Throws
# Savety roll
# Guard reversals
# Button specials
# Notation
# Methods to win
# Extra Specials
# Thanks to
The moves for each character, in alphabetical order of their performers
# Endings
# Short moves list

# Changes from version 3.0

- added first combo : Morrigan's 54 hit
- found minimal motions
- found Rikuo's Oyster Smasher history
- corrected some ES-moves (imaginary, unknown, real)
- finished with all pursuits
- major retyping work done
- added short moves list
- added description of half-circle motions

# General playing

Kick buttons  : Short   Forward  Roundhouse
                 o         o        o
                 o         o        o
Punch Buttons : Jab     Strong   Fierce

All move notation (in keeping with tradition) Will be for characters
facing to The right.

Characters now have very special rushes forward -o -o or backward. Try
out the special use of each

"punch+kick" means to push relative punch and kick buttons together such
 as jab+short, strong+forward, or fierce+roundhouse
"all punch" means to push 2 punch buttons together
"all kick" means to push 2 kick buttons together
"all button" means to push four buttons in unison

It's actually easier if you push 3 buttons, because you're sure the
games registers at least two of them...

A dot .o- means charging a little while

ES stands for ESpecial-A normal move used with 2 buttons. Uses 1 level
EX stands for Extra Special-A unique move which uses 1 energy level
GR stands for Guard reversal move

# The fighters

The coolest is the category for the best moves, style, etc...
The best is the best computer-killer
The brain is the best computer AI


The coolest             The best                 The brain

Victor                  Rikuo                    Rikuo

Actually 5 votes :

The coolest             The Best                 The brain

Felicia            2    Felicia             1.5  Rikuo                2
Raptor             1    Morrigan            1    Morrigan             1.5
Talbain            1    Anakaris            1    Talbain              1
Bishamon            .5  Rikuo               1    Demitri               .5
Huitzil             .5  Raptor               .5

Also, the best fighter against humans

Raptor             1
Demitri            1.5
Pyron              1
Morrigan            .5

# Color schemes

All warriors can be chosen in eight different colors. Find out your
favorite. Use roundhouse to get the classic color of the first game,
start to get the alternate color of the first game. There is also a
special dark color to get. Hold down jab+forward for this one.

Anakaris     jab+forward: White bandages, black and yellow mask
Bishamon                : Blue skin and armor
Demitri      roundhouse : Blue clothes and aura
Donovan      jab        : Gold and brown robes
Huitzil      roundhouse : Golden Huitzil
Lord Raptor  forward    : Gray skin and black pants
Pyron                   : Full blue flame
Rikuo        fierce     : Golden and purple
Talbain      start      : Gray hair and red pants

Note that all of the dark colors look plain cool to me

# Speed change

You can use normal or turbo speed. In a two player game, the winner
chooses the speed

# Auto-block mode

In this mode, as long as you aren't pressing a button to attack, the
computer guards for you. You can walk around not being hit. The computer
will guard automatically 10 times per match-up. Being in auto-block mode
gets you auto-chain-combos. Push three attack buttons (kick or punches),
and the computer chains jab-strong-fierce or short-forward-roundhouse
into a combo. You can't make manual chain combos in this mode...

#Chain combos

In the Darkstalkers Series, there is a combo system that allows you to chain a
series of normal attacks together.  It involves you cancelling the animation
of a normal move into another normal so that the hits come out in rapid
succession.  To do a chain combo, you must hit the next attack at the precise
moment your first attack makes contact.  The order you can chain moves
together goes in the following:


Thus, conceivably, you could do a 6-hit combo with all six buttons in sequence
if your moves could reach your target.  However, you can skip any of the
attacks in the sequence; i.e. you don't have to follow up each attack with the
next button in the sequence.  For example, you can do a Jab, Strong, Forward,
Roundhouse chain combo.  Or, you can do a Short, Fierce Chain Combo. However,
you cannot ever go backwards in the sequence.  And while you are chain
comboing, you can do any kind of move: standing, crouching, or directional
moves, moves that require you to hold a particular direction on the
controller... an example is Donovan's standing Roundhouse: you can use either
the regular Kick or the Hopping Kick.  You must also make contact with the
target in order to do a chain combo whether they get hit or they block. You
cannot miss the target and still cancel your move's animation.  Also, for
multi-hit moves (like Rikuo's standing Strong or Morrigan's crouching Jab),
you can cancel the latter hits.  You are not forced to cancel the first hit.
Thus, you could let the move hit more than once and on ANY of the latter hits,
you can press a later button in the sequence and cancel the move.  Also, once
you begin a chain combo, you can no longer cancel a move into a special move.
An example: With Felicia, you can do a crouching Forward and cancel that with
the Rolling Buckler special move.  However, if you do a Jab, Short, Forward
chain combo, you can no longer cancel the forward kick with the special

# Quarter and half circles

How many times did you wnat to make a half circle motion and got a quarter
circle instead? Theese times are now over, thanks to a new move recognition
by the game! Let's take an example...
You took Rikuo, finished charging up your special meter, and want to nail
the opponent with a magificient Sea-Rage EX

o - / | \ - o + All Punches
   o  o  o

The problem is that, Mr.Murphy aiding, you get a Sonic Wave ES

| \ - o + All Punches
o  o

Rage! But there is a sure-shot method to make the move you want everytime.
New in DarkStalker's Revenge is the modified half-circle motion:

o - / | \ + All Punches
   o  o  o

The fact that you stop the movement in the diagonal ensures that the game
doesn't register a quarter cicle motion instead. There no single standart
half-circle motion left in the game.

# Move names

All the move names here are taken from different sources. Mainly from the
Darkstalkers FAQ. But every new move and throw that isn't described there
is obtained from my own imagination or from the move lists of Mr.Wong and
Mr.Griffith. Some of the names may have originally come from Gamest, but
I'm not sure if they were in english first... Given the choice, I chose
the coolest name or the only one that came to mind. Please e-mail me the
genuine names if you want them to appear...

# Special meter

As you perform hits and moves or block a hit, this bar fills itself up.
Once it is filled, it begins to fill again. There is a counter on how
many times it has been filled.

- blue is for one level
- green is for two
- orange is for three
- and so on

Most special moves or throws can be powered-up to ES-versions. This uses
one level. The EX-moves require one level also. It appears than having
more that one level loaded can be handy as you can perform multiple
EX-ES-moves consecutively. Read the descriptions for more infos

# Pursuit

Once an opponent has been knocked down by your character, pressing or
holding up + kick will cause your character to follow up and land on the
downed character for an extra hit. It seems that the Short kick hits more
often that the Roundhouse. If done with 2 buttons, you get a ES pursuit
that does more damage.

Best pursuit : Bishamon
Best ES pursuit : Demitri

# Throw softening

If your character gets thrown by the opponent, hitting strong or fierce in the
first frames of animation of the throw can have your character land on his/her
feet and be in a much bettter state to retaliate.  You can also throw soften
hold moves such as Raptor's fierce button hold (Raptor's Bone Thrust).  If you
hit the fierce or strong button at the beginning frames of the hold, you can
flip out right after the first hit of the hold and avoid taking more damage.
You cannot soft land after throws requiring a joystick movement.

# Throws

Each character has a throw o- or -o + kick or punch (exept Anakaris).
This one can be used in air or on the ground. Each character has special
throws requiring a joystick motion and most of them have charged up ES

Best throw : Raptor's Bone Thrust
Best move throw : Tie : Rikuo's Crystal Lancer and Hsien-Ko's Houtengeki
Best ES throw : Raptor's Skull Banish
Best EX throw : Victor's Great Geldenheim

# Safety roll

After being knocked down, you can press toward or backward to move while
getting up, so you can elude your opponent. You are invincible to all
normal attacks while performing the moving get-up. Also, keep hitting the
buttons to recover more quickly and elude the pursuits on your still
knocked down character. I try to throw my foe while getting up rather
than try to flee...

