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Virtua Fighter 2
Play as Dural
Enter D, U, R, A+L  at the character select screen.

Slow Motion Replays
Hold down A+B+C during the KO to watch the reply in slow motion.

Play with alternate character colors
At the character selection screen, choose you character by pressing up
to get the 2nd characters uniform

Play as Gold Dural
To play as the gold Dural reverse the middle of the Dural code by
pressing Down, Up, Left, A + Right

Jeffrey's Teleport"
To do this trick pick Jeffrey and Shun. Make Shun sit down, then do
Jeffrey's semi power bomb and see what happens. It can be done anywhere.

Copy Taunt Trick
Make your opponent stand on the edge of the ring, so when the announcer says
"Time Out" the opponent will stumble out of the ring, and instead of doing his
loosing animation he will copy the winners victory animation.  It helps  if
the characters are perpendicular to the edge of the ring, instead of at an

Watch the Credits
Hold down all six buttons during the demo of the game and the credits will
roll by.

Options for Watch Mode
In watch mode you can choose the characters that will be fighting by
pressing start when the selection box goes over that character. Player
one must go first, then player two.

Also, in watching mode you can press X to change the view from standard side
view to sweeping view.

Select Taunts Tip
During the replay press and hold down either A, B, or C to select one of
your characters taunts, instead of letting the game pick it for you.

Virtua Fighter 2 with Stunner
If you start up Virtua Fighter 2 with the "Stunner" game gun in port 2
you will hear the old Virtua Fighter 1 tune, instead of the Virtua
Fighter 2 tune.

Play Jacky's VF1 Music
To play Jacky's VF1 music, in the moments before the match press and hold the
Right-Shift button on control pad 2. Do the same on control pad 1 for
Sarah's music.

Change the Control Pad on the Character Select Screen
At the character select screen, press and gold either the right or left
shift buttons and use the D-Pad to toggle from left or right between the
various configurations.

Slow Motion in the Name Entry
After you beat the game, and before you enter the name entry screen hold
down the L and R buttons for a Slow Motion name entry mode.

Fight the Alphabet Character (Shun Di)
After you beat the game, and before you enter the name entry screen hold
down A, Z, and Up on the D-Pad. The Alphabet fighter will fight you using
Shun Di's moves.

Fight the Alphabet Character (Dural)
After you beat the game, and before you enter the name entry screen hold
down X, Y, Z, and the L & R buttons and the Alphabet Character will fight
you using Dural's Moves.

Dural Secret Move  from Matthew
For a secret move by Dural   press forward forward+A+C.

More Secret Moves for Dural  from Setzer Gabbiani
Another cool move for Dural is:  forward+punch; upperback+kick.  This is an
elbow followed by a kickflip.

Yet another cool move for Dural:  punch; punch; forward+punch; back+kick.
This is a elbow, kickflip combo.  Very impressive and fast.

Screen shot code from Ever
During a match, pause the game to make "PAUSE 1P" appear at the bottom
of the screen.  Then simultaneously press X, Y and Z to make it

Options+ from William Moyaespinal
Beat the game at any difficulty, then go to options and press right shift
two times. At the top it will say OPTION+. Now you can change ring size,
stage select,slow mode, and BGM volume. And there is also a setting for how long the replay
is, 3 sec, 6 sec, 1 SET (from Mike MacMartin)

Special Stage from Menk Lee
If you use Jacky and Sarah to play (on the same stage) there's a neat
street scene.

A Cool Move for Dural from Nick "The Saturn Man" Hollins
To do this move I use controller type B. 1.Get Dural and 2.When fighting
press Forward,Forward,Z. Dural will then do a forward flip and kick your
opponent in the chest.(Great move to surprise any one!)

Make Pai Fight Fast from CruzeiroSP
On the character select screen choose Pai when she laughs hold X. If done
right Pai will fight real fast.

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