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P.A.R. to use Cammy on 1P side in other game modes: from Lee Freedman
Master Code- F6037BD2 C305
             B6046C60 0000

Cammy(1P Side)- 1604F062 1E00

(Cammy will now be the selected character for the 1P side no matter which
character is chosen.  She is fully playable in the Survival Mode,
semi-playable in Arcade Mode[set character select screen to Shortcut in
options, and DO NOT fight a mid-boss or a boss...this will cause the game
to crash!], and completely unplayable. in Gouki Mode[the game will crash
when the match starts!].

(Also, when this code is entered, I found that with shortcut mode on in
Arcade mode, picking certain characters such Dan with buttons B and C will
give Cammy some strange colors...including one where she is completely
black, right down to her portrait by the lifebar...)

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