# Guard reversals

In Darkstalkers, there is a system of counter attacks called Guard Reversals.
A Guard Reversal is the ability of each character to cancel his/her own block
into a particular special move, depending on who the character is.  To perform
a Guard Reversal, you must FINISH the code for your particular Guard Reversal
at almost precisely the same moment you block the move you are attemting to
Guard Reversal.  It is very difficult to perform a Guard Reversal at any given
moment because it takes a great amount of timing. However, performing a Guard
Reversal against any multi-hitting move is relatively easy (examples are
Morrigan's Valkyrie Turn, Rikuo's dashing Fierce, Felicia's Delta Kick, or any
chain combos you block).  After you block the first hit, you can just
repeatedly do your Guard Reversal code motion and there is a good chance it
will come out.

Note: Anakaris has no Guard Reversal.

Best guard reversal : Huitzil
Best ES guard reversal : Bishamon

# Button specials

What I call button specials are EX moves that require you to press four
buttons and one direction. To do them correctly, you don't want to wait for
the animation's of the punches/kicks to finish before pressing the next button
in the sequence. The key is speed. If you perform the code correctly, any move
you were currently doing will be instantly cancelled and your EX will begin.
It doesn't matter which move you are doing as long as it is a normal move (not
a special move, not an ES, and not an EX). Try Morrigan's Astral Vision
it's the first I ever did.

Best button special : Anakaris' Pharaoh Magic

# Notation

In the following move descriptions, 'you' will mean your character and
'It' the opponent. It is always assumed that you play the character
facing right. If you are facing left, reverse the motions for left and

# Methods to win

When a round is finished, the winners bubble fill with one of these

T - Time - Won by having more energy than your opponent when time runs
V - Victory - Won by a normal kick or punch
S - Special - Won by finishing the opponent off with a special move,
    fireball or special grab
ES - ESpecial - Won by finishing off the opponent with an augmented
     special move
EX - Extra Special - Won by finishing off the opponent with an Extra-
     Special move

D - Double K.O. - A round ends in wich both opponents defeat each other
at the axact same time (trading hits that completely drain the energy of
both characters. This can only happen where both players are given "D" in
both of their first bubbles and only 1 round remains. I a double K.O.
occurs on the second round, the winner of the first round wins the match.
If a double K.O occurs on the third round, the computer somehow figures
out a winner, but I'm still not sure how... Still trying to figure that

There are four quotes for winning with every character:

One for an excellent victory:

Huitzil-"Target neutralized. Threat evaluation: Wimp."
Raptor-"Bah! I have no time to waste on such inferior opponents!"
Demitri-"Your pathetic attemps to defeat me where truly laughable!"

One normal

Pyron-"I have crushed stars! What chance do you have against me?"
Bishamon-"There is no dishonor in falling before me, it's only natural."
Morrigan-"My victories, like my beauty, are eternal!"

One for a victory where you where nearly defeated:

Huitzil-"Target neutralized. Threat evaluation: Severe danger. Recommend
          unit upgrade."
Anakaris-"You could challenge Ra, but I Pharaoh Anakaris am the greatest
          warrior of all time!"
Talbain-"You skill is great, but mine is supreme!"

One for a victory agains a copy of your character:

Huitzil-"Rogue unit deactivated. Commencing production of new unit."
Felicia-"A cheap copy, and I do mean cheap, is no match for me!"
Donovan-"Get thee away from me phantom! There can only be one!"

The only round that affects which quote comes out is the final one

There are also different winning poses/animations that each character has
after they win a round.  Every character has at least one.  There are special
poses for special situations, such as getting a perfect (Donovan), beating the
computer Pyron (Raptor and Bishamon), defeating the computer Pyron the second
time on Round 2 with an EX Special (Anakaris), and holding all three kicks or
punches before the pose comes out (Morrigan).  There may be more.  If anybody
knows more...

Also, everyone has animations for the beginning of a match and most characters
have more than one: one for normal battles and another for when the computer
controlled player appears on their own stage.  Example: Felicia's normal match
entry animation is her as a cat which gets shot by lighting.  The cat grows
into Felicia who reels with the shock and then gets ready for the fight.  On
her own stage, however, Felicia appears as a cat walking on the wall for a
brief second and then suddenly rolls toward the fighting area towards you and
gets ready for the fight.
There is also one special entry animation in which Raptor fights Hsien-Ko.
Check this one out for a total laugh!

# Extra Specials

It appears that not every character has 3 special attacks. These are all
I actually know of.
Second, it appears that there are multiple possibilities to do some
moves. If you got a combination that works, please contact me.

Donovan has two      DEITY STOMP  DEMON AIRLINES
Felicia has two      ROLLING FLASH  FELINE TEAM
Pyron has one        COSMO DISRUPTION
Sasquatch has two    ICE BEACON  THIN ICE
Talbain has two      SHADOW HOWL  DRAGON CANNON

Rikuo's fourth EX may seem like a joke... Uneffective, ugly, and poor
damage... The reason for this is that it could in fact be a joke!
In the original Darkstalkers in Japan, Rikuo's Crouching Fierce, which
has the exact same animation of Rikuo's 4th EX, had to be blocked high
but many people complained that it was a cheesy move. So in the American
release of DS, they took it out and let you block the move if you were
crouching. When DS Revenge came out, the programmers decided to stick the
move BACK in the game, but only as an EX and only for the original two
colors (Roundhouse and Start). I guess it was a joke or something but it
is useful. It might be a waste of a full meter, though.

# Thanks to

- James Chen                : Morrigan 54 combo, Oyster Smasher, minimal
                              moves, Sword Toss descriptions, main tester
                              co-writer thanks to his work. Mr. Combo
- Ronald Theophilus Griffith: The Version 1.0 FAQ writer for most of the
                              first move versions, the intros and for
                              getting me starting this FAQ, Anakaris
- Jamie Klein               : The writer of the Dark Stalkers FAQ for
                              some move names and endings
- Brandon Wong              : Writer of mini-FAQs on every character.
                              Check out! at brawl in /pub/ds2/faqs, misc.
                              minimal motions
- Kenichiro Tanaka          : The writer of a DSR FAQ that is at it's
                              beginning. Holds loads of technical infos.
                              For the dark color schemes
- Galen Tatsuo Komatsu      : Writer of countless FAQs for Neo-Geo games
                              For the ball descriptions list (JPEGs!)
- Dave Kirsh                : The first one to accept my FAQ (brawl)
- Andy Eddy                 : Videogame site maintainer

Everybody who wrote me to help me out for moves:

- KO Ronald                 : Morrigan and Felicia
- Chris "Da Goul"           : Anakaris
- Derek Liu (Lancer)        : Morrigan and Anakaris
- Kenichiro Tanaka          : Hsien-Ko
- Van H.Nguyen              : Felicia and Endings
- Ben Noel                  : Endings
- Julien Beasley            : Endings
- Hebeisen Christophe       : Helps me reducing the moves
- John T. Carr              : Hsien-Ko and Felicia
- GPJSV6@UNIVSCVM           : Rikuo ending additions

Everybody who sent a vote form:

- Castellan                 : Favorite characters
- Leet Wai Leong Simon      : Favorite characters
- RuGal                     : Favorite characters
- Christopher Kwan          : Favorite characters
- Brandon Wong              : Favorite characters
- JDavis                    : Favorite characters

We want YOU to be added on the list !!!

