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Virtua Cop


Platform ReviewedSega Saturn
GenreArcade Shooting Gallery
Number of Players1 - 2
Multiplayer ValueMinimum
DifficultyVariable to Hard
Skills RequiredHand-Eye Coordination (are you surprised?)
Interface DevicesSega Saturn Joypad
Interface DesignGood
Game Design and PlayabilityRather Good to Excellent
Type Of FunMass Slaughter
Replay ValueHigh
Overall ValueHigh
The BestThe ability to shoot specific portions of targets, such as a gun out of a Perps hands, or their testicles from out of their Levi's. Your choice. I know What I prefer.
The WorstThose damn hostages. They always get in the way. To hell with my badge, BANG!
How much would I be willing to pay for this 55 Bucks


Virtua Cop is essentially a computer controlled ride through a fully 3D Shooting Gallery, with Hostages to protect, and BAD MEN to shoot. Play consists of shooting Perps and avoiding the murder of innocent folks whilst engaging in mass slaughter. Shoot, Shoot, OOPS! Shoot. Bang Bang.


Bad Guys are trying to do something naughty, and as a Cop with an attitude, it is your responsibility to Serve, Protect, and Blow Their Frigging Jockstraps Off.


Essentially a 'Virtual Reality' shooting gallery, Virtua Cop adds the dimension of avoiding certain targets, who appear in the form of various hostages screaming "Help Me!" Of special note is the fact that all targets can be hit in various portions of their anatomy, with logical consequences. "Hero Shots" such as shooting the weapon from the hand of a villain score big points, while lead to the head just makes a big mess. It is possible to wing and kneecap folks, and even to provide radical nonsurgical orchidectomies. This precise capacity to determine exactly how to destroy virtual people provides for a delightful and fun new low in computer violence.

When played with the 'Stunner' light gun peripheral, the game becomes a full arcade experience. The joys of massacre truly reach their peak when playing with a friend and two Stunners. The action is fast, furious, dramatic and over a little too soon for my taste. But the ride is rather sadistically happy while it lasts. Although there is no blood in Virtua Cop, the apparent agony of the wounded more than compensates. Recommended for the sicko in all of us.

Reviewed by Jennifer Diane Reitz, Dec. 25 1995

Jennifer Diane Reitz is a Game Designer and Computer Artist, and one of the founders of Happy Puppy. She is the creator of numerous games and software products, including Boppin' , Shark Chums, Elsewhere, and many others. She has worked for such companies as Activision, Sculptured Software, Epyx, SRI, and Electronic Arts, and founded Accursed Toys. She has been active in the computer gaming industry since it's earliest days. She considers games to be works of artistic merit and achievement, and views computer entertainment as the most important media of our era.