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Toshinden Remix
Different Camera Angles
Start a game and Pause it.  Enter the Options screen and highlight anything except
Exit.  Press and hold L, move the cursor to Exit, and Press R. Press the following
buttons to check out the different angles.

Zoom out:  Press Z.
Zoom in:  Press y.
Spin left:  Press L.
Spin right:  Press R.

Big Heads Code
At the title screen press and hold the Left and Right Shift buttons. Next
choose your character as normal, and they will have huge heads!

Play Bosses
To play Sho or Gai you must defeat the game on hard without dying. If
you do this, you also continue on to fight Cupido. At the end, if the
picture of Cupido is shown, instead of Eiji and Kayin, it has worked. Now
in the Player 1 character select screen Sho and Gai are selectable. To
play Cupido place the cursor on sho and hold up and press B. You should
hear Cupido say "Ha"

Cupido's Moves
Canon Slice - F, D, DF, WS or HS
Double Fireball - D, DB, B, WK or HK
Air Double fireball - D, DB, B, WS or HS (Airborne)
Aegis Shield - hold DF then press WS+HS
Special Move - F, DF, D, DB, B, F, DF, D, DB, B, WS+HS
Desperation Move - U, UB, B, DB, D, DF, F, HK

Alternate Character Colors (Not the 2nd player colors)
Hold down and press one of the a, b, c, buttons while selecting a
character to get an alternate uniform color.

Boss Code
On the Press Start Screen enter up, down, x, b, a, y, c, z, start. You
should now be able to pick the bosses on the selection screen.

Select Gaia, Show and Cupido from DrkAngyl
Go to the "press start" screen and enter: Up, Down, X, B, A, Y, C, Z, Start.
 Gaia and Sho are now playable.  To play as Cupido, highlight Sho and hold Up
on the D-pad while selecting him.  The hidden characters will appear in all
modes except Story Mode

Big Heads from DrkAngyl
To have super deformed fighters just hold the L and R buttons at the main
menu when choosing any game mode.  When the fighting begins, both characters
will have enormous heads

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