All of the content is COPYRIGHTED 1995 by Double Delta Software

All copying is allowed as long as it's intended for personal use or non-
financial purposes. If all this work or part of it are to be published
or included in another work as mine, this will be with my own permission

Remember: E-mail me before copying this onto a server, into a magazine,
or anything else like this. It'a a occasion for me to meet people
interested in my work


# Moves

This section is getting more and more organized as I can help it. The
order for each character should be this one:

Name                         The japanese name comes after it, if
Type                         The type of the monster it represents
Miniature                    The form taken from the Royal Judgement
Ball                         The form taken from the Hell Dunk move
Suicide                      The effect of Bishamons ES-Sword Toss
Colors                       The eight different colors to chose of
Victory quotes               The first is the best

Pursuit descriptions         Pursuits to the ground
Special abilities            Unique moves: Air walk, Wasp Sting
Normal trows                 Back or toward and punch or kick
Special trows                Requiring a joystick motion
Special moves                Joystick motions without levels
Extra specials               Moves requiring a special level

Combos                       Series of moves that are unblockable from
                             the first hit on to the last

if you find any incoherance please tell me



-Type    : Mummy
-Mini    : Square Hieroglyphic slab.
-Ball    : Bandaged ball with one big eye
-Suicide : Anakaris stretches his arms at a maximum as a huge sword
           appears in his hands. He drives it through his chest

colors: Mask
short:   forward:               roundhouse: yellow blue
jab:     strong: yellow green   fierce:     red

"You are not worthy to clean my tomb!"
"The power of Pharaoh Anakaris is as eternal as the desert sands!"
"You could challenge Ra, but I Pharaoh Anakaris am the greatest warrior
 of all time!"
"No jackal spawn trickster will ever be able to defeat me!"


You teleport over the opponent and do a Pyramid Crush
ES-You help the crush by summoning a sarcophagus for extra weight

Tapping up with joystick allows you to float in the air. Hitting down/
down toward & roundhouse will have you do the Pyramid Crush move.

Anakaris hasn't got a guard reversal move

o- o- at edge of screen                              Pharaoh port

Disappear on one side of the screen to reappear on the other. You have
to be at the very edge of the screen to do this

| \  - o +punch (on ground)                          Mummy Wrapper
o  o

{jab= close, strong= medium ,fierce= far}

You make your hands appear where chosen and grab your opponent. You then
slam your opponent to the ground
ES-Your hands travel the screen, you bring your opponent into your
sarcophagus for increased damage. You cannot crouch under this move

jump | \ - o +punch                                  Royal Judgment
     o  o                                            Ouke no sabaki

You turn the opponent into a small miniaturized version of himself that
can't attack but can be attacked. The time it lasts depends on the button
used, roundhouse being the longest. Could be canceled as a throw (fierce
or roundhouse while being transformed)
ES-More reach

punch+kick                                           Coffin Drop
                                                     Hitsugi no mai

{ jab= close, strong= medium ,fierce= far, move left or right to direct }

Makes a coffin fall down on the chosen location. Holding left or right
doing this slightly shifts the drop in that direction, giving 9 locations
to drop the coffin
ES-Makes coffins fall down to every possible location, beginning far
across the screen

o - / | +kick                                        Echo back Swallow
   o  o                                              Kotodamagaeshi

You swallow a projectile being thrown at you

| \ - o +kick                                        Echo back Spit
o  o

You spit it back. You can do this as many times as you wish after
swallowing just one projectile.
ES-Spit out ES-version of the projectile

o - - o +punch                                       Cobra Blow

Your arms shape into cobras and stretch across the screen
ES-More hits and reach


forward jab | short strong                           PHARAOH MAGIC.

EX-Your opponent gets burned, electrified, frozen, then crushed by a
giant sarcophagus


o- / | \ +all kick                                   PORTAL OF DOOM
  o  o  o                                            Naraku no ana

EX-You create a vertical bar of energy. If the opponent gets caught in it,
he gets lifted,fall through the ground, then reappears from the top of the
screen to fall again


jab jab | forward roundhouse                         PHARAOH SPIRIT

EX-You split into two. The bottom part walks forward and is
invulnerable. Use kick button to make bottom half attack and punch
buttons to make top half attack. The bottom half continues to walk
forward and pauses everytime you hit a button. It turns around so it can
still attack enemies after it walks past them but it will never change
the direction it is walking in. It goes away only when it walks off
screen or if the upper half gets hit.



-Type    : Ghostly Samurai
-Mini    : Cherry tomato samurai
-Ball    : Grinnig head with Kabuto (helmet)
-Suicide : One handed, Bishamon drives his sword into the area right
           below his neck

colors: Armor/Skin
short:               forward: red/gray   roundhouse:
jab:   purple/blue   strong              fierce:     purple/pink

"There is no honor in staining my blade with your blood"
"There is no dishonor in falling before me, it's only natural."
"You were a worthy opponent. I shall take your head with honor and hang
 it upon my wall with pride!"
"A cheap imitation has no chance before me"


Jump onto opponent and stab them with your sword
ES-Stabs five times

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Shoulder Toss

You throw your opponent over your shoulder

- o \  |  / o - \ + punch (close)                    Rising Slash Throw
     o o o


o - / | \ - o / + punch (close)
   o  o  o

You grab the opponent, then perform a rising slash (same as GR move)
ES-Lots of more hits. Use The ES recklessly, it won't drain your special-
meter for some reason. Avoid doing it backwards, though, because the
Bushido Crush comes out often.

jump o  o
     | / - o +punch                                  Seal of Death

{ jab= close, strong= medium ,fierce= far }

Bishamon throws a flame downwards. If the opponent is hit by it, a
ghostly woman stuns him. Follow up with snap sword

o - / | \ + punch                                    Sword Toss
   o  o  o                                           Haneyaiba

Throw out your sword. Follow up with storm wind/flip sword
ES-Throw out your sword. The opponent catches it and commits suicide

| \ - o +punch                                       Storm Wind
o  o                                          (following connected toss)

You rush forward, then backward, slicing the opponent into two

o - +punch                                           Flip Sword
                                              (following connected toss)

Draw your opponent nearer. Follow with a Rising Slash

-o | \ +punch                                        Rising Slash
   o  o                                              Kienzan

GR-You can only use this move as
  - a follow-up to the sword flip
  - a guard reversal
  - right after being knocked down (even after a slide)
  - when you land from
     - a jump
     - a backward dash
     - air-blocking a move
     - getting hit out of the air
ES-More hits

.o-  -o  +punch                                      High Quick Slash
.o-  -o  +kick                                       Low Quick Slash

You swing your sword in front of you. Use the kick version because not
many will crouch-guard against it
ES-Nine-slash variant. Do this close for high damage


- o \  |  / +all punch                               BUSHIDO CRUSH
     o o o                                           Onikubihineri


- o | \ +all punch
    o  o

EX-A ghostly fist comes out of your chest and crushes the opponent. You
cannot block this move if it is done close enough.


o - / | \ +all kick                                  WARRIORS SLASH
   o  o  o                                           Tsuranegiri

EX-Six ghostly warriors appear and slash their way across the screen, you
appear at the end of them. The slashing warrior is vulnerable to hits



-Type    : Vampire
-Mini    : Bat
-Ball    : caped vampire ball
-Suicide : Basic thrust

colors: Clothes/Aura
start: red/red
short: blue/green   forward: blue/purple     roundhouse: blue/blue
jab:                strong:  green/yelllow   fierce:     red/blue

"Your pathetic attemtps to defeat me where truly laughable!"
"Your blood is even weaker than you! I will not let is stain my lips!"
"You fought nobly and where nobly beaten!"
"Fool! There can only be one true Lord of the Night!"


Make a kicking leap onto the opponent
ES-Kick a few times and finish with a bow

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Pile Driver

Grab the opponent, then fly vertically up and back down headfirst

- o \  |  / o - \ +punch (close)                     Negative Stolen
     o o o


o - / | \ - / + punch (close)
   o  o  o

Spinning pile driver

| \ - o +punch                                       Chaos Flare
o  o

{can be done in air}

Shoot a fireball.
ES-Fire off a much larger demon faced fireball

- o | \ +punch                                       Demon cradle
    o  o

{can be done out of a dash for a diagonal version}

GR-Spin into the air dragon punch fashion.
ES-You spin faster for multiple hits

|  / o - +kick                                       Bat Spin
o o

{can be done in air}
{short= close, forward= medium, roundhouse= far}

Disappear in a puff of smoke and reappear spinning down diagonally.
ES-Extra hits


| - o \ + all punch (close)                          MIDNIGHT PLEASURE
o      o

EX-You glide up to your opponent, then grab, bite him up and perform a 4
hit combo to finish... You cannot block this move


| - o \ +all kick                                    MIDNIGHT BLAST
o      o

EX-Turn into your evil self and release a swarm of flaming bats from the
confines of your cape



all special moves/throws need the sword exept the two EX

-Type    : Demon hunter
-Mini    : Doll with a lamp on his head followed by sword...
-Ball    : A bead from his necklace
-Suicide : Sits down, then drives the sword in his stomach. He then yanks
           the sword to the side, spinning as he collapses

colors: Clothes
start: blue/orange
short:              forward:                 roundhouse
jab:   gold/brown   strong:  purple/yellow   fierce
jab+forward: light brown/black

"The forces of Darkness fall easier than I had even imagined!"
"Darkstalkers, now you will feel the wrath of my avenging blade!"
"Your power is great, but my blade shall always prevail!"
"Get thee away from me phantom! There can only be one!"


