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Saturn Bomberman
Extra Lives from Justin Robinson
If you start up Saturn Bomberman at any time between 10:00 and 11:00 am
you'll start with 6 lives instead of 3.

Maximum Powerups from Justin Robinson
To choose your starting level, where you'll begin with maximum powerups,
enter one of these commands on the title screen (with "Press Start" on it).
Stage 1.                             L+R+Up+Left+A
Stage 2.                             L+R+Up+Left+B
Stage 3.                             L+R+Up+Left+C
Stage 4.                             L+R+Up+Right+C
Stage 5.                             L+R+Up+Right+X
Stage 6.                             L+R+Up+Right+Y

Extra Characters from Justin Robinson
To access two extra characters and an extra-hard opponent setting, go to
the "Match Play" screen, and press and hold L+R for a few seconds. You should
now get Yuna and Manto who both have special abilities.

Change Weather from Ayaz Leonardo
At the stage select screen hold x,y,and z
until you hear a sound press up or down to change the weather of the
stage for more excitement!

View Ending from Steven Ngiam
To see the game ending without beating the game, just press
L + R + down + Z simultaneously, you will hear a sound if the trick works.

Slot Machine from Robert Hencke
On level 3-1 (Wild West, stage 1)  there is a large cactus sitting in the
middle of the level.  Clear all of the stage off (not necessary, but
helpful, then start bombing him like crazy.  (I put one bomb on all but one
side of him, then stand on the unbombed side and wait.)  If you do this
enough, his eyes will turn into a slot machine, where you can get
everything from remote control gloves to firepower to.. well, a lot :)
There will appear three circles with "HIT" inscribed on them.  Hitting
these with a bomb will stop that slot from turning.  Get a match, and it
parachutes out of the top of him.  You only get a certain number of tries,
however, then he falls back asleep until you beat the level and come back..

Other Tricks from Robert Hencke
Laying a bomb next to the saloon doors makes them swing in and out.

Laying a bomb next to the top pony on the bottom right pony makes it neigh.

On level 4-6 (Dino World, level 6), there is a seemingly unreachable ledge
with 2 blocks on it, sort of like this.. (X being hard block, o being soft)
 Use the jumping dinosaur to jump down onto this ledge, where you will find
a heart and a bomb powerup that lets your bomb destroy ALL soft blocks in
its path!

|   |
| X |
|oo |

On the Soccer Stadium in Battle Mode, kicking a bomb into a goal explodes
it a little differently... try it, but be prepared to get out of the way.
This can come in handy a lot.. :)

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