Otaku World Subscriptions
Terms Of Use

  1. The Cost of a Subscription is non-refundable! The only exception is if Otaku World is shut down permanently, in which case refunds will be issued for the amounts remaining on each subscription.
  2. You will receive a single notice that your subscription is about to expire. You can log in at that time to renew or allow your subscription to automatically lapse.
  3. You will not share your user name and password with anyone.
  4. If abuse of an account is found then that account will be terminated immediately. There will be no refund at all in such a case -- even if Otaku World is shut down.
  5. Abuse of an account is generally considered multiple log-ons with the same user name. Abuse will be handled on a case by case basis.
  6. At any time, you will be able to get your password sent to the e-mail address you used when your user account was established. However, it is best if you write the password down and keep it safe. You can change your password at any time.
  7. At any time, you can update or change your e-mail address. Please be aware that a valid address is required for you to receive notice that your account is about to expire or to retrieve your password.
  8. If you believe your user name and password have been stolen, notify the Web Master (e-mail address owmaster@otakuworld.com) immediately so we can take steps to disable the account. Pending investigation, a new account may be established as a replacement.
  9. Your e-mail address is kept in our database only for the purposes of maintaining your user account and for notifying you when your subscription nears expiration. We will not give it out to anyone nor will we send e-mail to that address unless it is for the express purpose of renewing a subscription, sending you a password, or similar event associated with your user account.

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