Make a kicking leap onto the opponent
ES-kick, then dive head forward onto the opponent

jump | +kick                                         Sword surf

{ short= straight across, forward= 45 angle, roundhouse= downward}

You ride your sword down to your opponent

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Levitate... not

You meditate, as your opponent gets lifted from the floor. You then let
him fall to the ground

- o \  |  / +punch (close)                           Sword Slice Throw
     o o o

Your sword slices up your opponent and stabs in side to finish

punch+kick                                           Homing Sword

Plant your sword into the ground. Press buttons again to send it off and
back again. This goes through any projectile without altering it. The
strenght of the buttons give the distance and the hits, short+jab being
short and 1 hit, roundhouse+fierce is fullscreen and 3 hits. If the sword
comes from behind, you must block it holding towards! If Donovan is hit,
the sword will no longer hit, exept for the ES version
ES-The special version 6 hits on way toward cuts in half on way back.
   Yes, to make the ES, it is four buttons you have to press (2p+2k)

o - / | \ + punch                                    Blizzard Sword
   o  o  o

Ice Goddess appears and sends out a giant snow flake
ES-3 flakes

- o | \ +punch                                       Effreet Sword
    o  o

God of flame appears swiping the sword in a flaming uppercut
ES-4 swipes

o - |  / + punch                                     Lightning Sword
    o o

God of lightning appears & HUGE electric sword array appears. Keep
hitting the buttons to inflict more damage
ES-more hits


| \ - o +kick                                        DEITY STOMP
o  o

{short= close, forward= med, roundhouse= far}

EX-The screen darkens as you take your summoning pose and a HUGE angry
blue god appears who then proceeds to stamp on your opponent most
viciously. Must be blocked high


strong jab o - short forward                         DEMON AIRLINES

{direct this move while flying}

EX-The screen darkens as you get a ride from a demon, electrifying your
opponent on the way. You are not invincible during all of the move!


-Type    : Catwoman
-Mini    : Kitten
-Ball    : Curled kitten with big face
-Suicide : Gets down on her knees, bends her back and drives the sword
           into her belly

colors: Fur/Hair
start: white/pink
short: white/red   forward: white/dk.brown roundhouse: white/blue
jab:   white/aqua  strong:  white/blonde   fierce    : white/blue
jab+forward: black/purple

"You're not good enough to be my scratching post!"
"You've lost to the rest now you've lost to the best!"
"Not bad mouse, next time I'll have to make an effort!"
"A cheap copy, and I do mean cheap, is no match for me!"


Jump onto your opponent curled into a ball
ES-Give clawscratches at the end

You can jump off the walls for increased range

o - or - o +punch                                    Face Scratcher

You cling to the opponent and give repeated clawscratches to his face

o - or - o +kick                                     Mad Cat

You roll around your opponent then throw them away

- o \  |  / +kick (close)                            Hellcat
     o o o

Swirl around opponent claws extended before throwing them
ES-More swirls

|  / o - +punch                                      Rolling Scratch
o o

You bounce toward your opponent Pressing punch quickly gives you
repeated clawstratch hits. The number of jumps gives the number of
clawscratches at the end. Press all punch buttons repeatedly to get
maximal effect
ES-more hits

| \ - o +punch                                       Rolling Buckler
o  o

You roll along the ground. Tap punch to go into a rising slash.
ES-More hits.

| \ - o +kick                                        Sand Splash
o  o

Scratch a sand cloud toward the opponent. Cancels fireballs
ES-More hits and range

o - |  / +kick                                      Delta Kick
    o o

You kick upwards, then come down diagonally, kicking repeatedly
ES-More hits


- o | \ +all punch                                   ROLLING FLASH
    o  o

EX-You roll in at high speed, then do a combo and finish with a rising


o - / | \ +all kick                                  FELINE TEAM
   o  o  o

EX-You meow loudly and call a carbon copy, who if she hits the opponent
calls 3 more and the four of them cane your fiend from all sides while
you cover your ears and grin with glee



-Type    : Traditional Chinese vampire
-Mini    : Panda with a beanie & a football
-Ball    : Her head, sleeping. The talisman reads Z
-Suicide : Stands perfectly straight and stabs herself two-handed
short:   forward:               roundhouse:
jab:     strong:  orange/blue   fierce:     red/pink

"That was too easy! In your next life, try defending yourself!"
"Have a nice journey through the 9 courts of judgement"
"Close though you may come, you will never defeat us, nor sway our
"Get thee away from me, shade! Our vengeance will not be denied!"


Leap onto opponent and turn on it blades extended as in the Houtengeki
ES-More damage

-o -o (in air)                                       Air Walk

Run along in air a little bit.

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Up We Go

Toss the opponent high into the air

- o \  |  / +punch (close)                           It Slices, It Dices
     o o o                                           Houtengeki

Toss the opponent and prepare a special reception on spinning blades
ES-More damage

| \ - o +punch                                       Item Throw
o  o                                                 Ankihou

{jab= straight across, strong= diagonal arc, fierce= straight up.}

You throw one of many items at your opponent (axe, barrel, bonsai tree,
boomerang, claws, hammer, rock, spiked ball, sword). If the item is
large (hammer, barrel or spiked ball) and you hit in the head, you get a
quick stun. Follow with Houtengeki
ES-Rolls 3 spiked iron balls across the floor.

- o | \ +punch                                       Guillotine Swing
    o  o                                             Senpuubu

{can be done in air}

You swing back and forth in air on a chain, slicing in both directions.
You may make more damage hitting the punch buttons. Use any kick to stop
the swing early
ES-Extended swing + more slicing damage.

|  / o - +punch                                      Gong Shield
o o                                                  Henkyouki

{can be done in air}

GR-You bring out a gong and hit it. The resultant wave can reflect most
projectile attacks but Donovan's sword? Since it hits for damage, it
will stop Talbain from rushing around
ES-Extended gong wave can reflect ES-Projectiles?


o - / | \ +all kick                                  DEMONIC CUISINARD
   o  o  o                                           Jireitou

EX-You stick both hands into the ground and a series of 6 giant knives
come out from the ground in a wave


short roundhouse strong strong o                     DEATH FROM ABOVE.
                               |                     Tenraiha

EX-You drop a Giant mad face weight from the sky which is followed by
loads of spiked iron balls. If used close, your opponent gets knocked
down by the weight and receives most of the balls in his stomach



-Type    : Aztec Robot
-Mini    : Baby robot
-Ball    : Curled can 'o Huitzil ? Huitzil like pressed into a ball
-Suicide : Basic thrust

colors: External/Internal
short: brown/blue  forward: red/blue   roundhouse: gold/gold
jab:   gray/gray   strong:             fierce:     blue/blue
jab+forward: dark brown

"Target neutralized. Threat evaluation: Wimp."
"Opponent destroyed. Omega defense program initiated."
"Target neutralized. Threat evaluation: Severe danger. Recommend unit
"Rogue unit deactivated. Commencing production of new unit."


