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Virtua Cop 2

VC2 Kids    from Marty Chinn
Play 58 games and an option will open up allowing you to play in VC2
Kids mode (Big Heads).

Skip to Last Boss  from Chan Chin Shan
At the stage select screen shoot the stage 1's arrow continously until the
time is up. You sould go to the last boss stage(Stop the airship bomb)

Mirror Mode from Darren Troutman
If you beat the game on normal you have a mirror
mode option.

Character Select from Chan Chin Shan
At the stage select screen use controll pad to input the following codes:
Rage - Press X to select
Smarty - Press Y to select
Janet - Press Z to select

You can select the same cop in 2P.

Limitless bullet 99 from Chau Chi Chung
At the SEGA logo press Up, Up, Down, Down, A, B, C.
You should hear another sound. In option GUN SELECT ON.
(*But an option will open BIG HEAD.)

All Options and Unlimited Bullets from Chan Chin Shan
1P plug the Virtua gun and 2P use control pad at the title screen
input up,down,up,down,A,X,B,Y,C,Z. You can get all options include
big head mode, free play and gun select.
And a new gun you can select call special have unlimit bullet.

Random mode from Allan Cheung
Go to option, highlight the object above Exit.  Then hold down & press
start.  Then highlight arcade at the title, hold R & press
start.(Remember, you have the control pad plug in port 2) Then start the
game with a gun or control pad, and your enemies will appear at
different time and place!!

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