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Okay, it was cute while it lasted but I'm changing the format of this page. Now that we've got the anime game add-ons section on Otaku World, I'm putting my new models there instead of keeping them here. This page is mainly for previews of upcoming projects, those couple of models that won't be appropriate for the anime section, and some notes and tips and such.

Flaming Carrot
Flaming Carrot
for The Sims
Iron City's finest hero, Flaming Carrot has a rugged build, a brash manner, and a boyish charm. Whether smiting commies and crooks, playing at the Kit-Kat Club, or relaxing with his bubble pipe, Flaming Carrot is always your kind of hero.

He good neighbor. Ut!

This was the first model I made for The Sims. I guess the idea of having the Flaming Carrot in a Sims neighborhood was just so absurd that it really appealed to my sense of humor and I just couldn't stop myself.

Learn more about Flaming Carrot at

Here are a few model related sites that I visit frequently:
PolyCountA large repository of character models for first-person shooters including Unreal Tournament, Quake, and Half-Life. It also includes some tutorials for people who want to learn to make their own models.
Epic KnightsA really good discussion board for people developing models for Unreal Tournament.
Marion Robertson's Fashions for SimsMarion Robertson designs high fashion for Sims. Truly gorgeous stuff.
Threnody's Chic BoutiqueThrenody has some lovely skins and many unique models including some of the first ladies heads with really long hair.

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