Jet up then come down legs extended into an angle
ES-Hit multiple times

If you jump, Huitzil will float in place in the air for a while. While
floating, you can dash forward or backwards or hit any of the three down
positions to come down early in that direction. On the ground, you can
crawl along the floor forwards or backwards by holding offensive or
defensive crouch

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Magneto Slam

Catch your opponent and slam them directly to the ground

- o \  |  / +punch (close)                           Circuit Scrapper
     o o o

You grab your opponent with magnets, repel them out of the screen and
slam them to the ground
ES-Make three slams

o - |  / +punch (close)                              Homicide Vulcan
    o o

You stick out a claw in front of yourself and then swing it up at a 45
degree angle and a laser shoots out of it. You can hit the enemy with
the first part (the claw) or with the laser. All parts can be air-
blocked, however. Use when close, when opponent is jumping at you or
after the Confusioner EX
ES-more hits

| \ - o +punch                                       Ice beam
o  o

{jab= across low, strong= across high, fierce= straight up}

You shoot a freezing beam. Doesn't erase fireballs but is fast enough to hit
the fireball thrower, knowing all fireballs automatically disappear if
their thrower is hit
ES-Fire a THICK Plasma Beam steadily

| \ - o +kick                                        Missile attack
o  o

You fires a flame bomb. Use this to counter fireballs late
ES-More damage

- o | \ +punch                                       Reflect Wall
    o  o

GR-Can only be used as guard reversal. Huitzil repels his opponent to the
other end of the screen. Does tiny damage (1 pixel)


- o | \ +all kick                                    CONFUSIONER
    o  o

If you hit the enemy with this move, the probe you fire will lift the
enemy into the air and hold him there for a fixed amount of time. During
this time, the enemy can only do his/her standing attacks but cannot
block, thus giving you free hits. Even if you knock the enemy down and
perform a pursuit, the probe will still lift the enemy back up into
the air until its time alloted expires


- o \  |  / +all kick                                BOMBARDMENT
     o o o

EX-You crouch down and send out an arc of explosive shells

Not a combo, but

approach, Bombardment
ES-Genocide Vulcan

6 hit : crouch jab/short stand forward (3hits) crouch fierce



-Type    : Werewolf
-Mini    : Mad Dachshund
-Ball    : Grinning wolf head
-Suicide : Basic thrust

colors: Pants/Hair
start: red/gray
short:   forward:   roundhouse:
jab:     strong:    fierce:     blue/blue

"Miserable pup! Your powers are those of a flea!"
"You have felt the fury of the beast! Go and lick your wounds."
"You skill is great, but mine is supreme!"
"Crawl back to your pack whelp! I'm the alpha here!"


Jump and performs a vertical beast rush
ES-Jump once more shaped into a ball

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Wolf Fangen

Bite your opponent and toss him across the screen

o - or - o +kick (close)                             Wolf Claws

Roll around your opponent and across the screen

- o \  |  / +kick (close)                            Wild circular
     o o o

Roll around opponent and across the screen, but leaping
ES-jump one more time with your opponent

| \ - o +punch                                       Pinball Rush
o  o

{Hit punch + joystick direction to change direction in mid rush}

You rush across the screen horizontally leaving a light trail behind you
ES-You can change direction up to five times

- o | \ +punch                                       Diagonal rush
    o  o

GR-Fly off diagonally up
ES-Same as above

jump  o
     / - o \ + punch                                 Air rush

Fly off diagonally down
ES-Same as above

o - |  / + punch                                     Million Flick
    o o

You go to work with your nunchakus spinning them around yourself. This
move cancels fireballs
ES-More hits and longer

| o
o | +kick                                            Climb laser

You do a flash kick type move
ES-More hits


o - / | \ +all kick                                  SHADOW HOWL
   o  o  o

EX-You howl and create shadow multiples of yourself which perform all of
your normal moves, transforming each hit into three. All of the shadows
moves register as normal hits

- o \  |  / +all punch                               DRAGON CANNON
     o o o

You send a massive wolf of flame across the screen

Follow the Shadow Howl with chain combos like

jump roundhouse, crouch jab, crouch short, stand Roundhouse



-Type    : Heavy metal Ghoul
-Mini    : Guitar
-Ball    : Surprised ball
-Suicide : Slides the sword in his rib cage then slices upwards. The cut
           part slides downwards

colors: skin/pants
short:   forward: gray/gray      roundhouse:
jab:     strong:  white/purple   fierce:     light-/brown

"Bah! I have no time to waste on such inferior opponents!"
"Losing to me is as inevitable as death itself!"
"A good attempt, but the road to the Netherworld is paved with good
"They sent a knave Raptor to defeat me, Lord Raptor? Don't make me


Leap into the air descending onto your opponent to stomp on him viciously
ES-A lot more stomps

jump  o- o- or -o -o                                 Air Walk

You run along in the air. On the ground, you can crawl along the floor
forwards or backwards by holding offensive or defensive crouch

jump / or | or \ +kick                              Wasp Sting
    o     o     o

{short= more down, forward= 45 angle, roundhouse= more across}

You come down diagonally exposing a wasp's body

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Bone Thrust

You grab your opponent and proceed to shove your rib bones through them.
Keep moving/punching to increase damage

o - or - o +kick (close)                             Back-Stab

You grab the opponent and toss yourself away from him using your legs

- o \  |  / +punch (close)                           Skull Banish
     o o o

Grab your opponent, then throw them to the ground and stab them
ES-More hits

|  / o - +kick                                       Death hurricane
o o

{can be done in air}

GR-You swirl across the screen diagonally (up if done on the ground,
down if done in mid-air)
ES-Extra hits

| o +kick                                            Hell sting
o |

{short= close, forward= medium, roundhouse= far}
{can be done in air}

You fly up diagonally, descending onto your opponent chainsaw extended
ES-more hits

o - / | \ +kick                                      Hell's Gate
   o  o  o

{short= left, forward= in place, and roundhouse= right}

Disappear into the ground and pop up again where chosen


- o \  |  / +all kick                                DEATH VOLTAGE
     o o o

{can be done in air}

EX-You perform an electrical version of the Death Hurricane (diagonally
up if done on the ground, diagonally down if done in mid-air)


- o o - +all punch                                   EVIL SCREAM

EX-Stab your opponent, draw them nearer then give him an electric


- o | \ +all punch                                   HELL DUNK
    o  o

EX-You summon La Malta, wich appears beneath your opponent. It eats your
opponent, spits them out as a ball, and the monster becomes a basket
hoop. You then grab the ball, dribble for a second, then perform a dunk.
It can easily be avoided, but not blocked

jump down strong, back strong, Evil Scream



-Type    : Succubus
-Mini    : Bat
-Ball    : Red ball, her head sticking out sadly
-Suicide : Basic thrust

colors: Pants/Shirt/Hair
short:               forward:   roundhouse:
jab: red/red/white   strong:    fierce:     purple/black/green
jab+forward: pink/black/white

"By the Abyss! You offer no challenge to me!"
"My victories, like my beauty, are eternal!"
"If your boasts were as great as your skill, you would have provided
 more of a challenge."
"You may have the looks, but the brains and skill are all mine!"

a propos victories: Hold all punches or kicks for a special victory pose


Jet up then perform a vertical Shell Kick
ES-More hits

jump  / or | or \ +kick                              Shell Kick
     o     o     o

You extend a solid steel drill pointing horizontally

hold short while dashing to fly off vertically

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Turning Smash

You get your opponent over your shoulder slam him headfirst into the

- o \  |  / +punch (close)                           Vector Drain
     o o o

You grab the victim, then jetpack into the air and slam him to the ground
ES-more damage

| \ - o +punch                                       Soul Fist
o  o

You fire a bat.
ES-You fire a big 3 hit large energy ball

jump o  o
     | / -o +punch                                   Air Soul Fist

{short= more down, forward= 50 angle, roundhouse= 45 angle}

Aerial version fired diagonally down.
ES-3 hit large version

- o | \ +punch                                       Shadow Blade
    o  o

GR-You rise in a dragon punch like fashion with a blade extended
ES-Blade hits multiple times


