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Virtua Fighter Kids

Different Clothes
During the character selection hold UP when selecting your character.

Play Dural
In the character selection highlight Akira and press down, up, right,
left + A. You should now be able to play as Dural.  You don't have
to be highlighted on Akira for this to work. (from: Roushi)

FMV Endings
Beat the game in Arcade mode and you will get treated to a FMV for your
character. Then a mini movie theater option opens up in the options
screen which allows you to watch the endings for those characters you
have won with.   The game also has to be on normal or higher difficulty
and you can't cheat (have it set on no damage).  You can also see an
ending for Dural.  (from: Roushi)

Gold Dural
Highlight Akira and press Down, up, Left, Right+A

Wire Framed Mode
Hold the Left Shift button while Selecing a character and hold it untill
the game begins.   You don't have to view all of the
endings for this to work. (from: Roushi)

Something Fishy inside Dural's Head
At the select menu after you do the Dural code press and hold down C
(When you choose between normal and kids mode) untill the match begins.
You'll see a red fish floating side Dural's head, who makes funny
expressions during the fights.

Select Camera Angles -  From Poom on via Dustin's Page
In watch mode you have a choice of 7 different camera angles. Press X to
get a random angle, and from there press any of the other buttons (L, R,
XY, Z, A, B, C)

Combo Master Mode
Pick any character, on the sub menu with the Normal and Kids option press up ten times
the words Combo Master Mode will appear across the lower boxes.

Different winning pose trick from James Sites
        To make your character do a different winning pose you must win your
match first, then hold B during the replay and throughout the characters
winning pose. They will do a new pose that they haven't done before.
Here is a list of what each character does when this trick is done...
        AKIRA--winks and smiles at end of pose
        JACKY--smiles at end of pose
        PAI----Does a backflip, then says something in Japaneese
        JEFFREY--A different version of his "I win" pose
        KAGE---does a backflip
        WOLF---pumps his arms then sticks his teeth out
        SARAH--says "gotta run home to momma now"
        SHUN---burps, laughs, then smiles, then his eyes become evil
        LION---says "I don't make it a habit to fight the elderly"
        SILVER and GOLD DURAL--both do backflips

Slow motion replay from
Before the replay screen hold A,B,C

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