Special Attacks

The default controls for standard attacks are fairly simple:

Strong Kick X
Weak Kick Y
Strong Punch A
Weak Punch B
Strong Special Attack
(AUTO Mode only)
Weak Special Attack
(AUTO Mode only)

Special attacks use combinations different movements and buttons. The Desperation Attack can only be used when a Sailor Soldier has almost run out of energy, indicated by a slumped appearance and gasping for breath.

Note: To use the AUTO mode shortcuts for special attacks, select AUTO mode from the first line of the Set-up screen. The default is MANUAL.

Super Sailor Moon
Tsukino Usagi
Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Mercury
Mizuno Ami
Sailor Mars
Hino Rei
Sailor Jupiter
Kino Makoto
Sailor Venus
Aino Minako
Sailor Uranus
Ten'ou Haruka
Sailor Neptune
Kaiou Michiru
Sailor Pluto
Meiou Setsuna
Sailor Saturn
Tomoe Hotaru