- o \  |  / +kick                                    VALKYRIE TURN
     o o o

{short= low, forward= mid-screen, roundhouse= high}
{can be done in air}

EX-You jet out of the screen and return with a multiple connecting Shell
Kick. Press a button after you fly away with the jetpack or the move
won't connect


jab jab -o short fierce                              DOPPELGANGER

{can be done in air}

You jet forward a short distance. If you hit your opponent, another
Morrigan appears behind him and you both beat him fiercely from either
side and end with a crescent kick. Can hit airborne opponents. Can be


jab jab -o strong fierce                             ASTRAL VISION

You split into two but do half damage when connecting. The opponent
doesn't slide away from hits because they come from both sides. You need
to block the real one (follow the shadow)

54 hits: (if enemy close to edge of screen)
Astral Vision, immediate short Valkyrie Turn, stand strong, stand
forward, stand fierce chain, stand roundhouse cancel into Doppelganger



-Type    : Alien Flame
-Mini    : Tiny flame with big eyes
-Ball    : Blazing ball of fire
-Suicide : Basic thrust

colors: Body/Surrounding
short:   forward: blue/pink   roundhouse:
jab:     strong:              fierce:

"You are the best your world can offer? I shall conquer the world easily"
"I have crushed stars! What chance do you have against me?"
"If your power was as great as your spirit, you would be formidable!"


Vanish then descent on your opponent drill shaped
ES-More hits

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Wrong Orbit

Grab your opponent and toss him away

- o \  |  / +punch (close)                           Planet Burning
     o o o

You bring your opponent inside a large sphere and bounce on the ground
ES-Bounce three times

o - |  / + punch or kick                             Galaxy Trip
    o o

{jab=   left air,    strong=  middle air,     fierce=     right air   }
{short= left ground, forward= middle ground,  roundhouse= right ground}

Vanish, then reappear at the chosen location

| \ - o +punch                                       Sol Smasher
o  o

{jab= Straight Across, strong= Curves up diagonally, Fierce= right up}

You fire off a large meteor
ES-3-hit straight across meteor

jump o  o
     | / - o +punch                                  Aerial Sol Smasher

You fire a meteor diagonally down
ES-3-hit. If it hits the ground before the opponent, a wall of fire
erupts from the impact zone

- o | \ +punch                                       Zodiac Fire
    o  o

You turn into a flaming ring of fire and rush along the floor
ES-More hits

jump |  / o - +kick                                  Orbiter Breath
     o o

You spin down diagonally whirling you body
ES-Faster version that hurts a lot more


o - / | \ + all punch or all kicks                   COSMO DISRUPTION
   o  o  o

{the kick version begins farther, hitting far sooner}

EX-You send off a salvo of pyrotechnic bursts.  Hold down buttons for
increased range.  If opponent gets hit by it, you can hit them out of the
air with any additional moves like a standing fierce or a Zodiac Fire



-Type    : Merman
-Mini    : Frog
-Ball    : Bubble with a tadpole in it
-Suicide : Takes the sword with his tongue and thrusts it through his

colors: Skin/Internals
start: red
short:   forward:   roundhouse: green
jab:     strong:    fierce: gold/violet

"Pitiful land wretch! How dare you challenge the Lord of the Seas?"
"You air breathers wear defeat well! You must practice losing often."
"Poseidon's Crown! You nearly defeated me land dweller!"
"Impostor! Now you will feel the wrath of the Sea!"


Roll into a ball and jump onto your opponent
ES-Bounce three times on your opponent

-o -o +fierce                                        Multi Hit Mollusk

Rush your opponent and hit them with a shell

o- o- +kick                                          Trick fish

You bounce up diagonally legs extended
ES-More hits

o- or -o +punch (close)                              Tongue Grab

Grab your opponent with your tongue. If you pull the joystick in the
opposite direction before he touches the ground, you'll bash him a second

- o \  |  / +punch (close)                           Crystal Lancer
     o o o

Grab your opponent and punch him into the air, then slam him to the
ES-More hits on the way up

- o \  |  / +kick (close)                            Sky Neptune
     o o o

Grab your opponent and slam him to the ground
ES-Then bounce on them

| \ - o +punch                                       Sonic Wave
o  o

GR-You fire a sonic wave that stuns opponent in place for a short period
of time giving you free hits.
ES-The wave travels across the whole screen

| \ - o +kick                                        Poison Breath
o  o

You lean back as you spit a poison cloud out from your lungs. The
opponent gets stunned by this move (check Anakaris!)
ES-The cloud travels across the screen

o- -o +punch                                         Screw Jet

You spin across the screen horizontally
ES-More hits and range


o - / | \ +all punch                                 SEA RAGE
   o  o  o

EX-Waves wash the screen. If you hold up and keep pressing kick while
doing this move, Rikuo will attempt a pursuit afterwards and quickly leap
at the opponent even though opponent is not lying on the ground. Rikuo
will land next to the opponent without performing any hits.  Use for
surprise attacks


-o \  | +all kick or all punches                      AQUA SPLASH
    o o

EX-You fires a stream of tracers that result in a huge vertical water
blast that takes you out of the screen. For the punch buttons... this is
aimable. Hold down the punch buttons and let go of them as soon as you
want the column of water to burst up. The kick buttons try to track the
enemy automatically so there's no need to hold them down


- o | \ +all punch                                   WATER JAIL
    o  o

EX-A giant pink bubble appears that lifts your opponent up in the air
and drains life as he suffocates. Avoid this because blocking is
impossible. Hit Rikuo to cancel the bubble


| | +all punch                                       OYSTER SMASHER
o o

EX-Do his old crouching fierce from the japanese version of the first
episode. Has to be blocked high. Save your specials for other moves!
Note: Can only be done with a old colored Rikuo. Use roundhouse or start



-Type    : Abominable Snowbeast.
-Mini    : Snowman
-Ball    : Big smiling face
-Suicide : Opens his mouth wide an thrusts the sword into it. He then
           lets go of the sword and collapes, arms wiggling

colors: Fur
short:   forward:   roundhouse: white
jab:     strong:    fierce:     blue

"Your bones break like icicles in the springtime!"
"I've had knots in my hair that were harder to take out than you!"
"Not bad warmlander, next time I'll give you a quality pounding!"
?"You frost bitten furball! There can only be one Sasquatch!"


Leap onto the opponent ball shaped
ES-Then sits on the opponent

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Big Smash

You grab your opponent and smash him to the ground

- o \  |  / o - \ + punch (close)                    Big Swing
     o o o


o - / | \ - / + punch (close)
   o  o  o

You spin around with the opponent and then toss them to the end of the
screen. You cannot pursuit out of this because you are stunned

|  / o - +punch (close)                              Big Brunch
o o

You eat the opponent and spit them out iced. This is the same than a
stun. Follow with Ice Beacon
ES-more damage

| | +Punch                                           Big Towers
o o

You crouch as an ice cage appears around you
ES-A huge array of icicles make their way along the screen both sides.
Those can hit to freeze twice

| \ - o +punch                                       Big Snow
o  o

You spit out a snowman.
ES-3 hits

- o | \ +kick                                        Big Typhoon
    o  o

You lean back a little and stick out you foot and spin it whirlwind
ES-hits + ices the opponent. Good damage

|  / o - +kick                                       Big Cyclone
o o

{can be done in air}

Jump up and swirl along the ceiling hurricane kick style
ES-more hits


o - / | \ +all punch                                 ICE BEACON
   o  o  o

EX-You open your mouth wide, send off a huge ice blast that ices your


o - / | \ +all kick                                  THIN ICE
   o  o  o

EX-You blow on the floor and creates an ice lake. If the opponent steps
on it, he falls through the ice and is smacked out of the water by a
whale's tail iced as you dance with joy. This move is unblockable



-Type    : Frankenstein monster
-Mini    : Baby Frankenstein monster with doll
-Ball    : Pained mechanic head with blonde hair
-Suicide : Pulls his head off then stabs himself right into the neck

colors: Pants/Vest
short forward roundhouse
jab strong fierce: brown/red

"My great strength is wasted on your great weakness!"
"My power can overcome any challenger!"
"Your skill and courage do you credit, but my strength will always
"A pale imitation is still no match for my great strength!"


