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Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 19:22:38 -0400
Subject: NightWarriors Debug code FAQ!

There has been a lot of talk regarding GameFan magazine printing incorrect game
codes, the most notorious being the Night Warriors Debug code. I understand your
fury. I too have been on the receiving end of bogus codes, and it just plain
sucks. Since I arrived at GameFan (after the Night Warriors code incident I
might add) I've personally checked the authenticity of all the codes that have
gone in the mag, and can assure you that such an error will not occur in the
future. In an effort to repair some of the damage done, here is the 100%
confirmed Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter debug code (works on both Import and
American). It's actually pretty damn cool, so I reccomend you all give it a try.

Dan Jevons
(Knightmare to those in the know)

1. Wipe your Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter save game from Saturn internal
memory. You can try the code without doing this, but it's best to work from a
clean slate.
2. Set your Saturn internal clock to 1.24.98. That's January 24, 1998. The time
dosen't matter just as long as it's on that day. Say 2:20pm.
3. Return to the Saturn main menu screen and highlight the S 'Start
Application' button. Press and hold A+B+C simultaneously to load the game, and
keep the buttons held until you hear the game's intro music.
4. Go the options screen and highlight the 'CONFIGURATION' option. Enter on pad
1 this sequence: B, X, Down, A, Y. A new option 'APPENDIX' should appear.
5. Enter the APPENDIX option screen and set BGM, SCENERY and CPU COLOR all to
6. Return to the title screen and wait for the demo of two characters
fighting to start. When it does press START and return to the options
screen. Alternatively, if you're really impatient, reset your Saturn and
re-boot (remembering to use A+B+C to load the game) then enter the options
7. In turn, highlight the following options and enter these codes on pad one.
After every code you should hear a 'chink' sound effect. After the last code you
should hear Gallon's wolf howl indicating the code is complete.

TURBO SPEED: X, X, Right, A, Z
DEFAULT: Y, X, Left, A, B
CONFIGURATION: B, X, Down, A, Y (you entered this already)
APPENDIX: X, X, Down, B, C

8. Fully reset your Saturn (use the Reset button). Once again highlight the
'Start Application' button and press and hold A+B+C until you hear the intro
tunes (it should be the original Dark Stalker's intro now).
9. That's it. Now when you are playing a game try one of these (you don't need
to pause the game to do them):

Show Damage: Down + R + X
Show Collision Boxes: Down + R + Y
Skip to Ending: Down + R + Z
Stop Energy Loss: Down + R + A
Stop Time Clock: Down + R + B
Unlimited Specials: Down + R + C

Pause- Pressing "L" shift Button is frame by frame viewing of gameplay.

During Character select screen:
Player one choose you character and you can hold down the A button down, and
move D pad lef tor right to choose CPU character.
Also, if you move the D pad back and forth for your CPU character you can change
the CPUs color.

You can de-activate one of the above options by simply entering in the code

10. Any time you want to use the DEBUG MODE again, simply boot the game holding

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