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Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds

Humongous Entertainment

Platform ReviewedIBM PC
GenreFully Interactive Animated Cartoon Adventure Moviegame
Number of Players1
Multiplayer ValueNone
Skills RequiredSimple Problem Solving, Childlike Sense Of Wonder
Interface DevicesMouse
Interface DesignBrilliant
Game Design and PlayabilityThe Very Best
Type Of FunExploration and Problem Solving, Storytelling
Replay ValueModerate to High (The game changes each time it is played)
Overall ValueHigh
QualityTop Of The Line
The BestThis is a full screen cartoon that you can actually play. Everything is great.
The WorstThis is somewhat short as it was written for young children. The math game is unnecessary and dull.
How much would I be willing to pay for this 35 bucks


Freddi Fish is essentially a fully interactive cartoon puzzle game. Imagine a television cartoon show that you can actually control, and the idea is grasped. The interface is point and click, and absolutely intuitive.


Grandma Grouper's kelp seeds have been stolen, and it falls to Freddi and her best friend Luther to somehow retrieve the lost seeds.


Freddi Fish was created for ages 4 to 9. This is a load of equine fecal material. This product was obviously especially written for 36 year old game designers who also happen to write game critiques for a certain popular internet site. Freddi Fish is a lot of fun to any adult who has even a tiny bit of childlike life left inside their soul. Unless one is hopelessly dried up and witheringly stagnant, Freddi Fish will get a grin on your mug faster than …well, something that is really, really fast.

Yes, the pathetic attempt at 'educational value' in the game is extremely poor, and the game is ultimately on the short side, but otherwise I have only praise for Freddi Fish. The graphics are quality, the sound and voice splendid, and I rather liked the "Arrrgh!" song. If only Humongous would simply give up on any pretense of 'edutainment' and just make games unabashedly, there would be no complaint (save for length) at all. Games teach already - by the very nature of the logical problem solving inherent to the medium. Math quizzing is just bilge.

Oh yeah, if you have a kid they will love Freddi Fish, and you will never get to play it except late at night, and even then they will probably catch you and complain that is THEIR game, and to leave it alone. So never have children, buy Freddi Fish, and keep it for yourself. It's the right thing to do, for the planet, and for yourself.

Reviewed by Jennifer Diane Reitz, Dec. 25 1995

Jennifer Diane Reitz is a Game Designer and Computer Artist, and one of the founders of Happy Puppy. She is the creator of numerous games and software products, including Boppin' , Shark Chums, Elsewhere, and many others. She has worked for such companies as Activision, Sculptured Software, Epyx, SRI, and Electronic Arts, and founded Accursed Toys. She has been active in the computer gaming industry since it's earliest days. She considers games to be works of artistic merit and achievement, and views computer entertainment as the most important media of our era.