Give a punch to the downed victim that looks like a pile driver.
Use this a close range
ES-Give two such punches and follow with a jumping forward

Victor can't rush forward

Holding the button down on any strong, forward, fierce or roundhouse
attack will give you an electrically charged version. These electric
attacks do cancel fireballs! This is also true of rush attacks. The
charged punches/kick also inflict blocking damage

o - or - o +punch (close)                            Chin basher

Use your chin to beat up your opponent. Keep moving and hitting punch to
increase damage

o - or - o +kick (close)                             Squeeze grab

Grab victim and squeeze him. Keep moving and hitting kick to increase

Squeeze Grab or Chin Basher then | o +punch          Grand slam
                                 o |

You have to make the second movement before the first chin bash/squeeze.
You perform an electric piledriver

| \ - o +kick (close)                                Electric grab
o  o

Electrocutes the opponent

- o \  |  / o - \ + punch (close)                    Mega Spike
     o o o


o - / | \ - / + punch (close)
   o  o  o

Victor grabs you, punts you up off the screen, leaps up, you fall back
down and bounce up off the floor, and Victor slams you back down onto the
floor double-fisted

|  / o - +punch                                      Gyro Crush
o o

Swirl on place arms extended. This move cancels fireballs
ES-gives and electric punch afterwards

.o- -o +punch                                        Giga Hammer

You do a rushing punch attack
ES-Punches three times in a row (air juggle)

.o- -o +kick                                         Giga Buster

You do a rushing low kick attack.
ES-Jumping triple kick

|  / o - +kick                                       Hop Kick
o o

GR-You do a diagonal upward knee attack.
ES-more hits


 | o +all punch                                      THUNDER BREAK
.o |

EX-You jump up charged and slams his hands down on the floor to send out
an electric wave on both sides. This move can hit on the way up


o - / | \ +all kick                                  GREAT GERDENHEIM
   o  o  o

EX-"The "Doctor's" ghost appears behind you. He remains there for a
limited amount of time. In this time, if you hold forward on the
controller, all his punches make him reach out in front of him. If the
opponent is there, he will grab him and spin him around while rising into
the air and then slam him down onto the floor. You also gain the ability
to rush forward. Note: to do a normal punch while this move is
activated, hold back on the controller


# Endings

After finishing off Pyron, you will be treated to a cinematic ending
unique to the character you were using. Note these are the same that the
ones in the first episode, but with a Picture at the end. Disappointing.

ANAKARIS: (please correct)

  A battle between Egyptians is being waged in front of a pyramid.  The
scene switches to the inside of the pyramid were three figures are
discussing the battle.  One mentions that several divisions have been
destroyed and that the battle is lost.  A glowing light appears in the
center of the screen, followed by a flash of light.  When the light
subsides, Anakaris is standing before them in the flesh.  One of the
Egyptians says "My Lord, you have returned."  Anakaris mentions a
promise to protect them for all of time, and shows them the power he has
gained on his journey -- he hold his hands above him and a white light
is emitted from his hands into the air in a beam.  The scene switches
outside were the battle is being still being fought, and the white beam
erupts from the pyramid, and a white flash engulfs the whole screen.
When the light fades, the enemy have disappeared.  The Egyptians
rejoice, and the scene changes to a view of Anakaris standing before all
his followers in a courtyard.
The followers are chanting "All Hail Anakaris the Defender!"

BISHAMON: (please correct)

As soon as you defeat Pyron, Bishamon floats into the air.  His armor
flashes away showing a human Bishamon in a plain black robe(kimono). He
falls to his knees, with his face in his hands.  Screen fades to black,
then shows a closer picture of him.
    Bishamon says something like:  How long must I endure it?  How long
                  must I live with the cursed sword and armor?
A women appears behind Bishamon and says:  Bishamon, my beloved.
    Bishamon turns his head and says:  Orin! My love.  I understand now
                  that my oath to protect my master and property was not
                  enough. I must seek out and destroy evil wherever it
It starts to snow.
    Orin: Yes, but you will never again be alone.
Fade to a picture of a trail leading up to the mountains.  Its still
snowing. Bishamon (without armor) appears, wearing one of those circular
traveling hats. He walks up the trail.  The woman appears, and follows
him up the trail.

DEMITRI: (please correct)

    Demitri: You are a worthy opponent Pyron, but you are not strong
             enough to rule. I am the true master of the night!
Fade to a ballroom, with people Dancing.
    Person:  Where is lord Maximoff? I haven't seen him in a while.
    Person2: He was here a moment ago.  He must have stepped out.
Fade to a martini glass held up to a red moon.
    Demitri: A toast to my new rule!
Picture of Demitri alone in a dark room, moon in the window behind him.
    Demitry: A toast to my new rule! The moon shall be my scepter and the
             stars be but jewels on my crown!
             With the forces of the night at my command, no one will be
             able to stop me!  Even the day dwellers will soon bear
             their throats to me!
Room brightens, revealing two women clinging to Demitri.

DONOVAN: (please correct)

He stands there, hands stained by blood. He cries out something about how he
has been stained too much by the blood of the Darkstalkers and thus is
becoming a Darkstalker himself. However, he has succeeded in defeating the
Darkstalkers and as a result, Anita (the little girl following him) is finally
allowed to feel and express emotions again...
10 (?) years later, a grown Anita is seen carrying books and hair, in
pigtails, flowing in the wind. She wonders what ever happened to Donovan...
switch scenes to a Donovan sitting on a throne in a dark room from an overhead
view. There are dead bodies lying around the room and Donovan wonders if the
curse will ever end...


We see a hotel named "Felicia paradise"
Felicia surrounded by reporters
    Reporters: Who are you?  Where did you come from?
    Stranger: I don't care who you are or what you are, sign up with me
              and I'll make you rich and famous beyond your dreams!
    Felicia: Sure, where do I sign?  But I warn you now though, I have
             big dreams!
Felicia taking a bubble bath
    Narrator: Felicia, known as one of the Dark Stalkers made a series
              of films detailing her adventures within them.
    Felicia: Hope I can have Blanka as my leading man!

HSIEN-KO: (please correct)

Hsien-Ko and sister stand and tell their mother that they have acheived their
goal in defeating the Darkstalkers. Now that their task is finished, their
life force is ending and they will soon die. However, the spirit of the mother
tells them that they will NOT end their lifes but instead begin their lives
anew and gives them the gift of life with her protection...
Switch scenes to a hopital scene where a mother lies in a bed with two crying
babies... Congratulations!  Twin sisters!

HUITZIL: (please correct)

Pyron, very upset, wonders how a mere robot could have defeated him... and
says that he is not finished yet and disappears. Huitzil says that he no
longer detects life in the vincinity and concludes that his job is over and
returns to his his home in Tenochtitlan. He enters a pyramid where, inside,
there are many, many more Huitzils! Huitzil enters a dormant mode having
accomplished its goal...

JON TALBAIN: (please correct)

Picture of JT cheering, werewolf form.
    Talbain: I've done it! The others have been destroyed
Picture of Talbain, looking serious.
    Talbain: She said I'd be cured after I pushed my limits.
    The day I exceeded my limits I would be granted my greatest wish
Talbain starts turning back human
    Talbain: Yes! I can feel myself returning to normal!  I will finally
             be rid of this curse!
Picture of him, human, standing on a rock:
    Talbain: I'm normal again!  I'll remember this day for the rest of
             my life!

LORD RAPTOR: (please correct)

Lord Raptor's evil master shows up and congratulates the ghoul on a job
well done.
Raptor demands that his master fulfill his end of the bargain... to give
Raptor ultimate power.
The big guy agrees and bestows the power upon Raptor.
Raptor, relishing in his new-found power.
    Raptor: Yes, this is it! I now have the power to rule the world!
    Master: Yes, Raptor... and shall I rule you.
Master leaves.
    Raptor: Fool! No one controls Lord Raptor!
He then says that, in the end, he would even rule over his master! He then
grows into a very demonic and scary-looking Raptor!

