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Street Fighter Alpha 2
Evil Ryu
To get Evil Ryu press start, then press right, up, down, left, hold
start, then press A, then release start

Shin Akuma
Bring select cursor to Akuma and then press:  Start button, Down,
Down, Right, Down, Right, Down, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down,
then Press and HOLD Start button and press Punch or Kick.

Classic Zangief
At the Character selection screen, highlight Zangief, then press start.
Move to Sagat, Sodom, Rose, Birdie, Nash, Dalshim, Ryu, Adon, Chun-Li,
Guy, Ken, then back to Zangief. Hold down start and press any button.

Classic Dhalsim
At the Character selection screen, highlight Dhalsim, then press start.
Move to Zangief, Sagat, Nash, then back to Dhalsim. Hold down start and
press any button.

Classic Chun-Li Costume
At the Character selection screen, highlight Chun-Li, then hold down the
Start Button for about 5 secs, then press any button.

Fight Other Bosses
Don't lose a round, win five or more rounds with
Super Combo or Custom Combo finishes. After the
fifth win, a different boss character will appear.

Easy Select for Hidden Characters from MunkGouki
In options turn shortcut on. If you have entered the code for the hidden
character then you can easily choose them in the arcade mode by highlighting the
character's name and hold start - the color of the name will turn to green.

More Tips from MunkGouki
1. Turbo button presses also werks in any mode (arcade, survival etc)
2. This one is related to the 1st one. If you are playing Evil Ryu or
   Akuma or Super Akuma you can do Raging demon/ Bison killer combo in
   an easier way. When selecting Evil Ryu or Akuma (or Shin Gouki) hold
   the right toggle button and start (do not release, this to active
the    turbo button mode) - then enter the code for the hidden
character -    and enter the game or whatever mode you are playing.
Then  to execute    the combo just hold jab,short,fierce punch (don't
worry  CC wont be     activated- unless you're not in turbo button mode)
then  use D pad to    begin the combo (if you are on the left tap right
etc).  By the way,    you must have level 3 in your chi meter. Oh and
you must chose the
   direction right after you hold the 3 buttons I mentioned to start
   the combo.

Rapid Fire in Training
Access the Training Mode, at the character select screen press and hold the
Right Shift button + Start while you choose your character, let go and then
pick your opponent.  Now each button will be rapid fire.

Different Order in Survival Mode from Andre Wolosewicz
  If you feel like breaking the monotony of survival mode, then hold
either the left or the right shift button, while selecting your character
with any button. Holding the left shift button pits you against Ryu
first, followed by Bison, then Zangeif, with Akuma as the last character.
Holding the right shift button pits you against Sodom first, followed by
Sakura, then Rolento, with Bison as the last character.

New Winning Poses
Little Dance, hold B button as soon as you win.  Kick off shoes, hold A button as soon
as you win.

Choose your Winning Pose from Vixol Stealth
After you win a battle, before KO appears,
press and hold Start and either A, B, C, X, Y, or Z. Almost every button
is a different pose.

Special Sakura
Enter the survival mode.  Move to Sakura and press the start button.  Now press
up, left, down, left, down, right, right, down, left, left, down, down, down,
right, up, up, right.  Now press and hold start button.  Then choose Ryu to get the
special Sakura.

Unlimited Custom Combos in Training from Clint C Huntsman
Select Training Mode, move over to
the character you wish to select, press and hold Left Shift for about 10
seconds, then press a button to choose the outfit color while still
holding L-shift.  Release L-shift, choose your sparring partner, then
choose your options.  When you have a level in the super bar (or if you
toggled the levels on), activate a custom combo.  You will see your
character isn't forced to the side of the screen like usual, but the
shadows stay forever.  Repeatedly press your buttons for 99 hit combos!

Extra Taunts from Tilly99
Some fighters have more than one taunt. (Ryu, Ken, Charlie, Birdie, M.Bison)
To use these other taunts hold the following before you perform the taunt and
voila a new taunt

Ryu                            Hold   Forward            (Band Tie)
Ken                           Hold   Forward            (Finger Wave)
Charlie                      Hold   Forward            (Jacket Pull)
Birdie                        Hold   Backwards or Forward      (Chain Lick
and Belly Rub)
M.Bison                     Hold   Forward            (Kill Motion)

Fight Shin (True) Akuma from MunkGouki
1. Win at least 3 PERFECT AnD 10 or more flashy finishes (such as... 'PERFECT'
custom combo or the 'regular' custom or super combo finishes).
2. Don't lose a round to anybody (like the tip when you want to fight mid
3. Shin Gouki will definitely come and beat the hell out of your last boss
then YOU.

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