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Virtua Fighter 3

Various VF3 Tricks from william linaksita
When you are playing someone, keep holding on to start until the stage
select screen. With a 1/16 chance, the Dural stage will apear.

While you are using Jeffrey in the Dural desert stage (done with the
code above), try a Toe-Kick Splash Mountain (2+K while it hits 236+P+G).
A flying train will appear from the background and will fly away.

When in the Desert stage (the normal one), try to go to the most
forefront of the stge, meaning escape towards the stage front (2+E). The
easiest way is to use Shun and Sarah. Use 1P shun and 2P Sarah. Press E
4 times for shun. Make Sarah turn around by 66+P. Run together in the
same direction. Which will be the screen front. Once you reach an
invisible wall, Use Shun to beat Sarah PERFECT. If done properly, you'll
probably find a little winking snowman

When you are using Pai and you win an excellent against Akira at Akira
stage, she'll blow a kiss.

hold 1+P+G+E when you have just won using Kage. He will say "Peace" and
give the "peace" sign.

More Tricks from Eric John Cruz
The "peace trick" will also work for Jacky. Press and Hold d/b G+P+E
after defeating your opponent.  Jacky will say "Yeah" instead of

If you're using Kage and you defeated Akira with an excellent.  Do the
peace code and a basin will fall on Kage's head.

After defeating your opponent, you can press G, P, K or escape or a
combination of two keys to select your victory pose/taunt.

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