MORRIGAN: (please correct)

Picture of Pyron unconscious on the ground, Morrigan leaning over him.
    Morrigan says something like: "Sleep now forever.  Sleep and dream
                  of me."
She then kisses him, then he shrivels up into a corpse.
Picture of the castle in Morrigan's background, then a servant.
    Servant says something like:  "Mistress, you were gone so long!
            I was so worried. If the 'master' found out about your jumps
            to Earth, he'd do things to me that would frighten even
    Morrigan: Don't worry, I can handle 'the master.'
Picture of a large room, Morrigan lying on a stone slab.
    Servant: So what were you doing on earth?
    Morrigan: Just having some fun, nothing to be worried about.
Morrigan turns to the screen and smiles. The shot of the smiling Morrigan
"closes" like a book and vines grow along it.

PYRON: (please correct)

Pyron exclaims that he now is the most powerful being in space! He then
declares that the earth will now become a part of his collection. Then, we
switch scenes to a seismologist crying out that temperatures are rising off
the scale! Switch to a scene of the earth... shrinking... and orbiting...
around one of Pyron's fingers as a ring...

RIKUO: (please correct)

After Rikuo defeats Pyron, you see him back in his stage (background)
    Rikuo: "At last, the threat of the Dark One has passed."
A female version of Rikuo splashes out of the water.
    She: "I have heard of a great warrior, a lord of the seas and had
          hoped he be one of my kind."
    Rikuo: "How can this be?  I thought I was the last of my kind. Be my
            queen, we can start all over" (something like that).
Rikuo and the mermaid underwater, with the mermaid holding their baby.
The narration then says something like "One year later, an heir to the
throne is born, an heir to a budding empire!"


The family of Sasquatches gather around, what appears to be, the
Sasquatch Elder. They are all excited about a new letter they received
from their leader... "Quick!  Read it!" the children cry. "He has done
it!" they all exclaim. They are all happy that the leader has won...
the conquering of humans shall now begin!  Switch to a scene where
Sasquatch is jump kicking a tree... he declares that the Bigfoot race
shall take over the human race and come out of hiding to assume their
rightful rule!


Victor is caressing a skeleton's skull. The skeleton is lying in a red
coffin, and Victor is leaning over it.
    Victor: Doctor, Doctor wake up. You made me the strongest and I won.
            Why are you so quiet?
The screen pans over to a girl behind Victor:
    Girl: Victor...
    Girl: Father cannot share your joy. The villagers were not so kind.
          Come, there is much to do.
New picture of girl swinging on Victor's finger.
    Girl: Tomorrow we plan but today let us celebrate!

a,b,c : punches (increasing order)
A,B,C : kicks   (increasing order)
G     : Guard reversal
*     : must be done in air
#     : can be done in air
=     : can be done out of a dash
/     : choice

         up backwards diagonal       up      up towards diagonal

                                 7   8   9

                     backwards   4   5   6   towards

                                 1   2   3

       down backwards diagonal      down     down towards diagonal


   236 + P     Mummy Wrapper         44          Pharaoh Port
*  236 + P     Royal Judgement       8            in air floats
   a+A/b+B/c+C Coffin Fall           2/3 + C      Pyramid Crush
   214 + K     Echo Back Swallow
   236 + K     Echo Back Spit
   46 + P      Cobra Blow
   Ba2Ab       PHARAOH MAGIC
   4123 + AK   PORTAL OF DOOM


*  896 + P     Seal of death         4/6 + P      Shoulder Throw
   4123 + P    Sword Toss            632147 + P   Rising Slash Throw
   236 + P     Storm Wind            412369 + P
   4 + P       Flip Sword
G  623 + P     Rising Slash
   .46 + P/K   Quick Slash
   6321 + P    BUSHIDO CRUSH
   623 + AP
   4123 + AK   WARRIOR SLASH


#  236 + P     Chaos Flare           4/6 + P      Pile Driver
=G 623 + P     Demon Craddle         632147 + P   Negative Stolen
#  214 + K     Bat Spin              412369 + P


*  2 + K       Sword Surf            4/6 + P      Levitate... Not
   a+A/b+B/c+C Homing Sword          6321 + P     Sword Slice Throw
   4123 + P    Blizzard Sword
G  623 + P     Effreet Sword
   421 + P     Lightning Sword
   236 + K     DEITY STOMP


   214 + P     Rolling Scratch       4/6 + P      Face Scratcher
   236 + P     Rolling Buckler       4/6 + K      Mad Cat
G  236 + K     Sand Splash           6321 + K     Hellcat
   421 + K     Delta Kick
   623 + AP    ROLLING FLASH
   4123 + AK   FELINE TEAM


   236 + P     Item Throw          * 66           Air Walk
#  623 + P     Guillotine Swing      4/6 + P      Up We Go
#G 214 + P     Gong Shield           6321 + P     It slices, It Dices

   421 + P     Homicide Vulcan       4/6 + P      Magneto Slam
   236 + P     Ice Beam              6321 + P     Circuit Scrapper
   236 + K     Missile Attack
G  623 + P     Reflect Wall
   623 + AK    CONFUSIONER
   6321 + AK   BOMBARDMENT

   236 + P     Pinball Rush          4/6 + P      Wolf Fangen
G  623 + K     Diagonal Rush         4/6 + K      Wolf Claws
*  963 + P     Air rush              6321 + K     Wild Circular
   421 + P     Million Flick
   28 + K      Climb Laser
   4123 + AK   SHADOW HOWL
   6321 + AP   DRAGON CANNON


#G 214 + K     Death Hurricane    *  44/66        Air Walk
#  28 + K      Hell Sting         *  1/2/3 + K    Wasp Sting
   4123 + K    Hell's Gate           4/6 + P      Bone Thrust
#  6321 + AK   DEATH VOLTAGE         4/6 + K      Back-Stab
   64 + AP     EVIL SCREAM           6321 + P     Skull Banish
   623 + AP    HELL DUNK

   236 + P     Soul Fist          *  1/2/3 + K    Shell Kick
   896 + P     Air Soul Fist         4/6 + P      Turning Smash
G  623 + P     Shadow Blade          6321 + P     Vector Drain
#  6321+ K     VALKYRIE TURN
#  aa6Bc       DOPPELGANGER
   aa6bc       ASTRAL VISION


   421 + P/K   Galaxy Trip           4/6 + P      Wrong orbit
   236 + P     Sol Smasher           6321 + P     Planet Burning
   421 + P/K   Galaxy Trip
*  896 + P     Aerial Sol Smasher
G  623 + P     Zodiac Fire
*  214 + K     Orbiter Breath

G  236 + P     Sonic Wave            66 + c       Multi Hit Mullusk
   236 + K     Poison Breath         44 + K       Trick Fish
   46 + P      Skrew Jet             4/6 + P      Tongue Grab
   4123 + AP   SEA RAGE              6321 + P     Crystal Lancer
   632 + AK/AP AQUA SPLASH           6321 + K     Sky Neptune
   623 + AP    WATER JAIL
   22 + AP     OYSTER SMASHER (C or Start color)

   22 + P      Big Towers            4/6 + P      Big Smash
   236 + P     Big Snow              632147 + P   Big Swing
G  623 + K     Big Typhoon           412369 + P
#  214 + K     Big Cyclone           214 + P      Big Brunch
   4123 + AP   ICE BEACON
   4123 + AK   THIN ICE


   214 + P     Gyro Crush            4/6 + P      Chin Basher
   .46 + P     Giga Hammer           4/6 + K      Squeeze Grab
   .46 + K     Giga Buster           4/6+P/K+28+P Grand Slam
G  214 + K     Hop Kick              236 + K      Electric Grab
   .28 + AP    THUNDER BREAK         412369 + P   Mega Spike
   4123 + AP   GREAT GERDENHEIM (grab) 632147 + P

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