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The International KiSS Guild was founded to create a community for KiSS artists all over the world. It is open to any KiSS artist of any age, gender, race, or nationality. Whether you are a veteran KiSS artist of many years or a new KiSS artist just starting out, you are welcome here.

Guild Charter

The primary goals of the International KiSS Guild are:
* To foster community spirit between KiSS artists of all nationalities
* To protect the rights of KiSS artists
* To increase public awareness of KiSS

What is KiSS?

KiSS is an acronym for "Kisekae Set System". The word "Kisekae" is Japanese, meaning "to change clothes". The term "Set System" refers to the specific format of KiSS dolls - a set of CNF, KCF, and CEL files which combine to form a single KiSS set.

Dress-up dolls which do not use this format are not KiSS dolls. They may be "kisekae" but, unless they are in KiSS format, they aren't KiSS dolls.

* Here are the general specifications for the KiSS format.

What does the International KiSS Guild do to protect KiSS artists?

The International KiSS Guild seeks to protect KiSS artists by helping KiSS artists, KiSS fans, and KiSS archivists to be aware of their rights. It is hoped that International KiSS Guild members will work to protect each other's rights by speaking out in their defense when necessary.

There is a great deal of confusion on the web about how KiSS dolls may or may not be used or distributed. We seek to help clear up that confusion so that nobody's rights will be unintentionally violated.

* KiSS: What Are My Rights?
This document has been compiled to more clearly define the rights of KiSS artists, fans, and archivists. Anyone, even people who are not guild members, may refer to this document when they are uncertain about their rights.

How can I join the International KiSS Guild?

To join the International KiSS Guild all you have to do is want to join and agree to uphold our charter.

The International KiSS Guild is open to all KiSS artists. We don't maintain a roster of members or ask for any membership fees. If you want to join and you will uphold our charter, consider yourself a member.


If you want to be a member of the International KiSS Guild you may...
* Display the guild logo on your website or KiSS doll
* Join our Discussion Forum